Monsanto Employee Emails Dumped By Ag3nt47

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  1. Chris Keeley    Other   Global Infrastructure Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  2. Dongmei Zhang   Other   Manager Strategic Analysis      Valley Park     MO
  3. Rodrigo Cabanilla       Other   Assistant Medical Director  Saint Louis     MO
  4. Anna Hardecke   Other   Category Lead-MRO      Saint Louis     MO
  5. Yi Jin  Other   Capital Planning and Analysis     Saint Louis     MO
  6. Mark Buckingham Other   Corporate Affairs Manager    Saint Louis     MO
  7. Hollidaym... Hollidayr  Other   Construction Site Supervisor     Saint Louis     MO
  8. Annick Pleysier Other   Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs Lead EMEA  annick.pleysier@monsanto.comSaint Louis MO
  9. Brenda Altadonna        Other   Trade and Compliance Manager   Saint Louis     MO
  10. Victoria Prairie        Other   Sub-Team Lead OTC   Saint Louis     MO
  11. Lori Waddell    Other   Vehicle Safety Manager       Saint Louis     MO
  12. Keith Small     Other   North America Commercial ESH Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  13. Scott Greenfield        Other   Internet Director   Westbrook       MN
  14. Adeildo Patricio        Other   Manufacturing Supervisor   Saint Louis     MO
  15. David Lucky     Other   Manager Strategic Analysis        Saint Louis     MO
  16. Brent Raney     Other   Senior Buyer URS Energy and Construction, Inc        Saint Louis     MO
  17. Pamela Suemnicht        Other   Regulatory Archivist   Saint Louis     MO
  18. Gary Haire      Other   Safety Director Saint Louis     MO
  19. Bhaskar Dutta   Other   Data Architect      Saint Louis     MO
  20. Edie Van Wert   Other   Lead PMO        evan  edie.van      Saint Louis     MO
  21. John Dossetor   Other   Export Director      Winnipeg        MB
  22. Felino Deleste  Other   Desk Side Suppport Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  23. Marrell Sanders Other   SharePoint Farm Administrator    Saint Louis     MO
  24. Suzanne Shoemaker       Other   Archivist  Saint Louis     MO
  25. Marsha Stanton  Other   Global Director of Corn Industry     Saint Louis     MO
  26. Michelle Patrick        Other   Senior Admin Assistant   Saint Louis     MO
  27. Daniel Boudrero Other   Project Controls    Saint Louis     MO
  28. Carlos Guzman   Other   Corporate Services Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  29. Patri... Schuettenberg  Other   Manager of Relocation     Saint Louis     MO
  30. Adil Anjem      Other   Scientific Business Analysist Saint Louis     MO
  31. Jan Weckx       Other   Manufacturing Techn Group Lead  Saint Louis     MO
  32. Vinod Kumar     Other   basis admin        Saint Louis     MO
  33. Somya Verma     Other   Techincal Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  34. Jeff Delaney    Other   Director at Large       Saint Louis     MO
  35. Jeffrey Cross   Other   Process Design Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  36. Brad Worth      Other   Manager, Monsanto Saint Louis     MO
  37. Karen Chapman   Other   Knowledge Resources      Saint Louis     MO
  38. De Paddock      Other   Government Affairs Specialist Saint Louis     MO
  39. Pamela Carroll  Other   Molecular Biologist     Saint Louis     MO
  40. AlanG Hopfer    Other   Hypervisor/Storage Team Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  41. Kathy Brassil   Other   Manager Mtg Services      Saint Louis     MO
  42. Andrew Davis    Other   Agricultural Genomics-R and D Pipeline Design and Management...       Saint Louis     MO
  43. Barry Goldman   Other   Computational Biology Platform Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  44. Randall Shultz  Other   Team Lead, Genomics     Middleton       WI
  45. Juan Brooks     Other   Telephone Tech        Saint Louis     MO
  46. Matt Peeples    Other   Site Manager       Waterman        IL
  47. Cindy Kempt     Other   Registered Nurse        Saint Louis     MO
  48. Cindy Wilson    Other   Internal SAP Consultant       Saint Louis     MO
