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Monsanto Employee Emails Dumped By Ag3nt47

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  1. Chris Keeley    Other   Global Infrastructure Lead      ckeeley@monsanto.com    chris.keeley@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  2. Dongmei Zhang   Other   Manager Strategic Analysis      dzhang@monsanto.com     dongmei.zhang@monsanto.com      Valley Park     MO
  3. Rodrigo Cabanilla       Other   Assistant Medical Director      rcabanilla@monsanto.com rodrigo.cabanilla@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  4. Anna Hardecke   Other   Category Lead-MRO       ahardecke@monsanto.com  anna.hardecke@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  5. Yi Jin  Other   Capital Planning and Analysis   yjin@monsanto.com       yi.jin@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  6. Mark Buckingham Other   Corporate Affairs Manager       mbuckingham@monsanto.com        mark.buckingham@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  7. Hollidaym... Hollidayr  Other   Construction Site Supervisor    hhollidayr@monsanto.com hollidaym....hollidayr@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  8. Annick Pleysier Other   Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs Lead EMEA      apleysier@monsanto.com  annick.pleysier@monsanto.comSaint Louis MO
  9. Brenda Altadonna        Other   Trade and Compliance Manager    baltadonna@monsanto.com brenda.altadonna@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  10. Victoria Prairie        Other   Sub-Team Lead OTC       vprairie@monsanto.com   victoria.prairie@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  11. Lori Waddell    Other   Vehicle Safety Manager  lwaddell@monsanto.com   lori.waddell@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  12. Keith Small     Other   North America Commercial ESH Lead       ksmall@monsanto.com     keith.small@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  13. Scott Greenfield        Other   Internet Director       sgreenfield@monsanto.com        scott.greenfield@monsanto.com   Westbrook       MN
  14. Adeildo Patricio        Other   Manufacturing Supervisor        apatricio@monsanto.com  adeildo.patricio@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  15. David Lucky     Other   Manager Strategic Analysis      dlucky@monsanto.com     david.lucky@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  16. Brent Raney     Other   Senior Buyer URS Energy and Construction, Inc   braney@monsanto.com     brent.raney@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  17. Pamela Suemnicht        Other   Regulatory Archivist    psuemnicht@monsanto.com pamela.suemnicht@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  18. Gary Haire      Other   Safety Director ghaire@monsanto.com     gary.haire@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  19. Bhaskar Dutta   Other   Data Architect  bdutta@monsanto.com     bhaskar.dutta@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  20. Edie Van Wert   Other   Lead PMO        evan wert@monsanto.com  edie.van wert@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  21. John Dossetor   Other   Export Director jdossetor@monsanto.com  john.dossetor@monsanto.com      Winnipeg        MB
  22. Felino Deleste  Other   Desk Side Suppport Lead fdeleste@monsanto.com   felino.deleste@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  23. Marrell Sanders Other   SharePoint Farm Administrator   msanders@monsanto.com   marrell.sanders@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  24. Suzanne Shoemaker       Other   Archivist       sshoemaker@monsanto.com suzanne.shoemaker@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  25. Marsha Stanton  Other   Global Director of Corn Industry        mstanton@monsanto.com   marsha.stanton@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  26. Michelle Patrick        Other   Senior Admin Assistant  mpatrick@monsanto.com   michelle.patrick@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  27. Daniel Boudrero Other   Project Controls        dboudrero@monsanto.com  daniel.boudrero@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  28. Carlos Guzman   Other   Corporate Services Lead cguzman@monsanto.com    carlos.guzman@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  29. Patri... Schuettenberg  Other   Manager of Relocation   pschuettenberg@monsanto.com     patri....schuettenberg@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  30. Adil Anjem      Other   Scientific Business Analysist   aanjem@monsanto.com     adil.anjem@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  31. Jan Weckx       Other   Manufacturing Techn Group Lead  jweckx@monsanto.com     jan.weckx@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  32. Vinod Kumar     Other   basis admin     vkumar@monsanto.com     vinod.kumar@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  33. Somya Verma     Other   Techincal Lead  sverma@monsanto.com     somya.verma@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  34. Jeff Delaney    Other   Director at Large       jdelaney@monsanto.com   jeff.delaney@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  35. Jeffrey Cross   Other   Process Design Manager  jcross@monsanto.com     jeffrey.cross@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  36. Brad Worth      Other   Manager, Monsanto       bworth@monsanto.com     brad.worth@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  37. Karen Chapman   Other   Knowledge Resources     kchapman@monsanto.com   karen.chapman@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  38. De Paddock      Other   Government Affairs Specialist   dpaddock@monsanto.com   de.paddock@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  39. Pamela Carroll  Other   Molecular Biologist     pcarroll@monsanto.com   pamela.carroll@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  40. AlanG Hopfer    Other   Hypervisor/Storage Team Lead    ahopfer@monsanto.com    alang.hopfer@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  41. Kathy Brassil   Other   Manager Mtg Services    kbrassil@monsanto.com   kathy.brassil@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  42. Andrew Davis    Other   Agricultural Genomics-R and D Pipeline Design and Management... adavis@monsanto.com     andrew.davis@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  43. Barry Goldman   Other   Computational Biology Platform Lead     bgoldman@monsanto.com   barry.goldman@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  44. Randall Shultz  Other   Team Lead, Genomics     rshultz@monsanto.com    randall.shultz@monsanto.com     Middleton       WI
