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  1. Taking a deep breath, Jinwoon gripped on the handle of his suitcase and walked toward the school's entrance. He couldn't help the soft snicker that left him as he set his hand on the front door. Fancy working for a place run by gods, he thought while he treaded on hallways, following the signs that lead to the school's main office. "Better than subordinating to filthy humans," he mumbled. As soon as he found himself on the main office's doorstep, he wore the smile he spent years perfecting. With another deep breath, he knocked. "Here we go."
  3. -----
  5. No way, your voice is sexy~ Are you sure you're single?" Minwoo asked with the devious curl of his lips. The phone was nestled between his shoulder and his ear, while his fingers multitasked in typing away at an email he was instructed to send out to the staff about the new corriculum. He chuckled at the man's voice on the other line -though it was strictly for business purposes only..the man DID have a sexy voice.
  7. "Aniyo~ I'm doing my work properly. It's a shame you're all the way there sexy~" The man's voice was cute off when he heard the knock, feeling as if he'd gotten caught flirting with their vending company person. Minwoo's dark eyes widened and he straightened his posture, gesturing with to the man to take a step inside. "I have to go Lee-ssi. Come visit me sometime!"
  9. -----
  11. Bowing politely, Jinwoon stepped into the room as instructed. How amusing, he thought, as he continued watching the man behind the office's front desk. Flirting on the job, was he? It seemed some demigods in this place had human work habits. This one looked rather adorable, though. He was definitely someone Jinwoon wanted to get to know. Once the other man ended the call, Jinwoon gave him another polite bow. "Sorry for interrupting... whatever it was I interrupted," he started. "My name is Jung Jinwoon. I'm a new teacher."
  13. -----
  15. His eyes looked up from the screen again to meet this man. A smiling angel, but there was something dark in the other's eyes that almost made his heart leap. Wow.. he did feel like he was staring in the eyes of an angel. A deathly one... "Ah. Jung Jinwoon. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Magoseung." He smiled, looking through organized files to get a specific folder for Jinwoon full of paperwork and information. His nimble fingers pulled a sheet from the pile to look through, an eyebrow quirked. Eventually, the man smiled goofily and glanced to him.
  17. "Ah~ You're teaching my old class? Mortal Psychology~ Do you know where your classrooms are and your dorm room?"
  19. -----
  21. Jinwoon widened his eyes; it was a gesture he had trained himself to do instead of raising an eyebrow or any other facial expression that spelled even a shred of spite or contempt. "Thank you, Sir. Yes, that is the class I'm teaching," he replied, keeping his smile on, his tone light. Maybe excited, even. He shook his head at the last set of questions. The school had sent him the details of his accommodations in this school, but he never got to read the message. His murder trial took longer than expected. "And once again, I apologize. I'm afraid I don't know any of those. I was merely instructed to come here with all my belongings and proceed to the office for a certain No Minwoo."
  23. -----
  25. "No worries~ I'll show you to your dorm room first," Minwoo winked and moved from around the desk to  wiggle his finger for Jinwoon to follow him. This guy was damn tall, and sexy. He even seemed built beneath his shirt...Minwoo wanted, but he told himself he would behave. The guy seemed so cute and innocent-
  27. But he never trusted cute and innocent -seeming people. In a place where it was considered attractive to seem cute, innocent and fragile, he never trusted the act one bit. Did that mean he would pounce Jinwoon when they got along? Of course not~ He had more sense than that. Slightly.
  29. "So tell me a little about yourself?" Minwoo said, opening the door to the office and calling out some kid in the hallway. Yoseob. "Ya! Kid. Hey you. Watch the office for me?"
  31. -----
  33. With one more polite bow, Jinwoon walked behind the man, following him like a lost puppy. An oversized one. "Th-thank you," he said, stutter coming out naturally from years of practice. Clutching on the handle of his suitcase, he treaded on corridors, looking around to familiarize himself of what would be his home for as long as things were interesting for him. He redirected his attention to Minwoo at the question, and a small smile curled his lips. "I graduated a year ago, Sir, then spent time taking... special classes for Mortal Psychology," was his response. "I've never taught any class before, though. Since you were the previous instructor for my class, your guidance would be very much appreciated."
