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  1. ->''"Long before the internet, very boring people created very boring home videos. Thanks to cheap bandwidth and fast internet connections, these people are not only able to share their horrid disasters with the rest of the world, but they are actually encouraged to make more!"''
  2. -->--'''SomethingAwful'''[='s=] intro to ''Webcam Ward''.
  4. The advent of the internet, and with it websites such as YouTube, has enabled people to express themselves to the world as if they were celebrities. Some break new ground and do indeed become celebrities, but then there are those who try, miss the mark, and end up gaining fame for all the wrong reasons.
  6. '''''Important Note''''': Merely being offensive in its subject matter is not sufficient. Hard as it is to imagine at times, [[RuleThirtySix there is a market for all types of deviancy]], no matter how small a niche it is. It has to ''fail to appeal even to that niche'' to qualify as this.
  8. '''''Second Important Note'''': It is not horrible based solely on what it deems to be AcceptableTargets.
  9. ----
  10. !!Examples:
  11. * The unbelievably-horrifying ''[[ShockSite SWAP.avi]]''. Because even the DarthWiki has anything remotely resembling a decency standard, we're prohibited from describing much of this, the most degrading excuse for pornography that has ever been conceived by a human mind. Just typing this made the editor contemplate suicide as an alternative to remembering it.
  12. ** It all started on SomethingAwful when one of the goons requested that this video be made. [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone The end result ho]][[EvenEvilHasStandards rrified even him.]] ''SWAP.avi'' is [[spoiler:basically ''[[ShockSite 2 Girls 1 Cup]]'' turned up to twenty (rather fitting, as they were produced by the same people) — the real name for the accursed thing is ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Scat Swapping School Swallow]]''. It stars four women who appear to have been very coerced, and it lasts for sixty very long, very painful minutes. Vomit is involved, as is more shit than is humanly possible]]. It starts at [[{{Squick}} disgusting]] [[{{Understatement}} and only gets worse from there]] — SA rated each of its individual aspects -INFINITY (negative infinity), for an overall rating of [[ShapedLikeItself -INFINITY]].
  13. *** Oh, Internet (back when they were s Encyclopedia Dramatica) considered it too SickAndWrong for human eyes.[[spoiler:..but advised it be used in practical jokes.]]
  14. * A certain netizen called "01000001 01101100 01100101 01111000 01100001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01000010 01100001 01100100 01110010", otherwise known as "01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000111 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01000100 01110101 01100100 01100101". [[hottip:*:(Handy translator [[ here.]] [[SpeakOfTheDevil We'd give his real name, but last time we did that he registered an account just to vandalize this page.]])]] He's one of many [[AngryVideoGameNerd AVGN]] [[FollowTheLeader rip-offs]] who [[MemeticMutation basica]] nitpicks at things like [[SuperSmashBros Pokemon Trainer]]'s lack of a name and that the karts are driven by Shy Guys. It's an attempt to be like the Nerd, but he comes off as an unremarkable whiner who [[StopHavingFunGuy doesn't want people to have any fun]]. He also "reviews" things that just don't need to be reviewed, like the Barbie game for the NES. And it doesn't end at his videos; [[SmallNameBigEgo his attitude is also Horrible]]. If you mention him with his name '''anywhere''' (as we have bravely dared to do) he'll likely show up, launch a vitriolic rant at you and anyone else that dares to criticize him, and then register for an account [[ShamelessSelfPromoter to advertise himself some more]]. While he occasionally brags about his subscriber count, his subscriber box on YouTube is hidden. He's since tried a ParodyRetcon, but it doesn't work because he's ''still'' attacking people for saying his videos suck.
  15. * Ugh, ''[[ Videogame Theater]]''. Lame, trite, and overused jokes are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of the ''Escapist'' fans are still wondering why this show is still even on here as evidenced by the forums.
  16. ** It does make excellent SnarkBait, however. The comments on the videos also provide some good HilariousInHindsight moments, as people (mostly ''Escapist'' staff and the show's creator) defend the videos and claim that they'll find their niche eventually. The last video was released in ''2008''.
