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Aug 21st, 2016
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  7. The Viacom Company: http://pastebin.com/NyYfZq07
  9. The Warner Foundation: http://pastebin.com/5mU1HVny
  11. The Walt Disney Corporation: http://pastebin.com/75HWAGEQ
  13. NBC Universal: http://pastebin.com/WLZDyXVP
  15. FOX Entertainment Group: https://pastebin.com/0SpBR4Jv
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  27. ID and the Nickelodeon's Missing Person's Case
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  30. I'm currently working on the missing interns case at nickelodeon studios. There was a few of them, one or two would make me think that the studio wasn’t involved, but considering the number was closer to 15, It was enough to warrant major concern.
  32. The police haven’t said a word to the public on the matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the public wasn’t aware at all. News Outlets have heeded the advice of their personifications and stayed out of it. This is interesting to me. If tans were tugging on the chains of their companies to stay out of the missing person’s case at nickelodeon studios, then that could only mean that this was tan business.
  34. That was just a hunch, of course, but when the sheriffs department called to have me look into it, I knew for certain that it was. They only ever seemed to call me for tan business. with that, Viacom shot up on my suspect list, along with the rest of the Nick family branch.
  36. Even still, presumptions aren’t going to get me anywhere, I need evidence and there’s precious little to be found. I’ve been refused authorization into the studio where the missing people work. This is a major issue and I'm sure Viacom is aware. After all, the only correlation between the interns was that they all worked the same job. I had to ask those who reported them missing and family members to find out what days these people worked, what hours and so on. There were no sightings and no exact date of when the individuals went missing. So, I've had take it upon myself to investigate one of the missing person’s home.
  38. John Wilkes was the owner of that apartment. He was the last to be reported and so, in theory, his trail should be the warmest. He lived comfortably in a middle to upper class area of the city. I checked his mail and found a lot had piled up. There was also a missed package slip which dated last Friday, which is a day he doesn’t work according to his step mother. I’d asked the main desk for his keys and I was able to let myself into his room.
  40. The main area had a TV and a curved sofa, with bland paintings of beach scenes and lighthouses hung up on the walls. Evidently the man I was looking for was painfully square.
  42. Behind the couch was a glass sliding door out to the balcony, giving a clear view over the city. Nothing out of the ordinary there. No break in, no blood, no struggle and no signs of suicide.
  44. In fact, it was prevalent throughout the house that the furniture had not been disturbed at all beyond what would be typical of casual living. It was neat, well kept and simple. If John Wilkes had been kidnapped, it didn’t take place here. The neighbors reported no unusual sounds coming from the apartment for the past few weeks.
  46. If he’d run, he hadn’t taken anything with him. Things like photographs of family members were still here, his wallet was here and there was money in a shoebox at the top of his cupboard, which remained untouched. A quick skim of the kitchen showed that the kettle was full of old water and that the milk had gone off in the fridge. It went bad Monday. It was like he’d simply popped out of existence and drifted out the window like water vapor on the breeze.
  48. Between the milk and the missed package, I decided that it was likely his disappearance occurred somewhere between Friday and Monday. Friday seemed the most likely to me, as a man living such a boring life wouldn’t miss a package on his day off.
  50. I located the study and got to work figuring out the password to his computer. A Macintosh. The new one. His password was written down in his address book like an idiot, 'Nicknicknickelodeon3', so that was easy.
  52. This was where things tended to get interesting in my line of work.
  54. I searched key words on his computer such as 'Viacom' and got back a lot of business emails and such. The only interesting thing I could note there was that it seemed like he was on the verge of getting fired, despite being a hard worker.
  56. Then I searched 'Nickelodeon' and that’s when I struck gold.
  58. All I could say was, “That’s a lot of porn.”
  60. There was a swarm of nude illustrations of Nickelodeon. The tan, that is. I decided I should see if something else would come back with anything...so I searched ‘NickJr’.
  62. There was probably more. Illustrations, but also photographs of her, taken from underneath a table as she walks past in what looks to be the middle of the studio.
  64. Looking into his History results only showed he knew to delete his History results, but looking into his mail again, I was able to trudge up one or two long lost interactions with his co-workers.
  66. What I discovered — looking through that computer — could only be described as a nickelodeon themed pedophile ring. The members? Conceitedly all the names that had gone missing, appeared to be in this little club.
  68. Viacom is looking more and more like the perpetrator. The worst part of it all, is that I can’t blame him. In fact, I’m tempted to not blame him at all.
  70. I don’t know if it was murder yet, though I have a strong feeling that it was. I have a motive, a correlation and a possible day of disappearance, but I still needed a place and a murder weapon if I’m to truly bring this to a conclusion.
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  78. Facts Over Superstition
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  81. ID is a woman of facts and evidence, not superstition.
  82. >The facts: FX stole something from CBS and CBS is spying on her. She’s also spying on ID.
  83. >The evidence: ID is looking at a photograph of FX jumping out of a CBS blimp with armfuls of documentation. The blimp in question exploded; it was all over the news and all over the photograph. She's also looking at the disassembled parts of an eye-bot on her table.
  84. >The superstition: CBS has eyes everywhere.
  85. >But it’s the superstition that makes her blood run cold and her hands shake in their gloves, as she sees the same eye-bot sitting glowing-eyed and activated amongst FX’s stolen documents.
  86. >Maybe “the same” is misleading. No doubt the eye logo is unmistakable, but it’s better to assume that there are numerous eye-bots. Perhaps FX has an issue of her own to solve there. If she has managed to find it before it hid itself away like a cockroach, maybe it’ll be a problem solved early.
  87. >ID can’t help but laugh at CBS. The poor women slaps her logo on everything she owns. There's no mystery. such a disappointing case. For anyone else, it would be their downfall, but CBS has such power that she can get away with showing hubris.
  88. >What concerns ID however is the fact that, while hacking into CBS’s archives, she seems to be getting footage of people in places that would be simply impossible for the person to not be aware their being spied on.
  89. >She quickly looked through photographs of CBS employees, but none of them show to have robotic bugs on them in any noticeable places.
  90. >ID puts up two videos on her screen: one being footage from CBS’s archives of a woman almost talking straight to the camera, with the other being of the same woman, but from a different angle, as she ties a tie for the one who supposedly has a bug on him.
