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  1. - 2015/04/10 05:09:18 - Herenicus says, "Looses a string of Sartanic obscenities
  2. into the cabin air, reverberating lust and pain from floor to rafters, cock
  3. twisting in the tight cuff of your throat. What sweet music that wet, choking
  4. gag makes against ears near deaf to all save for humming pulse and the furtive
  5. rustle of fabric and need. Shaking from the force required to hold his
  6. white-knuckled grip on sanity, eyes pinched closed against the need to cum,
  7. Herenicus avoids spilling himself in that moment of fight of flight. Instead, a
  8. fresh wash of salt mixes with the saliva that dribbles down his dick, soaking
  9. the dark tuft of hair at the base. And soon your nose bears that soft scratch,
  10. his cockhead welcomed so deeply in your swallowing, bucking recess. With both
  11. hands steadying your face, an loving warmth touches his as he begins to pound,
  12. taking his pleasure from your wanton smile, stroking himself against your silver
  13. tongue and tipping his head back on a riotous boast."
  15. - 2015/04/10 05:09:25 - Herenicus says, "Oh my god."
  18. (Mhaldor): Ruth has removed Herenicus's ability to speak on the city channel indefinitely.
  21. (Clan): Taraus says, "Gdi."
  22. (Clan): Taraus says, "I fucking lol'd because right after that."
  23. (Clan): Taraus says, "A muffled cry rings out from the slave market and is swiftly cut short."
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