  17. * What do you get when a ten-year-old tries to rip off ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, the AngryVideoGameNerd, and ConfusedMatthew at the same time? The horrid abomination that is [[ The Angry Movie Dork.]] He has a large hate group, and has caused somewhat of a InternetBackdraft. He even replies on the Nostalgia Critic's videos and seems to leave some [[{{Understatement}} rather rude remarks]]. Made even worse by the fact that he recently called someone signing up on TGWTG as an "imposter", "the worst tragedy since 9/11 and [[GodwinsLaw Hitler]]". He inspired TheNostalgiaCritic character [[StrawFan Douchey McNitpick]], which is fitting as he's plagiarized at least two of Doug Walker's reviews wholesale (one of which he would '''''[[OrwellianEditor really]]''''' like everyone to forget, even blocking people who don't). So bad, at one time putting his name into a Wikipedia search redirected to "Camwhore". The sad thing is, he's implied that he wants to do a collaboration with the Critic.
  18. * The Washington Post gave its reporters Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza a shot at political panel show stardom in the form of the internet video series ''Mouthpiece Theater'', in which "two of the biggest maws in Washington" sat around cracking allegedly-funny jokes about people in the news. Even though it was ostensibly satirical, it lent credence to the image a good number of bloggers have about the Post — a bunch of people who regard Washington more as a social circle where one doesn't overstep their bounds than, you know, a political body that affects the rest of the nation. It was canned soon after an episode where, while comparing politicians to beers, the hosts chose Mad Bitch to represent Hillary Clinton; this was an unrepresentatively-offensive but representatively-stupid moment in the series. In general, the show was an insult to its viewers' intelligence and sense of humor. How do you go from ''AllThePresidentsMen'' to this?
  19. * GaiaOnline has the embarrassment known only as ''[=MMVII=]''. They outsourced the production of their first ever "movie" update, and it shows in the bad voice acting (one could argue this was deliberate for Vladimir as a ShoutOut to his voice actor's [[HeyItsThatVoice previous]] [[{{Castlevania}} role]]; nobody else has an excuse), OffModel characters, incoherent presentation of the story, and lack of context for the various vampire fandom shout-outs that took place. Nearly the whole thing has been retconned out of Gaia's storyline altogether, with [[DroppedABridgeOnHim one exception]].
  20. * Despite its large hatedom, the IrateGamer has a large serious fanbase and more than a few that think it's SoBadItsGood. However, even the most hardened Irate Gamer fan won't defend Chris Bores' other project, ''Haunted Investigators''. A mind-numbingly '''[[IncrediblyLamePun boring]]''' ''GhostAdventures'' ripoff with MS Paint-worthy special effects and ridiculous ineptitude by the so-called experts (part of the "evidence" provided in the premiere is of the guy tripping in a stairway, and in another the '''camera suddenly pausing'''), it serves as little more than a vehicle for Bores' ''{{Ghostbusters}}'' obsession. Wonderfully {{Retsupurae}}ed [[ here.]]
  21. ** None of his fans can defend his ''Chris and Scottie Roadtrip'' series. UnfortunateImplications abound with "jokes" about the countries they're "[[ChromaKey visiting]]", major SpecialEffectFailure amongst the splotchy green-screen (or just the former in the third video), and it's difficult to look at Chris Bores as the StraightMan when he [[CriticalResearchFailure fails to do research on the locations]].
  22. *** And in case you're wondering why they chose to put in a 2D mouse walking across the screen when they visit Pixar instead of a 3D one, it's because they were too damn lazy to use anything outside of Photoshop's sample program.
  23. * [[ Panda Thirst.]] Imagine all those already overdone Power Thirst rip-offs. Now add in an immature 12-year-old shoving a forced raspy voice down your ears as he spouts off terrible jokes. Now have the "bad words" edited out of his speech and replaced with a bit of audio from the original video. You get this piece of "work". Thirty seconds of pure waste of time, there is '''no''' quality to it whatsoever.
  24. * ''NekoSugarGirls'' ([[ available here]]) is a [[StealthParody deliberate]] example of this. [[OffModel MS-Paint blobs of]] {{Animesque}} animation, [[SpecialEffectsFailure Windows Movie Maker text]], voiceovers ranging from unenthusiastic to ear-piercing, equally cringe-inducing GratuitousJapanese, and an extra serving of FetishRetardant (or FanDisservice, depending on how one looks at it). The fact that it appears to be a satire on Windows Movie Maker videos and Japanophiles ''should'' make it SoBadItsGood, but it works a little ''too'' well and incites InternetBackdraft instead.
