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nilssonanders Jul 21st, 2012 2,153 Never
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  7. 2: -_____-
  8. 2: .....
  9. 2: *-*-*-*-*-*-*
  10. 2: ♥
  11. 2: 고소한다~!고소하겠다ㅋㅋ 정말 우스운일이다ㅎ 일요일의 맥주한병 좋다~!트트트
  13. 2: การบ้านโคตรเยอะ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 2: 100% followback garunteed
  15. 2: 10 away from 1000 followers !!! Amazing :D
  16. 2: 10bandsilove #10bandsilove Cobra Starshipp :D
  17. 2: 10moree dayss !
  18. 2: 10x10 wwyba guys ?
  19. 2: 11:05 a.m. Wed. Time to scoot & live life off the Twitter box. Until we tweet again.
  20. 2: 11:11
  21. 2: 어려운 소상공인들에게 희망을 주고 성공으로 이끄는 멘토그룹이 있습니다.. '소상공인창업도우미'입니다.. 중소기업청 소상공인진흥원에서 운영하는 도우미업체가 전국적으로 1200여명이 활동중입니다..
  22. 2: *** 17:17 ***
  23. 2: 18:19 :O
  24. 2: 19:19 Hrs
  25. 2: $1.99 ONLY for .info domain names, limited time only
  26. 2: 1MomentPlease Jaja eu volto gentee, vou dar banho em minha maninha !! #1MomentPlease
  27. 2: ‎1 more day till Assassins Creed: Revelations, Halo CE: Anniversary, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Are you getting any of them? I know we are!
  28. 2: 20factsaboutme #20factsaboutme i accidently super glued my fingers like 2 hours ago and now they're covered in this tape like substance yuk
  29. 2: 26 ноября 1925 - Состоялся первый испытательный полет самолета «АНТ-4» конструкции А.Н.Туполева: Самолет «АНТ-4», создателем которого...
  30. 2: 29.8
  31. 2: 4700 TWEETSSSSS
  32. 2: 5bandasfavoritas 4. Simple Plan #5bandasfavoritas
  33. 2: 5 free social media marketing tools that can save you time & money as you grow your online presence – worth checking out....
  34. 2: 장원삼 6⅓이닝 1실점’ 삼성, 통산 첫 한국팀 아시아시리즈 우승
  35. 2: 619
  36. 2: 7살 아이와 오늘 이태원에 가려고 하는데, 이태원에서 색다르게 먹을만한것 있을까요? 그리고, 7살 아이가 가볼만한 곳이 있으면 알려주세요.
  37. 2: 85-93 waz crucial  last few years REAL MEN waz birthed 94-now i dnt no wat da fukk is rong wit young ppl nomore
  38. 2: A
  39. 2: [aaaa] Boa Noite !![EDUCADOS RESPONDEM.]
  40. 2: ABCDEFG
  41. 2: A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.Henry Ford
  42. 2: Acabei de assistir um filminho otimo e vin fazer umas coisas aqui e claro aproveitei pra twittar um poco
  43. 2: According to DentalFearCentral,recent studies have shown that 80-85% of dental phobias are caused by previous bad experiences with dentists
  44. 2: A cloud
  45. 2: A coluna do Jabor na CBN foi digna de Steve Jobs. A maçã mordida nos tirou do paraiso da ignorância.
  46. 2: @AdamDemamp thanks for being my first follower on my new account Adam!
  47. 2: Ade'ku lg sakittt~ Kaciiaann rekk :( Cpt sembuh ade'.. {}
  48. 2: A dormir se ha dicho zZzZ
  49. 2: A drop in the ocean,A change in the weather,I was praying that you and me might end together<3
  50. 2: AD:Tech craziness, stop by the booth #1818 - Free Pictures with Clicky!
  51. 2: AF447:tentative de repêchage des corps - Le Figaro
  52. 2: A gente faz o que quando a inspiração vai embora e nos deixa um saco cheio de nada?
  53. 2: A girl is Beautiful just the way she is stop putting yellow , Blue and the most crazy stuff in your face your beautiful just the way you are
  54. 2: A good Scripture for what Bless Me does: "Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."- Galatians 6:2
  56. 2: ahhaancoookkk..
  57. 2: ahhhh Tuesday,.. A great day to make money!
  58. 2: AidAwarenessDay #AidAwarenessDay Rap it up people !!!!  Cookie Theft ;)
  59. 2: Airplanes take off against the wind, not with it =)
  60. 2: Ako Budoy :)
  61. 2: Alguém Me ajude? Como esta o tempo em Sampa?
  62. 2: Alguem me manda uma DM :P
  63. 2: Alguém sabe se algum lugar esta transmitindo o Paulista Estudantil de judô?
  64. 2: alguém tem emoticon do Justin pra me passar por msn ?
  65. 2: alguns artistas nem ligam pra gente
  66. 2: Alhamdulillahsekaliyaaaa~
  67. 2: Aliás, prestem muita atenção na empresas que apoiam a cultura. Elas fazem a diferença e merecem o nosso apoio também.
  68. 2: Alicebucketlist #Alicebucketlist
  69. 2: All I Want For Christmas Is You music video tomorrow!!! <3
  70. 2: A man only has 2 hands! As long as ur holding on to the past.... How do u have a free hand to hold me?
  71. 2: América..!
  72. 2: American Airlines en chapter 11 preocupa a viajeros por sus millas...Conviasa piensa aprovechar la oportunidad de mercado
  73. 2: A Million memorable await at Bahamas Hotel & Resort Belitung
  74. 2: ¿Amor? ¿Qué es eso? Suena a veneno.
  75. 2: And I Mean Everyone
  76. 2: And she fuck my nigga
  77. 2: And this is the reason I don't have any patients (-_-)
  78. 2: ang dati ay baliwala
  79. 2: ! ♥  ang ganda ng showtime kanina !♥    ♥ enchong  dee ♥
  80. 2: ang gwapo nya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit !!! <3  <3
  81. 2: @_AnnaJ_ what difference would you make better
  82. 2: AnnoyingThings TeamFollowBack i really freakin hate when my clothes shrink in the dryer  #AnnoyingThings. #TeamFollowBack
  83. 2: Another great column from John Kass "ABC makes a wrong — and biased — snap judgment":
  84. 2: Another Year Gone,
  85. 2: ansabbebe #ansabbebe? ng taong bungee ?
  86. 2: antanddecswordup #antanddecswordup my word is gigolo :) xx
  87. 2: anteontem fiz uma festa horrível tava muitu ruim nao foi ninguem  fikei triste
  88. 2: @AnthonyCumia @richardjuke They just passed the open carry law here in Oklahoma. Will feel good to have the "ol 1911A1 .45 on my side
  89. 2: Any Networking events going on tonite in LA??
  90. 2: anyone here good at carving a pumping into a Jack-O-lantern?
  91. 2: anythingsquotes I don't need your money, I just need your love #anythingsquotes
  92. 2: Any tweets Ty???
  93. 2: Apple iPad Giveaway! Answer the question for the chance to win an iPad! ...
  94. 2: arrumando quarto
  95. 2: Arsenal coyg Come on #Arsenal, you can score it..... #coyg
  96. 2: A saudade que sinto por vc é forte, mais não forte o suficiente para acabar com o amor que sinto por voce.
  97. 2: As Google slowly moves away from back-links and toward internal content becoming a more important part of its ranking algorithm
  98. 2: “A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” – William Shedd
  99. 2: AsiPiensoQuotes No se que hacer para que mi mejor amiga me vea como un amigo #AsiPiensoQuotes
  100. 2: Ask for referrals from clients using your services the way you’d like other clients to use them. You’ll get more clients like them!
  101. 2: Ask me about my vow of silence.
  102. 2: Assistir um filminho akê heehe
  103. 2: A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.
  104. 2: As vezes tudo o que precisamos é um pouco de tempo, nada mais.
  105. 2: a tarde fui na etec e não deu tempo de entregar o TCC x________X
  106. 2: at da game
  107. 2: at last theres Turkey  in the shop  so mit just get one  stll   $65 bucks
  108. 2: At rustys with my bitchesss!!!
  109. 2: At the drive in hmu :-)
  110. 2: At The Muppets with my son....his fist movie! When he walked in theater...his first comment..Wowwwwwwww!
  111. 2: At Yarrd!
  112. 2: A vida as vezes pode ser dura demais pra quem nao sabe amar
  113. 2: Avida é assim feita de sonhos. É isso que nos mantém vivos.
  114. 2: ayo kur.....
  115. 2: @AyooJomaa they drunk? Ha
  116. 2: ayo sore sore ... dah ga tahan ni mata antug ,,,
  117. 2: ayy hndi sya nagttext!#ayy
  118. 2: Bachmann's former campaign chief -- shame on you, Michele | Fox News  @MicheleBachmann @TeamBachmann
  119. 2: Back to bed =(
  120. 2: Back to reality !
  121. 2: Bacot kau banyak kali :'( ☹
  123. 2: Bazı insanlar mayonez şişesini sıkarken çıkan o ses kadar gereksiz ve gürültücüler.
  124. 2: BBLLLLL :]
  125. 2: be converted :)
  126. 2: before i put on my makeup
  127. 2: Being environmentally friendly, walking to get groceries!
  128. 2: Being "Real" isn't a title you can just claim have to be able to show it .
  129. 2: beking lalah jo eh
  130. 2: Bellas Done meeting with my #Bellas sisters! Happy naman kaso kulang kami. Miss you girls :)
  131. 2: belum pada tdoer ieah all????
  132. 2: Be my date this christmas eveeeee, be my holiday, my dream!
  134. 2: besok mau donor darah....
  135. 2: bestdayever Watching united getting there arse handed to them. #bestdayever
  136. 2: Best SEO company for your desired results
  137. 2: Bet I Have Thousand Followers By The End Of Tomorrow
  138. 2: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind .
  139. 2: Beyoncé chega a SC sob forte esquema de segurança e vai para paraíso particular, resort de SC a 50KM de Floripa.
  140. 2: Bieber Beats Kim Kardashian as Most Searched Person of 2011
  141. 2: Bieberfact Okay ! I can give y'all #Bieberfact mau ??? ;)
  142. 2: Big john stape's Back
  143. 2: Bikin disekolah ajalah,ga ngerti deh sumpah ( ‾_‾ )
  144. 2: bingng gua...
  145. 2: binguuuuuuuungg............... >.<
  146. 2: birthdaylove MY BIRTHDAY 2DAY!!!! LOL SOO EXCITED <3 <3 gun go do whatever i feel like 2day :D itsMY day #birthdaylove
  147. 2: Bisa dibuka hore hore!
  149. 2: bklyn moving to #bklyn tomorrow. excited that we are done packing! now on to unpacking, decorating and exploring the new hood.
  150. 2: Blabbermouth :)
  151. 2: Black Friday. Tired. Headache. Cant move.