  35. -----
  37. "Ah..my guidance?" Minwoo shook his head at the thought, looking back at Jinwoon over his shoulder with a little smile on his lips. He lead him through the corridors, swiftly walking like some sort of esteemed important figure. "I sucked at teaching and it was my first time doing it also. Just get used to lazy students not turning their work in."
  39. Even though he had been that way in school, it irked him for some reason. He found it to be annoying when the kids didn't do the easy assed assignments he told them to. When instead of assigninng research papers and bookwork, he had them doing hands on activities or right personal reflections that had no right or wrong answers.
  41. And still, half of the class hadn't participated but passed their years anyhow. His eye had twitched for days. "Ah...and patience is virtue. You need it. A lot."
  43. -----
  45. Jinwoon nodded, flashing Minwoo another smile. A slightly coy one this time, as he noticed that this man was quite attractive. And judging from how he spoke to whoever he was talking to over the phone earlier, Minwoo knew this well. "Seems difficult to handle. What do you do to these kinds of students, Sir?" Jinwoon asked, curiosity present in his tone and his expression. But not his eyes. His eyes remained trained onto Minwoo, studying every angle of his figure, every line that formed his facial features. "How do you discipline them?"
  47. -----
  49. "I have them tied to trees. Throw board erasers and makers at them or.....They spend time with me after class~" Minwoo turned a wicked smirk on Jinwoon, running his tongue along his lower lips with a chuckle and pressing the button for the elevator to arrive once they were in the teacher's dormitory. He waited, his looking the tall other over.
  51. ".. You're sexy. Just thought you should know."
  53. -----
  55. Jinwoon couldn't help the laugh that left him. This man knew the game, and he played it well. "Sexy seems to be a term you use on a lot of people. But thank you," he chuckled as he followed Minwoo into the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed, he knew he could go from cordial to provocative if he so wished, but he decided not to. Not yet. "Another thing about me, Sir," he said. "I learn best through example." Eyes still on Minwoo, Jinwoon smiled, his voice sugary and poisonous. "Please show me how you discipline."
  57. -----
  59. Minwoo always followed his gut instinct; his words and thoughts were law. He heard the spicy sugar in the man's sweet voice and drew his eyes to meet his gaze. The look of amusement written on the smirk of his lips never disappeared. "Oh? You want to be punished?" He asked, checking Jinwoon's room number and pressing the correct floor."But the student, teacher kink doesn't work between coworkers?" He chuckled, moving closer to Jinwoon. He could play the game: He wasn't above hitting on this guy in the elevator, and if he continued to entice him -he wasn't above fucking him in one either.
  61. -----
  63. "I see nothing wrong in a new instructor being mentored by another teacher," Jinwoon replied, inching closer Minwoo as well. His line of sight slowly shifted from the other man's face downwards, to his collarbone and then to his chest and his abdominal walls. "Especially if the mentor were a fine teacher like yourself, Sir."
  65. -----
  67. Sir. He was being called sir, and it just then donned on him. Minwoo nestled his palms against Jinwoon's chest and leaned in towards his lips. "Are you sure you're willing to play with me?" The brunette asked, his eyes half-lidded, hips pressing to flush against Jinwoon's. He would gobble this man up completely, and to emphasize whatever danger Jinwoon was in, he reached his fingers to press the highest floor the elevator could take them.
  69. -----
  71. "Play? I thought we were working," Jinwoon chastised, letting the sweet smile he wore earlier slowly turn into a smirk at the feeling of the other man's crotch rubbing up against his own. "Though," he added as he leaned forward, letting his lips ghost over Minwoo's ear. "I like the idea of working under you."
  73. -----
  75. "Really? You look as if you could work on top of me also~" Minwoo grinned, nudging his head back to brush the dark locks of hair from his eyes. His fingers trailed from Jinwoon's firm pecs, down to his stomach and finally, he went to work at unbuckling Jinwoon's pants. The phoenix wasted no time, his nimble fingers already sinking into the man's slacks and testing them over his hot, thick groin. They massaged the muscle, firm and fearly, and his gaze never left Jinwoon's as he stroked him. What a big guy.