  49. Tammy Wright    Other   Talent Acquisition       Saint Louis     MO
  50. Marcelo Zurita  Other   Unix Admin     Saint Louis     MO
  51. Brenda Kermode  Other   Manager ISC Order to Cash Monsanto Co     Saint Louis     MO
  52. Sandeep Kulkarni        Other   Director-Global Reporting and Analysis  sandeep.kulkarni@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  53. David Russell   Other   BiotechnologyProspecting and Collaborations, Leader      Saint Louis     MO
  54. Milin Sheth     Other   New demo request        Saint Louis     MO
  55. Carol Reynolds  Other   Strategic Sourcing Manager     Carmel  IN
  56. Lindsey Landry  Other   Admin Manager     Saint Louis     MO
  57. David Carson    Other   Environmental/Regulatory       Saint Louis     MO
  58. Gary Hartnell   Other   Environmental/Regulatory      Saint Louis     MO
  59. Joseph Huesing  Other   Environmental/Regulatory     Saint Louis     MO
  60. Joy Honegger    Other   Environmental/Regulatory       Saint Louis     MO
  61. Mark Paradise   Other   Environmental/Regulatory      Saint Louis     MO
  62. Spencer Mortensen       Other   Environmental/Regulatory  Saint Louis     MO
  63. Bryan Cissell   Other   Strategic Platform Specialist      Saint Louis     MO
  64. Teresa Droste   Other   Global Payables Implementation Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  65. Amy Curtis      Other   QMS Supervisor Huxley  IA
  66. Bart Dilday     Other   Technical        Saint Louis     MO
  67. Avinash Talanki Other   Technical    Saint Louis     MO
  68. Gina Balch      Other   Automation Team Lead Saint Louis     MO
  69. AnneM Millsaps  Other   Transformation Production Lead     Middleton       WI
  70. Kent Skinner    Other   Crew SUPV       Soda Springs    ID
  71. George Chaney   Other   Safety Cmmte Chair      Soda Springs    ID
  72. Michelle Kaywood        Other   Safety Coordinator   Monmouth        IL
  73. Debo... Strand Johnson  Other   Industrial Hygienist VPP SGE    dstrand    debo....strand     Luling  LA
  74. Melanie Weekly  Other   Print Services Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  75. Bill Schulz     Other   Global Supply Chain and Optimization Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  76. Murli Ryali     Other   Sub Team Lead-OTC        Saint Louis     MO
  77. John Finnessy   Other   Protein, Analytics Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  78. Carmen Kahle    Other   AR Credit Internal SAP Consultant       Saint Louis     MO
  79. Stephanie Krifka        Other   Human Rights Generalist   Saint Louis     MO
  80. Adil Rahman     Other   Team Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  81. Christop... Meyerpeter  Other   Team Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  82. Frank Scott     Other   SAP SD        Saint Louis     MO
  83. Ricardo Vasi    Other   Biotechnology Value Capture Strategy Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  84. Ravi Natarajan  Other   Consultant     Thomasboro      IL
  85. Shaun Smith     Other   Mine Coordinator        Soda Springs    ID
  86. Jason Cunningham        Other   Utility Manager   Soda SpringsID
  87. Dennis Henson   Other   Consultant      Saint Louis     MO
  88. Jaya Chitithoti Other   Consultant    Saint Louis     MO
  89. Madonna Link    Other   Team Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  90. Marie... Van Den Burgh  Other   Consultant      mvan den     marie....van den     Saint Louis     MO
  91. Thomas Nickson  Other   Head of Environmental Policy     Saint Louis     MO
  92. John Soteres    Other   Head of Global Weed Management       Saint Louis     MO
  93. Natalie Dinicola        Other   Director Global Development Partnerships   Saint Louis     MO
  94. David Carpintero        Other   Director, Sustainable Yield Strategy   Saint Louis     MO
  95. Mark Reiman     Other   Agronomist for Water Utilization Learning Center        Saint Louis     MO
  96. Kyle Broughton  Other   Local Agronomist     Saint Louis     MO
  97. Katie Newman    Other   Order to Cash Team Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  98. David Barrett   Other   Principal      Saint Louis     MO