  152. 2: BLAH BLA BLA
  153. 2: B_L Salahku bila kau yang ada di hatiku? #B_L
  154. 2: boaa noitee
  155. 2: boa noite!!!
  156. 2: Boa noite !
  157. 2: Boa noitee ¤_¤
  158. 2: boa noite para todos
  159. 2: Boa tarde
  160. 2: Boa Tarde
  161. 2: Boa Tarde (Buenas Tardes)!!!
  162. 2: Boa tarde galera ? *_*
  163. 2: Bodo amat laa,,hajar trus soal fisikanya walau ku tak bisa ==”
  164. 2: bom dia a tds vcs meus amores
  165. 2: BOM DIA A TODOS
  166. 2: Bom dia a todos e a todas! Que tenhamos todos uma excelente e venturosa semana, repleta de ótimas realizações!
  167. 2: Bom dia, Brasil!
  168. 2: Bonner E o #Bonner? O que será dele?
  169. 2: Booom diia( penguin_newsk!) rsrs'
  171. 2: bored -,-
  172. 2: Bored
  173. 2: bored thoo
  174. 2: BornThisWay i was #BornThisWay <3
  175. 2: Boru.
  176. 2: bosan neyh....camna nak men???
  177. 2: bosenGAGAH Mbah ane kepengen jelek. #bosenGAGAH
  178. 2: Boua noite galera ^^
  179. 2: bounce .. wohohohohohoh ohohohohohohoho hoho gj haesrpweo haeye ipgh ey [hkower[0ih k= et uj8e5 ]-j 35e]q-946q 46' ik354un6y q[3j4tb 7i 57o
  180. 2: Bouta crashh
  181. 2: Bout to hit the gym :) back n shoulders todayy
  182. 2: Boy u ain't smokin no Kush .! Sit down
  183. 2: Braços de ferro e Punhos de aço, este é o DEUS que eu conheço.
  184. 2: Bradesco PSDB Antônio Servantes foi diretor do #Bradesco, é pecuarista e vice-presidente do #PSDB prudentino.
  185. 2: Brasilia51Anos Hoje a capital do nosso país faz aniversário. Parabéns Brasília, 51 anos de uma história marcante! #Brasilia51Anos
  186. 2: breakfast with vox :)
  187. 2: Brindis Llego el que faltaba con las mejores. Capas para estos #Brindis ;)
  188. 2: Brrecordrebelde O Melhor Portal Sobre Rebelde
  189. 2: bru lps layan cte sepah
  190. 2: Bsok sklh ga ya??? Bingung bnget.... Males bnget ktmu guru RPL... -_-
  191. 2: buat semua smashblast slm knl y...
  192. 2: Bu Bukowski neymiş yahu!?
  193. 2: Buddy:Having my daily workout. Already did fifteen leg lifts! ; )
  194. 2: buenas noches ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ : )
  195. 2: Buenasnoches Dormir, ojala pudiera cerrar los ojos y descansar, creo que por un tiempo eso se ha acabado para mi. #Buenasnoches
  196. 2: Buenos días, reportando desde un trancón de cobijas tremendo!!
  197. 2: Buenos diias Beliebers
  198. 2: Bu gidişle telefon dükkanı açacam.  -Okul müdürü.
  199. 2: bullshit
  200. 2: but i gotta stop now and get some shut eye work in the morn..
  201. 2: But i overslept this morning .
  202. 2: Buy Toronto Public Auction Dot Com!  One of a kind domain for sale today,only at GoDaddy dot com!
  203. 2: BYE! TWEETERS!  =) ❤
  204. 2: Can achieve some more Followers Today?
  205. 2: Canada
  206. 2: Can I Live...
  207. 2: Can't believe your dragging me into tescos!!!
  208. 2: cantsayno I #cantsayno to erghh .. Damn !
  209. 2: Can't wait to get off work n back to my baby ;-)
  210. 2: Can we make this last forever..
  211. 2: Can you get that?..
  212. 2: Cão que late não morde..
  213. 2: Caramel colored girl looking better than a Sunday
  214. 2: Caranya gampang, kami cukup minta ID twitternya lalu kami backup 3000tweet yg dihitung dr tweet terakhir. :)
  215. 2: Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you run a wonderful business oppurtunity.
  216. 2: celebrity juice <3
  217. 2: Çelikel îran
  218. 2: cepet lah pengen sekolah dirawat mulu !! cepet sembuh atuhlah penyakit HEPATITIS A sumpahnya ga ketulungan :((
  219. 2: Ceye kali ini bener" marah ama gue , emang gue juga keterlaluan sih parah =(
  220. 2: CFC Thank you Dr. Ogba and Ray Mears. Fantastic start by the Blues! #CFC
  221. 2: ChallangeAccepted Whenever I hear someone is waiting for marriage all I can think of is #ChallangeAccepted
  222. 2: Changes looming on the horizon. Details to follow.
  223. 2: Charlie Sheen give me tickets to your show!!!!
  224. 2: Chegueeeeeeeeeeeeei, aiai meu amor arraza no futs haha
  225. 2: cheguuuueeei '
  226. 2: Cheryl Garrett-Jenkins of Rubyeyes Kraftwerks has joined the Elgin Business Women's Network.
  227. 2: Chillin... School...
  228. 2: chillmode Tweet Yall Later. #chillmode
  229. 2: Chris pauls agents said he wants to go to the knicks. Nobody will be able to contain me in 2k, im already enough wit melo
  230. 2: christmas is fast approaching
  231. 2: Christmas = stress haha
  232. 2: chupaalfinete #chupaalfinete ai so seu fã mais se aquilo fo entrevista eu to fudido
  234. 2: Chuy brAvo is so cute...I just wanna tickle him
  235. 2: CiN #CiN what a great show starter
  236. 2: cium hashtag #cium
  237. 2: CKPTW (ˇ_ˇ'')
  238. 2: Clearance signing tomorrow 10-11am only, COLA.
  239. 2: cloudsurN highlife #cloudsurN  #highlife
  240. 2: @cmax10 I vote for a #Vegas weekend for you, @amase31, @lexininos and myself.. two requirements: TB on the strip and a few cab rides 
  241. 2: Cmt tu l'as su?
  242. 2: "Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous." ~ Unknown
  243. 2: collegevisitgroups I hate feeling like an exhibit #collegevisitgroups
  244. 2: Começa sábado nossa super maratona: eleição para nova Executiva, Convenção, Seminário e Planejamento 2012. Em Brasília.
  245. 2: Come to Jack Mackenroth's  2012 Calendar signing at Boxers Bar in NYC this Wednesday. I will be there also to sign the month I shot!
  246. 2: comiendo y Viendo televición :)
  247. 2: Como é bom ganhar seguidores com o Twitter Followers:
  248. 2: Como posso ser assim, ainda te amo? Isso mesmo! AINDA!
  249. 2: comoxvalley The bear in the air with big shiny eyes certainly is flying alot over the #comoxvalley.   Hopefully they are keeping us safe
  250. 2: "Confiar em você é apenas uma defesa numa lista de outras, você não faz sentido.." ♪
  251. 2: Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.  ~Peter T. Mcintyre
  252. 2: confusingthingsgirlsdo #confusingthingsgirlsdo use you, abuse you and then lose you!
  253. 2: Congrats to Man United....
  254. 2: Consumers Slow To Adopt Electronic Personal Health Records
  255. 2: coooold.
  256. 2: copy catt much!
  257. 2: corinthians Libertadores pro #corinthians é igual a eclipse. Tem que correr logo pra ver, se não some em questão de horas.
  258. 2: _CosasDeChicas_ RT Como hago para q entiiendas.. q no te qiero perder xq eres la persona q en verdad amo..!! #_CosasDeChicas_
  259. 2: Cowboys How bout dem #Cowboys
  260. 2: cowboys You ice your kicker only the #cowboys
  261. 2: Credit ratings and bra sizes appear to be polar opposites. Good credit is AAA. AAA bra size counterpart =skinny lady boy.
  262. 2: Creo que he sido muy buena gente este día!!
  263. 2: Ctfu
  264. 2: cukup tau ajah deh gw makasih yah atas semuanya sampe lo bikin gw kaya gini dasar munafik lo
  265. 2: CURANG
  266. 2: CyberMonday They always get you at the shipping and handling #CyberMonday
  267. 2: Dad: Can you tell me what time the USC v. UCLA game is at? I have to start negotiating with your mom now to get the TV at that time.
  268. 2: Daily App Show - Daily Video Reviews of iPhone, iPad and Android Apps
  269. 2: Dá-lhe Vascão!!!
  270. 2: dami na ng BALLER ko !! :PP
  271. 2: Damm Lmaoo
  272. 2: Damn!!! Hakeem Nicks got straight cracked
  274. 2: Damn some ppl really know how to dry up a wet dream!!!!
  275. 2: ??? Dance with the death...
  276. 2: Dando clases! :S
  277. 2: Dang I jst got semi mad over some my bay said awhile ago all over again lol
  278. 2: day 20 and we have lost 30 lbs, this is awesome
  279. 2: Dear colourfull eggs stop tweeting me links! -.-" -G
  280. 2: Dear haters, I'm not your enemy. I'm your hero.
  281. 2: DearKaren #DearKaren
  282. 2: DECEMBER! :)
  283. 2: Defn: Direct Networker - a professional discipline applying Internet and traditional mktg tactics to network mktg business models
  284. 2: Def not much of a train engineer but I believe a 'technical fault' coupled with a strong burning smell may mean something is on fire...
  285. 2: DesdeQueTengoTuiter #DesdeQueTengoTuiter tengo piojos en la cajeta
  286. 2: designs Gangsta Tattoo Designs #designs
  287. 2: Diaaa perfect!
  288. 2: diadeblowtex curtir todos os momentos com a maior vibração #diadeblowtex
  289. 2: DICABBB12 #DICABBB12 tenha um sotaque de seu estado bem forte!!!
  290. 2: Did you know 81% of US online adults use social media? This fact alone should help convince you social media is a B2B marketing channel.
  291. 2: DisneyéumaDroga #DisneyéumaDroga
  292. 2: DJ K-Dog rocked da house yo!!!!!
  293. 2: .dkfgm kjfg,n erg.kner fsdmf.skdf.m s.dfk
  294. 2: DoeUmLivroNesteNatal VqV #DoeUmLivroNesteNatal  acreditar que pela leitura podemos construir um novo país de cidadãos #VqV
  295. 2: doing english homework. not fun
  296. 2: "Doing isn't difficult, deciding what to do is." ~ Foster Hibbard
  297. 2: Domingo
  298. 2: DONE
  299. 2: dontevergiveup #dontevergiveup
  300. 2: Don't find love, let love find you. It's called falling in love because you don't force it to happen... you just fall.