  45. Juan Brooks     Other   Telephone Tech  jbrooks@monsanto.com    juan.brooks@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  46. Matt Peeples    Other   Site Manager    mpeeples@monsanto.com   matt.peeples@monsanto.com       Waterman        IL
  47. Cindy Kempt     Other   Registered Nurse        ckempt@monsanto.com     cindy.kempt@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  48. Cindy Wilson    Other   Internal SAP Consultant cwilson@monsanto.com    cindy.wilson@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  49. Tammy Wright    Other   Talent Acquisition      twright@monsanto.com    tammy.wright@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  50. Marcelo Zurita  Other   Unix Admin      mzurita@monsanto.com    marcelo.zurita@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  51. Brenda Kermode  Other   Manager ISC Order to Cash Monsanto Co   bkermode@monsanto.com   brenda.kermode@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  52. Sandeep Kulkarni        Other   Director-Global Reporting and Analysis  skulkarni@monsanto.com  sandeep.kulkarni@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  53. David Russell   Other   BiotechnologyProspecting and Collaborations, Leader     drussell@monsanto.com   david.russell@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  54. Milin Sheth     Other   New demo request        msheth@monsanto.com     milin.sheth@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  55. Carol Reynolds  Other   Strategic Sourcing Manager      creynolds@monsanto.com  carol.reynolds@monsanto.com     Carmel  IN
  56. Lindsey Landry  Other   Admin Manager   llandry@monsanto.com    lindsey.landry@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  57. David Carson    Other   Environmental/Regulatory        dcarson@monsanto.com    david.carson@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  58. Gary Hartnell   Other   Environmental/Regulatory        ghartnell@monsanto.com  gary.hartnell@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  59. Joseph Huesing  Other   Environmental/Regulatory        jhuesing@monsanto.com   joseph.huesing@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  60. Joy Honegger    Other   Environmental/Regulatory        jhonegger@monsanto.com  joy.honegger@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  61. Mark Paradise   Other   Environmental/Regulatory        mparadise@monsanto.com  mark.paradise@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  62. Spencer Mortensen       Other   Environmental/Regulatory        smortensen@monsanto.com spencer.mortensen@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  63. Bryan Cissell   Other   Strategic Platform Specialist   bcissell@monsanto.com   bryan.cissell@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  64. Teresa Droste   Other   Global Payables Implementation Lead     tdroste@monsanto.com    teresa.droste@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  65. Amy Curtis      Other   QMS Supervisor  acurtis@monsanto.com    amy.curtis@monsanto.com Huxley  IA
  66. Bart Dilday     Other   Technical       bdilday@monsanto.com    bart.dilday@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  67. Avinash Talanki Other   Technical       atalanki@monsanto.com   avinash.talanki@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  68. Gina Balch      Other   Automation Team Lead    gbalch@monsanto.com     gina.balch@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  69. AnneM Millsaps  Other   Transformation Production Lead  amillsaps@monsanto.com  annem.millsaps@monsanto.com     Middleton       WI
  70. Kent Skinner    Other   Crew SUPV       kskinner@monsanto.com   kent.skinner@monsanto.com       Soda Springs    ID
  71. George Chaney   Other   Safety Cmmte Chair      gchaney@monsanto.com    george.chaney@monsanto.com      Soda Springs    ID
  72. Michelle Kaywood        Other   Safety Coordinator      mkaywood@monsanto.com   michelle.kaywood@monsanto.com   Monmouth        IL
  73. Debo... Strand Johnson  Other   Industrial Hygienist VPP SGE    dstrand johnson@monsanto.com    debo....strand johnson@monsanto.com     Luling  LA
  74. Melanie Weekly  Other   Print Services Lead     mweekly@monsanto.com    melanie.weekly@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  75. Bill Schulz     Other   Global Supply Chain and Optimization Lead       bschulz@monsanto.com    bill.schulz@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  76. Murli Ryali     Other   Sub Team Lead-OTC       mryali@monsanto.com     murli.ryali@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  77. John Finnessy   Other   Protein, Analytics Lead jfinnessy@monsanto.com  john.finnessy@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  78. Carmen Kahle    Other   AR Credit Internal SAP Consultant       ckahle@monsanto.com     carmen.kahle@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  79. Stephanie Krifka        Other   Human Rights Generalist skrifka@monsanto.com    stephanie.krifka@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  80. Adil Rahman     Other   Team Lead       arahman@monsanto.com    adil.rahman@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  81. Christop... Meyerpeter  Other   Team Lead       cmeyerpeter@monsanto.com        christop....meyerpeter@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  82. Frank Scott     Other   SAP SD  fscott@monsanto.com     frank.scott@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  83. Ricardo Vasi    Other   Biotechnology Value Capture Strategy Lead       rvasi@monsanto.com      ricardo.vasi@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  84. Ravi Natarajan  Other   Consultant      rnatarajan@monsanto.com ravi.natarajan@monsanto.com     Thomasboro      IL
  85. Shaun Smith     Other   Mine Coordinator        ssmith@monsanto.com     shaun.smith@monsanto.com        Soda Springs    ID
  86. Jason Cunningham        Other   Utility Manager jcunningham@monsanto.com        jason.cunningham@monsanto.com   Soda SpringsID
