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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. You must test in order, according to the ranks. If you have failed a test, you must wait 24 hours before being able to test again.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. [LR] Red Lotus Member - All newcomers in the Red Lotus achieve this rank for free.
  7. [LR] Red Lotus Sentries - This is directly after "Red Lotus Member". To achieve this, consult a Red Lotus HR to give you access it.
  9. [MR] Red Lotus Master - Similar to the well known Master ranks in the game, this rank can be achieved when tested by a Red Lotus HR. Test expectations can vary depending on the HR who gives the test, and the HR will decide if you ultimately pass or fail.
  11. [MR] Red Lotus Elite - You must be a "Red Lotus Master" to be eligible to test for this rank. You must defeat the tester twice in order to pass.
  13. [HR] Red Lotus Council - The Red Lotus Council directly serve, and are picked by the Red Lotus Leader. Testing for this rank is impossible. Applications will be held when needed, to pick any worthy candidates.
  15. [HR] Red Lotus Elder - The Red Lotus Elder is essentially the second in command of the entire organization. They take charge of the Council, help the group flow, as well as assist the Leader with everything that happens within it. The Red Lotus Elder is also the next in line for Red Lotus Leader.
  17. [L] Red Lotus Leader - Leader
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