Evil Lurks in the Spam

magaveli-bakery Jun 10th, 2019 (edited) 98 Never
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  1. (((Evil Lurks in the Spam)))
  3. The Spammer that we call Finklefag starts off every bread saying they are here to tell us the truth about the Juice and that truth is not hate
  4. by the end of the bread all who oppose them are Kike JIDF Baby Dick Suckers
  6. They litter the board, as a result, with hate to be viewed by readers. This hate is traditionally defined as antisemitism. '''but antisemitism is a trick''' - the spammer says so themselves. reconcile.
  7. over 1100 times now since feb 20th (use, use very sepcific portion of verbatim text from the OP copypasta post) this same method from first post after the dough for about 10-12 minutes worth of posts has been deployed on this board.
  8. akin to an attack? reconcile. what does the last Q post say? is it a repost? when did that first post show up? feb 20th? shortly thereafter? reconcile.
  10. In fairness, if you are new here, this isnt twitter or youtube or etc, we dont have ban hammers and we are not an echo chamber. so after your first few breads, if you decide to side with the spammer and choose not to be a baby dick sucker JIDF kike like the rest of us, so be it. If after a few breads, regardless, will you tire of seeing the same shit? There are filters for your self to use including comment filters, but again in fairness i wont even discuss it here.
  12. in real life, what is/was a ''Bible Thumper?''
  13. in this board, picture it as a thoroughfare, and this spammer gets there first every time it opens and sets up their signs right at the entryway for all to see. Fair enough.
  14. But then why do they go around and kick everyone else's sign trying to do the same with their message? simply because the oppose them? sounds like a sore loser to me
  16. (((Evil Lurks in the Spam)))
  17. this is my sign at the thoroughfare:
  18. '''antisemitism is a trick''' - the spammer are the enemy of Q. They are trying to get ahead of the endgame.
  19. but the only way, unfortunately, to defeat this is to completely ignore it in every aspect, no replies, no replies to their pokes and prods at you, complete 100% blackout, pay it no mind, none
  21. love you all (no homo),
  22. you baby dick sucking kike JIDF mufukas
  24. note:
  25. i shall not spam
  26. spam does not begat spam
  28. if you want to figure out how all this shit below the dough is going down, i dont know how the spammer does it but i have this as pasta on one device ready to send. i have another device (my phone) manually hitting refresh until i see dough.
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