  301. 2: dont need to me uncomfortable with your body
  302. 2: Don't want to put your totals on the website? Tweet them to us, and we'll make sure they get added. Include your municipality, too.
  303. 2: Don't you hate when people just keep saying "really"... Over and over again... Think if a new word...
  304. 2: Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves. -Dale
  305. 2: Doug Christie should be ashamed of himself, letting his wife act so stupid
  306. 2: Do you have what it takes to be BIG???
  307. 2: @Dr_biebfever i followed u already. :)
  308. 2: Dropping your business card as you hand it to me, after struggling to free it from your wallet.....isn't good for business.
  309. 2: Dude tonight is such a bad night its ridiculous
  310. 2: Eat her out call me a carnivore......!
  311. 2: Edineiapopstar #Edineiapopstar :)
  312. 2: Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. George Washington Carver
  313. 2: EdWestwick who needs a vampire in a volvo when you can have chuck bass in a limo #EdWestwick
  314. 2: éé tão bom te ter aqui... (L ´´
  315. 2: eh desti on twitter loh
  316. 2: Ehm arek ki nek bls e cepet berarti lagi sepi. Woakwoakwak
  317. 2: Ele mexe comigo o pior que não sabe .
  318. 2: El niagara en bicicleta
  319. 2: email us for free promo
  320. 2: "E mesmo quando tudo não vai bem eu continuo olhando para Ti. E assim eu sei que posso prosseguir"
  321. 2: Enak bgt ya di al azhar, semuanya bebas .. Boleh pake sepatu warna ijo lg ..
  322. 2: En el cumple de lauu con las majores luu gallardo. Lau y juli
  323. 2: ENEM Hoje tem #ENEM e boa sorte para todos que vão fazer a prova boa sorte ;)
  324. 2: En tant qu'orateur de l'atelier "Innovation et propriété intellectuelle" des Positive Entrepreneurs ce 26 mai à Flanders DC, j'ai 10 entrée…
  325. 2: err... saturday.  :)
  326. 2: Esperando el clásico ALA MADRID :)
  327. 2: Essas feridas parecem não querer cicatrizar, Essa dor é muito real, Isso é simplesmente muito mais do que o tempo não pode apagar ..
  328. 2: esse filme robos é ótimo
  329. 2: Este episodio de Glee estuvo muy lindo.
  330. 2: Estou muita anciosa para o jogo do Flamengo X Vasco  :D Flamengo com certeza vaii ganha :P
  331. 2: estubo bien lo de marcha , liadas , travesuras y pressing cath en los baños PD: la pelicula una mierda era infantil y las gafas no servian
  332. 2: Eu estava sumida pq Hackeram esse TT, mas agora eu recuperei :DDDDDDD
  333. 2: e uma coisa é certa...
  334. 2: Eu queria tanto ser o motivo do seu sorriso ou de um dos teus melhores sonhos.
  335. 2: euri Por que o Papai Noel não tem filhos???  R: Porque o saco dele é de brinquedo. #euri
  336. 2: EURO2012 Pantas aja perasaan udah gak enak duluan. #EURO2012
  337. 2: evening guys !!
  338. 2: Ever notice how great the light is in your car? Keep a spare pair of tweezers in it to pluck away those strays.
  339. 2: Everynight , i have been getting in the house LATE !
  340. 2: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
  341. 2: Everything is not what it seems.
  342. 2: Evrytime u miss me u need me, Remember me ! I will come to u i promise u i'll be there for u (๑ⁿ⌣ⁿ๑)
  343. 2: exit -,-
  344. 2: exit dlu ach... Pngen srius nnton dahsyat..hohoho*_*
  345. 2: Experiencing technical difficulties.. Thanks!
  347. 2: Facebook -----------> Lucas Leandro       ........;)
  348. 2: Facebook is a little to dramatic like....
  349. 2: falta poco para la  fiesta de halloween ...!!..♥♥♥
  350. 2: fashion мода Какой у Вас любимый цвет в одежде? #fashion #мода
  351. 2: Fat girls<333
  352. 2: Father of two children Amr 3 years and the second is still in his mother's womb
  353. 2: Fatima is a ladyboy
  354. 2: fato Se importar demais ,ee correr atras e sofrer demais #fato
  355. 2: Faz tempo que não falo com os meus amigos, acho que neem lembrão mai de mim ,kkk..Tanto faz.
  356. 2: fb "I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a fuk" #fb
  357. 2: feeling optimistic today
  358. 2: Feelin gud afta sooo long!!
  359. 2: FelipeComeAGabi campanha #FelipeComeAGabi
  360. 2: Females change they mind like the weather
  361. 2: ff FollowFriday RT se solo adesso hai capito che #ff vuol dire #FollowFriday
  362. 2: Ffs got hung in hang man :(
  363. 2: FILL IN THE BLANK: "The most inspiring entrepreneur is ______."
  364. 2: finally gave in and got a Twitter.
  365. 2: Finally home,  then when I get here my mom wants to ask me a bunch of questions about the game. I'm like you would know of you went. !
  366. 2: Finally in Texas....... GOODNIGHT LADIES!!! Muah
  367. 2: Finally,Torres scored for Spain......felt really good as he's getting back in form~~~
  368. 2: Find out about our great system today
  369. 2: Flamengo RÉVER Luxemburgo pedio e a diretoria do #Flamengo entra na briga pelo disputado zagueiro #RÉVER
  370. 2: @flor_de_durango bellísima..
  371. 2: FML. No permit for 2 months 2 cavities I need to get filled 3 days before I go to mamai. And I study from 3 to dinner everyday nd all of sat
  373. 2: foi o melhor fds
  374. 2: Follow back. :))
  375. 2: FollowBack TeamFollowBack Make sure you guys follow for your #FollowBack ! I'm #TeamFollowBack
  376. 2: followers RT Almost 1000 #followers guys, #RT this please, and help me get there today :) ...
  377. 2: (follow me, i follow back)
  378. 2: Fort Lauderdale postmark could become history (Miami Herald) Share With Friends:  | | Top News - Life Style Stories , RSS Feeds and Widge
  379. 2: Friday Humor: Keynesianism For Kretins | ZeroHedge
  380. 2: FRIO FRIO
  381. 2: frozenplanet #frozenplanet was so good tonight, love programmes like that
  382. 2: fruitypebbles lmao #fruitypebbles #lmao
  383. 2: FSU #FSU tough loss
  384. 2: f t l v q t 12 a q e r t 588 e m m p u q c t l s
  385. 2: Fucken crown molding is a son of a bitch.
  386. 2: Fuck Nimitz I want to go to eisenhower
  387. 2: fuck the haters ;)
  388. 2: FuerzaCuevana #FuerzaCuevana
  389. 2: fui #fui
  390. 2: fuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TO INDO QUEM MIM SEGUIR JURO QUANDO VOLTA EU SEGUIREI TODOS   #fuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  392. 2: Full week's training is over, and now reduced hours for four weeks. Love the holiday, although the holiday pay sucks :( Contemplation good!
  393. 2: Fun-fact: The human heart pumps about a million barrels of blood during an average lifetime.
  394. 2: Funny how people put drugs before they kids.
  395. 2: "@FunnyJokeBook: *Crossing the street* Age 5, hold's mommy's hand. Age 10, stop, looks, and listen. Age 14+, Run bitch, run!"
  396. 2: funnyquote in If it's free, it's advice. If you pay for it, it's counseling. If you can use either one, it's a miracle  #funnyquote #in
  397. 2: funny Someone who gets run over at a Black Friday sale: Wal-Martyr. #funny
  398. 2: Fuuuuk hate waiting on people....
  399. 2: Fwm doe my ♥s
  400. 2: Ga slapen om 11:45
  401. 2: Gave her that dope dick, now she's addicted.
  402. 2: GC3 will either be with 2.0 or 1.9 depending on that
  403. 2: geeked Watchin toya family affair #geeked
  405. 2: gente fuiii mas tarde volto beijuss pra quem fica
  406. 2: gent vo sai tah beijos fui povao
  407. 2: getfukdup teamYoLo What 2 do when there's nothing 2 do n boredom is staring u nd face with a sawed off shotgun? #getfukdup!! #teamYoLo
  408. 2: getskinny Who else do you know that would like a tightened,tonedand firm body and see results in 45minutes #getskinny
  409. 2: Getting ready for auditions later ... =D Yay!!! Not too nervous at all!!!
  410. 2: gettinit Middle finger too my old life...#gettinit
  411. 2: gettinmygrooveback First time dougie'ing in along time, went well. #gettinmygrooveback
  412. 2: Get your orders in as early as you can this month. Christmas pleasures aren't quite as fun if you leave it to late ; ) Xx
  413. 2: Ghamal always gettin smart with me
  414. 2: gimana aku bisa ngerti fisika kalau fisikanya nggak bisa ngertiin akuuuhh!!! Щ(ºДºщ)
  415. 2: gini doang? najis!
  416. 2: Give me everything .. tonight =)
  417. 2: Gleeisback Graphics to come! #Gleeisback!
  418. 2: Gn ~ off this #Gn 'gonna talk to my bae <3
  419. 2: Goat chops & taco sausage.  Mmmm (@ The Butcher & Larder)
  420. 2: Gobblegobble Happy thanksgiving #Gobblegobble
  421. 2: god bless us
  422. 2: God works in mysterious yet amazing ways yo. Amen.
  423. 2: Going to bed! :)
  424. 2: Going to the beachhh, gonna surf all day<333
  425. 2: Good luck on Ahi tomorrow @chadmendes .... #wishIWasfishin
  426. 2: Good Morning
  427. 2: Good Morning! 6:30am start!
  428. 2: Good Morning all. Wish you a nice start into the weekend!
  429. 2: Good Morning everybody
  430. 2: Good morning. I had a wonderful, fun, recharging weekend. Ready to create a wonderful week!
  431. 2: Good Morning the world!
  432. 2: Good morning to allllllllll . . . . .
  433. 2: Good Morning Traders
  434. 2: goodmusic Check out the links I just posted, #goodmusic. Youtube links will be available soon
  435. 2: GoodNight #GoodNight Twitter
  436. 2: Goodnight guys<33
  437. 2: Goodnight, <3
  438. 2: goodnight signingoff #goodnight #signingoff
  439. 2: Good Night To All My Followers Have A Blessed Night
  440. 2: goodnight x
  441. 2: Good night ya'll
  442. 2: Goodnite, may god bless everyone ! Church in the mornin.....
  443. 2: Good things happen to those who hustle....
  444. 2: "Google Display Targeting Methods, a Semetis approach"
  445. 2: got 7 followers..funny thing..
  446. 2: Got Hot New Tracks
  447. 2: Got me sitting on the floor and shit -_______-
  448. 2: Got my new sketchers :D wooh!! <333
  449. 2: Gotta go now:) See ya!
  450. 2: gotta hit this gym 2 get my buff on!!! LOL!!!