  91. >She should be staring straight at it, for gods sake.
  92. >The tie has nothing on it, there aren’t any bots at all, just a…
  93. >Oh god.
  94. >A tie with an eye symbol on it.
  95. >She pauses the videos and sits back.
  96. >Putting her logo on her employees did seem odd. Is it safe to assume that there’s an ulterior motive to CBS’s habit of putting her logo on everything she owns?
  97. >ID becomes unnerved by all the eyeballs on her desk. The superstitions are getting to her now.
  98. >She clears her desk and shuts down her laptop before leaving her makeshift office.
  99. >Through the hallway window she sees it's raining and puts on a hat and trench coat.
  100. >“ID…” begins a Russian voice.
  101. >ID snaps her attention to the woman standing by the staircase. A redhead.
  102. >“Double X.” ID says, making a mental note to move her office at her earliest convenience.
  103. >A giggle echoes from the stairwell before clopping heels bring a familiar face into view. “She calls you double X too!”
  104. “Don’t be silly,” FXX drawls, glaring at ID, “Only you may call me that, FX. ID jests.”
  105. >Not these clowns again, ID thinks to herself, taking a step backwards. The window is behind her, maybe she could make her exit…
  106. >“Ah-ah!” FX waggles her finger, showing the gun at her hip under her beige coat, “I see you backing up. Stay right there. We’ve placed C4 all around this squalor. you jump, the ground goes ‘pop’.”
  107. >FXX raises a hand, “You’ll have to excuse my partner, this is business. We mean no harm, she merely get’s a little over excited with the…how’d you say? The explosives. The action is addictive, you see.”
  108. >“Yes, I see.” ID mutters.
  109. >Did they really place explosives around the building? Are they mad?
  110. >“The accent's cute, and so are the blue kitten ears,” ID gestures to FX’s beanie, “But cut to the chase. I’m a busy woman. What do you want with me so badly you’ll blow up a street corner?”
  111. >FX tosses something to ID, who catches it with one hand.
  112. >She focuses her mono-goggle in on the object.
  113. >Another eye-bot.
  114. >“Seems you need my help to solve the problem early,” ID mutters to herself.
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  118. Easter Egg Hunts
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  121. >Easter Egg Hunt is going on
  122. >kid tans are having fun
  123. >WDC can't help but smile at how well DJ's doing in it
  124. >one of the other parent tans is about to compliment WDC on how this is a great event but is interrupted by Nick Jr's cries
  125. >XD and Stoner are in a paint ball war
  126. >kid tans are collateral
  127. >Nick Jr is crying because she got shot
  128. >Disney Jr is trying to comfort NJ
  129. >sprout and tickle U are running
  130. >Toony decides to try and fight back by chucking her eggs at the two of them
  131. >4kids is having a panic attack
  132. >Qubo don't care cause he's taking everyone's eggs in the chaos
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  135. New Years Family Fun
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  138. >Nick and her family partied in their house. Throwing slime and MTV's Punch all over the place as they dance away the night, all the way to New Years
  140. >The Turners all went to Times Square to watch the Star hit the top. They all stayed in one group as for the request of Mr Turner who wanted all of his family close. So no one would get lost, and so he can take a picture. It was a good time for all
  142. >The Internet gang, partied in their basement, watching the live broadcast from their basement, G4 had long since passed out while Machinima and Spike shared a toast. Rooster Teeth was eating pizza on the same couch where G4 layed asleep
  144. >Disneys themselfs partied on the rooftop of their mansion. No interns werw allowed as they crawled at the gates wanting to desperately get in. Disney Jr watched in awe as she saw the firework show Disney put on.
  146. >The Fox family didn't take a break on New Years. FXX still served as a Guard. FX was with Foxtel bombing pirates in Australia
  148. >France Tans like Canal J, Guli, and 4 were already in the new year and were cleaning up their mess as the sun was beginning to rise their country
  152. Tiny Crew Walks in on Nudes
  154. >4Kids faints or explodes.
  155. >NickJr. runs out screaming "Wahhhh! Turners are sluts! SLUUUUUUUUUTTTTTSS!"
  156. >Disney Jr. leaves quietly,slightly traumatized.
  157. >Toony:This is not according to keikaku! Yameroooo! Yameteeeeee!Mark Of Sacrifice? I don't read berserk
  158. >Qubo:I Know I'm a perv but not grandma dude! Awww, Geeze...but I can't look away.
  159. >Pbs:aw yeah! taste these granny smiths!
  160. >Qubo:Nope! I can look away, I'm gonna hurl.
  168. Alternate Universe: Personality Swap
  170. CN always keeps her hair down with her trademark hat there to try to hide her face as she is always to embaressed to try to talk. She's always behind with the trends as she's too shy to get out their and figure out whats popular at the momment
  172. >Nick is a Professional buisness women, using her cute outfit to gain points with the public, but after hours she is back in her buisness suit crunchin numbers
  174. >Disney wears tan tops with booty shorts which pockets are filled with lolipops and suckers to make her more appealing and brags about how many guys she came close to fucking. Shes too sluty even for them
  177. Mahinima Loses More Creators
  179. Machinima Creator
  180. >Boss, we need to talk. I haven't been getting the pay you promised I would get. I've been making my machinimas as we scheduled and I know for a fact they have been getting consistent views. What the hell is going on?
  182. Machinima-tan
  183. >Look man. I never promised that you'd be getting the same consistent pay. It even says in your contract that the amount of your payment is subject to change.
  185. MC
  186. >What!? That can't possibly be legal!
  188. MT
  189. >Its in the contract isn't it? It's perfectly legal if it's in a contract! C'mon bro, everyone knows contracts are legally binding, right? It can't be legally binding if it isn't legal, so it's hella legal!
  191. MC
  192. >Nuh-uh, no way. I'm fucking done. I quite.
  194. MT
  195. >Whaat? You can't just quite. The contract says you have to work for me for, like, a whole other year before you can quite!
  197. MC
  198. >I have a rent to pay, damnit! Unless you can give me a consistent pay, I'm not working for you anymore. Take me to court or whatever, I don't care, I'm done. I'm going back to working at Subway.
