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Oct 5th, 2021
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  1. Paul Street, "Imperial Joe," Hollow Resistance, (AK Press, 2020), p.138.
  3. Biden, it is worth recalling, didn’t merely go along with the
  4. march to illegal imperial war on Mesopotamia. He led the charge
  5. from the Democratic side of the U.S. Senate. This is consistent
  6. with a long imperialist Biden record that includes enthusiastic
  7. support for gigantic Pentagon budgets, the Carter and Reagan
  8. administration’s sponsorship of Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan,
  9. Ronald Reagan’s Central American proxy wars, George H.W.
  10. Bush’s Persian Gulf War, Bush senior and Bill Clinton’s mass
  11. murderous economic sanctions on Iraq, George W. Bush’s criminal
  12. invasion of Afghanistan, Barack Obama’s record-setting drone
  13. wars, Obama and Hillary Clinton’s support for a right-wing coup
  14. in Honduras, Obama’s destruction of Libya, and Obama’s sponsorship
  15. of a right-wing coup in Ukraine. Consistent with this
  16. imperial war-mongering record, Biden this summer criticized
  17. Trump for failing to follow through on threats to overthrow the
  18. democratically elected socialist government of Venezuela. Biden
  19. is naturally a militant backer of the apartheid and occupation
  20. state of Israel and its relentless torture of the Palestinian people.
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