  451. 2: Grand Opening Special:  Buy 20 Personal Training Sessions Get a FREE One Hour Massage!
  452. 2: gravando musica nova no meu home studio
  453. 2: Greatday Going to bed.. Goodnight guys. (:  #Greatday
  454. 2: greedy Sheeeiiitttt I'm full up! #greedy
  455. 2: GrowingUp YA.YA daniel woi!!! bahaha!!! #GrowingUp
  456. 2: gue ga butuh kekayaan lo gue cuma butuh perhatian lo :)
  457. 2: Guess who's back?
  458. 2: gue udah PERCAYA sama elo, ehh elo NGECEWAIN gue:( nyesek tau nggak  ┌П┐
  459. 2: Gulrich Looking Hotter Than Ever!!!
  460. 2: Günaydın tüm takipcilerimize...
  461. 2: guycode Love this show #guycode
  462. 2: Guys . remember me if I Unfollow You . Because it's not me .Thank you TMen2 . Ingatkan Aq jk aq Unfollow kalian . cz, itu bkan Aq . Thnx
  463. 2: Habis aku di interview dengan Makcik2 aku.. Bile lagi.. Bile lagi.. Bagila modal.. Esok jugak aku kawen..
  464. 2: hackislandv1 i gotta remember ths
  466. 2: twit2 na q..tae
  467. 2: Haha this white guy in Starbucks tryna get at me....
  468. 2: Haiss..bukas na nga lang! :P . haha.. tulog na akey teh :) off na raw wi-fi. Sweet dreams LANCE BLEZA DE OCAMPO :))
  469. 2: hallo
  470. 2: H&M
  471. 2: happy bacoor day!
  472. 2: HappyBirthdayBritney I rejoined twitter on Britney Spear's birthday? What're the odds? #HappyBirthdayBritney
  473. 2: Happy Birthday to Jarin Brown Aka Derty Deigo
  474. 2: Happy December all! Can't wait for Christmas and New Year.. :)
  475. 2: Happy Mother's Day everyone!
  476. 2: Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  477. 2: Happy Thanksgiving all!
  478. 2: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And all the best for a peaceful year ahead!
  479. 2: Happy Thanksgiving! Had a great day so much hosting, then just attending, now getting ready to shop!
  480. 2: Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day!
  481. 2: Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I hope you all have a very happy and fun day!
  482. 2: Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!
  483. 2: HAPPY THANKS GIVING to all our American fans out there!
  484. 2: Happy Thanksgiving to my Twitter friends. Be safe, be happy!
  485. 2: Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating the US Thanksgiving today!  I am so grateful for you and this wonderful year.  Happy Holiday!
  486. 2: Happy Turkey Day to everyone. Don't burn down ya house fryin ya turkey.
  487. 2: Happy Vacation! Love it!
  488. 2: Happy Veterans Day! So proud of my husband who served 15 months in Iraq. Who are all of you proud of?
  489. 2: Hari ini dibully abis2an sama temen2 wkwk
  490. 2: @HarrietAdamson seriously cannot wait I'm too excited, sun, alcohol and more sun #plan
  491. 2: Has just had her week described perfectly in one sentence "a variety of shizzle and tea"
  492. 2: hate ko talaga mga taong pakealamero........ ahhhhh...... <<<u ruined my day>>>
  493. 2: HATE Mondays
  494. 2: ha valido MUCHO la pena todos y cada uno de los esfuerzos que he hecho por TI♥
  495. 2: have a nice dream ya (:
  496. 2: having a bad day!
  497. 2: Having A Body Shop Party tonight :) ..
  498. 2: hay gente que deberia ser mas consciente de lo que sucede
  499. 2: Headache :(
  500. 2: Heading to Jeddah for SWPF 2011 (Saudi Water & Power Forum)
  501. 2: Heavenly father thank you for waking me up today, in Jesus name Amen.
  502. 2: Heaven, what on earth are you doing?
  503. 2: he Awkward Moment When You Make A Farting Noise In Class With Your Chair And You Try To Do It Again But You Just Can't
  504. 2: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Tweet me :)
  505. 2: hello!!!!!!!
  506. 2: Hello all from DevSpeak. We are two MCPD, and we're here to talk about Software Development
  507. 2: Hello beauties (girls) and beastliness (boys)! Time for another day of school. Hooray! :D Oh, and Happy Columbus Day!
  508. 2: hello people
  509. 2: Hello to all ;)
  510. 2: Hello Twitter world :)
  511. 2: help build rather than demolish.
  512. 2: Here Goes Nothing. . .
  513. 2: hey*
  514. 2: "hey boii i wanna give you a round of applause you deserve a standing ovation cause you got me fallin in love." <333
  515. 2: hey cuk @Toey_Jordison
  516. 2: hey east hampton, do u miss me?
  517. 2: hey friend
  518. 2: Hey gue casual. Kenapa selalu dibilang anak training sekolaan. ¬_¬"
  519. 2: hey guys
  520. 2: Hey guys!! So board, any ideas what to do??*
  521. 2: hey i-was is mit utub kaputt
  522. 2: Hey you PROBLEM! Be scared. I have a BIG GOD. ♥ :)
  523. 2: heyy who wanna talk ?
  524. 2: hhiiguiuiu
  525. 2: Hi!
  526. 2: Hi Everybody! Nice to meet you guys!
  527. 2: High af !
  528. 2: HighFive Welcome to my new followers and friends joining me on Twitter over the past few days #HighFive
  529. 2: Hiii it's KDD just seeing how's it going dahhling humans
  530. 2: Hi Ladies I wanted to know who U think the dopest RockStar Alive is?
  531. 2: hip hop artist need to develop a do it ur self attitude
  532. 2: Hit me up ladys
  533. 2: Hoje arrumar as malas *--* pra mudar de bairro -.-
  534. 2: Hola :)
  536. 2: homeandaway #homeandaway
  537. 2: HOMENS! O gentinha complicada heim..hahah, instaveis!!!
  538. 2: home sweet home :)
  539. 2: hoooooooooooiii sorry van vorige keer heeaa soirrrryy
  540. 2: Hopefully a short little video sooN! xD
  541. 2: Hoping the domestic in a home near my girls' school ends without anyone harmed. We had a lockdown at pickup because of it. Let us go by 4:00
  542. 2: How are you today?
  543. 2: How dare she say i can't type properly fucking bitch
  544. 2: How did things get so fucked up
  545. 2: How I do my homework: *5 minutes of homework* *Hour of Twitter & Youtube* *5 minutes of homework* *Hour of Twitter & Youtube*
  546. 2: howimetyourmom viendo #howimetyourmom!!!!!!
  547. 2: How is it the U.S. Govt with 6 months notice can't stop Wiki Leaks & Hackers do it in 2 days? Hmmm something smells!
  548. 2: how is the wwe network goin to work. are we goin to have to pay for it?
  549. 2: Hows everyone today??? Don't forget to turn in to Bragging Rights tonight!!
  550. 2: Hows it going twittersphere, first tweet from Effective Social Media!
  551. 2: Hoy partido entre el equipo de mis amores contra el equipo de mi ex-entrenado. JR Ssndoval te deseo lo mejor pero hoy ganar mi barsa :)
  552. 2: home of your dream sneakers
  553. 2:
  554. 2: auto-depositing up to $50 in new member accounts. No commitment, no fees, no deposit req'd - free money.
  555. 2: ... for anybody who hasn't yet discovered this little gem of a website, you're welcome.
  556. 2: hujan2 bikin flu -__-
  557. 2: hungoverstatus Last night was wilddd o.O #hungoverstatus
  558. 2: H.U.S.B.A.N.D = He Understands Situations Better And Never Disappear
  559. 2: ‎"Huwag mong insultuhin ang mga taong PANGET."  Tandaan mo:  "SILA ang dahilan kung bakit ka MAGANDA sa paningin ng IBA!"
  560. 2: I a e.
  561. 2: I ain't have a DM in 69 days... must not be popular anymore
  562. 2: I ain't no slut but I promise ill make the best nut he be all in the guts finger in the butt got him sprung by how I use the tongue
  563. 2: I Am a child of the Light. I love the Light
  564. 2: I am Lesbiana con "L" MAYÚSCULA.
  565. 2: I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can
  566. 2: i'am sad :(
  567. 2: iamsimon Poor Simon :( #iamsimon
  568. 2: @iAm_Taylor_Gang hahah oMG!!! HYPE!!!!! We smokin?
  569. 2: I Am the only Intelligence acting.
  570. 2: I am your Venus, I am ur fire your desire ;)
  571. 2: I asked Santa for a pole dancing stripper named Candy. Instead I ended up in the hospital with a bedpan emptying Candy Stiper named Andy.
  572. 2: IbizaSaturdays Get your Free Official Passes for #IbizaSaturdays ----->Text "Hookup" to 74455 for Vip Passes
  573. 2: I can't see em coming down ny eyes so I gotta make the song cry
  574. 2: Idk how to play the numbers game!! But I want to!! Lol
  575. 2: i dont even be on this page like this im bout to delete this shit!!
  576. 2: “I don't fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future.”
  577. 2: I dont get much sleep wish i did fuck it
  578. 2: I don't really like how she did that, if she wanted to do a slow song then she shoulda did a slow one lol
  579. 2: I don't wanna cheat anymore or ran game on anybody!  Too old for that I'm growing upp && becoming a young woman!
  580. 2: I express my feelings through, swear words. I can't help myself
  581. 2: if bad things didn't happen, you wouldnt be able to tell apart the good.
  582. 2: I feel loved :) lol
  583. 2: i find girl body builders soo gross like how the fuck does any guy find that attractive?
  584. 2: If it doesn't have to do with money gaf bout it at all.
  585. 2: If it has moving parts, it needs AMSOIL.
  586. 2: If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
  587. 2: If loving you is wrong... I wanna be so right!
  588. 2: "I focus on spiritual wealth now, and I'm busier, more enthusiastic, and more joyful than I have ever been." -John Templeton
  589. 2: iFollowBack iFollowBack #iFollowBack  jus got a new page :) follow me #iFollowBack
  590. 2: If they don't look mine then it doesn't matter :)
  591. 2: If this lady call my name one more time....-___- ima roll her ass down that damn hallway
  592. 2: If u are nice to people they can't help but to be nice back
  593. 2: if u tried to walk in my shoes u would slip and fall
  594. 2: if you follow me, I will follow you :)!
  595. 2: If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for the site please let me know. I am always open to ideas.
  596. 2: If you leave without a reason, don't come back with an excuse. *winksss*
  597. 2: If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again, it was probably worth it
  598. 2: If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip!
  599. 2: if you want to follow back just now........please follow me
  600. 2: If you want to get to know me a lil more, DM me.
  601. 2: If you were in my shoes, you'd fall the first step.