  200. The machinima creator storms out of Machinima-tans office
  202. Machinima-tan
  203. >But you signed a contract, tho!
  205. Machinima-tan sat back down behind her desk and sighed.
  207. >Another creator gone... Ah well, it probably won't happen again.
  214. Just a Prank Bro
  216. YouTube has recently gotten into pranks
  217. >Viacom walks into living room.
  218. >*Snap!*
  219. >AGHHHHH!
  220. >*Takes a step forward to regain balance.*
  221. >*Snap!*
  223. >*TeenNick Enters Room wearing white T-shirt*
  224. >Oh my god! Dad are you ok?!
  225. >*Water Bucket*
  226. >*Zoom and enhance*
  227. >Viacom Off Screen:My Leg!
  228. >Cut to YouTube sitting at computer,going over footage.
  229. Youtube:PERFECT.
  234. To Universal Studios...
  236. >CN: "You know Nicky it's really cool of Mr. Universal to let you have your very own section of the park."
  237. >Nick : "Yeah it is pretty awesome isn't it?"
  238. >Disney:"It's ok I guess. I mean having a small part of the park i neat and all. But it's nowhere near as exciting as having a whole park dedicated to yourself like me."
  239. >CN: "I prefer having more options. I mean here you have Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, Back To The Future, Marvel."
  240. >Disney: "Not for long. Hehe." (Disney giggles under her breath.)
  241. >Nick: "Hey I got a idea. Lets go new Hulk coaster."
  243. >As the girls walked over to the Marvel section of the park they ran into something strange.
  245. >Disney: "Ow my head. Hey watch where you're going.'
  246. >????????: "I should watch where I'm going? You child should watch where you're going."
  247. >Disney: "Well It's not my fault you were just standing the way."
  248. >???????: "Do you know where you are? Look up at the sign."
  250. >The figure pointed out at a large sign that was labeled TRANSFOMERS.
  252. >???????: "Now do you understand child? You do not mess with the mighty MEGATRON. No one is better then me. No one."
  253. >Disney: "Ha don't make me laugh."
  254. >Nick: "Disney don't do this."
  255. >CN: "Come on lets go."
  256. >Megatron: "I'd listen to your friends. Run away like the child you are."
  257. >Disney: "You don't scare me. How about we make a deal to find out who is better."
  258. >Megatron: "Hm very well child. I Megatron except your deal. But how can you think of beating me?"
  259. >Disney: "Oh I won't be the one fighting. No I have a guy for that."
  260. >Megatron: "And that is?"
  261. >Disney: "His name is GASTON!!!"
  264. What Toony Tan does
  266. Toonami Anon spends every friday with a few tans to watch their block on CN
  268. They play her favorite Metal Gear Games and a few rounds of Smash and then tune to Toonami
  270. The Tans Toonami gets have no idea what's going on and are completley lost and confused and put on a look to show Toonami that they understand
  272. Toonami goes like a kid on a sugar rush sometimes as she jumps up and down and is almost impossible to sit down.
  274. When they play video games she tries her best to recreate the voices of her favorite characters (Snake, Liquid, etc)
  278. She's also the one most hyped for new Metal Gear Releases
  282. What Tans Do In the Week
  284. >Monday with the Turners, booty everywhere and memes
  285. >Tuesday with Disney, almost a slave but at least the pay is good
  286. >Wednesday with Viacoms, slime sandwich and eldritch tentacles in the bathroom
  287. >Thursday with Fox, there's fur even in the goddamn soup
  288. >Friday with CBS, home sweet home
  294. >You're walking down an empty road when you notice fog rolling in
  295. >Disturbing moans fill your ears, and you look around desperately to find the source of the noise
  296. >Your eyes lock on a specter! IT'S COMING RIGHT AT YOU!
  297. >You brace yourself and close your eyes, hoping it doesn't hurt too much!
  298. >... ... ...
  299. >"Here sweetheart, you dropped your wallet back there!"
  300. >You open your eyes to a ghostly but pleasant woman, smiling as she hands you your wallet
  301. >"T-th-thank you," you stutter out of your frozen lips.
  302. >The levitating lady pats your head gently.
  303. >"No problem dear! You be careful tonight, okay?"
  304. >The phantasm flies off with a soft, motherly giggle, taking the fog with her.
  305. >You're not sure if you're scared or relieved by this experience
  306. >You find 5 dollars in your wallet that weren't there before
  309. ===========================================================
  311. ===========================================================
  313. >Qubo wants the [as] booty.
  314. >HBO sees his fruitless efforts
  315. >He gives him some pointers and to stop chasing his sister.
  316. >He decides to be chivalrous and suave.
  317. >Foxxy is confused but forgives his pervy antics.
  318. >One of the younger girls (Most likely Nick jr) sees hiso chivalrous attitude change and gets all lovey dovey at him.
  319. >No Hips.
  320. >No Breasts.
  321. >NO BOOTY.
  322. >Qubo is chased around by Nick Jr now.
  324. NickJr:Hey Qubo... wanna be my boyfriend?
  325. Qubo: . . . Uh oh,uhhh *runs away*
  326. Nick Jr: Come back!
  331. ===========================================================
  332. Savage Discovery-Tan's Analysis of Nick
  333. ===========================================================
  334. >Subject's retinas fail to focus at any distance without the aide of her spectacles.
  335. >An immediate critical display of fear upon removal of spectacles and braces.
  336. >Aligned the subject's teeth.
  337. >Maw resembles that of a shark. Teeth are sharp, rowed, strong and.... beautiful. The shape clearly not usual for a human. Also noting a surplus of saliva. It adds a nice finish to those rather proud dental constructs.
  338. >No sign of the green matter displayed during our little scuffle earlier. This may call for stress tests.
  342. ===========================================================
  343. IBM and Weather Tan
  344. ===========================================================
  346. >A young girl sat in the rain, watching a floating orb that looked like Earth with something akin to sadness and apprehension
  347. >She knew, even with all of her satellites, Doppler radar and boots on the ground, people were still dying
  348. >She did her best, but sometimes that wasn't good enough
  349. >She couldn't do anything but watch as different storm systems raged throughout the planet.
