Sweet Feelings

Mar 9th, 2011
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  1. "P-princess, do you really think I'm rea-"
  3. Holding his head closer to her chest, playfully fingering the top of Finn's hat, Princess Bubblegum heaves a sigh.
  4. "Finn..." she said in an alluring tone, "you're just getting to that age..."
  5. Looking up into Princess Bubblegum's eyes (or, at least what he could make out of them), Finn wondered what she meant by that. He didn't worry about it too much, however; Princess Bubblegum's warm, soft chest was...comforting. The steady beating of the princess's heart was soothing, to say the least. It certainly wasn't like his pillows back at the treehouse. Finn settled back into the soft fabrics of her dress and just let his mind wander. Princess Bubblegum slipped her hand underneath Finn's hat and tousled his hair a bit. "Hmmmnnnhh, so cute...," she whispered to herself.
  7. Princess Bubblegum relaxed her body a bit, sinking a little lower to her bed.
  8. Finn sensed this and sat up, breaking free of the princess's hands, hat still in her grasp. "What's the matter, Peebs?" "Oh, nothing, Finn, it's just..." Her eyes darted from Finn's face to her own hands. Noticeably shaking. "Get it together, can do this," she thought. She accidentally lets go of Finn's hat as she quickly brings her hand down to her bed. "Finn," she states quickly, but softly, "enough stalling, I want you to take me."
  10. The princess smiled, breathing a little harder than usual, as she subtly presented her body to the young adventurer, as if in anticipation for his reaction.
  12. "Take you...where?"
  14. Princess Bubblegum couldn't help but giggle slightly at his response. Even at this age, it seems he still has some of his naivety, but this didn't deter the princess one bit. "I guess I'll just have to teach you what I know..." Bubblegum said, taking on a slightly more sultry tone. Finn groaned. "Aw, man...more learning. This is gonna b-"
  15. Princess Bubblegum had taken hold of Finn's hand and had started guiding it to her body.
  16. "Hands-on."
  18. Bubblegum laid Finn's hand on her hips, slowly moving it up and down that particular curve of her body. The princess couldn't help but to bite her bottom lip slightly as she felt Finn's warm hands through her dress. "How does that feel, Finny?" Finn's face was bright red. No response. She giggled again. "We're just getting started, Hero..." Bubblegum said in a breathy voice she had only used a few times in her life as she started taking Finn's hand elsewhere on her body.
  20. From her hips, she went down to her legs, thinking maybe it would be good if she allowed Finn to feel the full contours of her figure. "Feel free to take control whenever you feel comfortable," she calmly told Finn. Finn still sat there, flustered, shaking. Once she had caressed the full length of her legs with Finn's hand, she started moving back up, accidentally venturing under her dress. This didn't register with the princess, however, her mind was still focusing on the warmness of Finn's hands. It felt great on her bare skin, traveling up to her inner thighs, which, at that moment, Princess Bubblegum had realized what she had done. She let go of Finn's hand, noticeably sweating.
  22. "Ack, Finn! Why didn't you tell me what I was doing?!" Finn still sat there, flustered, trying to come out with a comprehensible sentence, but failing. Princess Bubblegum, also shaking a little, noticed the bulge in Finn's shorts. That, combined with Finn's blushing face sent what remained of Princess Bubblegum's rationale flying out the window. "Oh, Finn, I can't take it any more...! I just -have- to have you NOW!" Bubblegum exclaimed, lacking a certain confidence in her voice. She couldn't control her hands, which were reaching for both the top of Finn's shorts and the bulge that lay within.
  26. Finn dodged, finally coming to his senses and sensing the unsure-ness in his lady-friend's voice. He then firmly grasped her by her shoulders. Both were shaking. "Princess! Get a hold of yourself! Can't you see what you're doing?" The princess tried to avert her gaze, embarrassed by her lack of control. "Look at me, girl! This started out as something pretty sweet, but what you did back there just wasn't the you -I- know. What happened?" Princess Bubblegum began to shake more "I, I don't know, F, Finn, I...I messed up, didn't I?" She started to tear up a little. Finn looked the princess in the eye, noticing the sadness welling up. He loosened his grip a little, allowing the princess to throw herself onto a nearby pillow, crying fully now. "N,No, there's no need to a,answer that," she spoke in-between gasps and sniffles, "I,I know what I did back there was wrong now. You can leave, Finn..." Finn grabbed his hat, which lay next to the princess. "Princess..." Finn said as he put his hand on her shoulder, "there's no need to beat yourself up about this." Princess Bubblegum lifted her head from her pillow to look Finn in the eyes. "There we go..." Finn began to wipe the tears from her face with his hat. The princess started to tear up again, thinking about the words she was about to say. "It's just...after all these years, I've grown attached to you and I think I may actually...l,love you."
  28. Finn was taken aback by this comment. "Over these years, you've just shown me that you -care- about me and today is no exception." Finn blushed, twiddling his thumbs. "I just wanted to thank you today, y'know...for everything. That's why I called you up here in the first place, but I guess I lost control." Finn's eyes widened slightly. "Princess, I..." Bubblegum wiped her eyes. "Y,yes, Finn?" "Remember what you said earlier? About me taking control when I felt comfortable?" Princess Bubblegum gasped slightly as she realized what he was getting at. "Well, I feel comfortable now."