  602. 2: If Ziggler thinks he is the new face of WWE he should get rid of the face of Vickie
  603. 2: I go back to december all the time.
  604. 2: I go for the Older girls , but thats jus me : )
  605. 2: I guess shawty mad cuz I dnt want her nomo, so just like pinikio ha nose gne grow!!
  606. 2: i Hate BUGS They Disgust Me ! >.<
  607. 2: I hate gudbyez i hate this tearz in ma eyez!
  608. 2: I hate this it's hot!
  609. 2: I hate when people call me a hater because I don't like something and i state  it. It's not like you like EVERYTHING. leave me alone.
  610. 2: I hate when people talk like they texting! -___-
  611. 2: I hate when people try to compare how many facebook friends they have . I have 1000 friends but only know 6 in person . -___-
  612. 2: I hate when ppl halfstep shyt...either u give it 100% or just leave it alone
  613. 2: I hate when someone send u a text messages, but u expect to be the person u don't want to talk to,
  614. 2: I have wrestled with an aligator, I done tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail.
  615. 2: I heart Victoria's Secret!!!!  # very sexy.
  616. 2: ii ride 4 u n u ride 4 me datz wer we need to b
  617. 2: i It feels amazing to be back in business - let me know if you need anything - entertainment marketing and online publishing #i-gcreative
  618. 2: iiTz__DJ TeamSlap Doing Dubs with #iiTz__DJ right now #TeamSlap
  619. 2: `I just ate SpongeBob's House lol
  620. 2: I just called my whole family and no one answered (._. )
  621. 2: I just can't forgot how you did crazy things like writing on your palm,  ' I LOVE PASTA <3 '
  622. 2: I just want my lunch break already
  623. 2: I know this bitch name block head, she got a block head, after every block party she give the whole block head !
  624. 2: iLied ILied #iLied for a second i thought #ILied was a iCarly episode
  625. 2: i  like 4 a man to be real with me ...if you just want to have sex --say that, depend on my mood..just may get it
  626. 2: I liked a YouTube video -- Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Kontakt (official video)
  627. 2: I'll make Ling" believe in me...
  628. 2: I'll Release The Next 10 at 30 Followers!  Get At Your Friends Bro!
  629. 2: i lov bitchez
  630. 2: I love Justin Bieber
  631. 2: I love my destiny God writes in my life book :)
  633. 2: I love you Gary but I just can't lift my arms to anyone other than deej singing never forget! Can do it!! Sacrilege!!!
  634. 2: I'm a big BIG sister now :) little keeleigh weighed 6.6lb and 48cm... What a little cutie !!!
  635. 2: Ima do fuck it no regrets' You fuckin Cut my fuckin throat bitch! And theres no fuckin way to fix it either'
  636. 2: :) I'm a great believer in life in saying yes and not saying no... and hopefully making people smile.
  637. 2: I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it ~ Thomas Jefferson
  638. 2: ima rag tag that ass jtfo !
  639. 2: I'm at Crafty Wonderland at the Oregon Convention Center. Huge line to get in. Smaller line at Starbucks.
  640. 2: I‘m boarding
  641. 2: I'm deff in my pjs.....retta dnt judge me !
  642. 2: i'm here to make you better
  643. 2: I miss her
  644. 2: Im Mad He'll Just Give Up On Us Tht Easyy
  645. 2: Imma see how u handle it then I will tell  You I told you so at the end and shake my head and rub it in your face thats one thing I do best!
  646. 2: IM NOT PERMaNITLY DELETING YALL im unfollowing the unfollowers
  647. 2: "I'm perceived as an ambulance chaser. Shit I'm the ambulance."   - Sharpton
  648. 2: I'm so hungry
  649. 2: I'm supposed to be at job #1 but clearly I'm stuck on #3 -.- About to go home and dream about it cuz it aint about to happen in real life
  650. 2: im suppose to be out but i cant be bothered to move right now :]
  651. 2: I'm surrounded by reptillian bankers - help me David! Lloolll
  652. 2: I'm Tired Boss!!!!
  653. 2: I'm ugly and i know it ♪
  654. 2: I'm unfollowing all these lil girls who are popping off on twitter Wtf kick back with that fighting shit
  655. 2: Indoor weather...good for indoor sport!!
  656. 2: In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities
  657. 2: I need somebody to text
  658. 2: Infelism,ente saiindo aquui  entro quando poder :B
  659. 2: "In rivers the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes so with present time" Leonardo da Vinci
  660. 2: In school wuddupp doee Twitter !
  661. 2: InspireHigher Trending topics! "Things Fall Apart" IF you don't keep it together! Be the Amazing YOU! #InspireHigher
  662. 2: instantly RETWEET this if you want 500+ followers #instantly! Follow me and I'll follow you back.
  663. 2: inter começa o jogo #inter
  664. 2: internetchurch I love rainy Sunday mornings when I don't have to leave the house.  #internetchurch
  665. 2: In the house board ass shit i need a girl to talk to
  666. 2: In the park with my grandson. Life is beautiful.
  667. 2: In This Hibachi Place , Bout full AF' .
  668. 2: I pray that God will forgive me soon
  669. 2: Iquote Cinta kadang kala merupakan sebuah keajaiban. Namun keajaiban kadang kala justru hanya sebuah ilusi #Iquote
  670. 2: iReally Needed That . : ]
  671. 2: I really wish to drive my own car.
  672. 2: I said 4 30 I'm not calling back
  673. 2: I scared the shit outta Rahim's lil ass
  674. 2: i see u playa
  675. 2: is extremely tired and bit my tounge ouch!!
  676. 2: Isn't is amazing how things can change! Was gonnna have a dvd night with the girls now im at home having a cuppa. :-(
  677. 2: i so want you badly,... please comebackkk
  678. 2: I swear I'm about to fall asleep on him like I did the other night when he texted me.
  679. 2: i think the best way to stay out of fanwar is don't ever go to another artists videos to comment.. let their fans be proud of their artists.
  680. 2: I think women are way more beautiful and interesting to look at than men.
  681. 2: It is 7;23 in Oradea
  682. 2: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.-William Shakespeare
  683. 2: It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.
  684. 2: It looks like you've hit a following limit. Learn more. This is the message I get up when I am trying to follow people. what does this mean?
  685. 2: ....I told you not to go to the hood, but you had to drink your juice there. Now everyone in south central thinks your a fucking menace...
  686. 2: its about time.....
  687. 2: Its all happening today October 22 This is the 83rd time that I have enjoyed Oct 22 I was born at 2.30am  GMT Oct 22 1928 Happy Day to ALL!
  688. 2: It's Freezing!!!!
  689. 2: Its Funny How The People Who Know The Least About You , Always Have The Most To Say .
  690. 2: ItsLife LMAO  Don't Get Mad , GET OVER IT ..... hahaha #ItsLife
  691. 2: It's my life, if you don't like what I choose to do, I really don't care. It's none of your business.
  692. 2: It's not how many people yu shoot it who yu shoot.
  693. 2: It’s not my fault that I fell for you, you tripped me!
  694. 2: It's official...3 more weeks to fortylicious! Let the countdown to forty and fabulous begin!
  695. 2: ,, it's so damn early man
  696. 2: It's the weekend. What you up to?
  697. 2: It's time to spruce up your marketing efforts for 2012, check our professional web development and logo design portfolio...
  699. 2: I want a freakin slushie from burger park !!!
  700. 2: i want to deactivate or made a new twitter:)))
  701. 2: I will punch you by accident on purpose...................................................................:p
  702. 2: i wish maymay was up
  703. 2: i wish today it will rain all day , maybe that will kinda make the pain go away tryin' forgive u 4 abandonin' mEeH, im still an angel away
  704. 2: I work wit some lazy ass females -U_U
  705. 2: "I would have made a good pope."- Richard Nixon
  706. 2: I would rather fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than succeed in a cause that will ultimately fail ~ Woodrow Wilson
  707. 2: Jackie crazy but strong,non of dis other b#tches can take wat she's takin right now.. All against one
  708. 2: jaderson,murilo,thiago,luma,meu bb
  709. 2: J'ai peur de monter a l'avion :p Lalouchi ma stresser :O
  710. 2: Jajaja dayi dayi :)
  711. 2: Jam segini tidur? Batman aja masih ngeronda!
  712. 2: Janganlah suka mengejek karena kita semua tidak luput dari kekurangan
  713. 2: Jangan tanya kenapa?
  714. 2: Ja to indo para o col.  :(   coisa chata
  715. 2: Jatuh dr atap, genteng pelanggan pd pecah, kaki gw bengkak :(( :(( :((
  716. 2: Já voltoooooo ...
  717. 2: jawab lagii !
  718. 2: Je praat mee je loopt mee maar je weet niks
  719. 2: Jesus Falling in love with #Jesus was the best thing I ever done!  In his arms I feel protection!!!
  720. 2: jesus Forgive them for they know not what they do. #jesus smart quote ;)
  721. 2: JFB orang baru nihh,, #OPENFOLLOW dlu,,, #JFB nya tepatin yahh,, yg liat *b dunk,,, thx^^
  722. 2: joey SAYA ng kwentohan nina toni at #joey de leon
  723. 2: Jornalistas,Médicos,Nutricionistas,Psicólogos,Publicitários,Professsores Particulares,Professores Estaduais.
  724. 2: @juanmemol Gracias por compartir este material tan interesante.
  725. 2: judgementday #judgementday Try to b gud and 4 get doin bad
  726. 2: Judgemetal | Bedroom Jam 2012
  727. 2: Juro Que Sigo Todos De Volta Quando Poder é Indico!!! Só Me Avisar Fuiiiii.... S2 Para Todos
  728. 2: JustAsk Hari kesukaan xan apa?  #JustAsk
  729. 2: just found out im gong to see Lil' Wayne in september for my birthday!!! YAYYY!!!  -Katelynn:)
  730. 2: Just getting back up & running again!
  731. 2: Just Got home ! :P
  732. 2: JusticiaPorTomas ¿Donde quedan los derechos humanos de otro inocente? #JusticiaPorTomas
  733. 2: JustinBieber MTVEMA #JustinBieber #MTVEMA
  734. 2: Just made a Voxer, who got one?!
  735. 2: Just read the news of Steve Jobs' passing on a device that he invented. Cannot imagine the number of lives he has touched. RIP Steve.
  736. 2: Just re-watched highlights of Texas beating USC for the '05 CFB title. It's still the best of all of the BCS title games. Ready for football
  737. 2: just went on a huge following spree.. hope they return the follows :( :L
  738. 2: Just woke up because some person drove past my house and the radio was blasting marry me.....-_-
  739. 2: Kalah basket... -_-,
  740. 2: Kalo lo lagi kangen someone, pertama-tama lo harus jujur sama diri lo sendiri. ~ Dadan Buldog
  741. 2: Kamer opruimen *kotst*
  742. 2: Kangeen tapi gengsi beuudd:( uwuwuwuu
  743. 2: Kangend sAng pAcaL ni
  744. 2: @KatiaMillar Same here, just I still believe something has to be more normal in Canada. Or shouldn't?!
