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  1. Head Area
  3. Tingling - on top of head, face, back of head, neck, shoulders, varies location, not felt in all locations at same time, lasts 1-10 seconds, feels like creepy crawlies - began past week, has occurred previously 2 years ago, lasted for around a month and then ceased.
  5. Brain - sharp, momentary pain, stabbing like - on and off for 12-18 months, blowing bubbles sensation in small specific spot inside top of head, not painful though. Vibrations as if there was a small motor in my head or have my head rested on surface that vibrates, I also get this in my stomach and chest, have experienced for 12-18 months.
  7. Eyes - small black spots appear in peripheral vision, disappear when i try to look at them, single star like light that appears and disappears in various areas of view - on and off for 12-18 months, also flickering that has a rhythm (every 2-3 seconds), noticable when in bed or lack of light. Sometimes see stars getting up, dizzyness and pressure in head.
  9. Chest/Back Area
  11. Heart - brief stabbing pain on and off for almost 10 years, pain began in specific spot and has spread out over time into left and right side of chest, moreso left side 80/20, stabbing pain has declined, burning and electrical type pains for many years have ceased while squeezing pain has increased in past 12-18 months, lasts a few seconds, almost always in same path, feel i could trace where the pain goes with a pen. Rarely exacerbated by exercise, breathing, eating or any activity, typically occurs at rest although I have ceased most exercise other than walking for some time.
  13. Shoulder blades - similar to heart pain between shoulder blades, tingling and creepy crawling sensations, stabbing, always brief, short lasting. Began 12-18 months ago.
  15. Stomach - tingling over stomach area past week, did not occur here previous tingling episode 2 years ago, water running down windscreen type sensation under skin. Noticable heart beat in stomach for some years now when laying flat on back.
  17. Kidneys - stabbing pains in kidney area, both sides, aches and other pains in area.
  19. Arms - shooting pains, stabbing pains, burning pains that occur in hands that can stop me from doing something simple like cutting an apple with a knife as my hands burn (although not frequent), zaps in finger tips and other parts of hand, deep aches in forearms, wrist has a tendency to go on me so that i can't support weight or use it until pain in joint has ceased
  21. Legs - similar to arms, difficult to walk when waking due to knee and ankle pain, other shooting, short lasting pain
  23. Back - upper and lower back pain although i was kicked in lower back when 19, have had managable pain with that for some time.
  25. Fasciculations around body, predominately arms and legs, also occur face, chest, back, pretty much entire body.
  27. Pain is often connected, stabbing pain in chest or back occurs same time as pain in arms or hands, often chest/hand combination.
  29. Pain often intermittent, almost as if it flares up and then retreats, often lasting weeks, sometimes no symptoms at all but I can sometimes tell a few days prior when it's going to flare up again.
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