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May 18th, 2019
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  1. "While I can see (and see all around me) that some women are willing to put up with being married to circumcised men, I cannot fathom why, except that they are ignorant of what they are missing. From a woman's perspective, circumcised sex really is not good at all. It's awful. It's irritating. Compared to what sex is meant to be, it is so far unrelated I don't see why it is even called sex. Putting up with that for years and years, even with lubricant, is not, in my humble opinion, a sane decision."
  3. "I simply cannot imagine making love for years and years with a circumcised man. This may seem shallow, and you are right to question this and to find fault with it, and with me. But I still cannot bring myself to imagine it. As the woman who posted mentions, intercourse with a circumcised man is truly painful. It is not spiritually or emotionally satisfying. It hurts."
  5. "I realize that women do, routinely, marry and stay married to circumcised men, and that they find happiness in their marriages and in the kindness of their husbands. But I still cannot imagine consciously making such a huge sacrifice. I do not know how they do it. Is this shallow? I am not sure. Certainly if sex is important to keeping the marriage bond strong, then it is not shallow. Sex cannot make a marriage stronger if it is continually putting one of the partners through pain and distress."
  7. "Having sex with a circumcised man is uncomfortable for a woman, and this discomfort (often pain) quickly trains her to avoid sex. She make excuses, like 'I have a headache,' 'I'm too stressed-out about housework,' or more honestly 'I have a bladder infection/cystitis,' or 'I feel chafed,' or 'I feel bruised from last time.'"
  9. "I have been penetrated a few times by people who are not whole and each time I feel the uncomfortable feeling of too much friction, it does not happen with a man that has an intact penis, as a result I will not let anyone who is circumcised screw me."
  11. "For too long I have blamed myself for our sexual problems when circumcision was the culprit."
  13. "The first time I had sex with an intact man, I thought it was fate or chemistry or something crazy that made sex so good. It was simply a completely different experience. I had orgasms during sex for the first time. We had sex 20 times in a day once...but we didn't have much else in common. It took me a few years to figure out that what I fell for wasn't the man, it was his foreskin! I became an intactivist when I realized that the reason I didn't usually have orgasms during intercourse wasn't ME or my relationships, it was a vital and missing body part."
  15. "Nothing sexy or healthy about a butchered penis....."
  17. "Circumcision is a violation of a persons body and basic rights. Besides, intact feels so much better!"
  19. "If you just see an uncircumcised penis in action, you understand why the foreskin is so necessary! It is smooth and glides over the penis and makes it so much more pleasurable for the man and woman."
  21. "The only time I ever used any kind of lubricant was with a circumcised man."
  23. "Circumcised intercourse feels like a friction burn. With the natural penis, the extra skin makes it go vagina doesn't get sore."
  25. "I don't know what to do with a circumcised penis. Nothing moves. It's weird. It seems like cut men like a lot of friction rather than smooth pressure. It's abrasive. I never saw a cut penis until I went to Grad school in the US and I'll be quite happy if I never see another. Really twisted behavior to do that to another person."
  27. "I don't enjoy it. It's harsh and unforgiving. I feel very sorry for American women."
  29. "During intercourse, I would become dry and raw and the soreness would last for several days afterward. It would take my husband up to a half an hour of constant thrusting for him to reach climax no matter how close he felt to achieving it. Due to the pumping action, so much air would be pushed in that I would feel discomfort in my abdomen. Usually I would have to sit or stand up several times in order to push it out. Sometimes when he climaxed it would burn like salt in a wound, so we usually used condoms, which he hated."
  31. "For our entire marriage, our sex life could only be measured in months, and that was too much for me. I did not like to see him naked or even have him cuddle up to me at night. I did not want to see or feel his penis. I associated it with pain and discomfort, so it was an ugly thing."
  33. "Through the years I have always had questions that I kept secret. Was my husband not really 'Mr. Right'? Was I a lesbian and just did not know it? Was I just not meant to enjoy sex? What was my problem? Everyone else had enough moisture and enjoyed sex, so why not me? Finally, I found out the function of the foreskin and a great big 'ah-ha' went off in my head. I was not the problem, but rather, the circumcision."