  87. Dennis Henson   Other   Consultant      dhenson@monsanto.com    dennis.henson@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  88. Jaya Chitithoti Other   Consultant      jchitithoti@monsanto.com        jaya.chitithoti@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  89. Madonna Link    Other   Team Lead       mlink@monsanto.com      madonna.link@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  90. Marie... Van Den Burgh  Other   Consultant      mvan den burgh@monsanto.com     marie....van den burgh@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  91. Thomas Nickson  Other   Head of Environmental Policy    tnickson@monsanto.com   thomas.nickson@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  92. John Soteres    Other   Head of Global Weed Management  jsoteres@monsanto.com   john.soteres@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  93. Natalie Dinicola        Other   Director Global Development Partnerships        ndinicola@monsanto.com  natalie.dinicola@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  94. David Carpintero        Other   Director, Sustainable Yield Strategy    dcarpintero@monsanto.com        david.carpintero@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  95. Mark Reiman     Other   Agronomist for Water Utilization Learning Center        mreiman@monsanto.com    mark.reiman@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  96. Kyle Broughton  Other   Local Agronomist        kbroughton@monsanto.com kyle.broughton@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  97. Katie Newman    Other   Order to Cash Team Lead knewman@monsanto.com    katie.newman@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  98. David Barrett   Other   Principal       dbarrett@monsanto.com   david.barrett@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  99. Kimberly Roth   Other   Chem Coordinator        kroth@monsanto.com      kimberly.roth@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  100. Jennifer Boyd   Other   Learning Team Leader    jboyd@monsanto.com      jennifer.boyd@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  101. Joe Devine      Other   Global Benefits Lead    jdevine@monsanto.com    joe.devine@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  102. Nancy Mietzner  Other   Concord Team    nmietzner@monsanto.com  nancy.mietzner@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  103. Leigh Parker    Other   User Experience Lead    lparker@monsanto.com    leigh.parker@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  104. William Abraham Other   Formulations Team Leader        wabraham@monsanto.com   william.abraham@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  105. Kim Bolick      Other   Principal Safety Specialist     kbolick@monsanto.com    kim.bolick@monsanto.com Muscatine       IA
  106. Joan Rejda-Heath        Other   Manager, Compliance     jrejda-heath@monsanto.com       joan.rejda-heath@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  107. Aimee Hood      Other   Senior Compliance Specialist    ahood@monsanto.com      aimee.hood@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  108. Matthew Walters Other   Entomologist    mwalters@monsanto.com   matthew.walters@monsanto.com    Chesterfield    MO
  109. Gerhard Rosa    Other   Commercial Lead CP Central/East Europe  grosa@monsanto.com      gerhard.rosa@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  110. Jaime Mijares   Other   LAN Corporate Affairs Lead      jmijares@monsanto.com   jaime.mijares@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  111. Pervez Ahmed    Other   Business Intelligence Solutions Specialist      pahmed@monsanto.com     pervez.ahmed@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  112. Lis... Bannon-Bergmann  Other   Contributions Manager   lbannon-bergmann@monsanto.com   lis....bannon-bergmann@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  113. Drew Reavis     Other   North America ESH VEGETABLES Lead       dreavis@monsanto.com    drew.reavis@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  114. Elizabet... Breidecker  Other   Director Comp and Benefits      ebreidecker@monsanto.com        elizabet....breidecker@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  115. Grant Erdel     Other   Director, Federal Government Affairs    gerdel@monsanto.com     grant.erdel@monsanto.com        Washington      DC
  116. Mike Parrish    Other   Director, Federal Government Affairs    mparrish@monsanto.com   mike.parrish@monsanto.com       Washington      DC
  117. James Travis    Other   Director, Federal Government Affairs    jtravis@monsanto.com    james.travis@monsanto.com       Washington      DC
  118. Jacqueline Heard        Other   Project Leader  jheard@monsanto.com     jacqueline.heard@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  119. Dennis Diehm    Other   Site Manager    ddiehm@monsanto.com     dennis.diehm@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  120. Craig Walters   Other   Data Architecture Lead-TPS      cwalters@monsanto.com   craig.walters@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  121. Russ Wilson     Other   Data Lead       rwilson@monsanto.com    russ.wilson@monsanto.com        Middleton       WI
  122. Eric Bless      Other   Application Data Architect      ebless@monsanto.com     eric.bless@monsanto.com Memphis TN
  123. Michelle Lacy   Other   Bioinformatican mlacy@monsanto.com      michelle.lacy@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  124. David Mack      Other   Data Mangement Lead     dmack@monsanto.com      david.mack@monsanto.com Chesterfield    MO
  125. Subhash... Surapaneni   Other   Tech Lead       ssurapaneni@monsanto.com        subhash....surapaneni@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  126. Shyam Ramakrishna       Other   Data Designer   sramakrishna@monsanto.com       shyam.ramakrishna@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  127. Jim Etheridge   Other   Logistics Supervisor    jetheridge@monsanto.com jim.etheridge@monsanto.com      Scott   MS
