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  1. Table of Contents:
  2. * Session One: Line 7
  3. * Session Two: Soon (tm)
  4. * Session Three: Later (tm)
  7. ### Session One ###
  9. Were I less naive, I might have seen the signs I was entering a proverbial lion’s den.
  11. I was new to the city-state of Sedis, sent there as a diplomatic envoy from the neighboring country of Uchar. Uchar is a sort of buffer zone between the green demon realm of Sedis and the western part of the continent. As such, there’s a constant flow of people, both mamono and human, through Uchar. It necessitates a good relationship with our international neighbors. That means, as junior ambassador, my job can sometimes get pretty stressful. Ten, sometimes twelve, hour workdays six days a week dealing with politics really wears you down.
  13. After one such week, I must have been looking pretty haggard to draw the attention of the ruler of Sedis, Ilassa. She’s a Lilim, a daughter of the current Demon Lord. That makes her one of the most influential and important people in the world. I interact with her about once a week alongside the senior ambassador. It was after one such meeting that Ilassa pulled me aside.
  15. “Here,” she said as she handed over a black and purple striped card. “Take this and go to 127 Sapphire Lane. Give it to Reri. She’ll get rid of some of that stress for you.”
  17. The name Reri sounded familiar but I couldn’t remember why. That should have been warning enough. But I took the card after an exasperated look from my senior. I didn’t want to start an incident by turning down a gift from a Lilim. So I bowed and replied, “Thank you, your highness. I hope I was not too much of a distraction today.”
  19. She waved me off and began walking away. “Not at all. Have fun~”
  21. I was immediately accosted by my colleague. He insisted that I go to the aforementioned place, highlighting the fact that such gifts were rare. He also made it clear that I was to make sure I didn’t look half-dead the following week. There was nothing else for it. Especially since 127 Sapphire Lane was only a few streets over from the Uchar Embassy. As such, I waited until my off hours to head in that direction.
  23. When I finally found my destination, I was somewhat taken aback. I’m not exactly sure what I expected to find there, but it definitely wasn’t it. A large mansion, really a gothic-inspired villa, was sandwiched between two high-rises. It and the grounds surrounding it easily took up several blocks. Segregating it from the surrounding city was a head-height, brick wall. A metal gate flanked by two Automaton guards was the only entrance I could see. Both guards watched me as I approached, their heads swiveling eerily. Once I was within talking distance, one spoke in a monotone:
  25. “This area is restricted. Please present your identification or move along.”
  27. At first I reached for my diplomatic credentials. Then I realized that they probably meant the card Ilassa had given me. I produced it and showed it to the guards. They took one glance at it then stood aside. The gate behind them swung open without any verbal command. I nervously eyed them both, then proceeded up the stone driveway. The path was flanked by vibrant floral arrangements of various mamono and humans engaged in, well, salacious acts. That should have been warning sign number two. But I wrote it off, thinking it normal. After all, I was in a green demon realm. Most works of art and other such culture would be of a sexual nature. Still, I found myself growing ever more wary as I passed by the bits of shrubbery. The shadows played tricks on my mind, making it seem as if the plant sculptures were pouncing at me.
  29. Eventually a set of lavish double doors came into view. As I got closer, a Ryu with golden scales exited through them and jumped into the sky. I watched her fly off, somewhat amazed as it was my first time seeing one in the flesh. I didn’t realize I was staring, frozen in place, until someone called from beyond the doors. “Well, are you going to come in or not?” said a voice that was dripping with sensual passion.
  31. I gulped and stepped inside, shutting the doors behind me. Before me was a vast, open entrance hall with curving stairs that led up to higher floors. Like the outside, the inside was decorated with more statutes in mid coitus, these of marble.  Otherwise it was fairly baroque: lots of ornate woodwork, lots of arches, lots of columns. I almost missed the desk before the stairs and the Manticore behind it. But once my eyes rested on her I could think of nothing else.
  33. Like most Manticores, her limbs from the elbow and knee down were furred and ended in paws. The dark, rich purple fur made her flawless, warm beige skin stand out all the more. Though her dress was rather conservative (for a mamono), it clung to her hourglass figure and propped up her breasts in such a way it made it hard to stare at anything but her cleavage. Compounding their eye-catching nature was an amulet around the tuff of fur about her neck that rested just above her pillowy mounds. One of her bright red eyes was covered by side-swept bangs. The rest of her hair was gathered into two pigtails starting at the top of her neck that were swept forward and spilled across her chest on either side. Two feline ears sprouted from the top of her head, both them and her hair sharing the same color as her fur. A set of crimson bat-like wings sprouted from her back, and she held them fairly close to her body.