  77. -----
  79. A long, soft exhale left Jinwoon at the friction on sensitive skin. Times like these, it was great to be part human. This side of him was blessed with senses angels did not possess. Senses that all angels, even fallen ones, secretly wanted. Closing his eyes, he parted his lips slightly to catch Minwoo's bottom lip with them. Moaning against the kiss, he leaned his entire body forward, pushing Minwoo and walking him backwards for a short moment until they encountered a wall. His hands then slid in between them and his fingers began to work on undoing the other man's pants.
  81. -----
  83. The man let a groan escape his lips, his back pressing against the cool metal of the inner walls of the elevator. He shivered against the other's lips, arching his body forward and parting his thighs enough to let Jinwoon do all he needed. This man did indeed seem like a god to him; almost flawless. "Mmm~" He hummed, eyes closing when he deemed the small nibbles and kiss into a more passionate, aggressive one. The flame was lit, and it never went out. He went for what he wanted. He tugged Jinwoon's length from his pants, letting it hang above the opened part and thumbed the smooth head of if. The fingers tightened, stroking him stealthy, expertly pumping his fingers along it.
  85. -----
  87. The next exhale that left Jinwoon was sharp, leaving him in a rush. Once he unfastened the closures of Minwoo's pants to have room to work with, he slipped his hand underneath the fabric covering the other man's groin. He tugged slightly on the garments that covered Minwoo from the waist down, just enough to expose the warm, hardened flesh. Despite his body warring against the decision, Jinwoon pushed Minwoo's hand away from his length. He then pressed his own arousal against Minwoo's and coiled his hand around both their erections. With a groan dredging out of his throat, he moved his hand and his hips, grinding himself against the other man.
  89. -----
  91. "Aaah fuck.." Minwoo hissed, curling a leg around Jinwoon, then using the wall of the elevator to hold himself up properly.A groan left his lips when he felt Jinwoon's hard cock beind rubbed against his, and one arm looped around the other's neck to hold himself up properly on him. He tipped his head, sucking the other's tongue and his hips began to grind himself properly against the other. Yes. he wanted more of him, but for now, he would play. "Good.." He whispered against the man's swollen lips. "Fuck..I want more.."
  93. -----
  95. "Mmm." Every kiss was returned, and every snap of the hips was reciprocated. This already felt very much like sex, but it wasn't enough. "Should I misbehave more?" Jinwoon asked, voice low and cold against the juncture under Minwoo's jaw. If this was Minwoo's idea of castigation, he would cause this man trouble over and over again. While one hand continued stroking both of them, Jinwoon loosened his other hand's grip on Minwoo's hip. Pulling his lips away from Minwoo's, he slipped his fingers into the other person's mouth. "Or am I being tested on my punishment skills?"
  97. -----
  99. "Mmhmm~" Minwoo let his wet tongue roll over Jinwoon's fingers, moistening them with his saliva then, meeting Jinwoon's dark eyes again, slipped his lips over them until they pursed around his knuckle. He suckled the fingers with a hum, sliding his mouth along each joint of the fingers. Slowly, he pulled his mouth from over them to speak.
  101. "I'm curious to see how bad you can be.. I'll punish you accordingly~" His grinned was almost predatory, and his mouth slid back onto his fingers again -bobbing his head along them as if saying, 'imagine how this would feel with my mouth on something else'. He moaned around his fingers, stomach tightening at the pleasure of Jinwoon's rubbing and stroking. He was so hard from the man's advances. Hello Psychology teacher. If he took Jinwoon to his room, he doubted either of them would make it out before the break ended.
  103. -----
  105. Minwoo hadn't used any words to explicitly say what he meant, but Jinwoon got his message loud and clear - Sex. Here. Now. He gasped at the heat the other man's warm mouth sent through his system, and yet again he went against his body's wishes and released his grip around their erections. With the same hand, he tugged down on the articles of clothing still covering Minwoo from waist down. He stopped as soon as the waistbands reached the middle of Minwoo's thighs, and he let gravity do the rest of the work. The same hand was then used to prop up one of Minwoo's legs to give him better access.
  107. "It might be hard to measure how bad I can be, Sir," came his remark as he slid his fingers out of Minwoo's mouth and sent his hand toward the man's backside. "My soul is still burning."
  109. Latching his lips onto the column of Minwoo's neck, he slipped a finger into the man's entrance, moving the digit around, pushing against the walls of the other teacher's tight, sweltering heat.