  128. Michelle Senn   Other   Category Manager        msenn@monsanto.com      michelle.senn@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  129. Michele Holton  Other   CDO, Chief diversity Officer, Global Director of Employment ... mholton@monsanto.com    michele.holton@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  130. Jon Alexander   Other   Chapter Chair   jalexander@monsanto.com jon.alexander@monsanto.com      Falls Church    VA
  131. Barbara Schweigert      Other   Safety Manager  bschweigert@monsanto.com        barbara.schweigert@monsanto.com Bloomington     IL
  132. John Hennings   Other   Safety Manager  jhennings@monsanto.com  john.hennings@monsanto.com      Illiopolis      IL
  133. Johnny Howard   Other   Safety Manager  jhoward@monsanto.com    johnny.howard@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  134. Clarence Jordan Other   Architecture    cjordan@monsanto.com    clarence.jordan@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  135. Stephanie Garcia        Other   Sub Team Lead   sgarcia@monsanto.com    stephanie.garcia@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  136. Kate Humphrey   Other   Global Communication Manager    khumphrey@monsanto.com  kate.humphrey@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  137. Barry Meyer     Other   Site Manager    bmeyer@monsanto.com     barry.meyer@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  138. David Scheffler Other   Site Manager Seed Corn Production       dscheffler@monsanto.com david.scheffler@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  139. Valerie Zink    Other   Global Regulatory Submission Manager    vzink@monsanto.com      valerie.zink@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  140. William Feldt   Other   Application Development and Architecture        wfeldt@monsanto.com     william.feldt@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  141. Craig Mierkowski        Other   Special Fab Technician  cmierkowski@monsanto.com        craig.mierkowski@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  142. Pete Marshall   Other   Regulatory Compliance Manager   pmarshall@monsanto.com  pete.marshall@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  143. Robert Hiti     Other   Master Black Belt       rhiti@monsanto.com      robert.hiti@monsanto.com        Muscatine       IA
  144. Bob Blunck      Other   Safety Techn    bblunck@monsanto.com    bob.blunck@monsanto.com Windfall        IN
  145. Scott Rismiller Other   Growers Portal Business Lead    srismiller@monsanto.com scott.rismiller@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  146. Lucyna Kurtyka  Other   Global Lead, International Organizations        lkurtyka@monsanto.com   lucyna.kurtyka@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  147. Karen Moceri    Other   OD Specialist   kmoceri@monsanto.com    karen.moceri@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  148. Katie Yuhas     Other   Seed Manager    kyuhas@monsanto.com     katie.yuhas@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  149. Daniel Goldstein        Other   Director Medical Sciences and Outreach  dgoldstein@monsanto.com daniel.goldstein@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  150. Amitabh Jaipuria        Other   Medical Doctor  ajaipuria@monsanto.com  amitabh.jaipuria@monsanto.com   Mumbai  MH
  151. John Acquavella Other   Senior Director for Epidemiology        jacquavella@monsanto.com        john.acquavella@monsanto.comSaint Louis MO
  152. Yuxing Feng     Other   Data Manager    yfeng@monsanto.com      yuxing.feng@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  153. PattyS Drawbaugh        Other   EHS Specialist  pdrawbaugh@monsanto.com pattys.drawbaugh@monsanto.com   Chesterfield    MO
  154. DavidM Matyus   Other   Industrial Hygiene Specialist   dmatyus@monsanto.com    davidm.matyus@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  155. James Hagar     Other   QMS Associate-Soybean   jhagar@monsanto.com     james.hagar@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  156. Scott Karfs     Other   Contractor Remington    skarfs@monsanto.com     scott.karfs@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  157. DewayneL Goldmon        Other   Strategist      dgoldmon@monsanto.com   dewaynel.goldmon@monsanto.com   Pine Bluff      AR
  158. Tiffany Krejcarek       Other   Global Supply Lead      tkrejcarek@monsanto.com tiffany.krejcarek@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  159. Ryan Logue      Other   S III   rlogue@monsanto.com     ryan.logue@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  160. Tiffany Hawkins Other   Resource Planning Lead  thawkins@monsanto.com   tiffany.hawkins@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  161. Dennis Delaney  Other   Risk Management ddelaney@monsanto.com   dennis.delaney@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  162. David Miller    Other   Director/Manager/Department Head/Chief-Safety   dmiller@monsanto.com    david.miller@monsanto.com       Mystic  CT
  163. Brent Erickson  Other   Mine Coordinator        berickson@monsanto.com  brent.erickson@monsanto.com     Soda Springs    ID
  164. Tasha Brooke    Other   Packaging Specialist    tbrooke@monsanto.com    tasha.brooke@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  165. TraciH Ramsey   Other   Global Contingent Labor Lead    tramsey@monsanto.com    tracih.ramsey@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  166. Sarah Bowman    Other   SOA Lead        sbowman@monsanto.com    sarah.bowman@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  167. Jeanette Ford   Other   BI Solutions Lead       jford@monsanto.com      jeanette.ford@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  168. Wendi Creely    Other   TPS Data Management Team Lead   wcreely@monsanto.com    wendi.creely@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  169. Neuka Mitchell  Other   Business Process Manager        nmitchell@monsanto.com  neuka.mitchell@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  170. Paul Skatrud    Other   Biotechnology Prospecting Lead  pskatrud@monsanto.com   paul.skatrud@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  171. Dr.Leanna Stork Other   Statistician    dstork@monsanto.com     dr.leanna.stork@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  172. Subas... Krishnamurthy  Other   Statistician    skrishnamurthy@monsanto.com     subas....krishnamurthy@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  173. Eric Sachs      Other   Chief Global Scientific Affairs esachs@monsanto.com     eric.sachs@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  174. Destry Harmon   Other   Cotton Manufacturing Lead       dharmon@monsanto.com    destry.harmon@monsanto.com      Scott   MS
