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====================================/ Hair of the Dog /====================================
Hair of the Dog
[;canine; ;wolf;][;comfy; ;m:pov; ;lewd; ;blowjob; ;sex; ;love/romance; ;intimacy; ;Halloween; ;partying;]

Anon is snatched away by a (were?)wolfess for a night of fun to show him how much better monsters celebrate their favorite holiday.

Hair of the Dog: Monsters and Mistletoe
[;canine; ;wolf;][;comfy; ;m:pov; ;love/romance; ;intimacy; ;Christmas;]

Volfa's favorite holiday has always been Halloween, but her father seems to have an interest in bringing Christmas to the monster world. It's up to Anon to be Volfa's support while she begrudgingly gives another holiday a fair chance.

====================================/ Other /====================================
Speed Mating
[;canine; ;German shepherd;][;comfy; ;m:pov; ;public sex;]

Now that Anon and Winny are a happy couple, they get to do all the things couples like to do. Going to the movies is pretty standard, but the German shepherd is never quite happy with "standard".

You Conduit
[;raiju; ;fox?;][;comfy; ;m:pov; ;electric stimuli; ;various physical stimulus; ;buddy story;]

Anon encounters a mythological "spark dog" creature named Juitz. He unwittingly has to kick her out of her current home, and sadly it's not the first time it's happened to her. To make things better Anon helps Juitz try to find a new place to live, but he soon finds he has a little bit of magnetism with this electrical canine.

Chr0me Where L0ve Sh0uld Be V.2
[;canine; ;wolf; ;cyborg;][;comfy; ;m:pov; ;sex; ;H/C; ;comforting; ;prosthetic; ;cyberpunk;]

Not everyone can be one of the high-paid heroes of the streets, but Anon manages to be a hero for someone who needs it most.

New Anon in Town
[;canine;][;comfy; ;f:pov; ;new guy; ;comforting; ;f:lonely;]

When everyone around town is so happy and nice, how is a dog girl supposed to get a cool guy like Anon?



====================================/ Crocidlile waifur /====================================
Crocodile Rock
[;crocodile; ;scalie;][;tonguejob; ;boobjob; ;titfuck; ;paizuri; ;tailpulling; ;spanking; ;vaginal; ;sex; ;long tongue; ;inverted nipples;]

Anon has moved to the Bayou after losing a number of Jobs and meets a very special person there

Crocking Around The Christmas Tree
[;crocodile; ;scalie;][;smothering; ;kissing; ;cuddling; ;snuggles; ;vaginal; ;big boobs; ;thicc;]

Christmas has come around. Unfortunately Anon has to work, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have plans to Give Bella the best gift.

====================================/ Other /====================================
New year, New Fun
[;feline;][;cuddling; ;snuggles; ;new years;]

Anon from "College isn't so bad' has an adventure with his friends a continuation of a story.



Date with a drifter
[;wolf; ;canine; ;werewolf; ;larger anthro;][;comfy; ;fear boner; ;blowjob; ;sex; ;cunnilingus; ;sleeping embrace; ;love/romance; ;m:noncon --> m:con; ;femdom;]

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