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  1. 0:01  - not a doggy: you know what i could do is just approach the whole discussion like a calvinist
  2. 0:01  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: how's that
  3. 0:02  - not a doggy: apologetics doesnt matter, salvation and damnation are predestined
  4. 0:02  - not a doggy: if you don't believe you are pretty much going to hell unless god saves you, that's all you need to know about it
  5. 0:03  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: that's pretty simple
  6. 0:03  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: i could do that
  7. 0:03  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: that is, approach it like a calvinist
  8. 0:03  - not a doggy: mhm. you'll make lots of friends that way
  9. 0:04  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: good
  10. 0:04  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: i'm having a hard time making friends
  11. 0:04  - not a doggy: just tell them they're going to hell
  12. 0:04  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: perfect
  13. 0:08  - not a doggy: but anyways, this is kind of how i see apologetics
  14. 0:09  - not a doggy: it's like a bridge, but with nothing on the other side
  15. 0:10  - not a doggy: you walk across the bridge for as long as you have to, and the farther you walk, the deeper your understanding of theology, epistemology and whatever-fucking-ology goes
  16. 0:10  - not a doggy: but it doesn't get you anywhere, because the bridge just goes forever into the distance, never reaching any destination
  17. 0:11  - not a doggy: to get anywhere, you have to jump off into the abyss below
  18. 0:11  - not a doggy: in kierkegaardian terms you'd call that the leap of faith
  19. 0:13  - not a doggy: no matter how well you understand apologetics or can rationalize your faith, it's still going to take a leap. theres no proof of a god and to a certain extent a lot of evidence against one
  20. 0:13  - not a doggy: but naturalistic theories also suck dick if you understand them well enough to know that they're bullshit
  21. 0:13  - not a doggy: theres no way to any real understanding in either direction, you can either keep walking the bridge or jump to faith
  22. 0:14  - not a doggy: or you could choose not to believe in god at all, believe in something else, that's another bridge
  23. 0:14  - not a doggy: if i had to give that bridge an image, it would be more like a bridge with a brick wall at the end of it
  24. 0:16  - not a doggy: because trying to explain the universe in naturalist terms will just lead you in circles with brute facts
  25. 0:17  - not a doggy: and at some point those people will have to concede that not believing in god is just as illogical as beliving in god
  26. 0:17  - [ÇóÑ] Giggles the Tapeworm: but how do you get people to that point
  27. 0:17  - not a doggy: you pray for them and share the gospel
  28. 0:18  - not a doggy: if they seem like somebody who would enjoy exploring apologetics and discussing reasons and blah blah blah with you, then do that
  29. 0:18  - not a doggy: talk to em, be their friend, be guided by the spirit
  30. 0:18  - not a doggy: fuck if i know dude
  31. 0:19  - not a doggy: all i know is, no one ever acheived salvation by being argued into it
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