  111. -----
  113. "Nnn..fuck..Jinwoon-ya~" Minwoo assumed the other was younger than he was, lifting his hips to give Jinwoon a hand in preparing him. He was a sadomasochist, and was so eager to fuck that the slight intrusion hardly phased him. He pushed himself into Jinwoon's fingers, rocking his hips and letting his length rub, though not as firmly as it had been, against the other's length. His head tipped back, eyes fluttering closed as he let the other take him. "Keep being bad.. I'll punish you over and over again.. I don't think we'll get any work done~" He grinned, licking his lips and using a hand to take the task of pumping their lengths tongether.. No.. He wanted to see the man's beautiful body beneath his clothes. He lifted the shirt over Jinwoon's stomach, eyeing him and nodding in approvel, then raised it a little higher. He could tell; if anyone was going to be pinning Minwoo down and taming him, this guy could do so without any complaint from the secretary.
  115. "Jinwoon~" He purred out softly, moaning the other's name as if it were some sort of mantra.
  117. -----
  119. "Minwoo," escaped Jinwoon in a low moan as he eased his fingers out of the other teacher. He didn't think he'd like the notion of getting punished as much as he did that moment. At the back of his head, something told him that it might have been because he had literally seen Hell that no other form of punishment could faze him, but any thought outside of 'Minwoo, so beautiful' faded away quickly. Flashing Minwoo one more grin, he grabbed the other man by the shoulders and turned him around quickly before roughly pressing his chest against the wall. "At this rate, I'll never learn," he whispered before spitting in his hand to moisten himself as best as he could. "Minwoo..." With one hand gripping on the other man's hip, Jinwoon slowly pressed himself against Minwoo's entrance before pushing in, groaning at the tight ring of muscle clamping down on him.
  121. -----
  123. Minwoo didn't see it coming. The man had thus far been so gentle and easy with him that the thought he could be rough and vicious this way never made it to his mind. His palms pressed against the elevator, and as if some curse of the earth, the elevator rang and opened. Fuck that, he moaned out then bit his lips, parting his legs to bend properly for Jinwoon to push into him. His bare, thick caught stretched his inner walls even further. His chest pulsed. His mind went into a daze. His eyes closed and his fingers pawed the wall like a cat looking for an escape.
  125. "Mmmfuck..yes.." He breathed, pushing himself back onto Jinwoon's rock hard cock as the other pushed in. He hissed, just quietly, then chuckled breathlessly. He wanted him to fuck him so good, and in the meantime, he reached a hand down to begin pumping himself. Call him fucked up, but in the back of his mind he hoped someone needed to get on the elevator. And watch them.
  127. -----
  129. "So good..." Soft gasps from Jinwoon splintered through the air as he rolled his hips, repeatedly plunging into Minwoo. He moved slowly at first, at an unhurried, almost agonizing pace. "How do people from this realm say it again?" He asked in between gasps for air every time he drove into Minwoo. "I think it was... you're so fucking hot." His hands slid from Minwoo's hips to the underside of his shoulders, and none too gently he pulled the other man up closer, pressing his chest against Minwoo's back. He grunted at the new angle, at the new depth. Gripping tightly on Minwoo's shoulders, he snapped his hips harder and faster, letting the tightness, the friction, and the intense pleasure nearly rob him of his breath.
  131. -----
  133. "Aaah!!" Minwoo moaned out louder then, and the elevator slid closed. "F..fucking hot.." He almost laughed, but couldn't say a word when he felt Jinwoon's cock brush deeper, filling him more. He leaned his head back against Jinwoon's shoulder, stroking himself just as fast in time with the thrusts. He was almost possessed by the other -his body gave the man dominion and permission to do anything he pleased. And Minwoo was never. Ever so submissive.
  135. "Ahhh fuck..fuck.. Fuck!!!" His moans grew. He kept a leg lifted, entranced by the sweet slapping sound of skin as Jinwoon's balls smacked violently against the base of his ass, and the wet pumping of his fingers choked around his dick made music with their heavy panting and the squeaking rocking of the elevator. "Mmmm, Jinwoon..... so fucking delicious.." He purred, eyes clenching shut in bliss. This realm? He had to be a devil, not that Minwoo minded. He was sure Hell had taken his soul a long time ago, and if it gave him days and nights of endless love-making with the other, so bed it. The muscles of his ass tightened as he felt a mock, pre-climax shake him momentarily. He wasn't finished yet, but Jinwoon's long dick touched just the right nerves to bring him nearer, further to the edge. One hand lifted to Jinwoon's hair, gripping the dark locks in his fingers. He was sooo close...