  35. But perhaps the piece de resistance was her tail. It was also crimson, and swayed behind her like a cat’s. Unlike a cat’s, though, it was a thick as a softball. There was also a spined lump of flesh at the end nearly twice that size. The entire limb was a specialized organ whose entire purpose was to milk semen out of men. Or so I’d once read, anyways. Supposedly the spines were venomous as well, but I couldn’t recall what they actually did right then.
  37. Still, one thing was very clear when looking at her. She oozed seduction from every pore. And she owned it like no other mamono I’d met had (except for maybe Ilassa.) On top of that confidence was a sort of bearing that made me think that she was the sort to give orders and expect them to be followed without question. She had to be the owner, if not the main person in charge.
  39. A polite cough reminded me that I was gawking. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. It didn’t do much good. There was simply too much blood in the wrong head. I might be an ambassador to a mamono-controlled nation, trained to resist such temptation, but this Manticore had pure sex appeal. Apparently she picked up on this because she chuckled musically.
  41. “That happens to every new male client that walks through those doors,” she purred. Her eyes roved over me like a lion sizing up its prey. “I keep wondering if a warning sign would be too conceited.”
  43. I had to work to get the proper words out of my mouth. “Um. Right. I was told to give this to Reri.” I waved the card so she could see it. “Could you point me in the right direction?”
  45. That earned me another light laugh, concealed behind one of her paws. “You’re speaking to her, dear boy.”
  47. “O-Oh. Well then, here you go.”
  49. Reri took the card from me, making sure to brush my hands with her fur as she did. It was perhaps even softer than I’d thought, like a rich velvet. She slid the card into a reader attached to a laptop. She tapped away for a few moments, then let out a soft gasp. “Well now, Oliver, this is interesting.”
  51. “What is?” I asked, somewhat surprised that the card had told her my name.
  53. Her hungry gaze met my own and I had to look away from the sheer intensity of it. “It seems She wants me to handle you personally.”
  55. I gulped. I had started to put the pieces together in my head but I had to be sure. “And by that you mean… sex, right?”
  57. If I thought she was purring before… This was something else entirely. “My dear boy, did you really walk in here without knowing what sort of place this is?”
  59. “Sort of, yeah,” I replied, blushing furiously. “I didn’t have much time to research the place beforehand. Work’s been really hectic lately.”
  61. “Ah,” came her singsong reply. “Well you wouldn’t have found out much. Only that we’re the most exclusive Fetish Clubs in Sedis. There’s a waiting list years long to get in. Count yourself lucky~”
  63. So that’s where I’d heard of Reri before. I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about it. Mistress Reri’s is one of those places that you hear talked about as if it’s a monument or national treasure. The kind of place that’s surrounded by legends and rumors. To actually be allowed inside was something tantamount to being given a tour of the Demon Lord’s castle. The weight of the boon I’d been granted kept me from forming proper words. Luckily it seemed Reri didn’t mind.
  65. “So, are you ready to begin?” she asked. As she stood I realized that she was a head and a half taller than I was. I’m not short by any means, so that’s saying something.
  67. Her eyes practically undressed me as I struggled with internal conflict. My reptilian brain was fighting with my rational one. The latter was practically screaming that I should turn around and make a break for it, consequences be damned. I’d managed to go this long without being raped or being claimed by a mamono, why ruin that now? But the former whispered sweet nothings. Didn’t I deserve a little reward for all my hard work? Wouldn’t it feel good to just let go and indulge myself? When it came down to it, I suppose that’s what was really holding me back: the fear of losing control. That the experience would somehow warp and twist me into something unrecognizable.
  69. I finally managed to find my tongue. “I’m not sure,” I slowly began. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”
  71. Reri inhaled sharply. Then her eyes sparkled as she licked her lips. “Oh my. She sent me a virgin. I must remember to thank Her later.”
  73. My cheeks flushed an even deeper shade of red as I rubbed the back of my neck. “Since you keep mentioning ‘Her,’ I’m guessing I don’t really have a choice here.”