  175. Matthew Foresman        Other   Environmental Remediation Manager       mforesman@monsanto.com  matthew.foresman@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  176. Brenda Cockrell Other   Consultant      bcockrell@monsanto.com  brenda.cockrell@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  177. Michael Lohuis  Other   Animal Ag Genomics      mlohuis@monsanto.com    michael.lohuis@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  178. Virginia Ursin  Other   Corn Yield Project Lead vursin@monsanto.com     virginia.ursin@monsanto.com     Mystic  CT
  179. Paul Nord       Other   Senior Specialist-Chemistry     pnord@monsanto.com      paul.nord@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  180. Genelle Speed-Hale      Other   Global Biotech Farm ESH Lead    gspeed-hale@monsanto.com        genelle.speed-hale@monsanto.com Chesterfield    MO
  181. Jeannette Westbrook     Other   Tng Admin Specialist    jwestbrook@monsanto.com jeannette.westbrook@monsanto.com        Soda Springs    ID
  182. Jacqueline Heard        Other   Platform Lead Discovery jheard@monsanto.com     jacqueline.heard@monsanto.com   ChesterfieldMO
  183. Vickie Pierson  Other   Manager-International Assignments       vpierson@monsanto.com   vickie.pierson@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  184. Denise Pierce   Other   Admin Assistant dpierce@monsanto.com    denise.pierce@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  185. Steve Ahmmann   Other   Manufacturing Manager   sahmmann@monsanto.com   steve.ahmmann@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  186. Michael Vice    Other   Reclamation Specialist  mvice@monsanto.com      michael.vice@monsanto.com       Soda Springs    ID
  187. Jon Bechert     Other   Director Techn Infrastr and Archit      jbechert@monsanto.com   jon.bechert@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  188. Chris Eichner   Other   Senior Associate        ceichner@monsanto.com   chris.eichner@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  189. Laura Ingram    Other   Workforce Planning Manager      lingram@monsanto.com    laura.ingram@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  190. Paul Koehler    Other   Manager Scientific and Community Affairs Hawaii pkoehler@monsanto.com   paul.koehler@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  191. Vincent Arter   Other   Team Leader Portals and Collaboration   varter@monsanto.com     vincent.arter@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  192. Andy Hedgecock  Other   Director, Scientific Affairs    ahedgecock@monsanto.com andy.hedgecock@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  193. Brian Buettner  Other   Retirement Plans Team Lead      bbuettner@monsanto.com  brian.buettner@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  194. Belisario Cabanilla     Other   Clinical Medical Doctor bcabanilla@monsanto.com belisario.cabanilla@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  195. Valerie No      Other   Research Associate      vno@monsanto.com        valerie.no@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  196. Betty Warren    Other   HRIT Specialist SAP     bwarren@monsanto.com    betty.warren@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  197. Dave Snedden    Other   Logistics       dsnedden@monsanto.com   dave.snedden@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  198. Barb Boerger    Other   Corporate Regulatory Department bboerger@monsanto.com   barb.boerger@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  199. Morgan Petty    Other   Visitive Commerical Analytics   mpetty@monsanto.com     morgan.petty@monsanto.com       Ankeny  IA
  200. Denise Slusarczyk       Other   Lead Clinent Services   dslusarczyk@monsanto.com        denise.slusarczyk@monsanto.com  Winnipeg        MB
  201. Asif Sajjad     Other   Team Lead       asajjad@monsanto.com    asif.sajjad@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  202. Douglas Weaver  Other   Internal SAP Consultant dweaver@monsanto.com    douglas.weaver@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  203. Bob Peirce      Other   Spokesman       bpeirce@monsanto.com    bob.peirce@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  204. Chris Jarrett   Other   Head Market Intelligence        cjarrett@monsanto.com   chris.jarrett@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  205. Brian Schweizer Other   Senior Director International Treasury and Credit       bschweizer@monsanto.com brian.schweizer@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  206. Kevin Glenn     Other   SCI Fellow      kglenn@monsanto.com     kevin.glenn@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  207. JaySco... Petrick Phd   Other   Senior Toxicologist     jpetrick phd@monsanto.com       jaysco....petrick phd@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  208. Anita Fox       Other   learning and Development        afox@monsanto.com       anita.fox@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  209. David Nichols   Other   Coach   dnichols@monsanto.com   david.nichols@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  210. Josefina Barreiro       Other   Assistant Manager       jbarreiro@monsanto.com  josefina.barreiro@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  211. Manda Sansom    Other   Technical Specialist    msansom@monsanto.com    manda.sansom@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  212. Raj Pandey      Other   Tech Lead       rpandey@monsanto.com    raj.pandey@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  213. Ginger Assmann  Other   Automation Specialist   gassmann@monsanto.com   ginger.assmann@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  214. Sara Ruprecht   Other   Records Management Specialist   sruprecht@monsanto.com  sara.ruprecht@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  215. Thomas B Orr    Other   SETAC-North America REGULAR Member      tb orr@monsanto.com     thomas.b orr@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  216. John P. Wright  Other   OZARK-PRAIRIE Regional CHAPTER REGULAR Member   jp. wright@monsanto.com john.p. wright@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  217. Stephen Hager   Other   Electronic Content      shager@monsanto.com     stephen.hager@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  218. Bill Neumann    Other   Senior Buyer    bneumann@monsanto.com   bill.neumann@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  219. Tom Johndrow    Other   Director Retirement and Relocation      tjohndrow@monsanto.com  tom.johndrow@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  220. Roger Lussenden Other   STN Manager/SOYBEAN BREEDER     rlussenden@monsanto.com roger.lussenden@monsanto.com    Redwood FallsMN
