Bro, I won this battle.

Cp_kid Apr 11th, 2014 116 Never
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  1. [22:10] == Bro_ [] has joined #clubpenguinfanon
  2. [22:10] == mode/#clubpenguinfanon [+o Bro_] by ChanServ
  3. [22:13] <Swiss_Ninja> Cp_kid, Shops' island future was already decided by Bro
  4. [22:13] <Swiss_Ninja> you can't change it
  5. [22:13] <Swiss_Ninja> it's grandfathered
  6. [22:13] <Swiss_Ninja> and the AU will probably take it over if it doesn't become a country
  7. [22:13] <+Cp_kid> I'm not changing shops' future
  8. [22:13] <+Cp_kid> Shops is destroyed at this point
  9. [22:14] <+Cp_kid> and the only people who are in this union (that you probably didn't know about prior to Bro complaining to you five seconds ago) thusfar are nations that bro doesn't have OOC control over
  10. [22:14] <+Cp_kid> chill island, moon island and freezestonia
  11. [22:15] <Swiss_Ninja> ....
  12. [22:15] <Swiss_Ninja> Bro come on here
  13. [22:15] <Swiss_Ninja> we need to discuss this together.
  14. [22:15] <@Bro_> I have grandfathered control over them
  15. [22:15] <@Bro_> their affiliation with Shops makes them vulnerable
  16. [22:16] <Swiss_Ninja> Very true.
  17. [22:16] <@Bro_> by 2026 many countries will have a vendetta on Shops
  18. [22:16] <@Bro_> and will want revenge
  19. [22:16] <+Cp_kid> then I guess they can revert ever joining shops?
  20. [22:16] <@Bro_> they'll take what they can get
  21. [22:16] <@Bro_> no
  22. [22:16] <Swiss_Ninja> Especially Snowzerland.
  23. [22:16] <@Bro_> also, these new countries is a direct violation of the country policy
  24. [22:16] <+Cp_kid> Snowzerland had their revenge by causing the destruction of shops, no?
  25. [22:16] <@Bro_> no
  26. [22:16] <@Bro_> they weren't involved
  27. [22:16] <+Cp_kid> Bro these are future countries, not current countries
  28. [22:17] <@Bro_> doesn't matter.
  29. [22:17] <@Bro_> we can still say no
  30. [22:17] <+Cp_kid> because you're an admin and you can do what you want
  31. [22:17] <+Cp_kid> I figured you'd pull this card
  32. [22:18] <+Cp_kid> bending the policies to fit your whim
  33. [22:18] <Swiss_Ninja> ok well then, when did Bro make these Future plans?
  34. [22:19] <@Bro_> over a year ago
  35. [22:19] <@Bro_>
  36. [22:19] <+Cp_kid> I don't get how it's important either, forcing people's small nations into being taken over by parody nations
  37. [22:19] <@Bro_> Please note that we reserve the right to continue disallowing country making if you are unruly, or are not deemed fit; even if you meet the criteria above.
  38. [22:20] <@Bro_> Therefore, country making is banned,
  39. [22:20] <+Cp_kid> and it's not fit because you don't like the idea
  40. [22:20] <@Bro_> there's no clause saying it's only for current countries
  41. [22:21] <+Cp_kid> Honestly though, after shops' destruction you have no say in what will happen to territories belonging to other people
  42. [22:21] <@Bro_> Cp_kid, Swiss told me quite a while back that Shops' former territories would be gobbled up by the AU
  43. [22:22] <@Bro_> it was set in stone before you even thought about it
  44. [22:22] <+Cp_kid> and it's not like they're new countries either
  45. [22:22] <+Cp_kid> they've always been semi-autonomous
  46. [22:22] <+Cp_kid> and they were all countries before they joined shops
  47. [22:22] <@Bro_> times change.
  48. [22:22] <@Bro_> do you seriously want to argue about this?
  49. [22:23] <@Bro_> because I can bend the rules even more and ban your ass if you want to go that way.
  50. [22:23] <+Cp_kid> Bro_ Shops former territories controlled by /you/ can be gobbled if thats what you so desire, but not those belonging to other people
  51. [22:23] <+Cp_kid> I'd like to see you try.
  52. [22:23] <@Bro_> it's time for some...
  53. [22:24] <@Bro_> BIGGER-ARMY DIPLOMACY!
