Interview Lunx

Jul 22nd, 2021
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  1. Interview Lunx
  3. - Tell us something about yourself
  4. I am Lunx, in-game Country President of Bulgaria in the last few months. I am not really into politics, but it just happened like that. It seems people trust me and we work together in a good and productive manner.
  6. - Who is Lunx in RL?
  7. In real life my name is Nikolay. I am born and living in Sofia, 48 years old (maybe a bit on the veteran side). I am working on my own business in the entertainment industry.
  9. - Why did you choose this nick?
  10. I use this nickname from around 10 years. Since when I started playing games more seriously. There is some hidden meaning to it. Whoever is interested can go in the rabbit hole and find out.
  12. - What is most fun thing you did in edomi?
  13. I am economist by education and this is what got me into eDominations. I liked the economic module and decided to explore it, together with production and trading. At the start, the war module was a bit on the side for me, battles were not my interest. But the enemies of Bulgaria turned me into a soldier. I stood aside from politics and focused on developing my economy to be a good soldier. The friends of Bulgaria turned me into a politician. For good.
  15. - What aspect of game you like the most and why?
  16. The opportunity for the last to become the first. Everyone can check when I joined the game and at what position I am now. With the good mindset, with the right intentions, the right strategy and the will to follow it, you can reach the top. The game rewards incentive and hard work.
  18. - You are country president of Bulgaria for a some time now and there is no CP medal on your profile...
  19. I am not attracted to medals and honors. I am on the CP position, because Bulgaria needs me. Anyone is free to nominate himself or change me with an impeach law. But people trust me, I trust them, we work good and the symbiosis is successful for the moment.
  21. - How is Bulgarian community and what are specific about that community in your experience?
  22. I don’t know if everyone in the game had a chance to meet Bulgarians. We are a small community. We are really deeply connected to each other. We don’t all ourselves to surrender. We fight tills the last drop of energy and to the last weapon. Like there is no tomorrow. When we give a word, we stand by it. We have fought for our allies while we are getting wiped. We don’t like twofaced people. I am here, because I see my personality in embodied into the community.
  24. - How are your relations with neighbors? With Romania is always tense...
  25. Yes, that is correct. We have a long lasting and big rivalry with Romania. At one point of time I know that we've been allies and friends. But some things happened over time and we turned into rivals. Yes, we are after each other, we had many wars. And I think our clashes benefit the region and the game. We respect Romanian warriors and leadership, but yes, we are enemies and we are going to cross swords a lot.
  27. - What do you don't like in (some) other players?
  28. Lack of consistency. They say one thing, but they don’t go through the end. And in the end, if you lack resilience, you will achieve nothing. People need to give word, follow on it, act through it and go to the end.
  30. - What do you think needs to be changed in this game? What would you like?
  31. I think there is a need for some thoughts to be put into how production works. For example to get the ability to produce a limited amount of falcons in exchange of aircrafts or something along that line. Just something to switch up stocks a little bit and move the market.
  33. - How much time you spend here? Be honest...
  34. It is different, according to how my real life day is going on and what is needed in the game. There were days where I was 20 hours all into eDominations coordinating battles and fighting. There are days when I just make the 2-click and do nothing else. I don’t like spending time on things without matter. When I am needed, I am here and I give everything. When I am not, I am somewhere else, putting my time into something that brings value for me and the people around me.
  36. I am led by the desire to help my friends in any way I can – in the game as well as in real life. Cooperation and trust is what is needed for a relationship between people to flourish. And society to progress. And I think we should all give example of that to each other.
  38. - Do you think politics in game is like that in RL?
  39. For better or for worse, the politic ecosystem in reality has nothing to do with the game. The only common point is the basic terminology. Still, in the game there are some elements of diplomacy, dialogue, planning and so on. But we cannot compare it to reality. Fortunately.
  41. - Have you some message for other players?
  42. I want to wish to everyone to be well and alive. To strive and reach success in real life. Here in the game we are to have fun. Let’s put aside all our burden from reality and not put it in the game. This will change the whole atmosphere and elevate the game to another level.
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