  99. Kimberly Roth   Other   Chem Coordinator      Saint Louis     MO
  100. Jennifer Boyd   Other   Learning Team Leader      Saint Louis     MO
  101. Joe Devine      Other   Global Benefits Lead Saint Louis     MO
  102. Nancy Mietzner  Other   Concord Team     Saint Louis     MO
  103. Leigh Parker    Other   User Experience Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  104. William Abraham Other   Formulations Team Leader    Saint Louis     MO
  105. Kim Bolick      Other   Principal Safety Specialist Muscatine       IA
  106. Joan Rejda-Heath        Other   Manager, Compliance   Saint Louis     MO
  107. Aimee Hood      Other   Senior Compliance Specialist Saint Louis     MO
  108. Matthew Walters Other   Entomologist    Chesterfield    MO
  109. Gerhard Rosa    Other   Commercial Lead CP Central/East Europe       Saint Louis     MO
  110. Jaime Mijares   Other   LAN Corporate Affairs Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  111. Pervez Ahmed    Other   Business Intelligence Solutions Specialist       Saint Louis     MO
  112. Lis... Bannon-Bergmann  Other   Contributions Manager     Saint Louis     MO
  113. Drew Reavis     Other   North America ESH VEGETABLES Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  114. Elizabet... Breidecker  Other   Director Comp and Benefits     Saint Louis     MO
  115. Grant Erdel     Other   Director, Federal Government Affairs        Washington      DC
  116. Mike Parrish    Other   Director, Federal Government Affairs       Washington      DC
  117. James Travis    Other   Director, Federal Government Affairs       Washington      DC
  118. Jacqueline Heard        Other   Project Leader   Saint Louis     MO
  119. Dennis Diehm    Other   Site Manager       Saint Louis     MO
  120. Craig Walters   Other   Data Architecture Lead-TPS      Saint Louis     MO
  121. Russ Wilson     Other   Data Lead        Middleton       WI
  122. Eric Bless      Other   Application Data Architect Memphis TN
  123. Michelle Lacy   Other   Bioinformatican      Saint Louis     MO
  124. David Mack      Other   Data Mangement Lead Chesterfield    MO
  125. Subhash... Surapaneni   Other   Tech Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  126. Shyam Ramakrishna       Other   Data Designer  Saint Louis     MO
  127. Jim Etheridge   Other   Logistics Supervisor      Scott   MS
  128. Michelle Senn   Other   Category Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  129. Michele Holton  Other   CDO, Chief diversity Officer, Global Director of Employment ...     Saint Louis     MO
  130. Jon Alexander   Other   Chapter Chair      Falls Church    VA
  131. Barbara Schweigert      Other   Safety Manager Bloomington     IL
  132. John Hennings   Other   Safety Manager      Illiopolis      IL
  133. Johnny Howard   Other   Safety Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  134. Clarence Jordan Other   Architecture    Saint Louis     MO
  135. Stephanie Garcia        Other   Sub Team Lead   Saint Louis     MO
  136. Kate Humphrey   Other   Global Communication Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  137. Barry Meyer     Other   Site Manager        Saint Louis     MO
  138. David Scheffler Other   Site Manager Seed Corn Production    Saint Louis     MO
  139. Valerie Zink    Other   Global Regulatory Submission Manager       Saint Louis     MO
  140. William Feldt   Other   Application Development and Architecture      Saint Louis     MO
  141. Craig Mierkowski        Other   Special Fab Technician   Saint Louis     MO
  142. Pete Marshall   Other   Regulatory Compliance Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  143. Robert Hiti     Other   Master Black Belt        Muscatine       IA
  144. Bob Blunck      Other   Safety Techn Windfall        IN
  145. Scott Rismiller Other   Growers Portal Business Lead    Saint Louis     MO
  146. Lucyna Kurtyka  Other   Global Lead, International Organizations     Saint Louis     MO
  147. Karen Moceri    Other   OD Specialist       Saint Louis     MO
  148. Katie Yuhas     Other   Seed Manager        Saint Louis     MO