  221. Leandro Mozzoni Other   SOYBEAN BREEDER lmozzoni@monsanto.com   leandro.mozzoni@monsanto.com    Waco    NE
  222. Abraham Galadima        Other   AGRONOMY Manager        agaladima@monsanto.com  abraham.galadima@monsanto.com   Saint PetersMO
  223. Robert Lawson   Other   YIELD and STRESS Lead   rlawson@monsanto.com    robert.lawson@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  224. James Larkins   Other   Senior RES STN Manager  jlarkins@monsanto.com   james.larkins@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  225. Tim B. Fredricks        Other   OZARK-PRAIRIE Regional CHAPTER REGULAR Member   tb. fredricks@monsanto.com      tim.b. fredricks@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  226. Jane Kennedy    Other   Director, Global Sourcing       jkennedy@monsanto.com   jane.kennedy@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  227. Darcy Golliher  Other   trainer dgolliher@monsanto.com  darcy.golliher@monsanto.com     Plains  KS
  228. Dan Cleinmark   Other   Storage Administrator   dcleinmark@monsanto.com dan.cleinmark@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  229. Trenton Harvey  Other   Tier 2 Server Administrator     tharvey@monsanto.com    trenton.harvey@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  230. Robert Holt     Other   Manager KPI Dashboard and Reporting     rholt@monsanto.com      robert.holt@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  231. James Parker    Other   Senior Infrastructure Architect jparker@monsanto.com    james.parker@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  232. Mike Reese      Other   Data Innovations Architect      mreese@monsanto.com     mike.reese@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  233. Patrick McMahon Other   TEAM Lead Manufacturing ACCTG SEEDS     pmcmahon@monsanto.com   patrick.mcmahon@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  234. Veronic... Ware-Walker  Other   BSS-IPS Lead    vware-walker@monsanto.com       veronic....ware-walker@monsanto.com     Luling  LA
  235. Michael Fournie Other   Lead Business Intelligence      mfournie@monsanto.com   michael.fournie@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  236. Paulette Pierson        Other   Director Vegetable Industry Affairs     ppierson@monsanto.com   paulette.pierson@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  237. James Zarndt    Other   Director Consumer Benefits Americas     jzarndt@monsanto.com    james.zarndt@monsanto.com       Oxnard  CA
  238. Mike Weaver     Other   Applications Development Manager        mweaver@monsanto.com    mike.weaver@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  239. Dustin Woodford Other   Feed Safety Technician  dwoodford@monsanto.com  dustin.woodford@monsanto.com    Redwood Falls   MN
  240. Trish Vassar    Other   Global Lead, Talent Management Partnerships     tvassar@monsanto.com    trish.vassar@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  241. Denise Champagne        Other   Leadership and Organization Effectiveness Lead  dchampagne@monsanto.com denise.champagne@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  242. ... Meyers Msc Pag Cca  Other   DEKALB Agronomist       .meyers msc pag cca@monsanto.com        ....meyers msc pag cca@monsanto.com     Saskatoon       SK
  243. Joel Ream       Other   REGULAR jream@monsanto.com      joel.ream@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  244. Vincent A. Leopold      Other   SETAC-North America REGULAR Member      va. leopold@monsanto.com        vincent.a. leopold@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  245. Lance J. Schuler        Other   SETAC-North America REGULAR Member      lj. schuler@monsanto.com        lance.j. schuler@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  246. Steven L. Levine        Other   OZARK-PRAIRIE Regional CHAPTER REGULAR Member   sl. levine@monsanto.com steven.l. levine@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  247. Daniel Jenkins  Other   US Agency Regulatory Affairs Lead       djenkins@monsanto.com   daniel.jenkins@monsanto.com     Washington      DC
  248. Dinesh Maheshwari       Other   Sourcing Manager        dmaheshwari@monsanto.com        dinesh.maheshwari@monsanto.com  Mumbai  MH
  249. Mike Doucet     Other   Round Up        mdoucet@monsanto.com    mike.doucet@monsanto.com        Luling  LA
  250. Ali Missaoui    Other   DISCOVERY BREEDER       amissaoui@monsanto.com  ali.missaoui@monsanto.com       Ames    IA
  251. Maria Cristina  Other   Associate FELLOW        mcristina@monsanto.com  maria.cristina@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  252. Amy Alfermann   Other   Organization Development Lead   aalfermann@monsanto.com amy.alfermann@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  253. John Fenderson  Other   Commercial Manager Central Plains       jfenderson@monsanto.com john.fenderson@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  254. Ashley Hopkins  Other   SAFETY Technician       ahopkins@monsanto.com   ashley.hopkins@monsanto.com     Phoenix AZ
  255. Becky Sockness  Other   SAFETY TECH     bsockness@monsanto.com  becky.sockness@monsanto.com     Stanton MN
  256. Bryan Hardy     Other   Safety Director bhardy@monsanto.com     bryan.hardy@monsanto.com        Mount Olive     NC
  257. George Russell  Other   Project Lead Coordinator        grussell@monsanto.com   george.russell@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  258. Stacey Annen    Other   Project Team Lead       sannen@monsanto.com     stacey.annen@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  259. Patrice Bradley Other   Area Lead-Global Infrastructure Services        pbradley@monsanto.com   patrice.bradley@monsanto.comSaint Louis MO
