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Jun 22nd, 2017
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  1. hakrit.wichian: lol... ok.
  2. [2:42:05 PM ICT] John Berns: I will ba back online later and invite some people.
  3. [2:42:18 PM ICT] John Berns: I need a nap--still tired from this weekend!
  4. [2:42:35 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: actually most geeks I've talked to see English as a non-issue .... strangely but fortunately :)
  5. [2:42:53 PM ICT] John Berns: I think for chat it's OK.
  6. [2:43:00 PM ICT] * chakrit.wichian has changed the chat topic to "Bangkok Hackerspace: Open Innovation Environment for Everyone - (บางกอกแฮคเกอร์สเปซ"
  7. [2:43:04 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: i see :)
  8. [2:43:08 PM ICT] John Berns: Most computer people can read and write english OK.
  9. [2:43:22 PM ICT] John Berns: They can take time to read and write.
  10. [2:43:47 PM ICT] John Berns: Chat goes slower, so easier to follow if English is not your first language.
  11. [2:44:09 PM ICT] * chakrit.wichian has changed the chat topic to "Bangkok Hackerspace: Open Innovation Environment for Everyone - บางกอกแฮคเกอร์สเปซ"
  12. [2:44:19 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: ah - ha
  13. [2:44:20 PM ICT] John Berns: That's now I talked to my Thai staff when I had a business here.  By chat.
  14. [2:44:24 PM ICT] John Berns: ;-)
  15. [2:44:30 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: i see :)
  16. [2:44:51 PM ICT] * John Berns invited humanought kayessciv tonsai05
  17. [2:46:15 PM ICT] * John Berns invited arthit.suriyawongkul dreampipe kengggg luke_at_codegent_com sugree
  18. [2:47:22 PM ICT] * John Berns invited genkanai
  19. [2:47:39 PM ICT] * John Berns invited oldskooldi
  20. [2:48:00 PM ICT] John Berns: I will be back later.  Add anybody that wants to talk about hackerspace in Bangkok.
  21. [2:49:25 PM ICT] jan: why another hackerspace channel?
  22. [2:50:49 PM ICT] John Berns: This is for Thai and Farang to discuss hackersapce.
  23. [3:05:36 PM ICT] jan: so did the thai discussion on sunday happen and what are the results?
  24. [3:07:16 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: hello
  25. [3:07:24 PM ICT] Diana: Welcome
  26. [3:07:50 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: thx ... erm the discussion did happen
  27. [3:08:48 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: not many people came but I managed to get a list of a few things that'd help with getting Thai people to come to Hackerspace.
  28. [3:10:59 PM ICT] * chakrit.wichian invited blinding_bebad
  29. [3:11:14 PM ICT] * BLiNDiNG left the chat (This person is using a version of Skype that doesn't support group chat).
  30. [3:11:38 PM ICT] jan: nice
  31. [3:11:42 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: doh
  32. [3:11:58 PM ICT] chakrit.wichian: sry, multitasking a few things
  33. [3:12:20 PM ICT] jan: no problem
  34. [3:15:32 PM ICT] * chakrit.wichian invited blinding_bebad
  35. [3:15:46 PM ICT] * BLiNDiNG left the chat (This person is using a version of Skype that doesn't support group chat).
  36. [3:21:42 PM ICT] * Chakrit invited blinding_bebad
  37. [3:26:32 PM ICT] * Chakrit invited
  38. [3:26:44 PM ICT] * Aruj left the chat (This person is using a version of Skype that doesn't support group chat).
  39. [3:42:08 PM ICT] * Chakrit invited
  40. [3:42:17 PM ICT] Chakrit: hi aruj
  41. [3:44:44 PM ICT] Aruj: hi
  42. [3:45:10 PM ICT] Aruj: no one is online?
  43. [3:45:26 PM ICT] Aruj: I don't see anyone else
  44. [3:46:47 PM ICT] Chakrit: not sure I think you've to add them to your contacts to see their online status
  45. [3:49:21 PM ICT] Aruj: hmm
  46. [3:50:35 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: oh aruj
  47. [3:50:41 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): chakrit like your website, nice and clean and clear
  48. [3:50:42 PM ICT] Aruj: Hi
  49. [3:50:59 PM ICT] Chakrit: @Luke thanks :)
  50. [3:51:11 PM ICT] jan: whats your website?
  51. [3:51:21 PM ICT] Chakrit:
  52. [3:51:31 PM ICT] Chakrit: havn't updated for a year i think
  53. [3:52:22 PM ICT] jan: yes, looks very nice.
  54. [3:54:00 PM ICT] Chakrit: sry phone call
  55. [3:54:40 PM ICT] Chakrit: so...
  56. [3:54:53 PM ICT] Chakrit: I'll summarize quickly:
  57. [3:56:00 PM ICT] Chakrit: 1. There should be special rates for students. As is the usual thing with services in Thailand. They can use the facility to work on their senior projects and it'd be nice for tutoring and finding jobs etc. etc.
