Exposing Lust Sauce

6Kix May 23rd, 2019 175 Never
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  1. Ok so this all started when Sauce faked his personality to try and get into maven again after he got kicked from the team. He seemed a bit more trustful (but remember, before this happened he was still talking nonsense abt how I "stole" v9s members and that I was trash at the game. ) He kept claiming that he was "feeling bad" that day when he started talking shit abt us. Obviously this was a bunch of BS as you are here to see what I am abt to explain. When sauce returned everything seemed fine for 3 or 4 days. But after that, I started to notice Sauce's toxicity grow. He started talking shit again in zone wars, neglected some of our own members, saying evan was annoying,(we'll get more into detail with that). Then he started to turn on me. The time that Sauce showed any maturity on they days leading to us inviting him back were gone. He started to say that he was better than me, and grew a lot more arrogant. A short time later Reckless shows a pic of me saying something that was taken out of context. Bryson starts screaming "Kix is a snake!" After we cleared everything up, I was upset bc he jumped straight to the conclusion that I was a snakr. Then he told me this in a call: "Sauce told me to say that." (unfortunately I dont record voice calls so I dont have immediate proof but you can personally ask Bryson) I was a bit skeptical at first, and asked Sauce on this. He started to say: "Yeah, I did say that" but then tried to direct conversation to Bryson or someone else. I was starting to grow frustrated abt him but started to give a another chance to him. However, on the same day, we 1v1ed and he beat me once 1-0 I said we had 5 rounds but then left saying he had to "get off". This was a lie because 5 min later he started to play w/chips. (Jacob can confirm this.) *Skip towards the day after. I join sauce and meezy in a world. Sauce immediately starts to shout "KIX LEAVE!" But no, I was done litsening to sauce. Right when I kill him in a zone war, he starts raging like hell. This is the part where Sauce starts talking shit abt evan and how annoying he was and that he hated him. Then he starts to say, "Evan is kinda my clan leader, so dont tell him that." Then his toxic friend starts talking crap abt Lust then says "Send me the picture of evan." Sauce then says "Here ill dm it to you." While Sauce is doing that, his toxic friend starts to falsely accusate ecan abt being racist and saying the n word. Sauce then laughs and agrees with the lines along "yeah". (IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, ASK MEEZY. HE WAS THERE WITH ME.) I have sm proof of sauce being toxic before maven and the starting of Lust. Tell me if you want some proof. I am enraged that Sauce backstabbed us.
  2. -Kix
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