  149. Daniel Goldstein        Other   Director Medical Sciences and Outreach daniel.goldstein@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  150. Amitabh Jaipuria        Other   Medical Doctor   Mumbai  MH
  151. John Acquavella Other   Senior Director for Epidemiology        john.acquavella@monsanto.comSaint Louis MO
  152. Yuxing Feng     Other   Data Manager        Saint Louis     MO
  153. PattyS Drawbaugh        Other   EHS Specialist   Chesterfield    MO
  154. DavidM Matyus   Other   Industrial Hygiene Specialist      Saint Louis     MO
  155. James Hagar     Other   QMS Associate-Soybean        Saint Louis     MO
  156. Scott Karfs     Other   Contractor Remington        Saint Louis     MO
  157. DewayneL Goldmon        Other   Strategist   Pine Bluff      AR
  158. Tiffany Krejcarek       Other   Global Supply Lead  Saint Louis     MO
  159. Ryan Logue      Other   S III Saint Louis     MO
  160. Tiffany Hawkins Other   Resource Planning Lead    Saint Louis     MO
  161. Dennis Delaney  Other   Risk Management     Saint Louis     MO
  162. David Miller    Other   Director/Manager/Department Head/Chief-Safety       Mystic  CT
  163. Brent Erickson  Other   Mine Coordinator     Soda Springs    ID
  164. Tasha Brooke    Other   Packaging Specialist       Saint Louis     MO
  165. TraciH Ramsey   Other   Global Contingent Labor Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  166. Sarah Bowman    Other   SOA Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  167. Jeanette Ford   Other   BI Solutions Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  168. Wendi Creely    Other   TPS Data Management Team Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  169. Neuka Mitchell  Other   Business Process Manager     Saint Louis     MO
  170. Paul Skatrud    Other   Biotechnology Prospecting Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  171. Dr.Leanna Stork Other   Statistician    Saint Louis     MO
  172. Subas... Krishnamurthy  Other   Statistician     Saint Louis     MO
  173. Eric Sachs      Other   Chief Global Scientific Affairs Saint Louis     MO
  174. Destry Harmon   Other   Cotton Manufacturing Lead      Scott   MS
  175. Matthew Foresman        Other   Environmental Remediation Manager  matthew.foresman@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  176. Brenda Cockrell Other   Consultant    Saint Louis     MO
  177. Michael Lohuis  Other   Animal Ag Genomics     Saint Louis     MO
  178. Virginia Ursin  Other   Corn Yield Project Lead     Mystic  CT
  179. Paul Nord       Other   Senior Specialist-Chemistry  Saint Louis     MO
  180. Genelle Speed-Hale      Other   Global Biotech Farm ESH Lead Chesterfield    MO
  181. Jeannette Westbrook     Other   Tng Admin Specialist        Soda Springs    ID
  182. Jacqueline Heard        Other   Platform Lead Discovery   ChesterfieldMO
  183. Vickie Pierson  Other   Manager-International Assignments     Saint Louis     MO
  184. Denise Pierce   Other   Admin Assistant      Saint Louis     MO
  185. Steve Ahmmann   Other   Manufacturing Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  186. Michael Vice    Other   Reclamation Specialist       Soda Springs    ID
  187. Jon Bechert     Other   Director Techn Infrastr and Archit        Saint Louis     MO
  188. Chris Eichner   Other   Senior Associate      Saint Louis     MO
  189. Laura Ingram    Other   Workforce Planning Manager       Saint Louis     MO
  190. Paul Koehler    Other   Manager Scientific and Community Affairs Hawaii       Saint Louis     MO
  191. Vincent Arter   Other   Team Leader Portals and Collaboration      Saint Louis     MO
  192. Andy Hedgecock  Other   Director, Scientific Affairs     Saint Louis     MO
  193. Brian Buettner  Other   Retirement Plans Team Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  194. Belisario Cabanilla     Other   Clinical Medical Doctor        Saint Louis     MO
  195. Valerie No      Other   Research Associate Saint Louis     MO
  196. Betty Warren    Other   HRIT Specialist SAP       Saint Louis     MO
  197. Dave Snedden    Other   Logistics       Saint Louis     MO
