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  1. DarkChocolate has left the chat
  2. Kamagi has left the chat
  3. cones has joined the chat
  4. Jitsu: hi tobi.
  5. cones: get me in
  6. cones: euth
  7. Jitsu: i jus left
  8. cones: ..
  9. Jitsu: dee is in there
  10. cones: aint got her added 2 send msg
  11. cones: eryroom i go in tht tezz is in on unta
  12. cones: he leaves
  13. cones: Bunta&*
  14. cones: he weird
  15. Jitsu: did u hear?
  16. cones: wah?
  17. Jitsu: tezz got tricked by that tranny
  18. Jitsu: callum
  19. cones: df is callum
  20. cones: tbh
  21. Kamagi has joined the chat
  22. cones: iono care
  23. Jitsu: cally is sexiest
  24. cones: he weird
  25. Jitsu: callum *
  26. Jitsu: wb
  27. cones: inv euth dee
  28. Kamagi: u gon crash?
  29. cones: nah
  30. Kamagi: say pineapples b4 u do
  31. Kamagi: z
  32. cones: ite
  33. Jitsu: ok
  34. Jitsu: brb
  35. Kamagi: tyt bb
  36. Honita: tezz scared
  37. Honita: ?
  38. Kamagi: of what
  39. Honita: toby bullying him
  40. Honita: lololol
  41. Kamagi: he scared of tobes?
  42. Honita: ya
  43. Honita: he put fear in his heart i guess
  44. Kamagi: he aint said shit
  45. Kamagi: for a min
  46. cones: guys weird
  47. cones: i join a room
  48. cones: on bunta
  49. cones: n he leaves
  50. cones: i aint even spoke to him
  51. Kamagi: df
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