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Dec 2nd, 2019
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  2. - significant tnt/sand performance improvements (explain how we got a new jar, no need to say what the jar is)
  3. - new /fps menu where you can toggle tnt/sand/other expensive visual components (/tnttoggle and /sandtoggle too)
  4. - fixed blessed enchant
  5. - blessed now removed blindness, confusion, slow, mining fatigue, and weakness
  6. - changed blessed cooldown from 2s to 6s
  7. - outpost potions null issue should be fixed (internal, should not be added to the announcement or just refer to it as outpost potion issue)
  8. - removed the ability to chat in color for all ranks besides overlord
  9. - added new mask effects (mob damage, sell multipliers)
  10. - added lucky vote - chance to receive a bonus key while voting, each time you proc lucky vote you will receive the number of lucky votes you have in lucky keys.
  11. - new f upgrades - mob drop upgrade, dmg inc upgrade, dmc rdc upgrade, nhl upgrade, mcmmo xp upgrade, fwarp upgrade
  12. - fixed f-stuck (now tps you to spawn)
  13. - cleaned up /f perm menu
  14. - removed /f claimat and /f particle
  15. - revamped upgrade menu (explain the new upgrades/what was done)
  16. - revamped warp menu (explain the new menu/what was done)
  17. - removed /getpos from baron rank (useless command)
  18. - removed /skull from overlord (useless command)
  19. - removed the ability to chat in color from all ranks (by using the & tags, chat color is the new option)
  20. - added a new upgradable harvest hoe - you will receive this for free in your starter kit and can upgrade it by using it. the hoe automatically sells cane for you, and you earn honor while using it. there are 6 upgrades, and a new npc/area at /warp end to go along with one of the upgrades (/warp cryptarch for decrypting engrams)
  21. - added new upgradable sell wand - explanation goes here
  22. - made harvest hoe/sell wand work with outpost sell multiplier and mask sell multiplier
  23. - added /claim, (soldier: $10k, 5k EXP, 50 mcMMO credits/hero: $25k, 7.5k EXP, 75 mcMMO credits/demigod: $50k, 10k EXP, 100 mcMMO credits
  24. god: $75k, 15k EXP, 100 mcMMO credits/overlord: $100k, 20k EXP, 200 mcMMO credits/titan: $250k, 25k EXP, 300 mcMMO credits
  25. karismic: $500k, 50k EXP, 500 mcMMO credits, 1x random gkit unlock, 3x random masks
  26. - increased spawner drop rate from 50% -> 75% with tnt
  27. - increased spawner drop rate from 40% - 50% with creeper eggs
  28. - changed overworld to be 5k x 5k, forests/grasslands (smaller and flatter)
  29. - fixed issue with worldborders in all worlds, you now have the full chunk for ALL corners
  30. - disabled /fund because season 2 factions were soft
  31. - revamped ancestral guardians, they are now for more than just gkits (needs better explanation )
  32. - spawner activation range has been changed to 16 blocks
  33. - disabled regens/cobble monsters, water and lava will not create any blocks when flowing together
  34. - cactus no longer damages players
  35. - explosions (cegg/tnt) no longer damage players
  36. - koth cooldown changed from 8hr -> 4hr (6 koths a day: 4AM/PM, 8AM/PM, 12AM/PM EST)
  37. - koth capture time changed from 8m -> 3m
  38. - koth capture area increased from 5x5 to 7x7
  39. - sponges now instant break (hit them once, and the sponge will break)
  40. - sponges now work on lava
  41. - spawners now act like sponges
  42. - removed the enchantress outpost completely
  43. - changed the colosseum outpost (description here)
  44. - changed the excavator outpost (description here)
  45. - added new kits plugin that accurately shows all items in the kit. now has preview items that can represent commands in the kit
  46. - fixed issue where kit cooldowns were being displayed as negative (was only an aethsetic issue)
  47. - staff chat color changed to yellow from light blue
  48. - changed the rank names (peasant, warlock (seasona), soldier, hero, demigod, god, overlord, titan, karismic)
  49. - rank home limits changed (peasant:3, seasonal:5, soldier:6, hero:9, demigod:12, god:15, overlord:20, titan:25, karismic:unlimited)
  50. - edited voucher, nametags, and permission groups to correspond to the new rank names
  51. - fixed issue with vouchers giving the incorrect amount (more, never less)
  52. - added 5 new tiers of creeper eggs, each tier increase the % for spawners to drop by 10% (t2:60%, t3:70%, t4:80%, t5:100%)
  53. - buffed bleed enchant (an extra bleed tick has been added)
  54. - removed enchant slot count on item lore
  55. - new command /enchants - opens a menu and allows the user to preview all custom enchants
  56. - removed the ability to right click a custom enchant book and receive a message containing a description of the enchant (replaced by /enchants)