  198. Barb Boerger    Other   Corporate Regulatory Department       Saint Louis     MO
  199. Morgan Petty    Other   Visitive Commerical Analytics       Ankeny  IA
  200. Denise Slusarczyk       Other   Lead Clinent Services  Winnipeg        MB
  201. Asif Sajjad     Other   Team Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  202. Douglas Weaver  Other   Internal SAP Consultant     Saint Louis     MO
  203. Bob Peirce      Other   Spokesman Saint Louis     MO
  204. Chris Jarrett   Other   Head Market Intelligence      Saint Louis     MO
  205. Brian Schweizer Other   Senior Director International Treasury and Credit    Saint Louis     MO
  206. Kevin Glenn     Other   SCI Fellow        Saint Louis     MO
  207. JaySco... Petrick Phd   Other   Senior Toxicologist     jpetrick       jaysco....petrick      Saint Louis     MO
  208. Anita Fox       Other   learning and Development  Saint Louis     MO
  209. David Nichols   Other   Coach      Saint Louis     MO
  210. Josefina Barreiro       Other   Assistant Manager  Saint Louis     MO
  211. Manda Sansom    Other   Technical Specialist       Saint Louis     MO
  212. Raj Pandey      Other   Tech Lead Saint Louis     MO
  213. Ginger Assmann  Other   Automation Specialist     Saint Louis     MO
  214. Sara Ruprecht   Other   Records Management Specialist      Saint Louis     MO
  215. Thomas B Orr    Other   SETAC-North America REGULAR Member      tb     thomas.b       Saint Louis     MO
  216. John P. Wright  Other   OZARK-PRAIRIE Regional CHAPTER REGULAR Member   jp. john.p.     Saint Louis     MO
  217. Stephen Hager   Other   Electronic Content      Saint Louis     MO
  218. Bill Neumann    Other   Senior Buyer       Saint Louis     MO
  219. Tom Johndrow    Other   Director Retirement and Relocation       Saint Louis     MO
  220. Roger Lussenden Other   STN Manager/SOYBEAN BREEDER    Redwood FallsMN
  221. Leandro Mozzoni Other   SOYBEAN BREEDER    Waco    NE
  222. Abraham Galadima        Other   AGRONOMY Manager   Saint PetersMO
  223. Robert Lawson   Other   YIELD and STRESS Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  224. James Larkins   Other   Senior RES STN Manager      Saint Louis     MO
  225. Tim B. Fredricks        Other   OZARK-PRAIRIE Regional CHAPTER REGULAR Member   tb.      tim.b.   Saint Louis     MO
  226. Jane Kennedy    Other   Director, Global Sourcing       Saint Louis     MO
  227. Darcy Golliher  Other   trainer     Plains  KS
  228. Dan Cleinmark   Other   Storage Administrator      Saint Louis     MO
  229. Trenton Harvey  Other   Tier 2 Server Administrator     Saint Louis     MO
  230. Robert Holt     Other   Manager KPI Dashboard and Reporting        Saint Louis     MO
  231. James Parker    Other   Senior Infrastructure Architect       Saint Louis     MO
  232. Mike Reese      Other   Data Innovations Architect Saint Louis     MO
  233. Patrick McMahon Other   TEAM Lead Manufacturing ACCTG SEEDS    Saint Louis     MO
  234. Veronic... Ware-Walker  Other   BSS-IPS Lead     Luling  LA
  235. Michael Fournie Other   Lead Business Intelligence    Saint Louis     MO
  236. Paulette Pierson        Other   Director Vegetable Industry Affairs   paulette.pierson@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  237. James Zarndt    Other   Director Consumer Benefits Americas       Oxnard  CA
  238. Mike Weaver     Other   Applications Development Manager        Saint Louis     MO
  239. Dustin Woodford Other   Feed Safety Technician    Redwood Falls   MN
  240. Trish Vassar    Other   Global Lead, Talent Management Partnerships       Saint Louis     MO
  241. Denise Champagne        Other   Leadership and Organization Effectiveness Lead   Saint Louis     MO
  242. ... Meyers Msc Pag Cca  Other   DEKALB Agronomist       .meyers msc pag        ....meyers msc pag     Saskatoon       SK
  243. Joel Ream       Other   REGULAR  Saint Louis     MO
  244. Vincent A. Leopold      Other   SETAC-North America REGULAR Member      va.        vincent.a. Saint Louis     MO
  245. Lance J. Schuler        Other   SETAC-North America REGULAR Member      lj.        lance.j.   Saint Louis     MO