  29. Placing his hand on her cheek, stroking it with his thumb, he leaned in for a kiss.
  30. The princess, blushing, closed her eyes and complied with the young man's wishes.
  32. Taking the princess by her hips with his free hand, Finn began to lay her down onto the surface of her bed, using his other hand to brush Bubblegum's hair out of his way. The scent of her skin was intoxicating, driving Finn to continue on with this endeavor. Keeping in mind the wisdom entrusted to him in the Enchiridion, Finn took care not to be too rough on the fair princess, periodically breaking lip contact to whisper encouraging statements into the princess's ears while caressing her long hair. "Alright,'s time to get a little," Finn almost-whispered into her ear. Princess Bubblegum shuddered as his words traveled into her ears, Finn beginning to take his hand upon her breast.
  34. Even through the padding on her dress, Finn could feel that the princess's nipple had already begun to stiffen. PB took in a slight gasp of air as she began to feel the warmness of Finn's hand again. "F,Finn...," the princess gasped again, "would you like me to take off my dress? T,that way, you could..." Princess Bubblegum gulped as she allowed her mind wander with the possibilities. Finn stopped what he was doing to look at the princess's face. She was blushing profusely, turning her head away from Finn. "Princess..." "Yes...?" PB started looking at Finn, her head still turned away. "Allow me." Finn reached his arms around the princess's body for the zipper to her dress as she began to sit up, fumbling a bit as he tried to locate it. Once he had successfully laid his hand on it, he slowly began to unzip her dress. As this was happening, the princess shuddered as she slowly felt the air hit her back, goosebumps forming on the surface of her skin.
  37. "There..."
  39. "Alright, lift your arms." Finn had taken hold of the sides of PB's dress, beginning to slip it off of her body. After a period of fumbling with it, Finn finally managed to get the dress free. It took another few seconds for Finn to get her massive dress out of his line of sight. The dress fell to the ground with a silent thud. After that ordeal, Finn was greeted with the princess's smile. The princess held her arms, shivering a little, wearing nothing under her dress but her pastel-green bloomers and her similarly-colored stockings.
  40. "Now, where were we, tiger?"
  41. Finn blushed at the sight of this, his eyes darting, trying their best to take in all of this information: Her bare shoulders shrugging slightly as her arms pressed into her soft breasts as she shifted her legs. "I...uh...," Finn cleared his throat "I believe I was massaging your, um, breasts, dear princess." Finn spoke with a sort of fake bravado to his voice that made the princess giggle again. "Hoh, alright, Finny. But, I want the real you." She reached over and playfully pinched his cheek. "And it was just one breast, cutie. Now, come an' get it."
  43. "He's so cute when he's flustered like that..."
  45. Hesitating a bit, partially due to the princess's comments, partially because of seeing his lady-friend in this new light, Finn then resumed massaging the princess's body. This was an entirely new sensation for both the princess and the young hero. Finn, now able to fully grasp the roundness of her chest, began to excitedly, but carefully, cup Bubblegum's perky breasts. Bubblegum let out a slight moan as Finn did this, the feeling of Finn's hands on her bare skin and sensitive nipples driving her to bite her lip, lest she make too much noise. After a few minutes of fooly cooly-ing about, Finn lowered his head to the princess's chest, kissing her body on the way there. With every kiss, PB squirmed with enjoyment, silently pleading Finn for more. Once Finn made it to PB's chest, Finn began kissing her small, gumdrop-shaped nipples, being sure to linger on each of them long enough to get in some small, slow strokes with his tongue, another tip he had read in a small sub-chapter of the Enchiridion.
  46. "Hmmm...original flavor," Finn thought as the princess writhed beneath him with pleasure.
  48. "F,Finn...h,how..." The princess continued to writhe about, uncontrollable gasps and moans rendering her speech incomplete. Finn began to travel down from her now-stiff nipples to her torso, taking in the oddly-sweet scent of her skin once more, caressing the princess's every curve along the way. Continuing to lick the princess's body, feeling every dip and curve of her skin, Finn came across her belly button. He couldn't help but give that a lick, as well, causing Bubblegum to arch her back slightly, pressing her body closer to her partner.Princess Bubblegum, lost in the moment, closed her eyes as tightly as she was gripping the sheets underneath her. "T,this shouldn't feel THAT good...this can't be real," she thought as Finn continued his controlled assault with his mouth. Finn's hands had reached the princess's hips, her bloomers snugly wrapped around them. As Finn sank lower and lower, he began to slip off her bloomers, the princess aiding in the process.