  57. - changed the aesthetic of custom enchant books and the right click books
  58. - new enchant - Shuffle (heroic, armor, when attacked chance to shuffle your opponents hot bar)
  59. - new enchant - Iron Arrows (legendary, bows, arrows deal 2x damage to armor)
  60. - new enchant - Hail of Arrows (legendary, bows, chance on arrow hit to rain arrows down upon your enemies)
  61. - new enchant - Ragnarok (soul, armor, stops knockback during pvp but costs 5 souls per knockback prevention)
  62. - new enchant - Butcher (rare, sword/axe, increases damage against passive mobs up to 2x, cant be applied to weapons with hunter enchant)
  63. - new enchant - Hunter (rare, sword/axe, increases damage agaisnt hostile mobs up to 2x, cant be applied to weapons with the butcher enchant)
  64. - new enchant - Relentless Predator(mythical, sword/axe, massively increases damage against ALL mobs, requires either hunter/butcher iv)
  65. - new enchant - Call of the Wild(heroic, armor, chance to summon ravenous wolves to assist in combat, 30s cooldown)
  66. - new enchant - Undead Conjuration(legendary, chance to summon an undead army to assist in combat, 30s cooldown)
  67. - new enchant - Golem Strength(heroic, chance to strike with great power knocking your opponent into the air, 6s cooldown)
  68. - new enchant - Restore(heroic, chance to restore an item to half durability when the item breaks but removes the enchant)
  69. - new enchant - Divine Restoration(mythical, massively increases the chance of restore activating and sets the durability to full but removes enchant)
  70. - Masks - new feature, skull items that give bonuses ranging from pvp buffs to shop sell multipliers, they are
  71. obtained by the random mask item either through various in game rewards or masquerador gkit
  72. - Masks can either be worn as the Skull Item, or they can be applied to any helmet. Applying to a helmet consumes the mask.
  73. - Added special seasonal winter masks
  74. - new rank Warlock (seasonal, /kit warlock, /nick, /fireball, /lightning, /heal, 3 row pv, 5 homes, /claim (1x legendary key))
  75. - new rank Karismic(permanent,
  76. /kit karismic (Prot 6 Unbreak 3 Dia Armor, Sharp 6 Fire 2 Unbr 3 Looting 3 Dia Sword, Power 6 Punch 2 Unbr 3 Flame 2 Infinity 1 Bow, Effic 6 Unbr 3 Fortune 3 Dia Pickaxe, Effic 6 Silk 1 Unbr 3 Dia Pickaxe, Effic 6 Sharp 6 Unbr 3 Dia Axe, Effic 6 Unbr 3 Dia Shovel),
  77. /claim - (once per season - $500k, 50k EXP, 500 mcMMO credits, 1x Random GKIT Unlock, 3x Random Masks)
  78. Permanent 2x EXP Multiplier when killing mobs, mining ores, and cooking items in furnaces
  79. 25 /pv,
  80. 50 items on /ah,
  81. no delay when teleporting,
  82. do not consume mask removers when using them,
  83. /bless,
  84. /bless <player>,
  85. /smelt,
  86. /chatcolor (Rose, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Gray, Carbon, Blue, Lime, Magenta, Navy Blue, Teal, Black),
  87. /fix all (removed from titan),
  88. /back (removed from peasant)
  89. - Youtube rank rework -
  90. Soldier perms
  91. Send URLS in chat
  92. Use color/format/magic on signs
  93. Use color/format/magic in chat
  94. Use color/format/magic in /msg
  95. /fix
  96. /kit youtube (equivalent to demigod kit + an extra gapple, giveaway items (1x leg key, 2x rename tags, 1x random mask))
  97. - Famous rank rework -
  98. Soldier perms
  99. Send URLS in chat
  100. Use color/format/magic on signs
  101. Use color/format/magic in chat
  102. Use color/format/magic in /msg
  103. /fix
  104. /kit famous (equivalent to demigod kit + an extra gapple, giveaway items (1x leg key, 2x rename tags, 1x random mask))
  105. - new rank Partner
  106. Karismic perms
  107. Use color/format/magic on signs
  108. Use color/format/magic in chat
  109. Use color/format/magic in /msg
  110. /kit partner (equivalent to titan, giveaway items (5 rename tags, 1x legendary key, 1x godly key, 1x karismic key))
  111. - fixed vouchers with glow having the unbreaking 1 enchant
  112. - added new mcmmo credit vouchers that will allow you to redeem these credits for mcmmo levels by typing /redeem
  113. - removed the combat delay when logging in
  114. - Cleaned up the gkit menu and changed some of the icons (lightforged:(spawner -> nether start), enchantress:(book -> e table))
  115. - new GKIT Necromancer(armor/sword, armor focuses on summoning shit)
  116. - new GKIT Masquerador(5 guranteed masks, chance for 5 more (chance is applied individually)
  117. - new GKIT Demolitionist(guranteed envoy, boss, and koth flare with chance for legendary and karismic flare)
  118. - new GKIT Glacial(sword/bow, tried to include ice themed enchants but there werent a lot, all around a solid gkit)
  119. - Buffed Mimic GKIT (Added chance to receive a permanent gkit unlock)
  120. - Buffed Jester GKIT (Added chance to receive a Karismic Key and a Winter Key. Increase the chances for the extra drops to occur)