  246. Steven L. Levine        Other   OZARK-PRAIRIE Regional CHAPTER REGULAR Member   sl. steven.l.   Saint Louis     MO
  247. Daniel Jenkins  Other   US Agency Regulatory Affairs Lead     Washington      DC
  248. Dinesh Maheshwari       Other   Sourcing Manager  Mumbai  MH
  249. Mike Doucet     Other   Round Up        Luling  LA
  250. Ali Missaoui    Other   DISCOVERY BREEDER       Ames    IA
  251. Maria Cristina  Other   Associate FELLOW     Saint Louis     MO
  252. Amy Alfermann   Other   Organization Development Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  253. John Fenderson  Other   Commercial Manager Central Plains     Saint Louis     MO
  254. Ashley Hopkins  Other   SAFETY Technician     Phoenix AZ
  255. Becky Sockness  Other   SAFETY TECH     Stanton MN
  256. Bryan Hardy     Other   Safety Director        Mount Olive     NC
  257. George Russell  Other   Project Lead Coordinator     Saint Louis     MO
  258. Stacey Annen    Other   Project Team Lead       Saint Louis     MO
  259. Patrice Bradley Other   Area Lead-Global Infrastructure Services   patrice.bradley@monsanto.comSaint Louis MO
  260. Jason Bull      Other   Director TPS Saint Louis     MO
  261. Ravi Paruchuri  Other   ERP Manager-Order to Cash     Saint Louis     MO
  262. Holly Butka     Other   Manager Market Services        Saint Louis     MO
  263. Heather Forbes  Other   Production Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  264. Christopher Dale        Other   BladeLogic to Remedy Automations      christopher.dale@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  265. Brad Saunders   Other   Change Management      Saint Louis     MO
  266. John Isom       Other   Safety Coordinator  Waterman        IL
  267. Kathy Long      Other   SAFETY Manager Spencer IA
  268. JasonW Lawson   Other   Manager, Production Planning      Saint Louis     MO
  269. Chris Torres    Other   MRO Material Coordinator       Luling  LA
  270. Susan Bassett   Other   HRIT Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  271. John Kemp       Other   Manager, PMO  Saint Louis     MO
  272. Dawn Higgins    Other   Telecom Tech       Saint Louis     MO
  273. Rosie Weiss     Other   Monsanto Library Services-R2B        Saint Louis     MO
  274. Rozann Mersinger        Other   Internal SAP Consultant   Saint Louis     MO
  275. Chris Ferguson  Other   On Matt Hs team     Saint Louis     MO
  276. Jd Liu  Other   Head of Bioinformatics     Saint Louis     MO
  277. Matt Hamilton   Other   Team Lead      Saint Louis     MO
  278. Mike Miodunski  Other   On Matt Hs team     Saint Louis     MO
  279. Christopher Samuel      Other   Senior Manager-PUBLIC Affairs Saint Louis     MO
  280. Tamara Schilling        Other   Director Public Affairs   Saint Louis     MO
  281. Phillip Eppard  Other   R A Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  282. John McLean     Other   Co-Head, Bioinformatics        Saint Louis     MO
  283. Janet Bossch    Other   Team Member       Saint Louis     MO
  284. Stuart Larson   Other   Clinical Assistant      Saint Louis     MO
  285. Stan Dotson     Other   Director of Yield Traits and A Science Fellow        Saint Louis     MO
  286. Graham Head     Other   Manager, Insect Resistance Management        Saint Louis     MO
  287. JeffreyA Haas   Other   Doctor      Saint Louis     MO
  288. Theresa Powers  Other   Validation Manager     Saint Louis     MO
  289. Meritxell Blasco        Other   EMEA Talent Management Manager   Saint Louis     MO
  290. Fernando Grignola       Other   Senior Data Manager and Biostatistician  Saint Louis     MO
  291. Mark Wichern    Other   Manager Traits and Genetics Licensing       Saint Louis     MO
  292. Darren Wallis   Other   Director, Public Affairs      Saint Louis     MO
  293. Carolyn Bifano  Other   Planning and Projects Team Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  294. Sarah Feichtner Other   Basis    Saint Louis     MO
  295. Jeff Barks      Other   Ent Infrastructure Strategy P Saint Louis     MO
  296. Martin Camacho  Other   Packaging Supervisor     Oxnard  CA