  25. * Just when you thought that some of the information on this Wiki can be inaccurate, proves that you can get worse. Cpedia is a sort of automated Wikipedia that gathers information from the web and brings it together into entries that make no fucking sense. [[InsultToRocks Saying that a schizophrenic wrote the articles would be an insult to schizophrenics.]] Just read the article on [[ 9-11]] (may cause loss of IQ)...if the Wiki even existed anymore.
  26. * ''Gemmadelsud'', an Italian girl who has deluded herself into believing she can sing, dance, and speak English. She makes a lot of videos of herself shrieking along to mostly English songs [[ (enjoy her version of "My Heart Will Go On")]] while thrashing around as if she was being possessed by some demon. [[ Not that her Italian singing is any better...]] She's one of [=DIOchan=] (Italian [=4chan=])'s favorite targets.
  27. * The single most reviled person on YouTube has to be [[ DBZFAN0123]]. This isn't any obscure user. His videos have '''thousands''' of "dislike" votes and none have triple-digit "like" votes. His main shtick is attacking big titles like ''Left4Dead'', [[CriticalResearchFailure creating nonexistent]] [[TheyJustDidntCare and sometimes completely inverted reasons]] why the games suck, and insulting the audience if they like them. As if that wasn't bad enough, the video quality is just second for most hated aspect. Each video ends halfway through, mid-sentence, and loses several minutes of his ranting. He also likes to mock other famous users like Shane Dawson and leaves responses to them, again insulting the audience if they like the videos in question. Oh, and [[MurderArsonAndJaywalking he very rarely wears a shirt]].
  28. * ''Grand Theft Auto: Escanaba''. Horrible acting and dialoge (such as "...And we'll give you money for these missions, so you can buy weapons, to shoot people"), terrible and immature ToiletHumor, nearly-unwatchable moments (such as the ''title screen''), the plot is full of AntiClimax[=es=], and it's all in all very bland. [[ You]] [[ are not]] [[ ready.]] And it [[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking loses resembelance to]] ''GrandTheftAuto'' anyway in favor of a random gang-war arc in the middle!
  29. * "Playboy" Paul Rose, aka YouTube user [[ mrplayboy2u.]] He's an overweight indy wrestler who constantly bashes all the big names in {{WWE}}, {{TNA}}, and RingOfHonor, and says that he could [[SquashMatch squash]] any of them. Meanwhile, he's posting his matches and trying to make himself look like a bigshot ([[SmallNameBigEgo he's the only one who believes his own hype]]) when in reality, he's a nobody, and it's evident in the crowd sizes. He's also very self-conscious about his weight, and will {{Troll}} anyone who insults his weight or in-ring "[[SarcasmMode abilities]]" (his only claim to fame is successfully botching the hell out of a Diving Cross Body attempt). And speaking of his "abilities", he comes out to [[MostAnnoyingSound Framing Hanley's remix of "Lollipop"]], [[NoSell no-sells]] any kind of offense thrown at him, botches his own moves horribly, and '''refuses''' to lose, even if he's scheduled to! He's like HulkHogan (in {{WCW}}) and Kevin Nash (in WCW ''and'' TNA), minus their (limited) in-ring ability and popularity, but with all their ego — crappy in the ring, whores the camera, and won't let anyone else have the spotlight. In other words, he's horrible. Just. Fucking. '''''Horrible.'''''
  30. * Christian Chandler's works are so infamous that there's a [[BileFascination group dedicated to saving copies of his videos just in case they're deleted, which he periodically will, for the sake of uploading them again]]. His videos are poorly lit, he tends to abuse his cameras, doesn't focus properly or edit all too well, and won't even try to post-produce. The content is at best it's unimaginative, unoriginal, devoid of humor, and comparable to the work of a very small child (such as his rewriting of the CrashTestDummies song "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" done in a botched Mr. Popo cosplay that [[UnfortunateImplications eerily resembles blackface]]) and at worst it's '''incredibly''' offensive, psychologically revealing, and rather creepy, such as one notorious video in which he ''unfavorably compared a man to the'' '''World Trade Center''' '''''for trolling him'''''...or what must be the most insensitive ParodyRetcon known to man.