  75. “My dear boy, you always have a choice. But yes. It would be rather rude of you to turn Her offer down. I might also take it as an offence.” She paused, letting her words sink in. Then she added, “Worry not, though. This isn’t some cheap brothel. I take great pride in my work as a Mistress. There’s rules to be followed. Ones specifically designed to make sure you as the client aren’t harmed.”
  77. That made me feel a little bit better. “Rules like what, exactly?”
  79. She smiled and motioned for me to follow her. As she turned and began walking down the hallway to my left, a strange clicking noise filled the air. I realized then that she had on a sort of half heel that supported the back of her digitigrade feet. They weren’t really needed, mind you, but they did wonders for her rear end. It swayed back and forth sensually, as did her tail. I hurried to catch up to her before I was left dumbstruck once again.
  81. “For starters,” she said once I’d joined her at her side. “I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to. That’s really the key to this whole affair. You’re in complete control of your experience tonight. Before we begin to play, we’ll go over some basics to determine what sort of play will suit your needs. I must stress that there is no wrong answer to this sort of thing. You can always say no.”
  83. “That’s a little comforting,” I replied. “But can I really say ‘no’ mid-session? Don’t get me wrong, you strike me as a wonderful Mistress, but you’re still…”
  85. “Still a mamono,” she finished for me.
  87. “Er… Yes.”
  89. She giggled once more. “Rest assured I have control over myself. You need not worry about my ability to stop when the safeword is given.”
  91. I looked at her sideways. “Safeword?”
  93. She nodded. “A special word that means I’m to halt whatever I’m doing and make sure you’re alright. Think of it like a stop sign. You can say ‘no’ all you like normal during play, but until that stop sign pops up I’m not necessarily bound to acquiesce. Does that make sense?”
  95. “I think so. So what is this safeword?”
  97. “It can be anything you like. It’s your safeword after all.”
  99. I thought for a moment. I didn’t know what sort of word would be appropriate for this sort of thing. As the silence grew between us, so did my anxiety. I finally settled on, “How about ‘pineapple?’”
  101. “‘Pineapple’ will work lovely.” We came to a stop outside a metal door which Reri promptly opened for me. “We’ll be in here tonight. Step inside and have a seat.”
  103. The interior of the room was almost bare. The walls and floor were made of some sort of grey, faux-stone. Aside from a large chest against a wall, the only other thing in the room was a high-backed, red leather chair. On closer inspection, I noted that said chair had several black leather bindings at several key points: two around the ankles, two about the wrists, and one at neck level. I also realized that there were multiple hooks driven into both the ceiling and the walls. A large spot light centered on the chair seemed to be the room’s only light source. It was actually pretty close to what I’d previously imagined a sex dungeon to look like. All that was missing was a bunch of chains and a bed.
  105. As instructed, I took a seat and watched Reri enter behind me. She made a point of making sure I saw her lock the door before she walked over to the chest. “So, my dear boy, how do you feel about pain?” she asked.
  107. I bit my lip lightly. “I guess a small amount of it is okay? I don’t really like it to be honest. But isn’t it supposed to be a big part of BDSM, or whatever it is you do?”
  109. Reri’s tail swished like a cat’s. “It can be, yes. But BDSM means different things to different people. If you don’t like pain, then you don’t like pain. Nothing wrong with that.” She rummaged for a bit, then pulled out a riding crop. “Since you’re a virgin, in all senses of the word, we’ll simply settle for this. Now tell me, are you a fan of butt-play?”
  111. “No,” I said as I shook my head. “It doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. It’s a major turn off.”
  113. “No plugs then. Alright. One final question: do you like being humiliated?”
  115. I had to think about that one. “Uh. I don’t think so? In all the doujins I’ve read, it’s never really done anything for me.”
  117. She stood up and turned to face me with a smile on her face. “Ah, so you do read hentai. Good. For a moment I was worried you were one of those stuck up Order types. They’re fun to break-in, but at the same time they’re rather taxing.” She ran a paw over the length of the crop, then said, “I think I have everything I need. You should know that once we begin, I expect you to follow my commands. The proper form of address is ‘Mistress’ or ‘Ma’am.’ Do you understand.”
  119. My heart skipped a beat. This was it. No turning back now. I might as well play along. “Yes, Mistress.”
  121. Reri’s grin turned smug. “Excellent. Then stand.” I did so. Her eyes roved over me once more, then she commanded, “Now strip.”
