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  1. #1: EqualShadey
  2. #2: 15
  3. #3: EqualShadey#2848
  4. #4: CEST
  5. #5: Yes
  6. #6: Yes
  7. #7: 24
  8. #8: Skyblock
  9. #9: I know the player base a bit low but I'm sure that we will improve if do some updates and stuff, people always like new things. I know some of the staff pretty well as I've been staff with them on BerryMC (I was working as a staff manager there). I'm very familiar with any skyblock unless they have loads of custom features but I can get used to it pretty fast!
  11. #10: I would like to become a staff member on BerryMC because I'm very addicted to skyblock again these days & Berry makes me better every single day so I want to help out the server with getting rid of rule breakers & punishing them correctly, I also want to help out the current staff team because everybody needs help & my experience will obviously be a must! I want to become a staff member on BerryMC is because I've been a staff member on many different servers but now I do actually have a good feeling about me becoming staff on here, this is because I do like to help out such an amazing community like this & I have much time to spend on games but I am just bored these days & I kinda need to do something that will make me enjoy the game again! I usually don't like being staff on too big servers but this community really does give me another feeling because of the amazing players and just basically how the server works, how players are & of course how the staff members are doing their job well. To be honest, I'm very new but I already do know how things are going on here, I'm very familiar with skyblock and faction servers & how they work is just how I like to see. The last thing, I want to make BerryMC a better place to be & I will improve the server in every single way that I'm able to improve it!
  13. #11: I have a lot of skills that others probably don't have. I listed them up below with some additional information as well!
  15. Honestly
  16. I am human that doesn't want to lie at all, When I was staff on another server, I did offend someone & no one would ever know about it but I did tell the owner about it just because being honest will get you further in life & other things. I think every other person does like it when you see that someone is being honest with you instead of being a liar.
  18. Friendliness
  19. I think this should be a thing that every other staff member needs to have, being friendly to this community will let it look professional & will get you in a better place. If you don't show any friendliness, nobody will act friendly to you as well, I did learn to be friendly to every single member of the community in all my past experiences of being a staff member.
  21. Patience
  22. I am a very patient person, to be honest. If someone does try to get me mad, I know how to ignore it & how to handle it. Patience is one of the most important things you should be when being a staff member, if you don't have any Patience you will get angry in some situations.
  24. Self-control
  25. I am very good at staying calm in a situation where others probably will get mad, If I'd lose a PvP fight, I do say 'Gf' or 'Good Fight' Doesn't matter how he plays & if it's not likable for me how they're playing, I learned to stay calm in situations like this because of my experience, In the past I got mad for something but when I do make a mistake, I will always apologize for it & make sure it will not happen again in the future.
  27. Non-Toxic
  28. I'm actually a very mature a chill guy to my opinion, I've been toxic in the past on some other server be it did let me think about 'what if I wasn't so toxic' & I did understand that being toxic wasn't a good thing so I did improve my behavior a lot & look what I've done, It's just so nice to see that I've been a staff member on a lot of servers just because I did stop being toxic & I'm not showing any kind of toxic behavior.
  30. Helpful
  31. I am a very helpful person in general, even if I'm not a staff member, I will still help people out because I know how it feels when you're not getting helped & also you will be loved by the person you do help in most of the situations. It just gives me a good feeling when I just did help someone because you helped them further in their journey on the server you were playing on! I always do my very best to answer every question in chat so I can make people happy :)
  33. Hardworking
  34. I will always do my best to do things correctly & with a lot of professionalism. I will always work hard to improve the server & help out people on the forums. I do like to make some very helpful guides on some forums & put my time into them just like I'm putting my time into this application.
  36. Being open to criticism
  37. I do accept criticism when they're completely right. To my opinion, if someone does give me some criticism, it will even improve my self because if they do tell me what I can do better or how I can improve myself to be a better staff member, it will actually help me out in my journey as a staff member.
  39. Professionalism
  40. I am a very professional person in general but I can also make jokes when they're good & when they won't look bad for my behavior, I know what I can say & What I cannot. I will act professionally in every single situation because that makes me look better & also will make the server look ways better.
  42. Experienced
  43. I'm a very experienced staff member, which is a reason to be proud. I have been working for servers as Staff Managers & as normal server moderators as well, I do like both of these positions and I feel like you should have something of staff experience when applying for staff on a huge community. If you've been a staff member in the past, you most likely learned something of it for example: learn how to deal with hard situations and with toxic players/members. I can deal with all of this without any problems.
