It's called having an attorney

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  1. Saturn goes about and the Sun executes.  This hour is good for meetings with important officials, making announcements, initiating advertising campaigns, and making a powerful impression on others.  Also a good hour for job interviews (if you can get one now).  
  3. Both planets are of this sect, so Saturn is not as difficult now as it often seems to be.  However, the tone is likely to be more serious now than in other Sun hours.  A conservative presentation is more favored than the hard sell.
  6. /attorney {
  7.   /timer 1 7 /say ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: scs1c1scsc1s1c1scsc1scsc1sc1scscs1cssc1scscsc1scs1cs1scscs1scscs1sc1sc1scscs1c1scscs1scsc1scscs1csc1sc1scscsc1scsc1cscsc1csc1ccsc1c1scscc1scscsc1cscs1cc1scscsc1s1cscsc1c1scscc1scscc1scscsc1cscsc1cssc1sc1c1c1scscc1scsc1cc1scscsc1scscsc1cscsc1csc1cscsc1scscs1c1scscsc1scc1scscs1ccscsc1csc1sc1scc1scsc1cssc1sc1c1scsc1scsc1scsc1scscsc1scsc1cscscs1c1scsc1scc1scsc1cscsc1c1scsc1sc1cs1sc1csc1cs1cscsc1c.
  8.   /timer 1 3 /say ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: c1ststscs1s. c1sttscs1sc1ststscs1c1s. c1ststsc1t1tscs1t1t1scst1t1t1cs1t1t1sc1t1t1cs1sc1s. c1ststscs1s. c1ststscs1t1t1scst1t1scst1t1s. c1ststst1sc1t1t1s. c1ststsc1st1c1t1t1s. c1ststscs1t1t1sc1t1t1s. c1stscs1st1t1tscst1t1t1tc1sc1s. c1ststsc1s. c1ststsc1s. c1ststscs1c1s.
  9.   /timer 1 7 /say ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: Emotional Intelligence. Good EQ. c1ststsc1s. c1ststscs1s. c1ststscs1s1t1s. c1ststscs1s. c1ststscs1s1t1s.
  10.   /timer 1 10 /say ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: c1ststc1ts. t1t11s. c1st1tst1tc1t1tst1c1t1t1st1t1c1st1t1sct1t1tsc1t1tsct1t1c11tstsc1t1t1ststc1c1sc1stst1c1t1t1st1tc1t1ts.
  11.   /timer 1 13 /say ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: c1ststs1c. t1ststc1stt1t1sc1st1t1s. c1tst1c1s. c1st2c1ts1s. tc1stsc1t1tst1ts. c1stsc1t1ctststs1s. c1stt1t1s. c1stsscs1s. c1ststsc1sc1s. cstscs1s. c1tstsc1s. cststsc1s. csstscs1s. c1tsts1t1ts.  t1stsc1t1t1s. c1tst1t1ts. c1stst1tst1t1s. t1tstsct1t1ts. c1tstsc1t1s. t1tssct1t1s. t1tsc1t1sc1s. ewracervffwerrgfas. :::::::
  12.   /timer 1 16 /say ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: c1ststscs1s. c1stscs1scs1t1s. c1st1sc1scstscs1ts1s. c1ststscs1stst1s.
  13. }
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