  745. 2: keep your head held high and hope for a better tomz cuz today wont change but tomz is how u make it
  746. 2: @Kelsey____Rae @CydneeArlene Yay!!!!!! I'm getting you an orange orange fanta to celebrate for realz
  747. 2: Kenapa aku harus pesimis sama karya ku sih. Belum saatnya untuk menunjukkan bakat yaa -,-
  748. 2: KhloéKardashianOdom "Never apologize for what you feel. It's like saying sorry for being real." #KhloéKardashianOdom
  749. 2: KikiFish Hey how is it going? :) We're getting more and more players, so I just wanted to welcome everyone on board! #KikiFish
  750. 2: killyourself for real...if you over 20 and still refer to yourself as "da kid" or "ya boy" you need to #killyourself
  751. 2: Kim Kardashian Responds to Turkish Cosmo Cover Controversy
  752. 2: kinda dissapointed in the deathly hallows part 2
  753. 2: Kinda love that Vybz Kartel is trending right now. Waaahh Gwan Popcaaan.
  754. 2: KKKkkk baixou a Avril Lavigne na menine kkk
  755. 2: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'   eh cada coiisa ki eu vejo!!!!!!!
  756. 2: Knuckleheadz music <3 check out these tracks ;)
  757. 2: kobe made very low score tonight.
  758. 2: Kola içerken burnundan gegirince gözlerin yaşarması. Anlatılmaz yaşanır
  760. 2: Kung tayo, tayo talaga. :D Good Evening Followers. :)
  761. 2: kwang seob so cute
  762. 2: lagi sensi nih ! Ada yang nyenggol gua bacok ! Hahaha :D
  763. 2: lakers Let's go #lakers!
  764. 2: LA LA LA bored :(
  765. 2: lama leh nie m plg..............
  766. 2: Lamentations 3:22–23 — Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning.
  767. 2: La Mujer inteligente primero abre su mente,  luego su boca y por ultimo sus piernas.....
  768. 2: la palabra desayunar me agrada!!!:D<3
  769. 2: Lapeeerrrr!!!!
  770. 2: LAPORAN PENGHASILAN LIRIKSOLAWAT DOT COM: Sampai hari ini total penghasilan US$20,91. please support
  771. 2: Last yr I lived in the p's and it was a murder two weeks before so not one soul came to my door for trick or treat. I was mad as k
  772. 2: Late for school , wtf -_- !
  773. 2: “Laughter is America's most important export.” – Walt Disney
  774. 2: Lembrandoo : Dos momentos em q eu fikava cantandoo coom a minha maninhaa --> Alcianaaa
  775. 2: Let me try to catch a hour of sleep I guess.
  776. 2: Lets c if this phone thingy works... Eatn chocolate digestive
  777. 2: Let's do some gambling today :-) Love my life
  778. 2: Lets get this follower list UP!!!!!!! Help support my 90210 Blog bye simply just following back... Thank you puds
  779. 2: Let's see if the truth will be told..smh
  780. 2: let's start to working job..!!
  781. 2: Let the twitter wars begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  782. 2: Leuk man maandag!
  783. 2: Leyendo y escuchando a mi novio Morrissey :) ♥
  784. 2: Libertarian women most intelligent beautiful #Libertarian #women are the #most #intelligent and #beautiful women. RT if you agree.
  785. 2: Lieberman denounces 'mistaken decision' to hand over Palestinian tax money. Big mistake. PA using money against Israel.
  786. 2: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learing to dance in the rain.
  787. 2: Lifes a bitch, cause a hoe is too easy
  788. 2: Life will go on as long as there is someone to sing, to dance, to tell stories and to listen - Oren Lyons
  789. 2: like have yuh thought about wat yuh bought to the table and wat yuh did wrng??
  790. 2: Like this status if you love drinking - but you hate the dreaded hangover.
  791. 2: lilboosieclassic Let me ease ya mind...Bring u in my world...Cause u done caught my eye...And u can be my baby girl #lilboosieclassic
  792. 2: llss I Showed Quesha A Video And She Was Like Thats A Video I Would Watch When Im High As Shittt And Just Laugh At
  793. 2: Lo itu cantik. Bego banget kalo lo tetep bertahan dan ngejar2 cowok sialan kayak dia yg bisanya cuma ngasih lo "false hope" !
  794. 2: LOL As pessoas mudam mas ainda continuam twittando bobagens. #LOL
  795. 2: Lol I'm tweeting
  796. 2: LOL NOW THATS FUNNY.........
  797. 2: lol so mad that poepel all wayz get something to say but if u whan to  say something say it to me
  798. 2: LOLz If Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift get married they'll both be Taylor Lautner. #LOLz
  799. 2: Lomato Volver a casa del trabajo e ir a laducha y que tu hermano halla acabado con el agua caliente...#Lomato
  800. 2: LoooooovvvVVVe the Options Hot choc ad !
  801. 2: ..... los mÊjores momÊntos de la vida vienÊn por sí solÖs, no tiene sÊntido esperÂrlos .....
  802. 2: Lots of ferries being cancelled, we have rooms available tonight! If you're stuck please call 1-800-565-1144 for specials!
  803. 2: lotte_out #lotte_out xoxo!
  804. 2: Love how my mums bought a build it yourself Christmas tree :L
  805. 2: Love is a game you can't win.
  806. 2: Love is not finding someone to live with, It's finding someone   you can't live without."
  807. 2: LOVE <3 "MH" FOREVERR :*
  808. 2: Lovely day walking from Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay with @katechallender. 7 miles and few pints at the end of it.
  809. 2: loveyou OMG I lovee sweet goodnight texts (: #loveyou
  810. 2: Loving College Football! Cant wait for the season to start!! #sports
  811. 2: lovin' my new mac.. whats your fav app ?
  812. 2: LSU o yea &..... #LSU !!!!!
  813. 2: <3
  814. 2: <?3
  815. 2: luckyday You beauty won on football card #luckyday
  816. 2: *maaf ini hanya joke...:p
  817. 2: macncheese walkingdead eating #macncheese and NOT watching #walkingdead
  818. 2: madison With the bball family and the bestest of course #madison keller
  819. 2: Madrid....
  820. 2: mahato maoists Kishenji : dead and done with. you're next #mahato all #maoists shall be slayed by the sword and left to rot in the wild
  821. 2: Make a list of things you wish you had said
  822. 2: make more friends a day in ONLINE was fantastic...woah!!!!!!!!!
  823. 2: Making an English paper to work our english for you Cof-Cofers! We Cof-Cof you <3
  824. 2: Malandro é o cavalo marinho que se disfarça de peixe pra não puxar carroça..
  825. 2: @MalikMondaaay_  love that documentary :)
  826. 2: Mama & Big Sis Out Shopping! UGH Left Me Behind
  827. 2: Man ist nicht nur verantwortlich, für das, was man tut, sondern auch für das, was man nicht tut. Is so
  828. 2: man knowledge is so powerful...shoutout to the 200 new followers..
  829. 2: manoo eu ñ tenho nenhuma foto recente !!!
  830. 2: marah mulu lu kaya sule ..
  831. 2: @martinamcbride Anywhere English is not spoken.
  832. 2: Mas seguro que echarle agua al pote de shampoo cuando se termina.
  833. 2: matanya memancarkan cinta haha
  834. 2: Me & my baby cousin Lennox TTM @hairdivamyisha
  836. 2: Me gustaria que me digeran cuanto me quieren, todo el tiempo, pero me gustaria más, que me lo de demostraran con hechos y sorpresas.
  837. 2: Membaca timeline dpt menyebabkan ketawa berlebihan, garing berlebihan, GRan berlebihan -,- *apasih
  838. 2: Memórias de um Subsolo! Dostoievski denso, profundo, ácido, depressivo, masoquista, amaldiçoado... imperdível!
  839. 2: Men get tired of Being called the same as the rest...One problem: They never prove the theory wrong!!
  840. 2: Mensen zeggen altijd lieve dingen als je bij ze bent & ben je niet met hun dan they don't give a fack
  841. 2: Mention me im bored
  842. 2: mentions dong
  843. 2: Menunggu pagi..huah.
  844. 2: me sigam aii sigo de voltaAaA
  845. 2: mE tomE una pAstilla, mE juRaron qe aRia, olviidaRme de qee no eStas aqii..
  846. 2: Meu tempo esta ficando curto na internet, mais prometo que vou tentar ficar o maximo do meu tempo com vocês. estou saindo agora ):
  847. 2: Me voooy ! Adios♥ -.
  848. 2: mga letche naman yan oh! kainis! bat ngai! bahala nga kau...  pa VIP nanaman kau! nakakainis na..  hmmp!
  849. 2: Mi chamitoh R-mosa Te voy ah Extraañr  :'(
  850. 2: Mi gente que problema......
  851. 2: minha chatinha e eu estavamo no ipad curtindo a vida do jeito que deve ser tambem hoje agente só deitou no sofa mecheu no ipad e o notbook
  852. 2: Minha internet é 10! 10conectando a todo tempo
  853. 2: Minha semana foii pessima!!
  854. 2: Mi sinto como si eu foce um livro i arancasem minhas paginas acabacem com meu final feliz eu sangrando i nemguem percebendo
  855. 2: Miss.
  856. 2: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Now She Wanna Lick Me!
  857. 2: mistake People lie and I don't appreciate it if I had feelings for them. Like seriously though, grow up. #mistake
  858. 2: @MizzJulezz13 heyy
  859. 2: Mlm ini menyebalkan sekali laki2 itu!  Gk ngrti bngt ngadepin cwe gmn hrusnya - __ -”
  860. 2: models Looking to network with UK based #models - fantastic promotion opportunity for right girls
  861. 2: MomentsICanNeverForget #MomentsICanNeverForget when I had a 69 with her
  862. 2: mom...iam sorry.....
  863. 2: MonsterThings Tweet us your #MonsterThings! <3
  864. 2: Morning
  865. 2: morning All,hdpi hri mu dngn snyuman,n ttp spiritT
  866. 2: most emotional day ever. im worthy enough for this planet anymore, it's my time, goodbye friends and family. ill miss you dearly! and i<3you
  867. 2: Most Gifted: #1: Fish Eyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Video Camera
  868. 2: motivates leadership leaders business Action plans to Motivate Your Employees #motivates #leadership #leaders #business
  869. 2: @mtblantonjr we'll be there.
  870. 2: MUFC Get well soon chicha you have been fantastic saviour for Man United this season #MUFC
  871. 2: Muito obrigado pela indicaçao!
  872. 2: Mulherama. Na ilha fm agora
  873. 2: Music Is My first Love...Then Comes My Girl
  874. 2: Music Saved Me From Myself.