  297. Patty Lemley    Other   Director Talent Acquistion       Saint Louis     MO
  298. Amir Wolfe      Other   Medical Director Saint Louis     MO
  299. Undrey Clay     Other   Manufacturing Technologist        Saint Louis     MO
  300. Patrick Weston  Other   Not EPA Manager     Saint Louis     MO
  301. Marcelo Andrieux        Other   Administrador de Redes   Saint Louis     MO
  302. Naghman Waheed  Other   BW Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  303. Russ Willis     Other   Electronic Commerce Gateway Team Lead        Saint Louis     MO
  304. Gary Barton     Other   Educator        Saint Louis     MO
  305. Allan Ciha      Other   Agricultural Educator Saint Louis     MO
  306. Lisa Cusack     Other   HRIT Specialist        Saint Louis     MO
  307. Karen Carter    Other   Human Resourcesr       Chesterfield    MO
  308. Steve Hill      Other   Product Management seed Lead Saint Louis     MO
  309. Lisa Swift      Other   Global Cash Management Lead Saint Louis     MO
  310. Sharen Chaffin  Other   Vegetable Regulatory Permits and Compliance Lead     Woodland        CA
  311. Santosh Shanbhag        Other   Enterprise Tech Lead   Saint Louis     MO
  312. Beth Calabotta  Other   Director Bioenergy     Saint Louis     MO
  313. Robert Cook     Other   Safety Tech        Matthews        MO
  314. Ken Ferreira    Other   Regional Tech Development Manager East       ScottMS
  315. Jiamin Zeng     Other   Professor and CHAIR        Chesterfield    MO
  316. Ty Witten       Other   Global COTTON and SPECIALTY CROP REGULATORY Affairs Lead  Saint Louis     MO
  317. Allen Faue      Other   Commercial CORN BREEDER Glyndon MN
  318. Mori... Von Rechenberg  Other   Assistant Professor of MEDICINE mvon    mori....von     Cambridge       MA
  319. Sid Perry       Other   Senior WHEAT BREEDER  Haven   KS
  320. Brian Marcinkiewicz     Other   AGRONOMIST        Sycamore        IL
  321. Jeffry Rectenwald       Other   District AGRONOMIST  Columbus        OH
  322. David Legare    Other   CANOLA TESTING Manager       Dilworth        MN
  323. Darren Jones    Other   ROLLING PLAINS COTTON BREEDEER       Lubbock TX
  324. Giovanni Piccinni       Other   ABIOTIC STRESS Strategy Lead-CORN TRAIT Development  Chesterfield    MO
  325. Duane Potrzeba  Other   Commercial BREEDER     Waco    NE
  326. Armond Bourque  Other   Inspection Specialist     Luling  LA
  327. Dawn Blevins    Other   Senior Environment Regulatory Specialist       Soda Springs    ID
  328. Adam Leek       Other   Logistics Director  Grinnell        IA
  329. Jason Clark     Other   Lead Application Development        Saint Louis     MO
  330. John Hicks      Other   Manufactoring Technologist Luling  LA
  331. Tomas Gasper    Other   Manager Data Management Team       Saint Louis     MO
  332. LyndaH Zeringue Other   IH Technician    Luling  LA
  333. Pamela M. Bachman       Other   Ozark-Prairie Regional Chapter Regular Member   pm.        pamela.m.  Saint Louis     MO
  334. Katherine H. Carr       Other   SETAC-North America Regular Member      kh.   katherine.h.  Saint Louis     MO
  335. Peter D. Jensen Other   SETAC-North America Regular Member      pd. peter.d.    Saint Louis     MO
  336. Maureen Mazurek Other   Director, Human Rights    Saint Louis     MO
  337. Brian Hammon    Other   SAP Manager       Saint Louis     MO
  338. Maurice Mahone  Other   Team Lead NALAN Technical Services     Saint Louis     MO
  339. Michael Martin  Other   Team Lead     Saint Louis     MO
  340. Eric Moss       Other   Reference Data Manager  Saint Louis     MO
  341. David Vivod     Other   Data Modeler        Saint Louis     MO
  342. Mark Swan       Other   TEAM Lead-SAP Development TEAM  Saint Louis     MO
  343. Jane Wood       Other   Cash Application Specialist  Saint Louis     MO
  344. Guillermo Elizeche      Other   Project Leader Saint Louis     MO
  345. Gina Sanfilippo Other   Vendor Coordinator    Saint Louis     MO
  346. Robert Range    Other   Team Lead/Apex and Rewards       Saint Louis     MO
  347. William Whaley  Other   INTERNAL SAP CONSULTANT     Saint Louis     MO
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