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How to Win a Knight's Heart

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  1. >She's always been a lovely lass, but she is far too obsessed with her work to even considering courting anyone. Though that has never stopped you before.
  2. >Despite her protests you have been determined in your conquest to make her your own, disguising acts of love as friendly gestures.
  3. >She always stops you if you go too far though, she wants a friend not a husband.
  4. >You could never be satisfied with just her friendship. She is a goddess of beauty, a gorgeous rose in this shithole of a kingdom.
  5. >You MUST have her, she is YOURS, NO ONE ELSE is allowed to touch her, and if she refuses to have you as a husband then so be it.
  6. >You will find another way.
  7. >You invited your lovely knight friend over to your home, a lonely cottage on the edge of the woods, for a nice dinner. You tell her you made it yourself, with all the love in your heart.
  8. >She scowls at this, but says nothing as she eats. You watch her as she brings every bite to her luscious lips, and she notices.
  9. >"Anon...please, for the last time I'm not interested." she pleads
  10. >"I simply want to make sure you're enjoying your meal." You reply a wicked grin stretching across your face.
  11. >She panics and tries to get out of her chair, but is only able to stumble a few feet before tumbling to the floor, her legs unable to support her weight.
  12. >"W-why are you doing this?" she struggles to say. Crouching down and bringing her into your embrace you whisper into her ear. "No need to worry my dear." You assure her "When you wake up everything will be better"
  13. >You carry her unconscious body to your bedroom, and prepare for your darling's awakening.
  14. >The beautiful knight wakes to find herself bound to a bed hands tied together with a rope leading to the headboard, legs tied individually to the bedposts at the bottom. Her clothes have also vanished, her body completely bare.
  15. >She feels odd, an intense heat spread throughout her body, particularly her lower half, her nipples stiff, making peaks on her perky breasts.
  16. >"Ah good your're awake" She immediately meets your gaze and lets out a torrent of curses which are promptly ignored as you make your way to her bedside.
  17. >Her spouting of slurs is immediately brought to a halt as you clasp her breast while simultaneously tweaking her nipple.
  18. >A loud sultry moan is let out as she arcs he back, her body unable to process the intense pleasure she is receiving.
  19. >"What *pant* w-what the hell did you do t-to me?" anger and surprise filling her voice.
  20. >"I gave you something to help you appreciate my love a little more."
  21. >"YOU DRUGGED ME?"
  22. >You don't bother responding instead. you bring your other hand to grab hold of her other breast and begin massaging her chest. Your calloused hands run over her soft flesh,her protests silenced by her pants and grunts of pleasure.
  23. >You bring yourself atop of your involuntary lover and wrap you lips around her stiffened nipple.
  24. >You are met with a sharp moan as your teeth firmly nibble her chest's peak. "Enjoying yourself" you taunt. She's completely red now from both arousal and embarrassment."Sh-shut up, you know I can't control myself"
  25. >Your playful hands leave their stations and slowly glide down the curves of her toned stomach before making their way to her wide hips. Lowering yourself you make your way to her crotch you loll your tongue out tasting her sweat as it drags across her abs.
  26. >You stop as you reach her muff. She never intended to take a husband so it is a tad bit hairy, but she has kept it clean. Her pink pussy is flooded with arousal and in term lets out a powerful musk which you heartily take in, savoring the sent of your beloved.
  27. >"What are you doing? Stop!" You ignore her and bring your face closer to her pussy and open your mouth wide before letting out a hot breath of air across her soaked slit.
  28. >She whimpers at this and desperately tries to close her legs, only for her ropes to halt her futile attempts.
  29. >You extend your tongue and drag it across her muff at an agonizingly slow pace, your knight thrashing and moaning as you do so.
  30. >Wanting to pleasure her more you plunge your tongue into her love tunnel. Her voice heightens and lets out another another song of glorious moaning and grunts.
  31. >All her muscles begin to tense, she's getting close, but before she can climax you remove yourself from her vagina.
  32. >She is stare is fill with confusion, rage, and...disappointment?
  33. >"Can't let the fun end now my sweet, we've just begun after all" you explain, but she only continues to glare at you.
  34. >After a few minutes of waiting you take your index finger and lightly drag it across her gap causing her to let out another whimper. Pressing harder, you take your fingers against her slit again this time earning a satisfying huff from your love.
  35. >You line up two fingers to her hole and plunge your digits into her folds, using your thumb to grind her clit while doing so.
  36. >Once again she's lost in her drug induced lust as she enjoys the gentle thrusting of your hand, allowing you to admire her flushed face.
  37. >Again she comes to the edge of an orgasm, before it is ruined by the removal of your digits.Her reaction is priceless as she gives you a desperate look, she's begging you to continue.
  38. >You remove your clothes and bring your hardened tool to her soaking muff your shaft grinding against her pleasure buzzer and becoming moist.
  39. >You lower your member, letting it slide across her slit and position your head to her entrance. You lightly press against her pussy and begin to tease her.
  40. >She expression slowly shifts into complete desperation as she realizes you never intend to relieve her.
  41. >Finally seeing how far she's fallen you command her "Beg."
  42. >"Please" she answers.
  43. >"Please what?" you inquire.
  44. >"Stick it in please." Almost there.
  45. >"Stick what in?"
  46. >"Y-your dick"
  47. >"What does my dick have to do with anything"
  48. >"Stop teasing me I want your dick! Please I'm begging you put your dick in me!" Perfect.