  58. [3:57:00 PM ICT] Chakrit: 2. There should be a few written rules so we know how to behave since there'll be obviously be a big culture gap
  59. [3:58:50 PM ICT] Chakrit: 3. There should be some form of "presence" notification. i.e. a whiteboard in the front or maybe online service. This is so people'll know if they'll be able to get help by coming over.
  60. [3:59:49 PM ICT] Chakrit: 4.  Jobs board or skills board (goes with 3.) to attract freelancers.
  61. [3:59:58 PM ICT] Chakrit: Ummm... that is all ... I think
  62. [4:00:44 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): cool, think #1 shouldnt be problem.. #2,#3,#4 can be online perhaps
  63. [4:01:32 PM ICT] jan: good ideas, we had some problems in the old space that it wasn't transparent if anyone was around.
  64. [4:02:11 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): rfid implants for all members :)
  65. [4:02:14 PM ICT] Chakrit: @aruj @p'mic if you have suggestions, please tell na thx :)
  66. [4:02:32 PM ICT] Aruj: Just want to know what is our goals for this project
  67. [4:02:49 PM ICT] Aruj: To ensure that we'll talk for the same thing in this session
  68. [4:03:00 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: oops.... the same as aruj
  69. [4:03:01 PM ICT] Chakrit: ah ... is there like a written proposal or something?
  70. [4:03:15 PM ICT] jan: build a community, have fun
  71. [4:03:19 PM ICT] Chakrit: Some people havn't attended John's session on Saturday.
  72. [4:03:26 PM ICT] Chakrit: oh... that's a nice short summary :)
  73. [4:04:09 PM ICT] Aruj: So we'd like to have our own place, our own resources and our own community?
  74. [4:04:23 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: Are there any specification in this community?
  75. [4:04:41 PM ICT] Chakrit: hmmm I think it is less formal than that...
  76. [4:05:06 PM ICT] jan: create new things, promote citizen science and engineering.
  77. [4:05:12 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): hackers, programmers, geeks, misfits that change the world :)
  78. [4:05:13 PM ICT] Chakrit: more like ... a place to hangout for hackers ... whatever your purposes just so we can exchange ideas, do things etc. etc.
  79. [4:05:49 PM ICT] Aruj: hmm ok.
  80. [4:06:16 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): if people make connections stuff happens.. people make friends, start companies, etc
  81. [4:06:27 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: Those 4 rules are suitable, i think
  82. [4:06:39 PM ICT] Chakrit: Personally I think it'll be great if there's a "goto" place for devs in thailand.
  83. [4:06:50 PM ICT] Chakrit: easier for foreigners to find local devs as well...
  84. [4:07:01 PM ICT] Aruj: Will this community active for 24/7? If that's the case, we may have to think hard about the place
  85. [4:07:19 PM ICT] Aruj: Or if we just want to go as the online community, that will be another thing
  86. [4:07:59 PM ICT] Chakrit: shouldn't be online I think.. .people should come meet face-to-face.
  87. [4:08:14 PM ICT] Chakrit: good point about 24/7 ... but it should be 24/7 na
  88. [4:08:23 PM ICT] Aruj: yep I think that too
  89. [4:08:41 PM ICT] Aruj: as a Salary man, if this community isn't 24/7, I don't have any time to join for sure.
  90. [4:09:07 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): getting round bangkok at 4am is fast :)
  91. [4:09:08 PM ICT] Aruj: SALARY MAN GO!
  92. [4:09:37 PM ICT] Chakrit: lol
  93. [4:09:38 PM ICT] Aruj: So those 4 rules sound okay.
  94. [4:10:06 PM ICT] jan: i found that when you start a hackerspace you are immediately part of the international hackerspace scene. similar to barcamp. when people from other spaces come to bangkok the usually try to visit. great for networking.
  95. [4:10:17 PM ICT] Chakrit: And .... one other thing is that... I was worried about the scary-foreigner issue but other people seemed to think that it's a non-issue.... just FYI
  96. [4:10:42 PM ICT] Aruj: But I'd like to add something like the shared resource. The VPS hosting, data storage, wireless connection or something like that.
  97. [4:11:04 PM ICT] Aruj: One day we might crack a WPA2 or later security standard here! :D
  98. [4:11:33 PM ICT] Chakrit: Hmmm hosting sounds nice. It's hard to find cheap VPS hosts in Thailand
  99. [4:12:12 PM ICT] Aruj: If you don't need any high performace computing, it's a lot cheaper that the cost for our place for sure.
  100. [4:13:17 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: maybe just wifi
  101. [4:13:50 PM ICT] Chakrit: I'd love to see more thai hackers on the internaltional space that'd mean a lot.
  102. [4:13:53 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: easy to maintenance
  103. [4:14:09 PM ICT] Aruj: So who'll be attend in our community? Who's the main target? Geeks, IT guys, right?
  104. [4:14:26 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: sure
  105. [4:15:15 PM ICT] Aruj: And what's the reason they'd like to join us?