  54. [22:24] <@Bro_> it's quite simple actually
  55. [22:24] <@Bro_> the bigger army always wins
  56. [22:24] <@Bro_> the AU will want to gobble up smaller nations
  57. [22:24] <@Bro_> plus Chill and Snow were gone for a long time
  58. [22:24] <@Bro_> and Dps left Moon Island out to dry pretty much
  59. [22:25] <Swiss_Ninja> Bro_, let's not get too cocky, CK, be patient.
  60. [22:25] <@Bro_> ok
  61. [22:25] <Swiss_Ninja> OK CK, then what IS your plans for these nations?
  62. [22:25] <@Bro_> we can disallow their independence.
  63. [22:25] <@Bro_> which means they /have/ to join another country
  64. [22:25] <@Bro_> Snow already agreed for Freezestonia to join the Seal Islands
  65. [22:25] <Swiss_Ninja> ok
  66. [22:26] <@Bro_> and I'm pretty sure Moon Island would join Zhou
  67. [22:26] <+Cp_kid> and bro, I can incorporate that if push comes to shove with this union
  68. [22:26] <Swiss_Ninja> but Cp_kid, what DO you want with these places?
  69. [22:26] <+Cp_kid> they should be independent minor nations
  70. [22:26] <+Cp_kid> Swiss Ninja not all nations should be your parody countries with colonies
  71. [22:26] <@Bro_> bigger countries still hold grudges
  72. [22:26] <@Bro_> and want revenge
  73. [22:27] <+Cp_kid> It seems like recently people have been trying to gobble up user-made nation
  74. [22:27] <@Bro_> and /will/ destroy Shops' remnants
  75. [22:27] <+Cp_kid> Bro they have none of shops' former power though, the war destroyed it all
  76. [22:28] <@Bro_> and for the third time, these new independent countries are banned by the country policy
  77. [22:28] <+Cp_kid> but it's in the /future/
  78. [22:28] <+Cp_kid> so why does it matter?
  79. [22:29] <@Bro_> because I said so.
  80. [22:29] <@Bro_> I don't want these little mites from Shops running around
  81. [22:29] <+Cp_kid> the reason the country policy was made was to stop countries from "polluting" the database. But, as the times change, things would change in antarctic society as well, the parody countries can't be the only countries forever.
  82. [22:29] <Swiss_Ninja> Well, the thing is CK,
  83. [22:29] <+Cp_kid> well it doesn't matter what you say, they're not your properties
  84. [22:29] <@Bro_> we will give permission when we see fit.
  85. [22:29] <Swiss_Ninja> by the time Shops falls,
  86. [22:29] <Swiss_Ninja> these nations are vulnerably
  87. [22:29] <@Bro_> these countries are mediocre at best
  88. [22:30] <Swiss_Ninja> the nations of the AU are hungry for land
  89. [22:30] <Swiss_Ninja> *vulnerably
  90. [22:30] <+Cp_kid> heck, they could be free republics of the US if all else fails, no?
  91. [22:30] <+Cp_kid> I not suggesting that, but I'm just saaying
  92. [22:30] <Swiss_Ninja> True
  93. [22:30] <Swiss_Ninja> That is, 1. If the USA still exists or 2. The USA gets involved
  94. [22:31] <+Cp_kid> if bro's gonna be that much of a douche over nothing
  95. [22:31] <Swiss_Ninja> which, knowing the actual USA, would do that
  96. [22:31] <Swiss_Ninja> which by 2020 i think the USA will still be around.
  97. [22:31] <@Bro_> they can become autonomous territories of other countries
  98. [22:32] <+Cp_kid> but still, I think you should just let me explain this stuff first, and an official "ruling" can be decided later
  99. [22:32] <@Bro_> or they can all amalgamate to become one federation/country or something.
  100. [22:32] <@Bro_> that I would allow
  101. [22:32] <+Cp_kid> well they want to be their own nations though from what I've gathered
  102. [22:32] <@Bro_> take it or leave it
  103. [22:33] <+Cp_kid> You don't control everything, and I highly doubt this is the end of this discussion.
  104. [22:34] <@Bro_> it's either become one country, or face extermination by the empires
  105. [22:35] <@Bro_> you can't stop the AU countries from invading
  106. [22:35] <+Cp_kid> I could probably find a way around that
  107. [22:36] <+Cp_kid> btw, AU as in Asiapelago?