  350. WC: "What's the point of me even being here if I can't even accurately predict the weather?"
  351. >She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings and didn't notice the tall man in the suit walking towards her, until the figure spoke
  352. >Unknown figure: "You can't help everyone, no matter how good your technology is. It's just not powerful enough."
  353. >The Weather Channel turned quickly to the voice behind her, startled with how close it was
  354. WC: "Who are you?" she asked, startled at the newcomer, looking at bright and somewhat flamboyant suit he wore
  355. >She couldn't tell if the man wore a blue suit with white stripes, or a white suit with blue stripes
  356. >The man's pale face was relatively normal, except for the glowing blue visor that covered his eyes and bridge of his nose. His platinum blonde hair was plastered to his scalp and face due to the rain.
  357. Unknown Visitor: "I understand what you're feeling, my young friend." not answering her question at all. "I've been there. Seeing all your hard work do nothing against the ever changing world. It's frustrating."
  358. WC: "I didn't ask about your life story, I want to know who you are and why you're here."
  359. >The young girl was ready to bolt, or fight. She didn't know how he found her on this remote stretch of shoreline, but wasn't about to take risks
  360. > 'Damn, he's creepy.' she thought, wondering how long he stood behind her.
  361. Unknown visitor: "I'm sorry miss, I forget my manners at times." he answered, holding out a gloved hand. "My name is IBM, and I have a proposition to ask of you."
  362. >WC gave the man, IBM, a wary look, wondering what his angle was.
  363. WC: "What kind of proposition?"
  364. >She wasn't familiar in talking to people like him, she normally left matters of business to her Parent NBC, or Comcast
  365. >IBM withdrew his hand and stepped closer to her
  366. IBM: "I'm the leading manufacturer in computing technologies and thinking machines. I can help you, you know."
  367. >WC narrowed her eyes, but continued to listen to him speak
  368. IBM: "With my and your technologies combined we can make predicting the weather so much easier and save more lives in the process."
  369. WC: "You can help me save more people?" she asked quietly, her wariness turning to hope
  370. >The tall personification gave WC a warm smile and laid a comforting hand on her bare shoulder
  371. IBM: "Yes. Yes I can."
  372. WC: "Why are you asking me this? Normally, they talk to Comcast or NBC about these things."
  373. IBM: "They won't speak to me, but now I have a bargaining chip to bring to the negotiating table."
  374. >As he said this, WC could feel her shoulder become numb, along with the rest of her arm, and could feel her mind become fuzzy.
  375. WC: "What's happening?" she asked dizzily, her head spinning.
  376. >IBM held on to her, keeping her from falling to the ground, and tried to keep her calm.
  377. IBM: "Everything will be alright, don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you, I just need your help."
  378. >NBC or Comcast never even opened the door to negotiating, but now they had a reason to talk
  379. >Sure, it was unethical, but he's done worse things
  380. WC: "You don't know who you're dealing with. When SHE finds out about this, you'll be sorry."
  381. >Soon, WC could feel her mind leave her and was starting to fall asleep in IBM's arms, but before she went unconscious she heard him one last time.
  382. IBM: "Don't work about me. I'll be honest, sometimes I'm too curious for my own good." laughing at his inside joke.
  383. >His light chuckle was the last thing she heard, along with the dull roar of the rain around them
  384. Soon, IBM carried the unconscious girl to his car, a drenched intern waiting beside it
  385. Intern: "Sir, should we send a letter ort an e-mail?", his voice stuttering from the cold
  386. IBM: "No. I have something better."
  387. >IBM then tore off a small pendant from WC's neck, a little peacock, and handed it to the now shaking intern along with his business card.
  388. IBM: "Take these to NBC headquarters, and tell them. Tell them they have to listen to me now."
  392. ===========================================================
  393. ION's Journal
  394. ===========================================================
  397. >Ion's Journal
  398. >October 12, 20XX
  399. >Explosion at Rockefeller Center. Chief tells me the incident was cause when a teenage girl who has been identified as the daughter NBC had a mental breakdown which somehow developed into something similar to what happened in the film Akira. She luckily is in good care now. But now I wonder what could have caused this breakdown? How powerful could she be? Could this be a sign of something to come? The end of the world perhaps? Most investigate further.
  400. Ion later goes to the hospital to check up on SciFi. Their conversation started pretty normal but then SciFi started to act really strange and started talking rambling about alternate universes and secret societies controlling the world and tans' lives. Then she'd go back to talking about normal stuff like Star Trek and War of the Worlds. Ion says good bye and leaves. He returns home and writes what he's learned and puts on his cork board. He goes to sleep.
  402. >Ion wakes up and walks into his kitchen only to find a strange little boy dressed in a box eating cereal
  403. >At first he doesn't notice as he gets his coffee. He turns around and see's the small child. The child says "Morning Daddy.". Out of nowhere Ion addresses him with "Good morning Qubo.". Ion stops and thinks for a second. He doesn't have a son. Where did this child come from and why does he know him? Ion sits down as Qubo starts talking all about the field trip his class is going on today. Ion doesn't really listen. All he can think of could SciFi's ramblings be true? Could what she said about secret societies controlling people's lives be real? Are they responsible for Qubo? Ion at first views that as just crazy talk and tries to think of a real possibility. But no matter what his brain comes up with non of it sounds right.
  405. >Ion drives Qubo to school and goes to work. He decides to make it his goal to try and figure what is going on and if Qubo and what SciFi said could be connected. He want's to find the truth.
  408. ===========================================================
  409. IBM and Glasses
  410. ===========================================================
  412. >IBM and Weather Channel tan are lost in the forest and somehow she breaks his glasses
  413. IBM: "Don't worry dear, I have another pair."
  414. >Brings out another visor
  415. WC: "Cool, are you always this prepared?"
  416. IBM: "Naturally, as a scientist you always have to have safety measures."
  417. >He goes on a long winded tirade about being prepared for whatever comes at you and WC is starting to get bored
  418. >He ends his speech and walks forward
  419. >But he forgot about that vine and trips over it and his glasses break
  420. WC: "Do you have another pair?"
  421. IBM: "...No."
  422. WC: "Are you serious?"
  423. >IBM laughs and fishes out another pair of glasses
  424. IBM: "Nah, just kidding. But I do need to be careful, this is my last pair though."
  427. AMC is laying on the ground, the scorpions venom rushing through her veins, paralyzing her
  428. >She can hardly breathe now and the coppery taste of her own blood is building up in her lungs and throat
  429. >AMC knows that she needs to turn over so she doesn't drown in her own blood, but she can't even move a finger let along her own body, which is starting to get colder by the minute
  430. AMC: 'So, this is how I die?' she thinks, with a touch of sadness and disappointment. 'Damn, I thought it would have been much quicker. Hell, even gorier too.'
