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Latin and new words - neologisms (v2)

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Feb 3rd, 2015
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  1. Latin, how to make/invent new words, based on words of a teacher from the Vivarium Novum academy in Rome:
  3. [01:42] <Godmy> 1) If there is an existing Latin word we should use it 2) If there is not, we should make a new one a) based on the actual Latin b) by updating an already existing word (= you will use an ancient Latin word but with a new meaning; an example in English is "computer" which once meant a person) 3) If that is not possible, we will turn to Greek (preferably ancient) = since that is also what would Romans do to express their new concepts 4) Then we could search for some lexical consensus in Romance languages and deconstruct from it a Latin word 5) And only in the case of the highest need we can allow (and I'm using his own words) for "barbarisms": to take e.g. an English word and give it a Latin ending
  4. [01:43] <Godmy> And he also adds:
  5. [01:43] <Godmy> This is how it has been done for 2 500 years... (apart from the part with Romance languages)
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