  121. - Fixed error in Barb GKIT lore
  122. - Made it possible to open containers in enemy territory
  123. - Tharguros Changes:
  124. - changed health from 1750 -> 1500)
  125. - adjusted Tharguros difficulty rating from 6 -> 4
  126. - Onnan Changes:
  127. - nerfed summon ability (pigmen health changed from 100 -> 25, removed strength 3, added perm speed 1, added gold armor, added gold sword with fire aspect 2/knockback 2)
  128. - boss/minions nuking armor durability has been fixed
  129. - difficulty rating changed from 3 -> 4
  130. - Xur'Gez Changes:
  131. - name changed from xurgez, the undead puppeter -> xurgez, the undead conjuror
  132. - boss/minions nuking armor durability has been fixed
  133. - adjusted damage rating from 0 -> 1 (ocassionally throws a potion)
  134. - adjusted difficulty rating from 8 -> 7
  135. - new boss Crota(difficulty:7, loot:7, damage:6, skill power:7)
  136. - new boss Agukath(difficulty:4, loot:5, damage:5, skill power:7)
  137. - new boss Atheon(difficulty:8, loot:8, damage:6, skill power:8)
  138. - new boss Oryx(difficulty:10, loot:10, damage:10, skill power:10)
  139. - new boss Calus(difficulty:8, loot:8, damage:8, skill power:8)
  140. - Revamped the boss drops (drops now correlate more accurately with difficulty, each boss has a special drop that only the number 1 player can earn low %)
  141. - new end/nether warps
  142. - Added ALL bosses to the boss event (/boss time)
  143. - Ghasts no longer drop emeralds
  144. - Changed Ancestral Guardians -> Guardians and the spawn items to fireballs
  145. - new Random Guardian Voucher - gives a random guardian
  146. - Changed the format of all vouchers and made vouchers that can glow, glow to help players visually differentiate them from regular items
  147. - Buffed KoTH rewards
  148. - Buffed Tier 3 Envoy Crate
  149. - Increased the amount of slots different tiered slot increasers add(common:1, uncommon:2, rare:3, heroic:4, legendary:5, mythical:6, soul:7)
  150. - Buffed the rewards in ALL crates
  151. - Uncommon, Vote, and Rare crates are now quick (have no animation)
  152. - Lucky Vote, Legendary, Godly, Karismic, and Rank crates all have new animations
  153. - High tier items from crate now broadcast that you won
  154. - Revamped the /enchanter menu
  155. - Reduced some enchant prices (Mythical from 1m -> 600k, Soul from 3m -> 1m)
  156. - Cleaned up ChatReaction messages
  157. - Added 20 new Christmas/Winter themed chat reaction words
  158. - new Seasonal Crate - Winter Crate
  159. - New Season 3 Tags - (Pleb, S3, Confused, Magic, Communism, Boomer, Capitalism, Highroller, Lifeless, Bloodlust, Godofwar, Starstruck, Egirl, Asmr, Thicc)
  160. - New exclusive Winter Tags - (Santa, Winter, Snow, Christmas, Eggnog)
  161. - Changed Faction Size to 25 and starting power to 50
  162. - No enderpearls while flying
  163. - new Key Fragments - Collect Key Fragments by doing various in game activities, and turn them into Cayde-6 at /warp cayde. 9 fragments = 1 key
  165. **BETA CHANGELOG -**
  166. - Removed factions upgrade debug message I left in accidentally
  167. - Fixed issue where lower levels of honor multiplier would effectively do nothing
  168. - Fixed Peasant Sword having Protection I instead of Sharpness I
  169. - Fixed boss issue caused by outdated mcmmo version
  170. - Fixed issue with applying randomizer scrolls
  171. - Added /tpacancel to peasant
  172. - Removed Tharguros' nuking ability
  173. - Cooldowns for /fix, /feed, and /ext all changed to 30s
  174. - Fixed some crate rewards not working properly (legendary key in rare crate and gkit unlocks in winter crate)
  175. - Fixed /honor top formatting issue (balances showing more than 2 decimal places)
  176. - Fixed Excavator outpost not giving haste 2
  177. - Changed all Faction teleport warmups to 5s
  178. - Fixed Factions territory usage issue
  179. - Added mask removers (you need to obtain this item in game, Karismic rank does not consume the item upon use)
  180. - Added cane top, only tracks cane farmed with a harvest hoe (/canetop or /ctop)
  181. - Fixed issue with sell wands and gold ingots
  182. - Added /chatcolor to Peasant, but you do not have access to any colors by default
  183. - Capped mcMMO levels at 1000
  184. - Fixed relentless predator issue by removing the custom enchantment
  185. - Fixed issue with flare descriptions/broadcasts
  186. - Removed the /worlds broadcast and menu
  187. - Bosses no longer drop keys, they drop key fragments instead
  188. - Removed opening animations from crates
  190. **RULE CHANGES** *(need to be implemented, add to doc)*
  191. - no regens
  192. - no wall removers
  193. - no auto farms (redstone)
  194. - somehow making hiding value punishable (tbd)
  195. - cannon speed 2s -> 4s
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