  35. "I had one circumcised lover who was setting a Guinness record - and after 30 minutes I would start to feel as if he were sandpapering me down there."
  37. "I watched a video where this guy had a contraption that he wears all day long to slowly stretch the skin he has left so it feels like foreskin. I thought it was really sad that he has to do that. It shows how severely violated these men feel that they go through all that."
  39. "All my circumcised men seemed too anxious to reach their own orgasms and too caught up in getting their own pleasure. And they often left me unsatisfied, leaving me irritable, aggravated, and frustrated as hell."
  41. "Circumcised men are more rough and they tend to ‘pound away’ at me. With them, I seldom achieved orgasm."
  43. "I swear this is why American men seem to have a need for rougher sex - numb dicks."
  45. "As far as the cervical cancer connection. BS. Or every woman in Europe would have way higher rates of it - that's not true. I say don't believe the hype, I mean how else could they justify having mutilated millions of penises for no reason - guys might be pissed."
  47. "For years, I have wondered if there was something wrong with me. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my first son and started researching circumcision that I realized it wasn't me, it was my circumcised partners. When I first read about the gliding mechanism and how sex was meant to be between two intact partners, I cried. I love my husband dearly, but I don't like having sex with him. It is rarely pleasurable, usually uncomfortable, sometimes just neutral. It's rarely slow, gentle, usually too fast, too hard."
  49. "Wanna know why circumcised men need to thrust and thrust to feel enough sensation for orgasm? Look to circumcision."
  51. "Wondering if the numb dick feels it needs the extra tightness of the butthole."
  53. "I have had no relations with circumcised men since I met my current uncircumcised lover, but the difference between circumcised sex and uncircumcised sex is very obvious to me."
  55. "If my only choices were to have sex with a circ'd guy or never have sex again-I'll never have sex again. Circ'd men are freakin lousey in bed."
  57. "Yeah, I'm sorry, but I have had more than enough broomstick sex."
  59. "Trust me, girls today want a natural guy."
  61. "uncircumcised penii are fabulous. i dont think i could ever completely enjoy intercourse with a cut man now that my last two boyfriends have been uncircumcised (and the best sex of my life.) if i were to ever give birth to male children i also wouldnt have them circumcised either."
  63. "Oooh I want one. Where do you find them??? BEST SEX I EVER HAD!!!! Oooh now I'm mad most guys are circumcised here. I wanna cry."
  65. "Yum yum. Once you've had sex with an intact man, you never go back!"
  67. "My husband is beautifully intact. The only man I have ever slept with that is actually. All my previous sex partners were cut, and I DO remember very clearly the roughness and post sex burning around my vagina and urethra."
  69. "Personally, I believe foreskin is the best sex toy money can't buy. "
  71. "I hate circumcised guys. Their dick is dry, calloused, feels like sand, and is boring as fuck. They're not fun at all. Sure they may work to get the job done, but that's it."
  73. "I would rather masturbate than screw a cut man. Cicumcision is the worst thing to happen to sex."
  75. "My new boy is the first man I have ever been with who has been intact. WHOO WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I don't ever want to go back to circumsized again."
  77. "It's the slippy feeling. Circumsized are taut but the loose turtleneck bunches and slips in all the right places."
  79. "agreed 100%!!!!!! the slippy feeling!!!"
  81. "I look back very fondly on the two 'intact' penises I had. And I can't exactly put my finger on why it felt so good...but it sure did."
  83. "I loves the uncircumsized penis! Last two boyfriends had one... Will never go back!"
  85. "my boyfriend is from india and not circumcised. he is always clean and, at the risk of being graphic, i can say, having only been with circumcised men in the past, i would NEVER go back. it's not just better for HIM to have that skin to protect the glans, it is MUCH better for me!!"
  87. "It's SO much better yes!! Oh gawd. BJs and HJs are MUCH easier to give, for one... and two, it slides so nicely and rubs so very...very....very well."
  89. "Having been with both intact and circumcised men, it's no contest. Intact, definitely."
