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Chapter 40

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  1. The chapter opens with Doppel saying that she’ll have Darling take her out pranking people (because she normally asks Zombina to help, but she’s terrible at it). She says that if he helps her all day, when they’re done she’ll take a request from him (“Wear some clothes, he says”).
  3. Later, with Doppel in her Mako-chan disguise, they go out. They see a little girl crying to Bicycle Cop that she lost her wallet. After he dashes off looking for it, we see she pickpocketed him, as she complains that he only had 3000 yen on him. Doppel reveals that it’s Lilith, and they’ll be pranking her first as revenge (Darling – Even though it’s your day off, you sure are serious about your MON work. Doppel – When this is my work, I love it.)
  5. Darling walks down the street, loudly saying that he could use a massage after how much punishment Rachnee put him through today, as Doppel criticizes his poor acting. Lilith goes up to Darling and offers to give him a massage if he’ll come into the alley with her. Once hidden from view, she reveals to him that she’s not a human, but a Succubus, and she really loves being with men and tries to seduce him (while thinking that’s a huge lie, that she recognizes him as Rachnee’s host family, and that she plans to get him in a compromising position, get some pictures, and show them to Rachnee so she’ll leave his house and take Lilith in again).
  7. Darling suddenly chops her on the head, telling her to stop that, and that he’s not into kids (shocking Lilith, who thought all men were into lolicon) she tries her hypnosis, which only gets her another chop on the head. Failing twice, she decides to pin Darling and force him into a compromising position, when Rachnee appears above, saying Lilith needs to be punished, which Lilith happily agrees to. After tying Lilith up and taking photos, it’s revealed that it was Doppel disguised as Rachnee. Although she compliments him on his ability to resist Lilith’s hypnosis he’s shown to be under enough to ask her why she’s not wearing clothes, saying its common sense in Japan. Waking him with a hair smack, they move on.
  9. We later see Kinu and Liz patrolling, when Draco strolls up and tries to appeal to Liz, saying they’re similar species and playing up being a Dragonnewt. She tells him she’s working and to go away, politely, then not so politely. Defeated, Draco sulks and walks away, and spots Miia reading at a café, before being surprised by a sudden argument between the American Yankee and a random woman (actually Doppel and Darling in disguise). The argument makes Draco realize that Miia must be angry at her for what happened before, and she’s crushed by this, wondering what to do. She then sees a well-dressed man apologizing to a woman in overwhelmingly flowery language (these two are also Doppel and Darling). Seeing this, Draco snatches the flowers and teddy bear used in the apology, and goes to Miia. She’s shocked, but listens as Draco does a terrible job of repeating the previous apology, before hanging her head in shame at how lame she sounds. However, Miia accepts her apology, saying she forgives Drago for the previous incident. Just then, Liz comes with identical flowers and teddy bear, trying to apologize to Draco for how she treated her before. Miia and Liz see each other’s gifts, leading them to think Draco was insincere and just used Liz as practice. Miia retracts her forgiveness, Liz gets rid of her flowers, and Draco crumples to a heap as Doppel and Darling watch on.
  11. Liz sees them, and when they talk she says they’re on an exclusive contract to the Mermaid royal family, and heard that an extra-species criminal has snuck back into the country, and is in the town where the princess lives. Just then, there’s a commotion as the Orc (said criminal) grabs Draco, looking to assault her. Doppel changes into Lilith, and uses his love of loli to draw him away, intending to get revenge for the groping she got in the first MON chapter. However, Lilith’s body can’t run fast, and he gets a hold of her. Right as he’s about to attack, something smashes into his head from behind. It turns out to be the bound Lilith from before, thrown by Darling. Confused by seeing another Lilith, he looks to see Doppel-Lilith gone, and sees Lilith has been taken away by Darling when he looks back. Suddenly, he hears insulting voices in his head, and realizes its Doppel, who kicked him in the head when they last met. Doppel transforms into an eldritch abomination, splitting her head vertically.
  13. Cutting outside the alley, we see Kinu and Liz playing a D&D style game, as Kinu rolls and fails a SAN check, and is in-game attacked by a “small girl who’s face splits vertically as she attacks”, before Darling and Doppel interrupt them and Doppel orders them to do their job. Together with Bike Cop, the incapacitated Orc is led away. Doppel thanks Darling for saving her, saying despite her ability to transform, she only has average strength. She offers to do anything to pay him back, asking if he’d like to have sex with one of the six in his house, or a member of MON, or maybe Smith or an idol from ANM 48. He says he wants to ask her for something, flustering Doppel as she says “I thought you weren’t into loli”. Cutting back to the MON dorm, we see the other three looking in awe as Doppel is wearing clothes, more embarrassed by it than nudity.
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