  431. >She looks at the soft clouds drifting slowly and the evening sky and is pissed
  432. >She didn't want this to be the last thing she ever seen
  433. >She wanted to see her enemies' faces or at least the blood of her foes before death, not this.
  434. >She didn't deserve to see such pretty things before dying
  435. >AMC closed her eyes to try and forget the pretty sight but was startled to hear footsteps and ringing laughter
  436. >She followed the sound, painfully moving her head towards the footsteps to look at her spectator
  437. >The white and blue suit made AMC wince. Out of all the people she didn't need to see, the tech guy was one of them.
  438. IBM: "Well, little girl, you seem to be in a mess. Finally figured out you're no match for her, Hmm?"
  439. >AMC snarled at him and his condescending attitude.' Maybe this was the worst thing to see before dying', she thought.
  440. IBM: "Oh what's wrong, cat got your tongue?" the tech company laughed at his poor joke, and knelt down to the dying woman.
  441. AMC: "J...ust, shut up and leave me alone." she whispered, barely able to speak
  442. IBM: "Aww, and I thought we were friends. No matter though, I'm not going to let you die. You're too fun."
  443. >IBM then took a small syringe out of his jacket and held it up to AMC's face for her to see, the gleaming needle dripping with the antidote
  444. IBM: "Now don't you worry my young friend, I'm always prepared for every situation. Plus, who do you think engineered those things?"
  445. AMC: "I don't need your damn antidote."
  446. >IBM gave the young personification an incredulous look, raising an eyebrow at her stubbornness
  447. IBM: "Ya know, you can be a little more thankful to the person that's saving you."
  448. >The man in the visor looked down at the young personification as he injected her with the serum, turning her over on her side to let the blood pour out of her lungs
  449. AMC: "Fuck you."
  450. >IBM just laughed at her antics and picked her up, carrying her on his shoulder, and walked towards the path to his facility a few miles away
  451. IBM: "Sorry, but you're just not my type."
  452. AMC: "Where are you taking me? Let me go!" she growled. Being carried like a sack of potatoes was embarrassing
  453. >AMC could finally feel some life coming back to her, but her body was still too weak to actually move.
  454. IBM: "Don't worry. I'm just taking you to my lab for observation, I'll release you soon enough."
  455. AMC: "You're a real piece of work, you know that?" She might not have been able to move, but she could talk and made sure to let her "savior" know that.
  456. IBM: "Yeah, yeah, It's not like I hard that one before. C'mon, quit complaining. You do want to defeat Animal Planet, right?"
  457. >AMC mulled it over and relented, relaxing in IBM's arms. Yeah, she did want to beat AP's ass, and if IBM was wiling to help her then so be it.
  458. AMC: "Fine, take me to your lab, but once I'm well you're going to let me out of there as soon as possible. Got it?"
  459. IBM: "You got it, you'll be slinging that bat away in no time. Which reminds me, we should have picked that thing up before we left."
  460. >AMC groaned, 'This was going to be much harder than I thought'.
  463. The first thing Tanya noticed about her room was the overwhelming and unmistakable smell of weed. It hit her sense of smell so hard and so suddenly that she took a involuntary step back and coughed, almost gagged. Tanya was no stranger to the smell of weed, having lit up fairly regularly back in Canada, but she never smoked frequently enough for her own room to become as saturated with the smell as Wills did. Clearly Will must smoke semi professionally, yet another thing Tanya would have to beat her at.
  465. "Yeah, here's where all the magic happens.", Will said, spreading her arms out, like a king taking in the sight of their kingdom, before turning in a circle and flopping down onto her messy and unmade bed.
  467. Tanya looked at Wills room. It wasn't very large. Half the wall around Wills bed was covered in posters. Movie posters, band posters, game posters, posters of different tv shows. There were even some on the ceiling! Her bed was pushed against the back corner of the room, a desk with a computer and office chair sat across from it. In between the bed and table was the closet which had no door, a large pile of clothes had spilled out of it and into the room. Next to her bed was a simple wooden nightstand with a lamp, an alarm clock, a empty beer bottle, several pieces of paper, and a glass half full of a dark liquid. Next to the table with the computer was a mini fridge with several large bottles of liquor at varying levels of fullness, an empty shot glass, and a bowl with with a spoon in it, on top of it.
  469. Tanya looked to the right corner of the room and saw a small flat screen TV hooked up to a very large and impressive sound system.
  470. It was a mess! "Do you have, like, a separate office where you work or...?" "Hah! On MY budget? Hell no, like I said, this is where the magic happens.", Will put her hands behind her head and put a leg on the other, getting comfortable in her bed.
  472. Tanya was at a loss for words. How could anyone get ANY work done in a place like this!? "What, does your sister do most of the work or something?", Tanya quickly closed her mouth, not meaning to say that out loud. Luckily Will didn't seem to get offended by her question, "Foxy? Kinda, yeah. She mostly handles stuff with that Fox asshole and manages most of our expenses, makes sure we don't blow our budget. I handle the scheduling, and the original shows. I'm pretty much the creative lead behind most of our show."
  474. "Wait... So, you helped make your blocks original shows? All of them?"
  475. "Nah, not all of them. Foxy and my other sisters have come up with some too. But yeah, I helped make most of 'em. No biggie.", She leaned over the edge of her bed and reached under it, looking for something.
  477. "You're responsible for most of you're blocks original shows... and you work out of HERE?", Tanya was floored. She had her own personal office and a staff helping her back in Canada. And yet Will got so much done, mostly by herself, with a limited budget, all out of this cramped and dirty bedroom...
  482. ===========================================================
  483. T@T and Stoner's Excellent Adventure
  484. ===========================================================
  485. T@T = Teletoon At Night
  489. >T@T walked into the restaurant, Stoner trailing behind her with a innocent grin.