  91. "I have the cutest, sweetest, nicest circumcised man and I just said the cruelest thing to him and I know the reason why I said it is because sex with him is painful and so the pain that I feel from the sex comes out later in words. It is so depressing to contemplate the broader implications of circumcision and how it has impacted my life and interfered with my desire to have natural sex with a man. I know why we must say that it is 'only a piece of skin' because to admit otherwise would be too damn depressing."
  93. "Circ'd men give horrible satistfaction XD"
  95. "Intact men are waaaay better in bed than cut men. Like Ewwww said, sleeping with a cut man is like doing a dildo. It's horrible."
  97. "I would never ruin my childs sex life my getting them circ'd."
  99. "Cut is just so ugly! And bad in bed!"
  101. "Sex + No Foreskin = TERRIBLE time :'("
  103. "Sex + Foreskin = EUPHORIA =D"
  105. "I'll never go back to a circumsized man. My hub is INTACT and he's the only guy to ever get me off, so i married him of course."
  107. "I don't know what this poor man's obsession is with getting rid of foreskins worldwide but he has a long arduous task ahead! Americans (especially in the backwards midwest) are the only people foolish enough to still circumcise babies. Worldwide for millions of years men have survived and thrived with foreskins. This guy makes foreskins sound like a little ticking time bomb in your trousers. Puhleeze!
  108. - An California Blonde - who has discovered uncircumcised men (after wasting 26 years on circ'ed men) and will never go back!"
  110. "I hate cut guys. Uncut is like 100 times better."
  112. "I have never had an orgasm having sex with a circumcised man. With an intact man? All. The. Time. The sensation of the foreskin gliding back and forth inside of you is absolutely delicious. Also, in my experience intact men have more control and seem to last longer. I also think that oral sex with an intact partner is way more fun ;-)"
  114. "I've had sex with cut and uncut men, it's so much better with intact men! The foreskin keeps us from getting dried out. Circumcised men seem to pound on us over and over trying to reach orgasm. Uncut men glide in me and I don't get sore like I do with you circumcised guys."
  116. "the other wonderful thing i have noticed about intact men is that they make very good friends to women. i personally won't sleep with a man who is circumcised because the difference in pleasure is night and day for me - and once sex is out of the equation, they are out the door."
  118. "the cut member hurts; the natural member feels very, very pleasant, sensuous - much different. and i did my fair share of comparative research in my youth. i wondered why european men were so much better... now i understand - they don't routinely circumcise in europe. nature made foreskin so that procreation would be an activity that mammals would love to indulge in... nature also made sex a bonding experience so there would be loving parents to care for children."
  120. "I find circumcised penises to be gross and scarred up and they hurt me."
  122. "There is a huge difference in sex with uncut [natural] and cut [circumcised] men, and most women who’ve had both, prefer uncut. I’ll never have another cut partner. My body can’t handle the rough painful sex they need in order to finally squeeze out a cum, because most of the feeling has been cut away, and they’ve been left dried out and insensitive."
  124. "During one particular argument (it was long after my bedtime and I’m sure they thought I was asleep), my mother shouted, “I wish I’d never married you. I should have married John. I’d be happy now, instead of being miserable with you.” My father growled back, “Oh, sure…John this…John that…. You wouldn’t have been happy with him.” To which my mother yelled back, “Yeah, well at least when I had sex with him, it didn’t feel like he was shoving a broomstick in and out of me, like it does with you.”"
  126. "During my circumcised intercourses, I felt violated or used—like I was just a piece of meat—even with my husband."
  128. "At 28 years of age (2 years ago) I had sex with the first uncircumcised man I had ever seen. I would prefer to never have sex with another circumcised man as long as I live. The difference in sensation is so different, I cannot even begin to describe it."
  130. "With my current natural partner, I feel warm, tender, soft, and beautiful. But during circumcised intercourse, I would often get aggravated emotionally. I have cried after many of my circumcised sexual experiences—feeling so empty and not knowing why. I have never cried or felt this way with a natural partner."
