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AGDQ2017 staff can suck a fat one

PvtCinnamonbun Jan 8th, 2017 (edited) 42,323 Never
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsK-duXi5CM
  2. Conversation begins at 0:26
  3. [Transcript of the recorded conversation after the Ape Escape 2 run, courtesy of cyberdemon531]
  4. KLAIGE: “Alright, we have it specifically in the rules that when you are on stream you are not to display any political things of any nature.”
  5. PVTCB: “Okay, I wasn’t wearing a hat.”
  6. KLAIGE: “You were. I have a screenshot of it.”
  7. PVTCB: “I was wearing this hat.” *points to the Ape Escape helmet*
  8. KLAIGE: “No, we have a screenshot of you wearing a Make American Great Again hat. You were--”
  9. BROBUZZ: “Uh, I brought them. I didn’t make them wear them. This is on me.”
  10. PVTCB: “Nope. Nope.”
  11. BROBUZZ: “Don’t punish him for anything I did.”
  12. PVTCB: “You were on first and final. Give me your badge.”
  13. PVTCB: “Seriously?”
  14. KLAIGE: “You’re done.”
  15. PVTCB: “Alright, fuck you.”
  16. BROBUZZ: “What the fuck? This is something I did. Why are you punishing—“
  17. KLAIGE: “It doesn’t matter. You gotta follow the rules. You guys, I gotta punch your badges. This is your first and final—nope. You can keep them. He’s on first and final. There’s no political affiliation on stream. We represent a charity. They do not associate with anyone politically. Period. You were warned.”
  18. PVTCB: “Okay—“
  19. KLAIGE: “I’m done. If you’re seen anywhere in a marathon area, you’ll be escorted out. If we need to, we will escort you out of the hotel. We clear? Go.”
  20. PVTCB: “Okay, you’re a massive dick for doing this, but—“
  21. KLAIGE: “No, I’m making sure our charity is taken care of. You couldn’t do it. Get out.” *K rips the badge out of P’s hands*
  23. So Klaige lied (to my face) several times. First, there is nothing in the rules about “displaying any political thing of any nature.”
  24. https://gamesdonequick.com/rules
  25. The closest they have is:
  26. Avoid topics of conversation that are polarizing or controversial in nature. This includes but is not limited to things such as politics, religion, or other “hot button” topics that are innately divisive.
  27. The second thing he lied about was me wearing a MAGA hat. Look at the broadcast for the Ape Escape 2 run:
  28. https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick/v/113336135
  29. The MAGA hats start being passed around at 45:04, and the MAGA hats get put away at 1:03:48
  30. In between 45:04 and 1:03:48 (which is when we were told to put the MAGA hats away), there isn’t a single second of me wearing a MAGA hat. I wore an Ape Escape helmet for a bit here and there, but that can’t be confused with a MAGA hat.
  31. The third thing is a bit more subjective, but for a charity that doesn’t associate with any political things, they sure do like to talk about it. On their webpage, there’s http://preventcancer.org/tag/politics/ which talks about Obama’s presidency and what it means for preventing cancer. Again, if everyone had pulled out Change posters or I’m With Her stickers, I seriously doubt there would have been any repercussions.
  33. Based on the above, I think I have a very strong case here about why I shouldn’t have been banned from AGDQ2017 because I literally broke zero rules and didn’t do what they accused me of. To go even further, I believe that I was greatly wronged, and I’m going to present all of my evidence to AGDQ staff and demand that I receive a personally apology from Klaige (which I plan to record and upload somewhere); additionally, I leaning towards asking Klaige to resign from his post. If AGDQ staff doesn’t reverse their decision, I’m taking legal action against them.
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