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  1. ⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅
  3. your username: Siang Par
  4. password: Imagine Dragons
  6. "even if you're mean"
  8. birthname: Siang Par
  9. other name: Shijin Na, Xiao Xuchen
  10. nickname(s): Nana, Jinijin, Shinjin, CC, Parpar, Siang-Siang, JISI, Xiaochen, Chenji
  12. birthdate: July/21/2002
  13. ethnicity: Korean - Burmese- Chinese
  14. hometown: Tlaungram, Burma
  16. height: 175.4 cm
  17. weight: 47 kg
  19. "and you make me sad"
  21. squad(s): Smarties & Musicians
  22. slot: Radioactive
  23. backup slot: It ain't me
  25. love interest: Jisung
  26. backup li: Xiaojun
  28. closeness with slots:
  29. (%, do they get along or not)
  30. 7 rings
  31. ↳ 90% they get along pretty well
  32. f.f.f.
  33. ↳ 90% they get along
  34. drag me down
  35. ↳ 99.999% I love how she doesn't have any insecurities
  36. coco chanel
  37. ↳ 70% We're cool as long as we don't get into a fist fight
  38. summer on you
  39. ↳ 99.999% I'm her biggest supporter!
  40. i like it
  41. ↳ 40% I want to actually be friends with, actually I wanna be friends with EVERYBODY I don't care for their looks, attitude problems aren't their problems, that's just how people see them but I actually only become friends with those who are actually worth my time
  42. sad!
  43. ↳ 1% We NEVER talk
  44. breaking free
  45. ↳ 10% I don't know if I should judge her though
  46. idontwannabeyouanymore
  47. ↳ 90% I guess she's worth my time, we're pretty good together
  48. love yourself
  49. ↳ 1% I don't really like her because she spreads words of gossip like the Campfire fire spread in california
  50. work from home
  51. ↳ 74% Seems nice, and she is
  52. ilysb
  53. ↳ 1% Someone who just thinks about boys isn't worth my time honestly
  54. lucid dreams
  55. ↳ 2% All she does is PARTY someone who doesn't take care of their natural needs shouldn't waste my time we're not cool she doesn't even know me I bet you
  56. sorry not sorry
  57. ↳ 10% They look at each other, that's their only thing that happens between them
  58. idgaf
  59. ↳ 10% We COULD be friends if she didn't hate my existence so much plus she's not as big as a bitch as she seems, right?
  60. never be the same
  61. ↳ 87% We're cool-ish
  62. in my blood
  63. ↳ 56% She's way too insecure but who am I to talk for her? We're ice pretty cool
  64. it ain’t me
  65. ↳ 10% She doesn't trust me because people take advantage of her, sadly she doesn't know me
  66. fools
  67. ↳ 67% they get along
  68. finesse
  69. ↳ 50% They can get along they do, but at the same time they don't
  72. "you need to be yourself"
  74. faceclaim: Jang Wonyoung
  75. backup fc: Shin Yuna from JYP girls
  77. personality:
  78. ↳  Quiet : She's outside doing nature included stuff. So she shouldn't be loud. But that cover breaks if you hurt the animals or plants that she's tended
  79. ↳  Not a VEGETARIAN : You'd think since she loves animals so much she won't eat them right? Well, not exactly, she loves chicken sorry hens!
  80. ↳ Caring : She cares for people she chooses are worth her time, after all, time is precious. Plus she doesn't need to waste oxygen for bitches
  81. ↳ Active : If she's inside for the whole day she'll go crazy. She's one of those kids that hate being cooped up so she has some special classes where she's outside
  82. ↳  Judgey : Judges a LOT of people, in one day she's already judged the whole school. She can't go a minute without judging something
  83. ↳ Lovable : At least to plants and animals, animals always go near her because she never hurts them, she eats chicken but she's not the one who killed them just an FYI
  84. ↳ Unreasonable : Never get into a fight with her, she'll always win whether it's verbally or physically, she'll win
  86. backround:
  87. ↳  Siang was born in Burma, making her a Burmese-born Chinese-Korean. She's lived in Shanghai and Seoul. She's been all around the world, but she just wants a simple life. Currently, that's not happening. Right now, she works at a coffee shop. It's environmental-friendly place. Plus, no one knows that her life is more than just that. Her mother used to be a singer, giving her a maybe goal of becoming a k-pop idol. Her father  is a CEO but the company goes to her older brother. She has never been in a relationship because she doesn't have time. Plus, Dating apps aren't very likable. She wants to become a good person, and possibly make her voice better. After all, her mother was a singer. And although her family is strict, she's free, and a christian too.
  89. trivia:
  90. ↳ Has heterochromia idiris, meaning the colored part of her eyes aren't the same color. Plus she has heterochromia, giving her a green eye, and a brown eye. In the brown eye, there are blue, brown, and yellow specks. In the brown eye, there are green, blue, hazel, and light brown specks.
  91. ↳  Cooks
  92. ↳  Has a garden because she loves animals and plants, although snakes don't like her, but she doesn't like them either, so they're even
  93. ↳ Draws, A LOT
  94. ↳  She's a flexible person, both mentally and physically, it's weird.
  95. ↳  Wears glasses but uses black contact lenses to cover her eyes.
  97. "even if i'm not feeling well"
  99. family:
  100. ↳  Rachel Na | Mom | 46 | 53%
  101. ↳  Xiao De Chen | Dad | 47 | 80%
  102. ↳ Kyungwoo Na/Xiao Chen-kyu | 18 | 98%
  104. languages:
  105. ↳  Korean 100%, Chinese 101%, Burmese 102%
  106. playlist:
  107. ↳  Heroine (Sunmi), Grow Up (Stray kids), Not Today (BTS), 2U(David Guetta ft. JB(canadian guy))
  108. aesthetics:
  109. ↳  Any colour except pink, always wears her contacts outside they're brown
  110. username on social media:
  111. ↳  @Jiji.Na_PARKeu
  113. "and it's a sad ending"
  115. message to me: Hi Jade, let's be friends!
  116. requested scenes: (with slots or lis)
  117. anything else: Nope :)
  119. "the show must go on."
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