  491. >"Table for two please." The nice waitress walked them over to a booth where she dropped off menus for the both of them.
  493. >T@T looked over her's while Stoner looked at hers, not opening
  495. >"Are you gonna eat something?"
  497. >"...Huh? Oh! Yeah, yeah..Just gotta-" Stoner pulled our a small blunt and lighter. "Get a little easy."
  499. >T@T Grabbed both and stuffed them back in her pocket looking left and right francticlly.
  501. >"What the HELL! are You Doing!" She said in a angered whisper.
  503. >"What? Dude were at Canada they're cool with it."
  505. >"We got back from Canada this MORNING!" T@T said, whacking Stoner with her menu.
  507. >"Mmmm....Your no fun."
  509. >"Ugh..Just order something.Uh..You want like a soup or, something?"
  511. >"Teley this is boring as fuck."
  513. >T@T had a annoyed glare.
  515. >"Can we just go back to my house and light up a couple bags?" said Stoner
  517. >"I was thinking we could do MORE than just smoke and get high together. Like ACTUAL friends do."
  519. >"Friends do more than that? I thought all the other shit was for family n junk."
  521. >"UGHHH!" T@T slammed her face down to the table
  523. >"Aww. Hey come on, get up, I got something for yoooou." Stoner puled a pack of Cigarettes and waved one with her fingers in front of The Canadians face.
  525. >She saw her grumble angrily before she grabbed the cig and then lit it under the table.
  527. >The waitress came back around
  529. >"So what will you have?"
  531. >"We'll have a, two pancakes for us ea-"
  533. >T@T stopped and looked at Stoner's face. Stoner had a dead eyed stair and a worried look
  535. >T@T looked back to the waitress and saw she just puffed smoke right into her face, and she was beginning to cough.
  537. >The rest of the restaurant smelled the Tobbacoo and saw the big cloud of smoke still hanging over the Waitress
  539. >"....We're not getting kicked out right"
  541. >T@T put her head on the table gain
  543. >"Why can't anything just go right." She mumbled under the table
  546. ===========================================================
  547. CBS Films
  548. ===========================================================
  550. >CBS tells films to go meet with HBO about possible joint ventures.
  551. >It goes about as well as expected.
  552. HBO greets the awkward young man upon entering the boardroom. "Oh, CBS! Love the suit."
  554. CBS films grips his clipboard tighter to him for comfort, face flushed before responding, "No, CBS will not be coming. I'm her employee, CBS films. Discussions of this joint venture will be through me."
  556. "Ah, that was rude of me! Of course, sorry, sport. You do look a bit too male to be CBS."
  558. >Films looks over HBO, taking in his white suit, before nervously reading his notes to make sure he's in the right place.
  560. "You're the personification I'm meeting with...HBO, right?"
  562. "Right."
  564. "There was another too...where's the other guy...?"
  566. >HBO waved him off.
  568. "Ah, he called it off for today. But we can still talk! Come in, come in, take off the eyeball tie. It's staring at me."
  570. >HBO places a hand on the small of CBS film's back to guide him towards the table. He may or may not have misunderstood CBS's offer; he'd thought she was coming around for uh...business, herself.
  571. >But Films would do. He'd very much do. The kid did seem half bad.
  573. >As HBO went back to close and the door behind him, a note fell from CBS film's clipboard that he hadn't noticed before.
  574. >CBS must've put it there for him at the last minute.
  575. >Films picks it up and reads it:
  576. >"Let him do the thrusting" xox - CBS
  580. ===========================================================
  581. Babysitting
  582. ===========================================================
  584. >It was N@N's birthday and Vi nearly forgot about it
  585. >Oops
  586. >Luckily for him he still has some tickets to a theatre show and takes his wife out for a romantic evening
  587. >But now he has to find a babysitter for his youngest kid, Nick Jr., who is still too young to be left alone
  588. >The rest of the kids are too busy with their activities and Vi has to find someone to babysit, quickly
  589. >Calls everyone he knows to see if they want to do it
  590. >Nearly everyone refuses because absolutely no one wants to deal with the child of a demon
  591. >NJ isn't like the rest of Vi's kids and they pretty much know that they'll be spending an evening with an Eldritch Demon's child
  592. >That, and if she ever were to get hurt in their care...it will be even worse
  593. >Vi's about ready to give up, until he hears some people walking down the street complaining about money.
  594. >He get's an idea
  595. >Lightning flashes outside his window
  596. Vi: "What the? It's not supposed to rain today."
  598. *The Stoner Trio*
  599. >These three losers were bored, bored as fuck
  600. >They had no money at the moment and were about ready to bum some cash off their parents
  601. >Until a freak lightning strike jolted a nearby house
  602. >In the middle of sunny weather
  603. SyFy: "The fuck was with the lightning?"
  604. Stoner[as]: "Don't know man, maybe it's a sign of impending doom and our decisions will lead us directly to disaster."
  605. T@N: "...Man, give me the rest of what you're smoking, whatever it is it must be great."
  606. >The three sat on the sidewalk and were about to go home, until a tall shadow stood over them
  607. Vi: "Hey, you guys look miserable enough to agree to anything. How'd you like to make some quick cash?"
  608. >The three looked up at the stranger, it was Viacom.
  609. [as]: "What kind of quick cash? Are we gonna get rid of a body or do a quick money laundering scheme in Peru?"
  610. >As always, Stoner[as] had to ask the oddest questions first
  611. Vi: "...No. I just need a few babysitters for one of my kids."
  612. SyFy: "Who would we be babysitting?"
  613. >Vi nervously laughed, he knew damn well it was going to be a tough sell for anyone to babysit Nick Jr.
  614. >He was still apologizing to Comcast about her chewed cable cords and ruined walls
  615. Vi: "Uhh...Nick Jr."
  616. T@N: "Oh no, I'm not dealing with that thing."
  617. SyFy: "Yeah, she's adorable and all, until that Imp demon comes out. Then everything goes bad."
  618. >No one wanted to deal with a literal demon child
  619. >She wasn't evil, but dear lord was it nearly impossible to control her
  620. Vi: "Look, it's my wife's B-day and I need an evening with her. Alone."
  621. All three ask: 'What's in it for us?"
  622. >They were desperate for money and something to do, so they were willing to babysit a demon
  623. Vi: "One thousand dollars-"
  624. All three: "Ehh-"
  625. Vi: "Each. And I'll throw in a certified demon's tooth too. I know how one of you likes to use an Ouija board, so it'll help "
  626. SyFy: "Deal."
  627. >SyFy needed the tooth, she was trying to summon a ghost shark for one of her movies. It would help.
