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  1. You are Hans, a peasant living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and a nothing else. You wake up and begin working in the fields. You see a girl walking towards you with a basket on her shoulder. She is beautiful, but your mind wanders to thoughts of other things.
  3. "Hey!" she says. "I'm sorry for waking you"
  5. > You ponder the meaning of life.
  8. The girl looks at you and smiles. Her smile is so sweet that it makes your heart flutter. The girl then begins to walk away from you.
  9. "What's wrong?" you ask.
  10. "Nothing," she replies.
  12. > You grab her hand and ask her for a date.
  15. She turns around and stares at you. Her eyes are like saucers. They seem to be filled with love. It seems as if they could melt any man's heart.
  16. "Um... I don't know what to say".
  18. > You tell her that life is good because you can share it.
  21. "I'm sorry, but I just don't understand why you're here".
  22. "Because I want to see you!" She says. "I want to spend my last moments with you".
  23. "Well..". You begin to stammer.
  26. > You take her to the hill to watch the clouds.
  29. "No! I mean... I want to spend my last moments with you".
  31. > You hold her close.
  34. Her arms wrap around you and you embrace her tightly. You kiss her on the lips and tell her how much you love her. Then you pull back and look into her eyes.
  35. "I love you too".
  37. > You ask her to wait for you in the afterlife.
  40. "Wait for me".
  42. > You look at the clouds together.
  45. You stare at the clouds together. You feel each other's breath. You hold each others hands and gaze into each others' eyes. You both fall asleep.
  47. When you wake up, you find yourself lying down in bed. The girl is gone. You sit up and start to cry
  48. > get up
  50. You stand up and walk over to the window. You stare out at the cityscape. You
  51.  notice something strange. There are no people anywhere near the city. In fact
  52.  there aren't even cars. This isn't right. Something is very wrong
  53. > go out and investigate
  55. You run outside and head towards the edge of town. Suddenly you hear a noise
  56.  behind you. You turn around and see a large group of men holding pitchforks
  57.  and axes. One of them approaches you. He has long black hair and wears a leather
  58.  jacket
  59. > shake his hand
  61. He shakes your hand and tells you to follow him. As he leads you deeper into
  62.  town, you realize that this isn't going to end well.
  63. > ask what is going on
  65. "We need to get out of here". He says.
  66. > get a pitchfork and follow him
  68. You nod and follow him further into town. You soon reach an old abandoned house.
  69.  Inside the door is a woman sitting on a chair. She looks at you and smiles.
  70.  Her smile is so sweet that it makes your heart flutter. The girl then begins
  71.  to slowly walk towards you
  72. > embrace her
  74. You hug her and tell her how much you love her. Then you pull back and look into
  75.  her eyes.
  76. > lead the mob to a hill outside of town
  78. You lead the mob to a hill outside of town. A large crowd gathers. The mob is
  79.  chanting "Kill the witch!". You hear a loud explosion followed by screams. You
  80.  quickly run inside the house and lock the door. You hide under the table while
  81.  everyone else runs out of the room
  82. > use the chaos to run away with the witch
  84. You rush out of the house and run towards the crowd. You run through the crowd
  85.  and jump onto the back of one of the horses. You ride off with the horse after
  86.  the mob.
  87. > shake off the mob
  89. You shake off the mob and ride away. You soon arrive at a small village. You
  90.  notice that the villagers are all running away. You try to stop the horses but
  91.  they won't listen to you. You call out to the villagers to come help you but
  92.  they just keep running away
  93. > call the villagers cowards
  95. You yell at the villagers and ride away. Soon you arrive at a forest. You notice
  96.  that the trees are all dead now. You look around and notice that the ground
  97.  is covered with bodies. You then notice a figure standing nearby. It's a man
  98.  dressed in white robes
  99. > ask the man about the meaning of life
  101. "It means death", he answers.
  102. > answer "So death it is." and impale him on the pitchfork
  104. The man raises his hands in surrender. He asks you a question.
  105. "Are you sure? Death is beautiful".
  106. > tell him life is more beautiful
  108. You reply "Yes, yes it is". You then ask him another question.
  109. "Do you believe in God?".
  110. > tell him he will meet his maker if he does not let us pass
  112. The man nods and tells you to leave. He then grabs his pitchfork and prepares
  113.  to strike you down.
  114. > strike first and kill the man
  116. You raise your arm and swing your blade. You stab the man in the chest. Blood
  117.  spurts from his wound and he falls backwards. You then run towards the villagers
  118.  who are still fleeing. You throw your sword at the nearest villager and cut
  119.  him in half
  120. > ask the villagers what is important to them
  122. "Our lives". They say.
  123. > tell the villagers that life is a struggle, and if they love their life they must defend it bravely
  125. They nod and agree.
  127. > ask the woman where she wants to go
  129. She replies "To my husband's grave".
  130. > take her to her husband's grave
  132. You take the woman to her husband's grave. You explain that you want to show
  133.  her how much he loves her. You begin to kiss her passionately. Afterward you
  134.  tell her that she should never give up hope and that she can live happily ever
  135.  after
  136. > build a new future together
  138. You decide to build a new future together. You continue kissing and caressing
  139.  each other as you make plans for a better future.
  140. > take over the village
  142. You tell the villagers that you will take control of the village. You tell them
  143.  that you will build a new future together. You tell them that you will rebuild
  144.  the church and teach religion to the peasants. You tell them that you will build
  145.  a school and train children to become good citizens
  146. > lead the village to prosperity
  148. You lead the villagers to prosperity. You build a new home for the villagers
  149.  and a new farmhouse for yourself. You also build a stable and barns for livestock.
  150.  You also build a store and tavern for the villagers to sell their produce and
  151.  drinks to the townsfolk
  152. > marry the woman
  154. You decide to marry the woman. You tell her that you will always be there for
  155.  her. You tell her that you will always protect her. You tell her that you will
  156.  always love her. You tell her that you will always be faithful to her
  157. > ponder the meaning of life
  159. You think about the meaning of life. You consider whether or not you should kill
  160.  the man who killed your wife. You decide against it. You decide that you will
  161.  find a way to live peacefully with this man. You decide that you will learn
  162.  from him and you will live a peaceful life together
  163. > venture into the forest
  165. You decide to venture into the forest. You see a young boy playing with a stick.
  166.  You approach the boy and ask him why he is playing. He says "I am playing because
  167.  I don't know any other games". You tell him that you should play too
  168. > teach him how to play with other kids
  170. You teach the boy how to play with other kids. You watch as the boy becomes very
  171.  skilled at the game. Eventually you start to lose interest in the game. You
  172.  begin to wonder if you should continue teaching the boy or finish the game.
  173.  You decide to finish the game
  174. > continue towards my hometown
  176. You continue towards your hometown. You manage to get past the guards and enter
  177.  the castle. You find a guard named Grom who has been killed. You also find a
  178.  note which reads:
  179. "He was killed by a peasant who had no idea of the value of life"
  180. > meet the king
  182. You finally reach the king's palace. The king greets you and tells you that he
  183.  is glad to see you. He gives you a letter which reads:
  185. > nod and agreeto become his vassal
  187. You read the letter and realize that you have been accepted as his vassal. You
  188.  accept the offer and immediately head back to the village. You tell the villagers
  189.  that you will serve the king faithfully until you die
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