  137. -----
  139. "That's it... moan louder." Jinwoon found it surreal, almost, that the princely man from earlier was completely pliable in his hands. He found it even stranger, however, that he had no problems giving this man what he wanted. His breathing and all brain function stopped momentarily as he felt the other push his hips back and clench around him with every move he made. "Minwoo," was the only coherent combination of syllables that left him among his next attempt at words. Hands sliding down to Minwoo's hips to keep him in place, Jinwoon continued rolling his hips, groaning at every thrust, every clench of Minwoo's muscles to mercilessly squeeze the orgasm out of him.
  141. -----
  143. Jinwoon held him there, pinning his hips and rocking himself with that dangerous angle that eventually Minwoo did find himself shaking in orgasm. He cried out loud, voice echoing against the metal and his seed spilled into his fingers. His lips parted as the jolts of pleasure surged up and down  his spine, leaving him trembling and dazed. "You..you..are so..fucking..amazing.." He was able to say, at least a few minutes after the climax left him and he caught his breath. He wasn't sure if he could casually continue back with work after this. Even then, he wanted Jinwoon again. No, he told himself he wouldn't get addicted at all. That he would have more control....His legs almost gave out underneath him and he loed his head, almost filming limp.
  145. -----
  147. "I... oh... M-Minwoo, fuck," were among the cluster of words that escaped Jinwoon before he cried out breathlessly into the light blasting behind his eyelids. He shuddered as his release flowed into the sweltering tightness surrounding him, dripping down Minwoo's thigh. Still letting out sharp breaths, he stayed as he was for a few seconds before pulling his softened length out of Minwoo. "Th-that..." Thoughts were still difficult to process, and words were still hard to form. Jinwoon struggled to gather himself and words to form a coherent sentence. To say that you are exceptional, Sir, would be an understatement was somehow reduced to "... Want. Again. And again."
  149. -----
  151. Minwoo allowed himself to lean forward, a pleasant smile breathlessly making it's way to his lips. He panted and leaned against the elevator, knees almost shaking a moment. He soon turned to face Jinwoon, lazily bringing up his pants, and without saying a word he pulled the other by the front of his shirt to crush their lips together in the most intense, tongue-sucking kiss he could muster. "I want you..more.." He whispered between kiss, tilting his head from one side to another as his lips declared firey war against the other's mouth. "More.." He kissed him again. "Over and over.."
  153. -----
  155. Jinwoon had just pulled his pants back up when Minwoo assaulted at his defenses with a sensual kiss. Eyes closed, Jinwoon pushed his tongue against Minwoo's, nipping on his bottom lip whenever he had the chance. He found the other's assertiveness rather enticing, and if he weren't tired and sore, he would have had energy for another round right then and there. "Over and over," he repeated as he pressed one more kiss on Minwoo's lips and grinned at him, sweetness back in his features and his voice. "I'd have you teach me some discipline... over and over."
  157. -----
  159. "Mhmm, look forward to it Woonie~" Minwoo said smoothely, rubbing the other's hips and ..ugh, he would need to clean. "In the meantime I'm using your shower when we get to your room~" He grinned, looking at his hand and the mess they made, then pulling a napkin from his pocket to clean it -followed by pressing the appropriate floor button. Over and over.. they'd better not stop. His eyes roamed Jinwoon's flawless physique... he had to have been something -not- human. Not even close, maybe not even half.
  161. -----
  163. "Yes, of course, Sir," he replied, nodding while his eyes narrowed to mere slits as he smiled. He had put up his innocent facade once more, but he didn't stop studying Minwoo. He didn't stop observing how clothes draped around this man's frame and how he must have looked when not covered in layers of fabric. The pleasure from earlier still tingled on his skin as he continued to follow Minwoo to his assigned room which hopefully was big enough for fun for two. Or three, or more.
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