  50. The princess subconsciously spread her legs as this happened, allowing Finn a better view of her crotch as her bloomers were freed from her legs. She was already a bit moist from Finn's handiwork, her lips seemingly inviting Finn. A small tuft of bubblegummy hair lay above. Finn sat back in awe, mouth agape, this being his first exposure to such sights. Princess Bubblegum closed her legs slightly, embarrassed that her most private parts were exposed. "Finn, ah...don't stare at it." the princess said, meekly, covering her crotch with her shaking hand. " can trust me," Finn assured her, "I'll be gentle." The princess's eyes shifted to Finn's face, his cheeks red, his smile reassuring. Upon seeing this, the princess reluctantly began to spread her lips with middle and fore finger, signaling to Finn that she was ready.
  52. Finn slipped a finger into PB's opening, sliding in easily, her hips moving toward Finn. Bubblegum moaned slightly as this happened, bringing her hand to her mouth. In and out, Finn's finger caressed the the princess's walls, his finger seemingly getting sucked in with each rep. "Like this, Princess?" Bubblegum arched her back, letting out a silent "yes" as Finn slowly pulled out his finger and added another one into the mix. The princess looked down at Finn as he continued to please her. Finn withdrew his fingers and gave them a taste, curiosity getting the best of him. "Oh, Schmow! This is tops," Finn exclaimed as he tasted the princess's juices. Princess Bubblegum lay there, dumbfounded and slightly flattered, blushing as a result.
  54. "Princess, mind if I...?"
  56. Finn, blushing a little, moved his mouth a little closer to the princess's crotch, signaling what he wanted to do. Bubblegum, wanting to tease Finn some more, feigned hesitation. "Hmmmmmm...alright, you cutie," she said, once again spreading her lips. Finn eagerly pressed his mouth against her opening, licking inside before withdrawing and working her outer features. While a little clumsy in his approach, the princess enjoyed it nonetheless, holding Finn's head down with her hand, pleading for more. The taste of Bubblegum's juices was overwhelming, the scent driving Finn to clamor for more. The princess curled her toes as Finn worked her harder and harder, her stockings rubbing against Finn's body. Finn came up for air and echoed PB's words. "Y'know, princess, you can take control whenever you feel comfortable." Her eyes narrowed, seeing what he did there. The princess sat up a little, causing Finn to lose contact with her. Finn sat up as well, expressing confusion. "Princess, wha-" Princess Bubblegum grabbed Finn by the collar and gave him a deep kiss, unintentionally tasting her own flavors in the process. "Mmmm, Finn, you were right. This -is- "tops." The princess grasped his shoulder and pinned him to the bed, kissing him more. "But, it's my turn now, Finny," she said breathlessly, lightly caressing his face with one hand, the other reaching for his shorts.
  58. *********
  60. The sun was rising in the Land of Ooo and the streets of the Candy Kingdom were beginning to bustle. Inside the Candy Castle, in the princess's chambers, Princess Bubblegum lay next to Finn, passed out. Her arms were wrapped around his body, nearly hugging his waist, bloomers hung around one leg, her stockings uneven. Finn's hat lay tossed aside, sharing floor space with the princess's dress. Finn stirred awake, unaware of his surroundings. He looked to his side, seeing Princess Bubblegum there, slight smile on her sleeping face. Finn sat back and relaxed remembering the events that transpired.
  61. "AW, CRAM, Princess, wake up!" Finn exclaimed, nudging Princess Bubblegum.
  62. The princess rubbed one of her eyes and yawned. "Fuh...Finn?" She hugged him tighter. "You were great last night..." she said dreamily, lightly tracing shapes on his body with her fore finger. "No time for that, Princess! I gotta get back to the treehouse!" Finn said with urgency. "Jake's probably worried sick..." PB yawned once more, still half-asleep. "Oh, what...? Oh. Alright. I'll take you there by swan, just let me get dressed." "Heh, yeah...same here," Finn said, blushing, pulling up his shorts.
  64. As Princess Bubblegum's swan landed near Finn and Jake's tree house, Jake walked out the front door to greet Finn. Finn and PB jumped off the swan to do likewise. "S'up, dude, how'd the spaghetti dinner with Princess Bubblegum go?" Jake asked, taking a bite out of a donut. Finn blushed a little. "Oh, it went alright. Bubblegum told this really funny story about this one time she...uh...why's Lady Rainicorn in our tree house?" Lady waved to Finn from the window. "Oh, Lady and me decided to have a movie night while you were out." "Oh." Princess Bubblegum yawned and placed her arms around Finn. "Well, I better be going. I gotta get back to the castle so I can change out of this casual number. Tell Lady to be home when she feels like it." The princess tousled Finn's hat. "See ya, Finny." Finn blushed more. "Yeh-yeah...thanks for the spaghetti, Peebs." Jake stood by, watching this exchange while enjoying his donut.
  65. As Princess Bubblegum made her exit on her swan, Finn and Jake walked towards the front door of the tree house.
  66. "Peebs?" Never heard you call her that before." Jake said with a smarmy grin. "Ha, so, dude, didja get lucky?" Jake asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Finn chuckled. "Nah, dude. It was just really good spaghetti, y'know?" Jake gave Finn a knowing glance and then resumed munching on his donut. At that moment, Lady Rainicorn popped out to greet Finn and Jake.
  67. "왜 당신은 풍선껌 냄새합니까?"
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