  875. 2: My 3yo: I'm so upset Mom: Why? 3 yo: I was going to tell you something and now I've lost it in my brain.
  876. 2: My 4 yr old Noa just saw CNN logo and said "Hey the earth twitted you!"
  877. 2: My best award is take a bath at 05.00 am on Sunday
  878. 2: My ex think I got a new boo.. lil do he know he still my nigga
  879. 2: My feelings ain't a game so y wudd u play wit'em
  880. 2: mygoal Before the world ends i will take my own advice #mygoal haha .
  881. 2: My heart is troubles
  882. 2: My mom decides to make a bomb breakfast after I've had my breakfast.. -____-
  883. 2: My new website is going to be amazing. Yay!
  884. 2: MYOB The Radio Show is all entrepreneurs all of the time
  885. 2: My overall day has been successfull!
  886. 2: My phone is full of numbers, yet I can't seem to find someone to talk too. I need to reconsider my "friends" list.
  887. 2: MySchoolFame fastest growing site on the net!
  888. 2: my second favorite household chore is ironing my first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until i faint erma bom
  890. 2: Nada e mais verdadeiro que o seu sorriso, nada e mais brilhante e intenso como o seu olhar...
  891. 2: nada pra fazer nesse sabadão
  892. 2: nakakabwisit naman ung news feed! Puro tweets ni michelle sividan!
  893. 2: Napoleon Dynamite on comedy central I don't care what nobody say this a funny movie lmao!
  894. 2: Nathalia Meneguzzo é GORDAaaaAaaAaaaAA!! KKKK
  895. 2: Naw my boy just showed me I'm trying to go this weekend
  896. 2: Need you ,, ©
  897. 2: nekurim Одна женщина курила электронные сигареты, читала электронную книгу, пила безалкогольное пиво И СТАЛА РЕЗИНОВОЙ #nekurim
  898. 2: NEM Check the avi out #NEM
  899. 2: nenhuma resposta vai satisfazer quando você perguntar por mim .. ♫
  900. 2: Nervous about my first ever acupuncture appointment. I will wear my @jharrison9292 jersey to remind me to be tough...
  901. 2: netflix Nikita is giving me what i need #netflix
  902. 2: Net gecheckt met iedereen, nop - Nothing here
  903. 2: new account (y)
  904. 2: newmediacincy Pretty disappointed that I'm going to miss #newmediacincy today. The hubby got called in to work a double. : (
  905. 2: new shirts out soon keep chirpin'
  906. 2: NFL peak #NFL...seahawks smashing eagles #peak
  907. 2: NF #NF - Its_Tink_Bitch ♥ followback
  908. 2: ngaak bisa liat david beckam dari dekat.. aagggrrrr
  909. 2: NiallGetWellSoon N'awww #NiallGetWellSoon  <3
  910. 2: Nigga going down da wrong st
  911. 2: niggas be really thinkin u can't get fired in the Army, huh?
  912. 2: Night!
  913. 2: ni_marketing1 Need help promoting your current mp3 single, mixtape, or feature? and see real results? contact #ni_marketing1 908 964 7777 RT
  914. 2: Nite
  915. 2: nmtb Angelos Epithemiou is fucking hilarrrrrrr #nmtb
  916. 2: no contesta al sms.. -.-"
  917. 2: No existe medida de tiempo capaz de determinar cuanto tiempo estaremos juntos. Empezemos con un para siempre!
  918. 2: -No matter how strong a girl is, she has a weak point. And sometimes, all she needs is a hug.
  919. 2: No nerves: Western Carolina University QB ready to start at Georgia Tech
  920. 2: No puedo sentir lo que un día sentí y se acabó (8)
  921. 2: Nossa o tempo voa neh!!! Minha Bebe completou 8 meses ontem!!!  Meu Deus!!!!
  922. 2: "Nossa Senhora me de a mao, cuida do meu coração, da minha vida, do meu destino..." Uma oração!
  923. 2: Nossa, to apaixonado.
  924. 2: noteE i wAanTt too ..............................  #noteE thisss #  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  925. 2: not even at school & I'm awake, great.
  926. 2: Not yours
  927. 2: No vivas para que tu presencia se note, sino para que tu falta se sienta
  928. 2: nowplaying love it Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA #nowplaying
  929. 2: NowPlaying #NowPlaying Lighters by Bad Meets Evil
  930. 2: NP #NP Chris Brown - I Wanna Be
  931. 2: NP #NP terdiam☜☞★★★
  932. 2: nuck if you buck nigga!! LOL
  933. 2: num calor desses, eu queria um ar condicionado no meu quarto . rs.
  934. 2: numpuk ............T_T
  935. 2: nw #nw : COW&CHICKEN;
  936. 2: Oakland and Athens are looking more and more alike these days...I'm forgetting which country I'm in.
  937. 2: obsessed my nephews #obsessed with his dsi!
  938. 2: OccupySF PRAYER PEACE Bad action at #OccupySF now. Help and #PRAYER needed. #PEACE+Occupation
  940. 2: Off Gna gna gna je vais dodo moi :D <3 #Off <3
  941. 2: Off line! :)
  942. 2: O Final de semana esta chegando e quais serão as Dicas em Campinas??
  943. 2: Oh dear God that rain :O
  944. 2: Ohhh May god!! Was it you last July 22?? Hope it was you! :))
  945. 2: oh so monday
  946. 2: oi
  947. 2: OI *,*
  948. 2: Okay looks like I might be sleeping over at the homegirls crib!
  949. 2: Okay, so finally the tables have turned..!!
  950. 2: Okay wtf !! I studied on sunday ??
  951. 2: Ok mayweather let's get this done man talking too much shit
  952. 2: ola gente boa tarde
  953. 2: O maior erro da minha vida foi deixar algumas pessoas ficarem nela muito mais tempo do que mereciam
  954. 2: Omg thankyouuuu!!!! We will follow you all back in the afternoon, it's just amazing, thankyou!
  955. 2: o mundo ta evoluindo sem conhecimento... ruína a vista
  956. 2: one and a half hours is enough time to be up for one day ... isn't it? :')
  957. 2: One big room full of Broke bitchess
  958. 2: one day you here & then you gone.
  959. 2: One direction
  960. 2: One of the many reasons I know my chosen career is right for me: Coffee is an ordinary and necessary business expense.
  961. 2: One out of four people in this country is mentally imbalanced. Check out your 3 closest friends. If they seem okay... You're the one!
  962. 2: only seven days leeeeeft :-)
  963. 2: only thing between me and ya chick is a latex
  964. 2: Ontem tava ouvindo um rock muito loko no som (que fica na sala) daí minha mãe chegou e disse:  -Eu vou te mostrar o que e musica Daí ela
  965. 2: ooi gente, boa tarde (:
  966. 2: Oops, just spammed everyone's timeline again :P
  967. 2: opa! voltei ;
  968. 2: operose  adj. done with or involving much labor.
  969. 2: ora me ne vado a casina ;-)
  970. 2: Orang sukanya sama diego michiels juga , malah mikir aneh aneh-_-
  971. 2: orkutaovivo #orkutaovivo MINOTAURO!!! (Y)
  972. 2: o tempo ta passando !
  973. 2: Our actions are what set things in motion#teamfollowback
  974. 2: Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificually induced psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear
  975. 2: Our Daily Routine - O.D.R. Playlist Vol. 1 Hosted by Mixed By @MegaTrinidad, Mastered By @ExelMuzik
  976. 2: Our way of saying Thank You for your business! *Customer Appreciation Day* McKinney Location. Our BEST Car wash FREE all day long TODAY!
  977. 2: Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
  978. 2: overheardtoday "I have blue eyes so everyone to me looks like a smurf" #overheardtoday
  979. 2: pagi hujan ?lumayn.,
  980. 2: painting done!!
  981. 2: pananakit ng mga kasukasuan :((
  982. 2: Pan !!!!!!!!  é ouro para o Brasil
  983. 2: Paper done... now to this wack annotated bibliography -____-
  984. 2: Paranoid!!!
  985. 2: Para que tener una aventura con mil mujeres, si puedes vivir mil hermosas aventuras con una sola mujer ♡
  986. 2: Paris Hilton - Nothing In This World
  987. 2: PARTIU saindo aqQ amores ! ; beijos beijos amo vocês ; #PARTIU s2
  988. 2: passando meu jeans no chao ...orgulhoso de passar meu jeans pela primeira vez. BOOYA! :]
  989. 2: "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." -John Quincy Adams
  990. 2: Paul McCartney, they say it's your Birthday Happy Birthday to you...
  991. 2: Peace and love to y'all !!!
  992. 2: pega meu plin plin $$ hj
  993. 2: @pelicansfan Bob, follow me. Sulli
  994. 2: Pelomenos quando criança tinha um brinquedo de noite do meu lado, agora nem você eu tenho.
  995. 2: People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind
  996. 2: Periodically seldom heard markets are extra advantageous like the law.
  997. 2: Personas que de solo pensarlas te sacan una sonrisa.
  998. 2: PES2009 goooooooooool Fábiooooooooooo #PES2009
  999. 2: Pgn nangis rasanya.....
  1000. 2: PHCN na!!!*cries*
  1001. 2: @PhillyD Happy B-Day!  I'm 32 and B-Day SXE is the best!!!
  1002. 2: picture ya life elevated with me ;D lemme upgrade ya *blows kiss*
  1004. 2: Pissed off bc I'm sick & I can't stay sick so now I gotta spend money on the doctors money I don't have I'm so not liking my life right now
  1005. 2: Plagiat treak Plagiat iieuwh
  1006. 2: Plastic is drastic, find a way NOT to use it!
  1007. 2: playing game every day.
  1008. 2: please stop hating on me!it wasnt me i swear!:[ ah. i get bullied at school & now on twitter?IM SORRY for something i didnt do!
  1009. 2: Please visit our brand new website and let your journey begin...
  1010. 2: Poco a poco se fue tejiendo la telaraña de tu recuerdo
  1011. 2: po meu ta dando sono
  1012. 2: Por que ter mais Twitter Followers?
  1013. 2: Por trás desse “oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie” existe um favor a ser pedido.
  1014. 2: power is out at my house
  1015. 2: Power training of taichi is good method for body training. Few master can do it.
  1016. 2: Ppl tweet the same stuff ovet and over
  1017. 2: prayforjustin #prayforjustin :'(
  1019. 2: pretending someone else can save me from myself... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  1020. 2: Programming Microsoft Visual C++ .
  1021. 2: #projectlove2012
  1022. 2: Propagandas
  1023. 2: proppaaa in love with ron pope atm!!
  1024. 2: ¿Puedes repetir lo que dijiste después de "Escucha con atención"?
  1025. 2: Punya masalah dg mata panda???  TEG Belleza Solusinya....
