A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Kyouko TF) Chapter 12

May 20th, 2019
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  1. I woke up in the morning after stretching and falling off my bed. I rubbed my head since it took some of the impact form the fall. I pulled myself up from the cold floor and slowly walked over to the washroom. Even with me falling off the bed, I was still out of it. I tuned the sink on cold and splashed water on my face. That woke me up. I grabbed the towel that was touching my elbow beside the sink and dried off my face. I had that disgusting crust in my eyes so before being able to open them, I carefully was picking it off. Once done, I opened my eyes to see a person in the mirror. Oh wait, that was I. I really need to get used to that.
  3. In the mirror was Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night. It seems that my pajamas have disappeared. Those cost me some money. A bit down, I notice that Emmy’s boots were gone so I went to my closet with an idea. Sure enough I was correct. My pajamas were back in the closet and the size has been altered. I guessed this would happen since the boots transported to my feet and changed so why not the actual stuff I was wearing as well.
  5. I started to sweat. Why was it so hot in here? I quickly answer my question. It would seem I am wearing Rin’s sweater even though it is still technically summer, even though it is just about the end. I decided to take it off and put on a t-shirt. I noticed that all my clothes were more or less similar to what I owned when I was a guy except they were now for a female’s body and they were all Rin’s size. I slipped it on and noticed that my assortment of clothing was kind of bland. I still had my anime and video game shirts that were now shaped for my new body, but I don’t often see girls wearing this. I have seen a few walks around wearing them in the streets, but not much. I usually see guys and girls wear this at the conventions I’ve been to. I didn’t want it to come to this, but I may have to get some clothing that will be for me sometime this or next week.
  7. I will try to do it by next week since I need a job first to accumulate enough money. I look at the time. It was 9:00 am. I know that I need to finish up this curse so what better way than just watching some anime. I go over to my computer and turn on the newest episode of Danganronpa 3.
  9. About just over 20 minutes later, I had my head in my hands. “Screw you Monokuma! Why must you do this to me?” I was heart broken from this episode. It isn’t the first time though recently. Re Zero continues to break and repair my heart all the time.
  11. Whatever. Time to go back to bed. It may still be around 9:30 in the morning, but I want to break this curst as quickly as possible. I can’t continue skipping school. It’s already the second day I missed.
  13. I jumped into bed. I made sure I wasn’t wearing the shoes even though I knew they would appear again after I transform anyways. I laid there in the dark. All my windows were covered to prevent any of the sun’s rays from entering. I was there for about half an hour, longer than the episode of the anime I just watched.
  15. I was starting to get annoyed. “Why can’t I sleep? There must be something I can do.”
  17. I got up and walked out of my room and went downstairs. I checked the medicine cabinet for anything that could help me falls asleep. “Damn. Nothing.” I pondered what to do. I sat down and felt something in my pocket.
  19. I reached in to grab small objects. I pulled them out to mind multicolored stones that looked like the enhancing materials Rin used in combat. It was a long shot, but maybe I could use these to help me fall asleep. And no, I was not about to try swallowing them.
  21. I took them upstairs and fiddled with them. They were rocks that responded to commands right? I gripped a handful of them in my hands and said, “Fall asleep.” Nothing happened. What was I to expect.
  23. I looked up on the Internet and it said she spoke in German when enchanting. I looked up how to say ‘fall asleep’ German on Google translates. I stood up and said, “I doubt this will work, but here goes nothing. Einschlafen!”
  25. I opened my eyes to see a couple of the gems flash, the green ones to be exact. They were actually floating. “Wow maybe they did work! But why am I still wide awake and the stones keep flashing faster…Oh no.” I tried to run, but the two stones blew up, sending me to the wall. Upon impact, I blacked out. At least it wasn’t an explosion that would create any damage and only pushed me back. Also, I technically went to sleep because of the stones, though not how I wanted to.