  106. [4:15:22 PM ICT] jan: Aruj, i think similar to barcamp
  107. [4:15:25 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): speaking personally.. i need a reason to go into town
  108. [4:15:38 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): so the space must be somewhere i can get work done in a nice environment
  109. [4:15:46 PM ICT] Aruj: What make us different from just coding with their friends.
  110. [4:15:48 PM ICT] Aruj: ?
  111. [4:15:49 PM ICT] Chakrit: Yeah, mostly. But a few people have also talked to me about going broader than that.... i.e. include non-geeks as well like businessmen marketers etc. etc. (except for maybe, those MLM people)
  112. [4:16:03 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): drink coffee, talk to hackers, etc
  113. [4:16:19 PM ICT] Chakrit: @Aruj the talking to other devs part is probably the biggest diff.
  114. [4:17:05 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): chakrit you are starting a company right?
  115. [4:17:18 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): so its probably good place to make connection and find client too
  116. [4:17:24 PM ICT] Chakrit: Already started one :)
  117. [4:17:27 PM ICT] jan: it should be as attractive as hanging out in a nice cafe. similar atmosphere, but smarter people :)
  118. [4:17:49 PM ICT] jan: this is what we have to compete with.
  119. [4:18:12 PM ICT] Chakrit: Yeah the connection is a big big plus... to me. And also there are a lot of freelancers in Thailand... they'd probably benefits too
  120. [4:18:13 PM ICT] jan: why should people come to the hackerspace and not meet in a cafe. the old place could not compete with that.
  121. [4:18:16 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): yup.. perhaps just block facebook and will keep out the netbook hiso crowd :)
  122. [4:18:30 PM ICT] Chakrit: "netbook hiso crowd" <-- lol
  123. [4:18:41 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): you know what i mean.
  124. [4:18:53 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: i c  (lol)
  125. [4:19:51 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: so about the place
  126. [4:20:06 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: we may try to make a contact to some cafe?
  127. [4:20:15 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): i think it needs a coffee shop and someone who can make money from it
  128. [4:20:19 PM ICT] Aruj: So the place that will fit our needs must: 1. Easy to go (Near BTS, MRT) 2. Easy to geek (Have WiF with QoS Traffic for geeks only) - anything else?
  129. [4:20:40 PM ICT] Chakrit: 3. food and drinks
  130. [4:20:53 PM ICT] Chakrit: John has talked to K.Kuson from True right?
  131. [4:21:13 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: i think of starbuck , bug&bee
  132. [4:21:27 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): should have some desks too
  133. [4:21:47 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): perhaps some people will want to rent space there to work
  134. [4:22:26 PM ICT] jan: i think if we can get the finance we should start our own space. independent from cafe.
  135. [4:22:34 PM ICT] Aruj: So we're talking about an official space - which we have to rent but may not be a big place from the start, right?
  136. [4:22:42 PM ICT] jan: but john is in contact with true
  137. [4:22:50 PM ICT] Aruj: Or we'd like to have our own place from the starting?
  138. [4:23:12 PM ICT] Chakrit: better be our own place.... or at least we (john + community) have control of the place
  139. [4:23:32 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): ideally would prefer without big corp sponsor, in thailand at least i see that as bringing problems
  140. [4:23:51 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): but thats just my feeling, john is doing great job finding connections
  141. [4:24:20 PM ICT] Chakrit: cafe'd be good but personally I think it shouldn't from True ... it just .. doesn't felt right... :(
  142. [4:24:40 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): too many netbooks
  143. [4:24:52 PM ICT] jan: yes, the contacts with sipa and the creative economy thing seem like they have less headache with sponsor expectations.
  144. [4:25:05 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): cool
  145. [4:25:27 PM ICT] * Chakrit invited pe_achy
  146. [4:25:51 PM ICT] jan: maybe something like chula, i mean they own half of bangkok downtown. maybe they could give us a cheap long term lease.
  147. [4:26:17 PM ICT] jan: from what i know they own all the property in siam square right?
  148. [4:27:06 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: ah.... in term of chula i never expect of low profit
  149. [4:27:18 PM ICT] Chakrit: yeah, i think.
  150. [4:27:27 PM ICT] Chakrit: I mean yes, they own those properties, I think.
  151. [4:27:56 PM ICT] BLiNDiNG: as i know the rental cost of any places own by chula is very expensive
  152. [4:28:01 PM ICT] Chakrit: peachy: not sure if you can read past messages?
  153. [4:28:08 PM ICT] Aruj: If you want to be in Siam Square - True Coffee is the right answer.
  154. [4:28:17 PM ICT] Luke Hubbard ( @LukeInTH ): anyone know roofimon's skype
  155. [4:28:27 PM ICT] Aruj: But if you want your own place, we have to look for another.
  156. [4:28:39 PM ICT] Peachy: nah... I will follow from here.
  157. [4:29:43 PM ICT] Aruj: In my opinion, starting with True Coffee may be great. If we are able to have our own private space in the coffee shop located at Siam or CTW. This will let
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