  31. * Christopher Williams, known by his username [[ Cwilliams1976]], maker of incredibly-bad [[StationIdent UK television idents]]. His voice is flat and monotone, he doesn't know the meaning of the word "brevity", most of his mocks are mostly "intervals" made up of his boring rambling followed by 10 minutes of music over a still image (Never mind the fact that most of the stations he makes his mock for are COMMERCIAL stations, where they should show advertisements instead of 10 minutes of music), and he doesn't label his mocks as such, meaning that anyone looking for real idents will more than likely run into his crap.
  32. * [[ The Super AVGN]] is a ten-year-old who has tried doing his own Angry Video Game Nerd style of reviewing. He also knows on the Nostalgia Critic/AVGN battle, but is oblivious to the fact that it was satirical. He's infamous for [[ a review]] of ''Dungeons and Dragons'' credited to the Nostalgia Critic — fourteen and a half minutes of a static image of the Nostalgia Critic with ''very'' anti-Semitic views, as well as a symbol that should be a swastika but is flipped the wrong way round. All of this is done with annotations, mind you — he couldn't be bothered to edit the drawing himself. It also links to [[ his review]] of ''Inception'' where he bashes the film for no real reason, and also spells horribly. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking He also says "I AM BETTEr THAN THE NC, I DESERVE TO BE ON TGWTG".]]
  33. * Yet '''''another''''' manchild [[FollowTheLeader trying to be the]] {{AVGN}}, [[ NC17 Productions]] is a 23-year old man who, like many others, reviews games nobody in his audience will actually care about. He often bashes classic games, such as ''Kid Icarus'', ''Dynamite Headdy'' and ''City Connection'', and bashes them for things related to his own low IQ, one example being where he thought a paler enemy in ''City Connection'' was "inactive". He also deletes any and all comments that criticize him (constructive or not), and will often say to people that he has no flaws. He also claimed he would be deleting his videos, only to announce that he would be returning mere days later, saying he wanted tips from his fans, which he seems to have ignored.
  34. ** He's also a blatant plagiarist. His reviews of ''Top Gun'' and ''Karate Kid'' steal direct lines from the AVGN, while his ''Ghosts n' Goblins'' review steals direct lines from the Irate Gamer. How low do you have to go to steal from the latter?!
  35. ** He also steals lines, complaints and such from the AVGN, right down to the ClusterFBomb and "I'd rather x" that the AVGN does.
  36. ** He also failed to understand the concept of DynamiteHeaddy. He claims it's impossible to jump down a ledge, when it isn't. He also was curb stomped by the second boss, when Beau was clearly pointing at the second boss' weak point. What does he do? [[WhatAnIdiot He stands RIGHT where the boss is going to land]]. Cue feigned anger and [[ClusterFBomb Cluster F Bombs]].
  37. * ''[[ Sonic V S Broly 2]]'', the sequel to a video which can barely be considered SoBadItsGood, is this all over. The video's audio is ridiculously loud to the point that you can't even hear the music, and what music you can hear is rather jarring. The plot is painfully basic (Broly comes to fight Sonic for '''''no reason whatsoever!'''''), random characters show up because the plot requires them to, and the "animation" is primarily a bunch of MS Paint drawings.
  38. * [[ mariotehplumber]]...well, where to start? This Sonic "fanboy" turns out to talk more bad about the series than good, making rants where every other word is [[ClusterFBomb "fuck" or "shit"]], calls anybody he doesn't like or outside of his social class "faggots", bitches about minor aspects of changes in Sonic's design and other minute, unneeded details, calls anime-style art "[[CriticalResearchFailure hentai]]", and refers to Knuckles as "[[FantasticRacism Nigger Knuckles]]". His videos are so poorly received, with dislikes at least one and a half times more than the likes on the average video, that people such as [[ DLAbaoaqu]] have lashed out against him. When he's not being vitriolic and annoying, he's making "Let's Play" videos, and they're not usually much better.
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