  260. Jason Bull      Other   Director TPS    jbull@monsanto.com      jason.bull@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  261. Ravi Paruchuri  Other   ERP Manager-Order to Cash       rparuchuri@monsanto.com ravi.paruchuri@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  262. Holly Butka     Other   Manager Market Services hbutka@monsanto.com     holly.butka@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  263. Heather Forbes  Other   Production Lead hforbes@monsanto.com    heather.forbes@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  264. Christopher Dale        Other   BladeLogic to Remedy Automations        cdale@monsanto.com      christopher.dale@monsanto.comSaint Louis        MO
  265. Brad Saunders   Other   Change Management       bsaunders@monsanto.com  brad.saunders@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  266. John Isom       Other   Safety Coordinator      jisom@monsanto.com      john.isom@monsanto.com  Waterman        IL
  267. Kathy Long      Other   SAFETY Manager  klong@monsanto.com      kathy.long@monsanto.com Spencer IA
  268. JasonW Lawson   Other   Manager, Production Planning    jlawson@monsanto.com    jasonw.lawson@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  269. Chris Torres    Other   MRO Material Coordinator        ctorres@monsanto.com    chris.torres@monsanto.com       Luling  LA
  270. Susan Bassett   Other   HRIT Lead       sbassett@monsanto.com   susan.bassett@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  271. John Kemp       Other   Manager, PMO    jkemp@monsanto.com      john.kemp@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  272. Dawn Higgins    Other   Telecom Tech    dhiggins@monsanto.com   dawn.higgins@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  273. Rosie Weiss     Other   Monsanto Library Services-R2B   rweiss@monsanto.com     rosie.weiss@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  274. Rozann Mersinger        Other   Internal SAP Consultant rmersinger@monsanto.com rozann.mersinger@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  275. Chris Ferguson  Other   On Matt Hs team cferguson@monsanto.com  chris.ferguson@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  276. Jd Liu  Other   Head of Bioinformatics  jliu@monsanto.com       jd.liu@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  277. Matt Hamilton   Other   Team Lead       mhamilton@monsanto.com  matt.hamilton@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  278. Mike Miodunski  Other   On Matt Hs team mmiodunski@monsanto.com mike.miodunski@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  279. Christopher Samuel      Other   Senior Manager-PUBLIC Affairs   csamuel@monsanto.com    christopher.samuel@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  280. Tamara Schilling        Other   Director Public Affairs tschilling@monsanto.com tamara.schilling@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  281. Phillip Eppard  Other   R A Lead        peppard@monsanto.com    phillip.eppard@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  282. John McLean     Other   Co-Head, Bioinformatics jmclean@monsanto.com    john.mclean@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  283. Janet Bossch    Other   Team Member     jbossch@monsanto.com    janet.bossch@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  284. Stuart Larson   Other   Clinical Assistant      slarson@monsanto.com    stuart.larson@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  285. Stan Dotson     Other   Director of Yield Traits and A Science Fellow   sdotson@monsanto.com    stan.dotson@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  286. Graham Head     Other   Manager, Insect Resistance Management   ghead@monsanto.com      graham.head@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  287. JeffreyA Haas   Other   Doctor  jhaas@monsanto.com      jeffreya.haas@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  288. Theresa Powers  Other   Validation Manager      tpowers@monsanto.com    theresa.powers@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  289. Meritxell Blasco        Other   EMEA Talent Management Manager  mblasco@monsanto.com    meritxell.blasco@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  290. Fernando Grignola       Other   Senior Data Manager and Biostatistician fgrignola@monsanto.com  fernando.grignola@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  291. Mark Wichern    Other   Manager Traits and Genetics Licensing   mwichern@monsanto.com   mark.wichern@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  292. Darren Wallis   Other   Director, Public Affairs        dwallis@monsanto.com    darren.wallis@monsanto.com      Saint Louis     MO
  293. Carolyn Bifano  Other   Planning and Projects Team Lead cbifano@monsanto.com    carolyn.bifano@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  294. Sarah Feichtner Other   Basis   sfeichtner@monsanto.com sarah.feichtner@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  295. Jeff Barks      Other   Ent Infrastructure Strategy P   jbarks@monsanto.com     jeff.barks@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  296. Martin Camacho  Other   Packaging Supervisor    mcamacho@monsanto.com   martin.camacho@monsanto.com     Oxnard  CA
  297. Patty Lemley    Other   Director Talent Acquistion      plemley@monsanto.com    patty.lemley@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  298. Amir Wolfe      Other   Medical Director        awolfe@monsanto.com     amir.wolfe@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  299. Undrey Clay     Other   Manufacturing Technologist      uclay@monsanto.com      undrey.clay@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  300. Patrick Weston  Other   Not EPA Manager pweston@monsanto.com    patrick.weston@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  301. Marcelo Andrieux        Other   Administrador de Redes  mandrieux@monsanto.com  marcelo.andrieux@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  302. Naghman Waheed  Other   BW Lead nwaheed@monsanto.com    naghman.waheed@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  303. Russ Willis     Other   Electronic Commerce Gateway Team Lead   rwillis@monsanto.com    russ.willis@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  304. Gary Barton     Other   Educator        gbarton@monsanto.com    gary.barton@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  305. Allan Ciha      Other   Agricultural Educator   aciha@monsanto.com      allan.ciha@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  306. Lisa Cusack     Other   HRIT Specialist lcusack@monsanto.com    lisa.cusack@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  307. Karen Carter    Other   Human Resourcesr        kcarter@monsanto.com    karen.carter@monsanto.com       Chesterfield    MO