  108. [22:37] <@Bro_> Ninja Archipelago
  109. [22:37] <@Bro_> Archipelago Union
  110. [22:37] <+Cp_kid> that's what I thought, just checking
  111. [22:39] <@Bro_> do you think these tiny countries could really win a war against Antarctica's greatest empires?
  112. [22:39] <+Cp_kid> no, but they don't need to
  113. [22:40] <+Cp_kid> the OOC holders don't want them to be absorbed into other nations, so they can't be
  114. [22:40] <+Cp_kid> and all this union does is make a more logical case, the AU stays away from the nations because they are a unified force, a little more intimidating
  115. [22:40] <@Bro_> that doesn't mean the OOC holders have the ability to bypass the country policy
  116. [22:40] <+Cp_kid> but this isn't what the country policy was intended for
  117. [22:41] <@Bro_> yes it was
  118. [22:41] == Rogue_Tvarkov [b4bfc22e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #clubpenguinfanon
  119. [22:41] <@Bro_> it was intended to prevent the creation of countries.
  120. [22:41] <@Bro_> which is exactly what you're going against
  121. [22:42] <+Cp_kid> From what I gathered the country policy was intended to stop random junk articles like
  122. [22:42] <+Cp_kid> not well intentioned, potential countries like Freezestonia and Moon Island
  123. [22:42] <+Cp_kid> It seems like you're just bending the rule to your usage
  124. [22:43] <@Bro_> no
  125. [22:43] <@Bro_> you can always take my option and make them a federation
  126. [22:43] <@Bro_> which is pretty much all autonomous states with the same central government
  127. [22:43] <Swiss_Ninja> ok
  128. [22:43] <Swiss_Ninja> now
  129. [22:43] <@Bro_> they'd have their own rulers
  130. [22:43] <Swiss_Ninja> it all comes down to this
  131. [22:43] <@Bro_> but they'd abide by the same laws
  132. [22:43] <Swiss_Ninja> who is the owner of these said country articles?
  133. [22:43] <Swiss_Ninja> owner or owners?
  134. [22:44] == HatPop has changed nick to HatPop|Away
  135. [22:44] <+Cp_kid> Snowstormer, Dps04 and Chill57181
  136. [22:44] <@Bro_> Swiss_Ninja, Chill57181, Dps04 and Snowstormer
  137. [22:44] <@Bro_> none of which actively edit
  138. [22:44] <+Cp_kid> not me, nor bro
  139. [22:45] <Rogue_Tvarkov> Silence...
  140. [22:45] <Swiss_Ninja> ok.
  141. [22:45] <Swiss_Ninja> We need their opinions.
  142. [22:45] <+Cp_kid> I'm just fighting them from being forcefully annexed by a certain administrator
  143. [22:46] <Swiss_Ninja> Who administers these articles currently?
  144. [22:46] <@Bro_> Swiss_Ninja there
  145. [22:46] <@Bro_> Swiss_Ninja, me technically
  146. [22:46] <+Cp_kid> Swiss_Ninja:
  147. [22:46] <@Bro_> since they're never around
  148. [22:47] <+Cp_kid> It's not like they quit, they still edit around the network
  149. [22:47] <+Cp_kid> so you can't just hand their articles to bro
  150. [22:47] <Swiss_Ninja> CK, do you have any control over these articles?
  151. [22:48] <+Cp_kid> also, Moon Island is also edited by Penstubal (I believe they've shared OOC since Pen made wizzint)
  152. [22:48] <+Cp_kid> no.
  153. [22:48] <+Cp_kid> but neither does bro directly
  154. [22:49] <Swiss_Ninja> Well then in that case
  155. [22:49] <Swiss_Ninja> the creators/real owners MUST decide their fate.
  156. [22:50] <Swiss_Ninja> The creators almost ALWAYS have the final say
  157. [22:50] <Swiss_Ninja> unless the article they made is Canon
  158. [22:50] <Swiss_Ninja> which in this case it isnt
  159. [22:51] <@Bro_> Swiss_Ninja they want independence
  160. [22:51] <Swiss_Ninja> All of them
  161. [22:51] <Swiss_Ninja> Well, I suppose the AU could try to invade them
  162. [22:51] <Swiss_Ninja> but they put up a huge resistance movement
  163. [22:51] <Swiss_Ninja> taht borrow tactics from the Viet Cong
  164. [22:52] <@Bro_> ok
  165. [22:52] <+Cp_kid> Swiss, it's only like 3 nations, although I really would like to put the Frosian Islands in that mix even though Bro has OOC over them (especially since they had that huge armament program after the Frosian War which led them to such greatness in the Shops Civil War)
  166. [22:52] <+Cp_kid> anyways,  once again: I don't see why it's such a problem to let a few places go out of your "AU takeover", considering the AU will gain control over a ton of other Bro-OOC places like Vai Island, Flystonia (if it isn't given away beforehand), Northern Shops, etc.