  123. I hesitated, not sure if we’d begun. “Just like that?”
  125. The sharp sound of the riding crop slapping against her paw pads almost made me flinch. Her eyes had taken on a sadistic hunger. “Strip, or I shall do it for you.”
  127. “Y-yes, Mistress.”
  129. I fumbled with my button-up shirt, then my belt. All the while my heart raced. I could feel my cheeks burning red, but there was little I could do about it. Each bit of clothing I cast aside made Reri look more and more like a lion ready to eat me up. By the time I was down to my underwear, even my chest was beginning to flush. I paused and looked at Reri for guidance. It took her less than a second to close the gap between us, grab the band, and effectively pants me nude.
  131. Now naked as the day I was born, I suddenly felt a chill in the air. Small goosebumps formed across my flesh as I stepped out of my underwear and added them to the clothes pile. Once that was done, I tried my best to look Reri in the face. But my nerves got the better of me. Something that seemed to please her greatly.
  133. She began to walk around me, the soft clack of her heels the only marker of time. “Mmm, yes I can see we have a lot of stress to work out,” she remarked from somewhere behind me. At the same time, I suddenly felt the end of the riding crop glide across the small of my back. It was cool, soft, causing me to shiver involuntarily. “It’s cute how honest your body is.”
  135. In more ways than one. I was already at full mast by the time she returned to my front. Her gaze lingered on my crotch. Then, without any warning, she used the end of the crop to lift up my member from underneath. I gasped lightly at the sensation. I found myself watching as Reri leaned down and appraised me.
  137. “You have a lovely set of equipment, Oliver,” she said, letting her breath play over my now-throbbing length. “It’s a shame you’ve not known the touch of a woman until now. You’d make a girl very happy, I feel.” She licked her lips and slid the crop’s end closer to my head. As she did, a small amount of pre-cum drizzled out of my tip. “Oh my. It seems he’s just as eager as you are.” To my amazement, Reri then brought the crop up to her mouth and licked it clean. “Lovely,” she whispered. “But I’m simply teasing you. The real fun begins now.”
  139. I gulped at the sultry edge in her voice. “What do you mean, Mistress?” I chanced.
  141. “You’ll see,” she cooed. “Sit.”
  143. Her order was barely out of her mouth when I found myself being pushed back into the chair. I realized then that she could easily toss me around like a ragdoll if she so pleased. It was terribly, terribly arousing. As soon as I was settled, she planted her foot not even an inch from my crotch on the chair. At the same time, she reached down and began strapping me in. First my arms, then my neck, followed by my ankles. In the end I was left largely immobile. I could still turn my head, but that was about it.
  145. Reri double-checked her work, muttering, “I hope that’s not too tight. Wouldn’t want to cut off your circulation.”
  147. “I think it’s fine, Ma’am,” I replied.
  149. She growled in content. “Good. Now let me get into something a little less restrictive.” In one fluid motion, Reri pulled her dress up over her head and discarded it into the open chest. Underneath she had on a lacey, midnight-black bandeau bra that wrapped around her breasts, supporting them from the bottom. Below she had on a matching garter belt and sheer-cut panties that just barely covered her womanhood.  
  151. As you might expect, this had quite an effect on me. Reri laughed into her paw at my eagerness. “I’m glad you approve. Now then, it’s time I gathered your stress into one focal point. To do that, I’ll be teaching you what it is to have your orgasms controlled and denied.”
  153. I raised an eyebrow at her. It sounded interesting. For the most part, anyways. “I’m ready, Ma’am,” I said, wanting to appear compliant.
  155. “Even if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have much of a choice now, would you?” She leaned in and whispered into my ear. “I’ve got you tied down and unable to move. I could do almost anything to you and you’d be powerless to stop me. I could tear you apart, break your spirit, and countless more besides. How does that make you feel, boy?”
  157. “Scared,” I admitted, trying not to shake. “Very scared, Mistress.”
  159. “Good,” she purred. Then she nipped at my earlobe. I let out a yelp as she stood upright once more, licking her lips. “You’re ready.”
  161. With that she gently planted her foot on my crotch and began grinding her paw against me. She did it with great care, making it feel more like she was stroking me than actually stepping on me. Her fur felt luxurious against my skin, like soft, rich silk. It didn’t take long for pressure to begin to build up at the base of my shaft. But before I could so much as think about cumming, Reri stopped. I looked at her questioningly as the feeling tapered off.