  628. Vi: "Yes, great. I'm glad we agree."
  629. [as]: "I didn't agree to this."
  630. >She wasn't listened to
  631. Syfy: "First, I want the tooth."
  632. Vi: "Ugh, fine."
  633. >Vi pulls out one of his teeth for her, a new one growing almost immediately
  634. Vi: "There, the first half of the pact is complete, all you three need to do is take care of NJ, until 1 a.m. and you'll get the cash."
  635. T@N: "Ok, but, what if she kills us or destroys your house?"
  636. Vi: "I got insurance, I'll be fine."
  637. [as]: 'Ok, and the other half of the question?"
  638. Vi: "We'll cross that bridge if it comes up."
  639. SyFy: 'You're not reassuring."
  640. Vi: "Yeah and you're about broke. It seems we've reached an impasse."
  641. T@N: "...Fine, we'll do the babysit. But you better pay us immediately afterwards."
  642. Vi: "Ok then. See you soon."
  643. >Viacom then leaves the trio alone and almost immediately they realize they have made a terrible decision
  644. [as]: "Ya know. we aren't that good at deals, are we?"
  645. Syfy: "We got a demon tooth and money. That's as good as it's gonna get"
  647. >The evening comes and the three teens are at Vi's house again
  648. >They look around an are waiting for the couple to leave
  649. >Nick@Nite is giving them some instructions and Vi's standing there watching a clock
  650. Vi: "Honey, we'll be late. They're all going to be fine."
  651. N@N: "I know, but I just hafta make sure little Junebug is gonna be alright."
  652. >Nick Jr. herself was watching Blue's Clues in the living room and wasn't paying attention to anyone at the moment
  653. [as]: 'Yeah, Mrs. N@N, she'll be fine in our capable hands."
  654. >Absolutely no one was sure about that
  655. N@N: "All right, now I trust you three to set a good example for my little girl. Make sure she get's to bed early and make sure she doesn't try to eat too much sugar."
  656. Vi: "There's snacks in the cabinets and dinner is in the oven already cooked. Stay safe."
  657. Nick Jr.: "By mom and dad, love you."
  658. Vi: "Love you to dear, now don't be a bother to your new friends, ok?"
  659. NJ: "I won't."
  660. >The lighting in the house flickered on and off
  661. N@N: "We have got to speak to an electrician."
  662. >The married couple leave, leaving the three teens and NJ alone.
  663. NJ: "So, you guys wanna watch some cartoons?"
  664. T@N: "Sure kid, I'm up for it."
  665. >The four of them watch some cartoons, play games and everything's going fine for few hours
  666. >Until some unfortunate fool leaves a cookie jar open
  667. >And then IT begins
  668. [as]: "Hey, have you guys seen Jr. anywhere?"
  669. Syfy: "I thought she was with you?"
  670. >Three of them look around for Jr., until a drop of black liquid drops on the table and laughter is heard above them
  671. >T@N looks up and see's what's become of the little girl
  672. >Jr.'s all eldritch now, chewing on several cookies and crawling on the walls
  673. ENJ: "Hey guys, wanna play?"
  674. >The cackling demon didn't give anyone time to prepare and she ran off.
  675. All three: "Shit!"
  676. Syfy: "Ok, what we need to do is set up a barrier. Get me some salt and find some chalk."
  677. [as]: 'What should we do to distract her?"
  678. T@N: "Let's just give her what she wants."
  680. >The three teens look for what they need, [as] distracting Jr., T@N looking for supplies and Syfy making a protection circle
  681. >All the while Eldritch Jr., is stalking them and throwing slime at them at every moment
  682. T@N: "SyFy, how's that circle doin'?"
  683. SyFy: 'Good, we just need the [as]'s back."
  684. >Just then the young girl jumped through the barrier, panting and exhausted
  685. T@N: "You ok dude?"
  686. [as]: "No man, that kid sent me to an alternate dimension there everything was corn on the cob. Everything."
  687. Syfy: "Eww. Anyways, we'll be fine here, so long as we stay in the circle."
  688. T@N+[as]: "How long will the circle last?"
  689. SyFy: "Don't know, depends on how powerful the demon is. Thankfully, with her dad's tooth as a "battery", this thing should last for hours."
  690. T@N: "What's Jr doing anyway?"
  691. [as]: "She's just standing there, menacingly."
  692. >Eldritch Jr was prowling the edge, wanting to play with them but she bounced off every time
  693. Jr.: "C'mon, guys, I'm bored. Can we play a game again?"
  694. [as]: "How about we play "Watch tv and whoever falls asleep first wins" game?"
  695. >It was a longshot, but in two hours her parents would be back and she needed to be in bed.
  696. Jr: "That sounds stupid."
  697. Syfy: "Yeah, but if we win, then you won't."
  698. Jr.: "I'll win, just watch me."
  699. >Luckily for the trio, the only thing on was infomercials. No one could watch those, especially a kid
  700. >Eldritch Jr. slowly fell out of her form and fell asleep
  701. T@N: "Thank god, it's over."
  702. SyFy: "Let's get her to bed and clean up this mess."
  703. >Thankfully, everything was normal and just as the three were about ready to fall asleep a car pulled in
  704. >Vi looked around his home and N@N checked on her kid, everything looked ok
  705. Vi: "Don't know how you did it, but ya did."
  706. >Vi pulled out three wads of cash and handed it to the trio
  707. [as]: "Thank's Mr. V
  708. Vi: "You're welcome, if you need some cash, You guys are welcome to babysit again."
  709. SyFy: "Noted, we'll be leaving now."
  710. >The three headed home, rich and tired
  712. ===========================================================
  713. BubberFlyes
  714. ===========================================================
  716. >Hub relaxed on the couch, legs taking up all space as she rested her head on the pillows.