  167. [22:53] <@Bro_> again
  168. [22:53] <@Bro_> vendetta
  169. [22:53] <@Bro_> revenge
  170. [22:53] <@Bro_> empire
  171. [22:54] <@Bro_> all three of those places are valuable
  172. [22:54] <+Cp_kid> I don't see it
  173. [22:54] <+Cp_kid> chinese penguins? Farmers? Piemonds? whoopie
  174. [22:54] <@Bro_> Mines
  175. [22:54] <@Bro_> Gold
  176. [22:54] <@Bro_> Diamonds
  177. [22:54] <@Bro_> Labor
  178. [22:54] <@Bro_> Trade routess
  179. [22:55] <@Bro_> timber
  180. [22:55] <@Bro_> oil
  181. [22:55] <@Bro_> penguins
  182. [22:55] <@Bro_> land
  183. [22:55] <@Bro_> uranium
  184. [22:55] <@Bro_> coal
  185. [22:55] <@Bro_> iron
  186. [22:55] <+Cp_kid> and the Frosian Islands are important no doubt, but they have quite the solid military, even after this civil war I think they could defend themselves
  187. [22:56] <@Bro_> yes
  188. [22:56] <+Cp_kid> for a while at least
  189. [22:56] <@Bro_> we're talking about Chill Island, Freezestonia and Moon Island
  190. [22:58] <Swiss_Ninja> CK, let this be clear: I am not demanding for those places
  191. [22:58] <+Cp_kid> well if the seal islands (#14 best military) and the frosian islands joined this union as I had hoped, then that would lend an even better reason as to why the AU would avoid them for the most part
  192. [22:58] <Swiss_Ninja> this is all something Bro wants to happen
  193. [22:58] <Swiss_Ninja> which, is what he thinks is best for them
  194. [22:58] <Swiss_Ninja> i really don't care.
  195. [22:58] <Swiss_Ninja> in the end Liguria obliterates them in 4000.
  196. [22:59] <+Cp_kid> well yeah, a lot can happen in 2000 years
  197. [22:59] <Swiss_Ninja> Whatever Bro owns you can't decide on.
  198. [22:59] <Swiss_Ninja> But I DO expect a compromise of some sort.
  199. [22:59] <Swiss_Ninja> or at least an agreement
  200. [22:59] <+Cp_kid> yeah, that's why I said hope for frosian, but I doubt that'll happen :P Everything else is owned by other users
  201. [22:59] <Swiss_Ninja> but I do think that Viet Cong idea is good
  202. [23:00] <Swiss_Ninja> Well abandon the idea of Frosian if it is Bro's and if he doesn't want to do it
  203. [23:00] <+Cp_kid> well lemme keep working on this union I have going on and we can change it up later on
  204. [23:00] <@Bro_> ok
  205. [23:00] <+Cp_kid> however deemed fit
  206. [23:01] <Swiss_Ninja> oh so you want a successor of "Union" states?
  207. [23:01] <+Cp_kid> no
  208. [23:02] <+Cp_kid> similar to the axle powers
  209. [23:02] <+Cp_kid> just a group of newly independent nations trying to survive via each other's aid
  210. [23:03] <+Cp_kid> that "2027 Scramble for Power" is supposed to be about the AU's takeover of all other Shops territories and whatever else
  211. [23:03] <+Cp_kid> I stole the name from the Scramble of Africa, although you may change it if you'd like
  212. [23:05] <@Bro_> whatever
  213. [23:05] <@Bro_> we'll cross that bridge when we come to it
  214. [23:05] <@Bro_> the union will stay for now
  215. [23:05] <@Bro_> but I'll modify it soon
  216. [23:07] == Bro_ [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 23.0/20130730113002]]
  217. [23:08] <Swiss_Ninja> there you have it
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