  45. #12: Minecraft experience:
  47. Minesaga
  48. Position: Helper
  49. Playerbase: 1 500
  50. Demoted/Resigned: Resigned (due to school)
  52. MomentoNetwork
  53. Position: Helper
  54. Playerbase: 200
  55. Demoted/Resigned: Resigned
  56. Info: This is a server with OP Prison, Skyblock, Creative, Factions & Towny on it & I was being a helper on there for
  57. about one month but then I resigned because of my bad behavior
  59. UniverseMC
  60. Position: Helper
  61. Playerbase: 150
  62. Demoted/Resigned: Demoted (due to abusive reasons)
  63. Info: This is a factions & Skyblock server with OP Factions too, I've been demoted for abusing because I was bored & I just froze my friend for the fun when we were calling but they didn't really think it was funny, I learned of it.
  65. ZyrenMC
  66. Position: Manager / Staff Manager
  67. Playerbase: 150+ members in discord
  68. Demoted/Resigned: Server did shut down.
  69. Info: This was a factions server I got Manager on because I helped them with a lot of stuff for the server & I asked him if I would be able to be a staff manager/manager so I did help on there to go through staff applications and do interviews.
  71. VerixPvP
  72. Postion: Staff Manager
  73. Playerbase: 150
  74. demoted/resigned:
  75. Info: This is a server that some of you might know, I have started as a trial moderator on there and I went all the way up to staff manager. I got demoted by one owner because he couldn't accept it that I was once joking around with him. the main owner really wanted me back into the team and stuff but he just couldn't re-add me as no every owner did agree with it. It was a fun time on verix, not going to lie.
  76. --
  77. Discord experience:
  79. Ez Accounts
  80. Position: Founder
  81. Membercount: 1 100
  82. Demoted/Resigned: Server got deleted & it was my own one.
  83. Info: This was my own discord server, it was a place where I was giving people cracked accounts for a lot of platforms but that was against discord's ToS so the server got deleted.
  85. Kekybra Twitch discord
  86. Position: Co-Owner
  87. Membercount: 80
  88. Demoted/Resigned: Resigned due me not being active anymore on it.
  89. Info: It's a discord of my very best friend kekybra where he posts stuff about his YouTube channel & his Twitch profile.
  91. MeeZoid
  92. Position: Trail - Moderator
  93. Membercount 5 000
  94. Demoted/Resigned: Demoted (bad behavior)
  95. Info: I started showing off bad behaviour because there was a staff member not doing what they had to do & he was acting toxic to me, I shouldn't have been immature though.
  97. iDontNeedYou
  98. Position: Helper → Moderator → Admin/Staff Manager
  99. Membercount: 400
  100. Demoted/Resigned: Resign (lack of motivation)
  101. Info: this was a discord server of a youtuber, it was all about hanging out with other subscribers of his youtube channel, but I resigned because it was getting too bored for me at one time.
  103. #13: If the person doesn't have a valid proof of previously having the rank, I would regard this issue to an owner as they're able to check purchases via buycraft. If the server gets spammed by a couple of people, I would try to mute all of them but if I can't keep up with all of this, I would ask another staff member to help me out on the server real quick.
  105. #14: Again, if there's no solid proof that even an admin cannot do anything, but if he's really well known and all us of actually saw him with their rank, I would investigate this issue to an admin. If he's not seen with it by all of us, I would investigate this issue to an owner and give them all the information they need. Server getting botted, I would use the command to mute the chat. I'm pretty certain that it is /mutechat if you're using litebans as punishments plugin. While the chat is muted, I would ban all of the bots and ask an admin to blacklist after if they're not online.
  107. #15: #1 Clear chat, so fewer people will get the information.
  108. #2 Permanent ban the player that is leaking & threatening.
  109. #3 When he comes back, I'll just /dupeip any new player that joins and if he's on a vpn I would have to wait for proof that it is him again. I would have to get some more staff on to help me out as I can't keep on dealing with this myself when being a helper.
  111. #16: I would tell them that I did mute him for a right reason, if they don't feel like that's it the truth, I would tell them to message one of the admins and make a proper staff report against me. I am going to stay calm and professional to make us look better! If they're threatening me, I'm pretty sure if this goes to IRL Threats that it's a ban from the berryMC discord. so mainly, I would tell them that I have a reason to mute him and that one person can make a staff report about this as we don't want multiple staff reports about the same thing.
  113. #17: 2019-04-21
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