  308. Steve Hill      Other   Product Management seed Lead    shill@monsanto.com      steve.hill@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  309. Lisa Swift      Other   Global Cash Management Lead     lswift@monsanto.com     lisa.swift@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  310. Sharen Chaffin  Other   Vegetable Regulatory Permits and Compliance Lead        schaffin@monsanto.com   sharen.chaffin@monsanto.com     Woodland        CA
  311. Santosh Shanbhag        Other   Enterprise Tech Lead    sshanbhag@monsanto.com  santosh.shanbhag@monsanto.com   Saint Louis     MO
  312. Beth Calabotta  Other   Director Bioenergy      bcalabotta@monsanto.com beth.calabotta@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  313. Robert Cook     Other   Safety Tech     rcook@monsanto.com      robert.cook@monsanto.com        Matthews        MO
  314. Ken Ferreira    Other   Regional Tech Development Manager East  kferreira@monsanto.com  ken.ferreira@monsanto.com       ScottMS
  315. Jiamin Zeng     Other   Professor and CHAIR     jzeng@monsanto.com      jiamin.zeng@monsanto.com        Chesterfield    MO
  316. Ty Witten       Other   Global COTTON and SPECIALTY CROP REGULATORY Affairs Lead        twitten@monsanto.com    ty.witten@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  317. Allen Faue      Other   Commercial CORN BREEDER afaue@monsanto.com      allen.faue@monsanto.com Glyndon MN
  318. Mori... Von Rechenberg  Other   Assistant Professor of MEDICINE mvon rechenberg@monsanto.com    mori....von rechenberg@monsanto.com     Cambridge       MA
  319. Sid Perry       Other   Senior WHEAT BREEDER    sperry@monsanto.com     sid.perry@monsanto.com  Haven   KS
  320. Brian Marcinkiewicz     Other   AGRONOMIST      bmarcinkiewicz@monsanto.com     brian.marcinkiewicz@monsanto.com        Sycamore        IL
  321. Jeffry Rectenwald       Other   District AGRONOMIST     jrectenwald@monsanto.com        jeffry.rectenwald@monsanto.com  Columbus        OH
  322. David Legare    Other   CANOLA TESTING Manager  dlegare@monsanto.com    david.legare@monsanto.com       Dilworth        MN
  323. Darren Jones    Other   ROLLING PLAINS COTTON BREEDEER  djones@monsanto.com     darren.jones@monsanto.com       Lubbock TX
  324. Giovanni Piccinni       Other   ABIOTIC STRESS Strategy Lead-CORN TRAIT Development     gpiccinni@monsanto.com  giovanni.piccinni@monsanto.com  Chesterfield    MO
  325. Duane Potrzeba  Other   Commercial BREEDER      dpotrzeba@monsanto.com  duane.potrzeba@monsanto.com     Waco    NE
  326. Armond Bourque  Other   Inspection Specialist   abourque@monsanto.com   armond.bourque@monsanto.com     Luling  LA
  327. Dawn Blevins    Other   Senior Environment Regulatory Specialist        dblevins@monsanto.com   dawn.blevins@monsanto.com       Soda Springs    ID
  328. Adam Leek       Other   Logistics Director      aleek@monsanto.com      adam.leek@monsanto.com  Grinnell        IA
  329. Jason Clark     Other   Lead Application Development    jclark@monsanto.com     jason.clark@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  330. John Hicks      Other   Manufactoring Technologist      jhicks@monsanto.com     john.hicks@monsanto.com Luling  LA
  331. Tomas Gasper    Other   Manager Data Management Team    tgasper@monsanto.com    tomas.gasper@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  332. LyndaH Zeringue Other   IH Technician   lzeringue@monsanto.com  lyndah.zeringue@monsanto.com    Luling  LA
  333. Pamela M. Bachman       Other   Ozark-Prairie Regional Chapter Regular Member   pm. bachman@monsanto.com        pamela.m. bachman@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  334. Katherine H. Carr       Other   SETAC-North America Regular Member      kh. carr@monsanto.com   katherine.h. carr@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  335. Peter D. Jensen Other   SETAC-North America Regular Member      pd. jensen@monsanto.com peter.d. jensen@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  336. Maureen Mazurek Other   Director, Human Rights  mmazurek@monsanto.com   maureen.mazurek@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  337. Brian Hammon    Other   SAP Manager     bhammon@monsanto.com    brian.hammon@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  338. Maurice Mahone  Other   Team Lead NALAN Technical Services      mmahone@monsanto.com    maurice.mahone@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  339. Michael Martin  Other   Team Lead       mmartin@monsanto.com    michael.martin@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
  340. Eric Moss       Other   Reference Data Manager  emoss@monsanto.com      eric.moss@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  341. David Vivod     Other   Data Modeler    dvivod@monsanto.com     david.vivod@monsanto.com        Saint Louis     MO
  342. Mark Swan       Other   TEAM Lead-SAP Development TEAM  mswan@monsanto.com      mark.swan@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  343. Jane Wood       Other   Cash Application Specialist     jwood@monsanto.com      jane.wood@monsanto.com  Saint Louis     MO
  344. Guillermo Elizeche      Other   Project Leader  gelizeche@monsanto.com  guillermo.elizeche@monsanto.com Saint Louis     MO
  345. Gina Sanfilippo Other   Vendor Coordinator      gsanfilippo@monsanto.com        gina.sanfilippo@monsanto.com    Saint Louis     MO
  346. Robert Range    Other   Team Lead/Apex and Rewards      rrange@monsanto.com     robert.range@monsanto.com       Saint Louis     MO
  347. William Whaley  Other   INTERNAL SAP CONSULTANT wwhaley@monsanto.com    william.whaley@monsanto.com     Saint Louis     MO
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