  132. "I dearly love my circumcised husband, but do not find sex very enjoyable. I feel terrible even writing this, and I would never want him to know that. It's just that I do not find the pounding to be pleasurable, but more of a discomfort feeling. We also use lots of lube. I am always waiting for it to end, although we have sex any time he wants, as I want him to be happy. The only time it is a better feeling is if I have just orgasmed, which is always clitoral via stimulation, never from intercourse."
  134. "Call me superficial, call me whatever. I stand with around 85% of the world's women. We like things as nature intended. Any other way is and always will be...WAY second best."
  136. "The generally accepted statistic is that fewer than 25% of women can reach orgasm with vaginal intercourse (without manual stimulation of the clitoris). I wonder how that number would change if all men were intact?"
  138. "I will never go back to cut.. I just dont like it as much now that i've had my fun."
  140. "funny you say this, I actually have a friend who is extremely bitter over being circ. when he was a baby...his brother wasn't, and he can't get over the unfairness of it."
  142. "A good friend of mine has spoken to me at length about how he feels his circumcision (done in infancy) has practically ruined his sex life, and how only the tiny piece of frenulum remaining feels good to him."
  144. "I sure as HELL would not have want my labia cut off!"
  146. "I shared a hospital room with a mother whose son was born within hours of my daughter. My roommate and I marveled at the identical personality traits exhibited by our newborn babies. Both were perfectly calm, never cried and gazed unwaveringly at out faces when we held them. … Delight in our new-found joys of motherhood was shattered the following morning. My roommate’s baby had changed. He refused to nurse; he cried; he wouldn’t be held. “He doesn’t want me,” my roommate pitifully told the nurse. “It’s just the circumcision,” the nurse told her comfortingly."
  148. "I became obsessed with the idea that my boyfriend should be circumcised. We were very happy together, and much in common, and best of all we were very compatible in bed. But I refused to get married until he was circumcised—and he gave in. That little operation completely destroyed our life together. Before he had fabulous staying power, but after the operation he would have an orgasm in five minutes and leave me high and dry. To make things worse, sex became very painful to me. Twice I had to see a doctor due to minor infections from the chafing. Our beautiful sexual togetherness became a nightmare of staying creams, lubricants and frustrations. He says he will never forgive me, and we no longer speak to each other…but I cannot forget what a stupid mistake I made which altered the life of a lovely person."
  150. "As I nursed and cared for my son, I could not believe that on his 8th day of life this horrific thing would happen. I cried on the way to the hospital. I begged my husband to leave him be. My perfect son. Now strapped to a table and separated. So confused. Never again."
  152. "I had one intact lover and I can tell you that it was mind-blowingly different from being with a cut man. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. Now I know that it wasn't so much that particular guy that was so fantastic - it was the intact penis."
  154. "Every woman I know has problems with sex of some sort with their mutilated partners."
  156. "i’m a girl and i hate circumcised penises, why would you want to do that? it’s not cleaner or healthier, it looks wrong and its also less sensitive. A good thing? I think not! I love my boyfriends un-cut one! Much nicer."
  158. "I always thought circumcision was good because it makes the penis look nicer and keeps it cleaner. I cannot believe the propaganda I believed!"
  160. "Every woman I know who has actually come in contact with a natural penis and had the pleasure of natural sex knows the truth. Circumcision steals sooooooooo much. I know because I dated an intact man for three years."
  162. "I feel such a complete loss, for my husband who has never known complete sexual fulfillment, and for myself. We will never know sexual intercourse as it truly is meant to be. My genitalia seem so different from my husband's, yet with a foreskin, we would share a lot more similarities, and I know I would feel closer to my husband."
  164. "As a female, it has been difficult to express the level of sadness I feel when I see a cut penis."
  166. "I am SO glad my husband is intact! I can't imagine intercourse with a circumcised man."
  168. "I am SO SO SO glad we didn't have boys b/c i know we would have circumcised b/c i had not educated myself about this topic until recently."
  170. "My (circumcised) husband had no more right than I to make the decision; since he doesn't have a foreskin, he _does not_ have the equipment. He has only his cultural conditioning and his prejudices."
