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  1. CLINK!
  3.      The sound of swords clattering together filled the air, sweat pouring from Asura's forehead as he knelt down on the ground. He felt soggy and disgusting. There was mud and soot coating his skin and torn up shirt. He could feel his very body heat rising as he gasped for air and looked up. The loud sounds of those swords clashing deafened him, and all he could do is grip the hilt of his bronze weapon. The pointed edge of a similar bronze weapon would poke against his Adam's apple, and he'd sigh before standing up with the help of a blackish blue hand. He felt the disappointed glare of his father on his back as he wiped the dirt off of himself, then a hand on his shoulder. Asura was whipped around, and before he could anticipate what was going on he had already felt the fist hooking into his cheek. He'd stumble backwards and fall, biting his tongue in anger as he and his father exchanged glares. "You're a disappointment." His father would start, and all Asura could think of is 'here we go again.' Though he was weak, Asura still held his pride. He looked his father in the eyes. "You've had more training than all of your peers here and you still lose every single time. And why? Because you can't simply control your emotions from consuming you. Again, Valefor. And don't hold back this time." Like a slave, the same man who had just helped Asura up slowly stepped back and placed his blade over his arm, having it pointed at Asura who clumsily stood. Asura did the same stance and exhaled calmly. "I don't plan on losing this time."
  5.      It is said that no light pierces the canopies of this dark forest. That's how it got the name of Sleeping Forest. In the blinding fog Asura stared deep into the green slits of his opponent's eyes. He could no longer hear the swords clashing from vigorous training in the back, and only focused on the person in front of him. His opponent did the same. He'd stare into Asura's hetero eyes. Asura could see those eyes bound toward him, getting closer and closer before pausing. Their swords would collide several times, sparks spraying off the sides as they batted against each other. Valefor would hop back and stand still for a moment, then point his sword up into the air. A terrifying shriek erupted from him, leaves slowly falling from the sky. Though this didn't distract most of the warriors in the back, some of them paused in their duels to watch Valefor's fight with Asura. With heightened speed Valefor closed the distance between himself and Asura and began to clash swords with him once more. This time, it wasn't so evenly matched. Asura was getting overwhelmed by the speed. It felt as if each time he parried one attack, there would already be two more that aimed to cut into any opening he provided. Asura grunted loudly and struck back out of anger, blood rushing to his head. His sword sliced into Valefor's, making it spin through the air and cut deep into the mud, too deep to be easily plucked out. Though Valefor's sword had been disarmed, his relentless attack didn't stop. His fists began to connect with Asura's face and chest, blood dripping onto his knuckles with every hit. Asura stumbled back and low swept his ankle, making Valefor trip into the mud. Asura had no choice, he'd have to  use the racial ability that he has absolutely no control over.
  7.      He'd pace back and kneel in the mud, closing his eyes. He could already sense that Valefor was drawing closer. Three seconds... two... one. Just as Valefor was about to right hook Asura, the failure would clamor loudly as a final resort. Valefor had stumbled back, and Asura felt his vision fog more. He could no longer see, everything was black except for his opponent in front of him, who was highlighted in a blood red. One of the marks on Asura's arm would turn blazing red as well, then appear to be drawn out of his very skin. It would disappear in the air as the boy bared his fangs. Asura stuck his blade into the mud and leapt toward Valefor, his fists swinging wildly. Though they were both exchanging blows, it was clear that Valefor was getting more hits in. Asura was becoming more and more predictable, and in a sudden turn in his favor Valefor would pull Asura's arm as he went for another hook and throw him over his shoulders. Asura was slammed into the mud, and he could feel his anger collapse under him, along with his bones. He'd lay there restless, blood mixing with the mud as Valefor stood victorious. The failure's father turned his back and scoffed.
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