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  1. Greetings from Rubella Solaris
  2. From: Sgt Star Vyvorant
  3. Sent: 2013.04.21 23:21
  4. To: 3rd Amarr Manufacturer,  88X2 STjohn,  Abdalonim,  Ace Banyon,  Ace Beckman,  Aciphex Yazria,  Acreon Daphiti,  Action Plan,  Acurapassion,  AdmiralVisili,  Adooray,  Adrian Wrex,  Agent 004,  Ahriman Gate,  Airuhtra Gadessa,  Ajit Kumar Bhattacharya,  Al Guhl,  Al'darik,  Alec Selene,  Alexia Civir,  Amaryka,  Amatheas,  Ames Marsh'll,  AmunRa Sky,  Amy Aurora Gallardo,  Ancil Verocher,  Andie Wolfe,  andrew elder,  Angelina Fortrueks,  Animal Biter,  Anogra,  Anu Enaka,  Anya Penshar,  Aoife Arbosa,  AoTxLoGiX,  Apathetical Nonchalance,  Apollo Leicester,  Apollo Manton,  Ari Chanlin,  Ariko Roden,  Ark Zxr,  Arkadina Sertan,  Arminas Saeros,  Ashwee Huffers,  Astroid Wolf,  Aurora Satanica,  Ava Antollare,  Avery Winterfell,  Axar Alar,  Axomandus,  
  6. Greetings from Rubella Solaris
  8. A Faction Warfare corp in a large alliance with friendly players and a relaxed atmosphere.
  10. If you are already in a great corp and would like to become blue with us please have your diplomats join our public channel RSE Public.
  12. We are currently seeking:
  13. -PvP'ers
  14. -Miners
  15. -Mission Runners
  16. -Industrialists
  17. -Scientists
  18. -Explorers
  19. -Traders
  21. Requirements:
  22. -Must be an active player (4 hours or more a week)
  23. -Must have 1mil SP or more (except for alts)
  24. -Must be friendly and helpful
  25. -Speakers required for PVP
  26. -Must be willing to listen
  27. -Must be a team player
  28. -Positive Amarr Standing
  30. What we have to offer:
  32. For Miners:
  33. -Daily Orca/freighter supported mining fleets
  34. -Ore buying program
  35. -Free mining frigates for new miners
  36. -Discounted mining barges for experienced miners
  38. For Mission Runners:
  39. -Daily mission running fleets
  40. -Discounted mission ships
  41. -Noctis Support
  42. -Shared loot and standing
  44. For Industrialists:
  45. -Discounted minerals for your production
  46. -Discounted blueprint copies
  47. -Experienced industrialists to learn from
  48. -We are now doing t2 and capital production
  50. For Scientists:
  51. -Access to corp labs for your research/invention
  52. -Corp will buy blueprints directly from you
  53. -Friendly atmosphere to learn and grow
  55. For PvP'ers:
  56. -Currently in Amarr Faction Warfare
  57. -Lots of fights, roams, and ganks
  58. -Pirates are welcome
  59. -Experienced Veterans to teach you the ropes
  60. -Discounted PvP ships
  61. -Free ships provided by the alliance
  63. For Explorers:
  64. -Get paid a bonus for most discoveries
  65. -Sell what you find directly to the corp
  66. -Lessons on scanning techniques from experienced players
  68. For Traders:
  69. -Not far from the two largest trade hubs
  70. -Lessons on station trading from experienced traders
  71. -Opportunity to supply a large corp with your goods
  73. For Everyone:
  74. -Member of the Largest Faction Warfare coalition in the Game
  75. -Relaxed atmosphere
  76. -Mumble server
  77. -Friendly helpful players
  78. -Experienced Leadership
  79. -Opportunity for promotions
  80. -Discounted ships, mods, and ammo
  81. -All timezones accepted (Mainly US and EU)
  83. Interested?
  84. -Join our public channel at RSE Public
  85. -Drop me an Eve-mail letting me know your qualifications
  86. -Submit a full API to a Rubella Solaris Recruitment officer
  87. -If everything is approved you will be asked to apply to the corp
  89. Any more questions?
  90. -Join our public chat and our players will be glad to answer your questions
  92. Fly Safe o7
  94. Sarge
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