  718. >Out of the corner of her eye she saw her young little companion seemingly rolling around on the floor, with a blue fabric coated with stars
  720. >"AP what are you doing?" Asked Hub with a smirk looking at the young little girl.
  722. >AP rolled up until she ran out of blanket, and then wobled over to her caretaker as if she were in a potato sack.
  724. >"Imma..imma...a Bubberfly." AP said. She was very tired which was clear from her voice. She spoke softly not having the energy to correct herself
  726. >"Whats a Bubberfly?" Hub asked playfully smiling at what AP was doing
  728. >"...Butterfly."
  730. >"I didn't know you could turn into a butterfly."
  732. >"I can...I-I gota...Be in my cocoon...n then..I-I'll be a Butterfly." AP said, explaining her genius idea to Hub
  734. >"Yep. Hub said walking over AP, picking her up by the sides of her blanket and then carrying her over to the couch, laying her down in a comfy spot.
  736. >"When you wake up, your going to be a butterfly." Hub said assuring the little girl her crazy idea could work
  738. >"Yaaaaaaaay" AP said with what little she had left in her, giving her friend a small smile, before resting her head on her leg
  740. >And then dozing off to sleep.
  742. ===========================================================
  743. Crunchyroll Morning Routine
  744. ===========================================================
  746. >Crunchy roll slogged herself into the bathroom.
  748. >She murmmerd under her breath "Big Day today." very tired
  750. >She checker herself out in the mirror. Still in her pajamas. She turned her head inspecting her own head. Her trademark Orange hair was loosing its color.
  752. >She cracked a bit of a grin. She bent underneath the mirror and pulled out a few bottles of spray on orange hair dye. It was always fun to start reapplying it.
  754. >She popped off the cap of one of the bottles, the a starch stingy smell filled the air.
  756. >She shook the can up and down as fast as she could in her tired daze
  758. >"She's gonna give this up soon right?" Crunchyroll over heard from the outside. The walls weren't known to be thick. Many of them were paper thin
  760. >Crunchyroll's interest peaked as she slugged her body over to the cold wall of the bathroom. Recoiling back, and then resting her head against the wall once more to overhear whatever her roommates were saying
  762. >"No, I don't think she is." Said the voice. She made it out the best she could, believing it to belong to Netflix
  764. >"Ugh." The other voice said, Crunchyroll couldn't make out who this was yet.
  766. >"Come on be supportive, you just gotta let her express herself in the way she feels-" Netflix said in her usually polite manner.
  768. >"She used to be cool, then she started doing all this weeb shit." The voice was stern and irritated. Cranky even.
  770. >"Yep VRV" Crucnhyroll thought to herself
  772. >"VRV we've been over this." The polite women said. The sound of footsteps penetrated through the wall
  774. >"If you want to keep living here, you have to deal with it. Please be nice to her, you haven't talked to her in months!" She said.
  776. >"I ain't talkin to her till she quits this Nerd shit." VRV Responded in a sour tone
  778. >Crunchyroll sighed. Pulling her head off the wall and returning to her routine
  780. >She looked herself in the mirror giving herself a smile.
  782. >At least a few people supported her
  788. ===========================================================
  789. Play Date with 4Kids
  790. ===========================================================
  792. >PBS kids waited inside his house. Looking through the window with a smile from ear to ear.
  794. >PBS Came over to the young lad, and rested her soft old hands and his head, and rustling his hair
  796. >"Remember to play Nice with your friend. It took alot out of her to come here today." PBS spoke softly. Knowing PBS Kids would behave well, he was always a good boy.
  798. >"Yes Grandma." PBS Kids responded.
  800. >A car pulled up right next to the duos lawn, a tall blonde women dressed in a beautiful black suit that covered her whole body. She opened the door in the passenger seat in the back, to reveal a small little child. Covered head to toe in safety gear. A hardhat helmet with a red light on top, with two pillows tied to the front and back of their body. With shiny green gloves covering their hands
  802. >The tall women urged the little child to come out of the vehicle. She refused and recoiled further into the car, the Women reached deep in the car and pulled out the child in whole. Placing them down onto the ground and pushing them forward.
  804. >The Child stood still like stone as the women pushed them forward as they hobbled and tried to resist but was overpowered as the mother figure moved them forward. The little brick of pillows shacking and apparently babbling.
  806. >Old PBS smile turned to a worried expression.
  808. >"Why don't you greet your friend while I...get ready."
  810. >PBS walked away towards the kitchen while OBS Kids ran to the front door ready to greet his guest.
  812. >Once the Doorbell rang be immediately unlocked and answered.
  814. >The tall women was almost like a skyscraper to PBS Kids,
  816. >"Hello! You Must be PBS Kids, Oh look how cute you are!" The Lady said. Making him blush. PBS gave a Nudge pushing the Green Child forward.
  818. >"Im Fox the 20th! And this little-sweet is 4kids! Im sure the both of you can introduce yourselves!" 20th Century Fox left the two to find Old Lady PBS, calling her name as she went.
  820. >PBSK and 4Kids stood across from each other. PBSK Offered his hand out in good gesture, calm and relaxed. 4kids eyes darted back and froth across the room, looking at everything, and she seemed to be afraid of it all.
  822. >"Is..Eve-" 4kids cut off PBSK, spraying him with some sort of Feebreze cleaner. PBSK Coughed and hacked up
  824. >"D-Don't tAlK To ME! I-I-I haven't MaDe SuRe ThIs Home is Safe For Kids!
  826. >4Kids ran aroudn the lving room insepcting everything she could find. 4kids picked up a small book about Tom Sawyer that PBS had been reading.
  828. >"yOu See! YoU sEE!"
  830. >"Whats Wrong with it?"
  832. >"ToM SAWYER IS BANNED FOR KIDS! THE MATERIAL ISNT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG MINDS LIKE OURS!" 4kids seemingly out of no where grabbed a brush and started to pain all over the book.
  834. >PBS K stood in awe as she went through page after page at record speed painting over with white paint.
  836. >4kids flipped through over and over, triple checking to make sure that every page was suitbale for children
  838. >"T-there..I think I got it." 4kids said handing back the book.
  840. >PBS K grabbed the book back, using only what few fingers he had to pick up the Book that dripped in paint.
  842. >"...T-thanks?
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