  172. "Every single one of my girlfriends who have been with both intact and circumcised men left their sons intact. I've only been with intact men and have no complaints."
  174. "I've only REALLY learned about circumcision within the last year and now every time I see my husband's cut penis I have feelings of grief and sadness. I think about what I'M missing and what he's missing (and doesn't care that he's missing). I think about what happened to him when he was so tiny. I feel like I'm being used rather than being connected with. And I don't see that these feelings will change in the foreseeable future. How can I live the rest of the my life this way?"
  176. "My husband is circumcised and it definitely affects our sex life. I can't orgasm without a vibrator on my clit. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me. Turns out, he's the one missing an essential part of his genitals."
  178. "If I knew then what I know now, I would have left my son intact so he and his future sex partner can enjoy the same experiences I have gratefully experienced."
  180. "Of the few friends that I know that have been blessed to experience both intact and cut first hand, we all agree.....the anatomically correct penis is a much better ride. I don't want to go into details *as I will start blushing* but at one point in my life I lived with two was cut and one was intact. I have had the opportunity to compare the two side by side at the same time. If American woman only knew....."
  182. "The shape and technique of a mutilated penis is very different to that of a natural penis. It sucks moisture out of the vagina and he needs to pull in and out far more vigorously than a normal functioning penis. When a man slides along his own foreskin he gets the full range or motion necessary without chafing the vaginal walls. It is actually possible to "go all night" with a natural penis because of this. I can't stand circumcised sex for more than 10 minutes which is rarely enough time for him to pound me with his broom stick. I would never go back to circumcised sex after learning how sex is meant to feel both in theory and in practice."
  184. "Circumcision is by far the cruelest and most unnecessary procedure to put an innocent baby with thoughts and feelings through!"
  186. "In a time when American health care is in crisis, when critically ill patients are denied access, when it is clear that the next generations will not have adequate, BASIC care it is ABSURD that the most commonly performed surgery is utterly USELESS. Doctors should be ashamed of themselves for wasting time, expertise and resources with this."
  188. "Men and women should have the same rights. It shouldn't even be an issue. Female circumcision has been shown to have medical benefits as well such as cancer prevention. Women are not choosing this surgery for themselves just like men are not choosing it for themselves. It only persists when we are allowed to force it on others."
  190. "Count me among the mothers who wouldn't let a doctor get anywhere near my newborn son with a scalpel to do something so barbaric."
  192. "I am so very glad I took my whole baby home!"
  194. "There is no scream like the scream of a circumcision."
  196. "If women were 'whining' about losing part of their vagina against their will it would be a national emergency. It would be on the cover of every newspaper and no one would dare question the emotional impact of feeling violated. Doctors would be sooooo careful to consider every alternative before taking even a tiny piece of sensitive vaginal tissue away from a young girl and yet give it little thought when it comes to boys."
  198. "Had I seen and known 17 years ago what I know now, I would have stood guard over my son like a lioness protecting her cub; and I would kill any circumciser who dared come wielding a knife to MY healthy newborn baby son."
  200. "I've literally cried every day at some point since I had my son circumcised. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I wasn't thinking. I looked it up online before but I just let myself believe what I wanted to I guess because I wanted my son to fit in. It sounds so stupid saying it now. I'm really embarassed about that. If one of my kids ever did something so dumb to 'fit in' I would freak and yet I did something totally irreversible and unforgivable. The worst thing is that now I'm seeing all these uncut ones around and at least three of my friends didn't do it. I'm so mad that the doctors let me make a decision like that. They didn't even make it like a big deal. I started asking about it and the guy basically stopped me and said. 'I can't decide for you but I would do it if it were me'. What does that even mean? Is he a doctor or not? It was like a sales pitch where they don't want to be held accountable. I'm so mad about this. They should be required to explain it in a clear way. Plus I thought that since the doctor was Muslim that he would be more objective about it but now I find out that they do it too just like Jews so of course he would recommend it. I feel lied to and I'm really dreading explaining to my son why I did something so stupid. I could cry again now. The cultural motivation of doctors really needs to be discussed openly because this is out of control."
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