  163. “That’s one, dear boy,” she said. Then, when the pressure had disappeared, she resumed. In this way she brought me to the edge of orgasm over and over again. At the count of “Five~” she switched to using her hands. One paw worked my shaft, and the other gently kneaded my balls. Somehow she kept her claws from raking my skin all the while, even though they were only a breath away from doing so.
  165. At about number ten I began to feel a deep ache in my balls. Every part of my crotch was screaming for release. I desperately needed to cum, but she wouldn’t let me. I began to thrash against my bindings when she touched me, trying to get just that little extra bit of stimulation that’d let me cum. But Reri knew her craft well. I was truly at her whim regardless of how much I struggled. If anything, my movements spurred her to be quicker between denied peaks. It was frustrating and humiliating to be played with in such a manner. Yet I could do absolutely nothing except groan in delightful agony and dribble tears out of my eyes.
  167. I lost track of time. My entire world became focused on the hellish torture I was enduring. It wasn’t until I heard her say “Twenty” that I realized she’d actually come to a stop. I looked at her, and she looked back at me with motherly warmth.
  169. “Almost there,” she assured me. “You’re almost done. I just need to do one more thing.” Her tail flicked to the side, and from it she plucked one of the many spines. It dripped with venom, and Reri was quick to explain, “This will make you able to shoot over and over until you’re dry. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? And even better, you’ll get to do it into my tail.”
  171. For effect she opened up the end of her tail and showed it to me. The textured, fleshy interior had countless folds that were undulating. It certainly did look divine. When I found my voice, it came out soft and faint. “That… That looks lovely, Mistress.”
  173. “Doesn’t it? But I need to hear you say it.”
  175. “Say what?”
  177. She lowered her tail so the bulb at the end loomed over my manhood. Hot liquid dripped down onto my shaft and began pooling at the base. Again she whispered into my ear, “I want to hear you beg for it. And if I’m not convinced, I’ll keep edging you until your mind breaks~”
  179. That terrified me. For a moment I even thought about using the safeword. But then I realized this was all a part of the game. She wouldn’t actually hurt me. It was just her way of indulging her sadist streak and enforcing the fact she had complete control over me. Comforting, in a way, like there was suddenly a deep bond of trust between us.
  181. Still, I had a part to play. And it didn’t make saying it any less humiliating. “I… I want…”
  183. “You want what? Speak up now.”
  185. I tried twice more to force the words out of my mouth. But it wasn’t until I clamped my eyes shut and tensed up that I was able to utter, “I want you to violate me with your tail, M-Mistress. Please, let me cum.”
  187. I felt her lick the salt from my cheeks before she replied, “See? Was that so hard? Now you get to finally release everything you’ve built up.”
  189. I didn’t even feel the prick of her spine as she injected its venom into my arm. A few moments later, though, I did feel the sudden sensation of unbearable warmth in my crotch. My entire penis was bulging, threatening to burst at the seams. It truly felt as if it would explode or fall off if I didn’t cum soon. I cried out, only to moan as Reri’s tail enveloped me.
  191. It was everything I thought it would be: tight, soft, and so much more. I barely lasted five seconds before I began to blast thick ropes into her tail. The actual sensation of orgasm caught up to me moments later. I writhed in my bonds, screaming in pleasure as I kept shooting over and over. My eyes practically rolled back into my head, my body seizing and twitching. And it kept going. Reri didn’t let up. She kept milking me over and over through countless orgasms, whispering and egging me on as she did. It was as if she was sucking my very soul out of my penis.
  193. I don’t know how long that went on for. I only remember being able to see straight once more after what felt like centuries. I realized I was no longer bound to the chair, and that I was, in fact, laying on the cold floor. My head was propped up on Reri’s lap, and she was gently stroking and patting my head.
  195. “So, dear boy, how do you feel?” she asked.
  197. “I…” I stammered wearily. My entire body felt like lead. “Very tired.”
  199. “Excellent. I think you’ll find yourself at 200% after a good night’s rest. But you’re too drained for me to let you out of my sight. You’ll stay in the mansion tonight.”
  201. I didn’t argue. “Thank you, Mistress.”
  203. “Shhh, just sleep.”
  205. And so I did.
  207. ### End of Session One ###
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