  49. >You grab hold of her sides and thrust deep inside of her moist flower, leaning down to give a husky whisper into her ear.
  50. >"Good girl."
  51. >You give her time to adjust to your size before slowly dragging your shaft through her folds. Your hands shift from her sides, back to her lovely tits and begin to play with her soft pillows again.
  52. >Her soft moans being to affect you and you quicken the pace to mirror your arousal, forcing her to become louder and in turn making you go even quicker.
  53. >In minutes your once gentle thrusting is now a mad hammering fueled by the lustful sounds of the toned goddess beneath you.  
  54. >Her tunnel tightens nearly cutting off the circulation of your dick. Her back arcs pushing your deeper into her folds until your balls meet her shapely ass. Her voice cracks as she lets out an orgasmic scream that echoes throughout the room, violently shaking as she rides out her orgasm.
  55. >Her tightness is too much and you let out a torrent of semen into her cunt, pumping all you can into her hungry womb.
  56. >You pull out of her letting the evidence of your love making drip out onto the bed sheets.  
  57. >"I'm going to kill you when I get free"
  58. >*Sigh* and here I thought we were doing so well, maybe tomorrow. You kiss her forehead and leave the room. You doubt she'll want you sleeping in the bed yet.
  59. >Her captivity continued on for months. She stayed bound and you'd sometimes have to drug her to make sure she didn't escape when you cleaned her or let her use the bathroom.
  60. >She despise being drugged, but she had to eat sometime and you with you making every meal it was hard to avoid.
  61. >You continued to "love" her, filling her with aphrodisiacs and teasing her until she was begging for release, begging for you. Afterwards she'd blame the aphrodisiacs for her behavior.
  62. >What she didn't know is that you slowly were using less and less every time you decided to play with her, eventually the day came where you stopped using them altogether.
  63. >And yet she always reacts the same every night you decide to show her your love. In the end she always begs for you.
  64. >Eventually you begin to have less and less bonds on her while having sex.
  65. >Now she happily rides you all night long and complains that it was the drugs that made her do it,
  66. >You decide to tell her the truth one morning. She's become the perfect little pet, letting you fill all of her holes anytime you want, and you didn't even need to use the drugs anymore.
  67. >Of course she protests, calling you a liar. In response you drop your pants, and her eyes are clouded over in lust immediately.
  68. >"You haven't even had breakfast his morning. I haven't had a chance to drug you yet, and still here you are drooling at the image of my cock."
  69. >She panics, falling to her knees and denies everything you say, but she knows your telling the truth.
  70. >You pick up your pants and rummage through the pockets, bringing out a collar, and a small bottle.
  71. >"I'll give you a choice" you say "you can leave now, go back home and forget that this ever happened, or you can stay here with me. If you leave I won't follow you, I won't fight you, and you can go back to living the life you had as if I never existed."
  72. >She stays silent, but the disbelief is easily visible on her face.
  73. >"However; if you stay I will give you the ultimate pleasure. I will break you, you will submit to me like the whore you are, you will become my slave that will sate any carnal desire I have, you will become a monster"
  74. > You present the bottle to her, and she reluctantly accepts it. She remains in deep thought while alternating her vision between you and the tiny bottle.
  75. >She uncorks the bottle and slowly swallows its contents. Her worry slowly melts away as the dark fluid disappears and is replaced by a closed eyes with a wide open mouth in the shape of an "0".
  76. >She twitches, dropping the bottle making a small clink on the floor. Her form twists and changes, her hips widening, breasts swelling, eyes clouding over with lust.
  77. >Small spots on her back expand and the flesh breaks away to reveal twin midnight black wings.
  78. >Horns thrust through her skull reaching forward a bit before curving back to reach behind her head.
  79. >Magical symbols appear on her skin making a pink line that trails up her thigh making a pink heart on the end.
  80. >You smile as you strap the collar onto her neck, loose enough for it to not hurt, or cut off her air, but tight enough for her to remember she's is yours now.
  81. >You grab hold of her silky hair and bring your erection to her face. She whimpers as it comes across her skin.
  82. >She can feel the engorged shaft as it lays across her lips. Her nose is filled with your scent. Her vision is blocked by the glorious tool that she has come to worship. Her face shifts into an expression of pure bliss.
  83. >She parts her lips to give an experimental lick to your warm shaft, her hot breath teasing your sensitive member.
  84. >She follows with a second long and slow lick, as if she wishes to reach the center of your love lollipop.
  85. >As she reaches the head, she swirls her tongue around and looks into your eyes, giving you a pleading stare.
  86. >You smirk as you grab hold of both of her horns and thrust as deep as you can earning a muffled moan from your darling slave.
  87. >You continue to piston your throbbing erection inside of her throat each thrust being reward by a small grunt.
  88. >You aren't sure if it's her becoming a monster or all the practice you gave her, but she already has you cumming.
  89. >You drive your erection to the back of her throat and you let loose your load. Semen travels down her esophagus and you can smell her arousal. Before you completely empty yourself, you pull her back to let out a few spurts across her tongue and fill her mouth, then pull all the way out to use the remainder to paint your pet's face.
  90. >You give your lover a look to find she's made a small puddle underneath herself, and has an expression of absolute satisfaction.
  91. >She struggles to swallow the thick spunk caught in her throat, but manages making a satisfying gulp. She makes a loud gasp as she opens her mouth to make a open mouthed smile with a small strand of jizz running between her lips.
  92. >You move one of your hands down to caress her face.
  93. >"Good Girl"
  94. >"I love you...Master"
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