  27. My dream started out weirdly. I woke up with my head on a desk. I look around to notice I was in one of the classrooms from the first Danganronpa game. I look around to see that I was alone in the classroom. I look down to also notice that my appearance has changed. I was the Ultimate Detective. I grab out my phone to pull out one that wasn’t mine, but Kyouko’s. It required finger recognition to open. I took off my right glove to see all the scars on it. “Holy shit!” I yelled by accident and quickly covered my mouth. Her scars were terrible! I wonder what happened. I wish that I could buy a translated version of Danganronpa Zero. That might tell me what happened to her.
  29. I opened the phone to see that there was no signal. I should’ve expected that. Not only am I in Hope’s Peak Academy, but I am also in a dream. Never before have I ever been this self aware in a dream. Must be something new with my powers. All of a sudden, I heard an annoying voice I knew too well form behind me.
  31. Meanwhile, back in the real world, my body was undergoing it’s own happy fun time. First my clothes disappeared leaving me naked against the wall. At least the windows were covered so I didn’t have to worry about if anyone could see me later. I first grew taller. My back pushing up against the wall as if I was trying to very slowly scratches it. I grew from about five feet and two inches tall to five feet and six inches tall. My body was more or less was the same in the lower regions. My waist did go in a tiny bit more and my breasts lost about a quarter to half a size making them about a big B-cup. My hands got scars all over them making for an unpleasant sight. My face molded to that of the new girl’s face. My eyes went from turquoise to an extremely shiny purple like color. My hair was about the same length, if not longer now. One of the ribbons were gone, and the other one formed a new braid on the left side of my head while the rest of my hair scaled down my body normally. For the final physical changes, my hair went from black to a purple matching my eyes and my Adam’s apple changed to fit my new voice.
  33. Next were my clothes. Oddly, the first piece of clothing to appear was not a piece of underwear or a bra, but gloves. Purple gloves formed on my hands to cover up the scars that I don’t know how she got. On my feet, purple boots that started at my feet grew up all the way till they were just beneath my knees. Finally the panties and the bra formed on my butt and breasts. A short black skirt appeared over my hips and covered enough of my butt. Some type of white long sleeved shirt materialized with a zipper going down the middle and an orange tie at the top. An extremely dark purple leather jacket appeared over my new long sleeved shirt and grew zippers at the end of my wrist. An eagle looking pin appeared on the inside of the left side of my new leather jacket. That was the last detail left from my transformation.
  35. Now back to my dream. I was walking through the hallways until I reached the main room where everyone meets. “I really hope I wake up soon.”
  37. “You aren’t supposed to be here are you?” I turned around to see Monokuma.
  39. “What do you mean?”
  41. “You should wake up is all I’m saying. Well, this should wake you up. Upupupupu!”
  43. I was now scared. “What do you mea—” I was cut off when one of the machine guns on the ceiling opened fire on me. I couldn’t even yell or scream in terror with the sheer speed of the bullets and the amount of them that were unloaded into me.
  45. “Ahhhhhhh!” I finally yelled. I quickly looked around to see that I was in my room. I patted myself down to see that I was in fact still alive and bullet free. I slowly got up from the wall and observed myself in the mirror in the washroom. I was Kyouko Kirigiri from Danganronpa.
  47. I was still sweating and panting from that nightmare I just had. I look at my phone, which was my actual phone and not Kyouko’s and looked at the time. It was around 12:00 pm now. I was out for about over two hours.
  49. As much as I loved Kyouko Kirigiri, this should be the final transformation. I went to get my Magatama and put it on. “I will make sure to always keep you on from now on until my odd adventure comes to an end.” I said to the necklace.
  51. I concentrated on Maya Fey with my eyes closed. Only on her and nothing else. All of a sudden, the Magatama glowed brightly. I opened my eyes to witness the glowing and pumped my fist into the air in triumph. “Yes! Finally!”
  53. After a few minutes, I returned to what my normal body for the time being is being Maya Fey. I quickly changed out of the newly formed kimono and got into my new school uniform. Half the second day was done, but the other half was still there and means I could get my school year started. Sadly, I can’t start it off as me and I must be Maya for this. I made sure to also keep my Magatama around my neck so that I will never be momentarily cursed again.
  55. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. It’s now time for the next chapter in my adventure.
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