  1026. 2: pusing..........ap ntah laaaaa....-_-
  1027. 2: Putain y pleut gaver a bordeaux mais c'est horrible! :o
  1028. 2: PutTheMusicOnMotherfuckers Home alone for one week. #PutTheMusicOnMotherfuckers
  1029. 2: putz em vez de eu ganha mais seguidores eu perco cada vez mais
  1030. 2: QHF The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off! ! #QHF
  1031. 2: Quand je met le nez dehors je n'ai qu'une envie me mettre sous la couette avec des grosses chaussettes à mes pieds !!
  1032. 2: Quando eu leio os comentários no site eu tenho orgulho da nossa audiência.É muito estimulante produzir pra vocês que não se limitam a "kkk".
  1033. 2: Quando você pede para alguém guardar algum segredo e ele disser "para quem eu iria contar?", ele já pensou em no mínimo 5 pessoas.
  1034. 2: Que este dia traga a voc\u00ea a Paz, o Amor e muita felicidade!!!
  1035. 2: Que frio pasas en el tiempo de salir de la ducha y ponerte la ropa......
  1036. 2: Quem nunca pegou uma mulher feia, que atire a primeira pedra... mas atire nela, por favor.
  1037. 2: Quem pensa a mesma coisa, recebe sempre aquilo que já tem. Variar para melhor, é candidatar-se ao superior, ao não fruído. J.A.
  1038. 2: Que preguiça!
  1039. 2: Quero alguém do meu lado pra me abraçar e dizer que me ama... pode ser vc? >>>>>
  1040. 2: Quiz. Ποιο είναι το αγαπημένο χρώμα της Brenda? Ο πρώτος φωτογραφία με την Brenda.
  1041. 2: quotes The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count his blessings and not his cash. ~Author Unknown- #quotes
  1042. 2: quote "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."Arnold H. Glasow #quote
  1043. 2: Q- Why do brides wear white? A- To blend in with everything else in the kitchen.
  1044. 2: Rack city
  1045. 2: Rain rain go away ..
  1047. 2: random #random I'm terrified of spiders. I mean I freeze up, break a sweat and almost be in tears.
  1048. 2: @RBlackEstate @indiegogo Ravens Black Estate is giving away great rewards for the funds raised.
  1049. 2: readyforchange I'm so tired if this bullshit #readyforchange
  1050. 2: @RealMattlanta @ajcbraves I guess Dan Uggla is programmed to swing at every 2-0 pitch, no matter where it is. #AlexGonzalez2.0
  1051. 2: RealTalk RealShit Just want to fucking graduate already and get started living my life #RealTalk #RealShit
  1052. 2: Recien acabado el Gears of war 3, muy bueno.  Brothers to THE END
  1053. 2: Red Diesel? Yes thank you :)
  1054. 2: reem ftw i do love TOWIE:') #reem #ftw <3<3
  1055. 2: Remember how you loved your computer when it was new. We can tune up your computer…..♪ ♪ ♫ like it was when it was NEW
  1056. 2: Remember to book your tickets for tonights Manchester Property Investor and Entrepreneurs meeting
  1057. 2: remember you r the author of ur own story
  1058. 2: Reserve Bank just cut interest rates, does that mean your household has more money for presents this Christmas?
  1060. 2: Resta saber se essa medida vai evitar o caos aéreo no final do ano.
  1061. 2: RETWEET #RETWEET if you want a new follower (foll0w me , i follow back)
  1062. 2: Richtig Flirten Lernen von Profis
  1063. 2: Rick Astley never gonna give u up never gonna let u down never gonna run around and desert u never gonna make u cry never gonna say goodbye
  1064. 2: Right guys I'm off to bed! What an awesome night love you all xxxx
  1065. 2: Right guys, you'll have to excuse me, work has to interrupt my twittering, catch y'all later :)
  1066. 2: @ringostarrmusic and @PaulMcCartney  should be part of the Beatles love show in Las vegas (:
  1067. 2: R.I.P Duke
  1068. 2: RIP Gary Speed , eks football player newcastle united and coach wales .
  1069. 2: riseNgrind Another day another dollar #riseNgrind
  1070. 2: RonR SO important to remember... Twitter's not just about who u reach here, but who ur followers reach beyond Twitter. #RonR
  1071. 2: RT @CauseWereDrunk: The key to life is to not give a fuck
  1072. 2: RT @DJSteelForce: @judoxky #WESLEY #DSU #DOVER  #LOOCKERMAN This WEDNESDAY NIGHT At 9pm Follow @DJSteelForce @PhreakyBeatItUp @djamaze !!!
  1073. 2: RT @GuyCodes: There's gonna come a day where we won't text you first anymore. Start pursuing us just as much or we'll find someone who will.
  1074. 2: RT if u have a xmas wallpaper on your ipod, cell ph, iphone, ipad, etc.
  1075. 2: RT if u watched Possession Roses on lifetime
  1076. 2: RT If you love Justin Bieber !! TURKISH BELIEBERS LOVE JBIEBER
  1077. 2: RT if you're: ❒ Single ❒ Married ❒ Divorced ✔ Waiting for Chris Brown
  1078. 2: RT @JDNelson_68W: BREAKING: Theater managers across the nation rethinking their "gun-free zones".
  1079. 2: RT @KRUZ8ER: @michaelzoran thx for fix, now the confusion ends ;) #PSvita
  1080. 2: RT @laserhaas01: Daily Kos: Romney Bundlers Hiding in Plain Sight: Many Associated with Bain Capital via @dailykos
  1081. 2: RT @totallymanila: accredited online mba programs
  1082. 2: RV2011 "Brands and products are built through a collaboration with your consumer" Tony Post, Vibram #RV2011
  1083. 2: @ryanszrama @ze wait how did we miss @ze?  Great seeing you and the gang @ryanszrama
  1084. 2: saatnya  makan sianggg..siap santappp....
  1085. 2: SabiasPalabras ( ✖ ) No te metas en problemas ajenos, con los propios tienes, y si no los tienes pronto te encontrarán. #SabiasPalabras
  1086. 2: Saindo AKI
  1087. 2: Saindo aqui,bjs pra qm fica
  1088. 2: Saindo aquii muito Feliz kkkkk' # PARTIU
  1089. 2: sair com meus pais jaja!
  1090. 2: Saking kepengen ketemu kamu aku sampai tanya daftar pegawai di carrefour indonesia....
  1091. 2: Sakit
  1092. 2: Sale over, thank you!
  1093. 2: sammyjo13xo's photo
  1094. 2: @samwellsccfc2 I am soooo booooreeeeeeed!!! :'(
  1095. 2: sáng ra mà đau đầu thế 
  1096. 2: saudade machuca, mas também mata .
  1097. 2: Say Goodnight - Bullet For My Valentine
  1098. 2: "Say "I won a math debate" really fast."
  1099. 2: Science is a lot like sex. Sometimes something useful comes of it, but that's not the reason we're doing it.
  1100. 2: ScottAdams Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.  #ScottAdams
  1101. 2: screamloud Fellas if u have 2 ask her to say shit...., u ain't hitting it rite....,#screamloud
  1102. 2: Sdiki Lai M Pgi B Urus KTP dlU... :)  GBU.. <3
  1103. 2: Seeing is believing, once you get sight of it, don't let it go
  1104. 2: Se eu não fica de recuperação, só vou mais amanhã e quinta na escola *----------*
  1105. 2: Segunda-feira, cinza, fria e chata...nem o celular toca hoje...rsss
  1106. 2: Segundo Lupi o culpado e o Sepulveda e a Comissão. E muita palhaçada
  1107. 2: selamat hari PAHLAWAN semuaaaa :D
  1108. 2: Selamat mama~ selamat mama pas dia bilang ituu ngakak akuu dibuatnya haha=D
  1109. 2: selamat pagi, lovers... jangan takut untuk mencinta, mencinta itu menambah energi positif :)
  1110. 2: selamat pagi semuanya...
  1111. 2: Sem city lost a good one.. ice city showing sem city love... R.I.P. 5900 phat Charles ...
  1112. 2: sem coments...
  1113. 2: Se me fue la mano con el sol, pero mal !!!
  1114. 2: Semoga dapetnya fest deh..fest temen gue banyak kalo tribune buta gue ntar mau jingkrak2an sama siapa........ahuhuhuahuhuhu:"(
  1115. 2: Semoga korban jembatan tenggarong cepat di evakuasi.
  1116. 2: Semoga tidak ada apa2 pada saat berlibur hari sabtu ke Indo besok :)
  1118. 2: Seperti anak tiri ;'(
  1119. 2: Ser estudiante es una mierda y mas si tienes migrañas ._."
  1120. 2: Seria muito interessante se as notas escolares fossem expressas em porcentagem, por exemplo. Aprendi 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% ou 100% do conteúdo.
  1121. 2: Set your location to Tehran GMT +3:30. Help clog their system even more so that their gov't can't shut it down so quickly.
  1122. 2: Severek oynadiginiz oyun türleri hangisi?
  1123. 2: SexiestManAlive #SexiestManAlive Liam Hemsworth ! *-*
  1124. 2: Sexta feiraaaaaaaaaaaa
  1125. 2: She means the world 2 me!!!!
  1126. 2: She's daugther of bitch
  1127. 2: SheWill LilWayne #SheWill #LilWayne is the shitt and amazingg asss dude
  1128. 2: shooting this Saturday....
  1129. 2: SHOOTS FIRED !!
  1130. 2: shot
  1131. 2: Siang mager bersama anak-anak pengki..
  1132. 2: siapapun di sekeliling mereka. Lalu, suatu hari ibuku bertemu dengan mereka. Hanya terlihat saja membuat mereka senang sehingga ibuku ---
  1133. 2: Si a quien quieres regalarle no toma alcohol, elaboramos una canasta especial con bebidas no alcoholicas y alimentos que le encantaran!
  1134. 2: Siiempre se me olvida la contraseña de este twitter -.-! Bahahah
  1135. 2: Simply raspberry lemonade >
  1136. 2: sing hujan dei meh aya alesan moal kuliah hehehehe
  1137. 2: sinto a tua presença SENHOR :D
  1138. 2: Sitting here making up jingle's for cat food ad's....i'm strange.
  1139. 2: Sitting on the computer for hours, then suddenly thinking: "Why the hell is there no music playing?"
  1140. 2: #sjsharks Ryane Clowe nets the first goal!
  1142. 2: Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a little while
  1143. 2: sleepisfortheweak StumbleUpon? #sleepisfortheweak
  1144. 2: Sleep is my drug, my bed is my dealer, & my alarm clock is the police
  1145. 2: sleepwell #sleepwell
  1146. 2: SmallBusinessSaturday Support small businesses in your community by shopping at your favorite local stores today. #SmallBusinessSaturday
  1147. 2: smhdamn when you think the nigga you wit is wit you  #smhdamn
  1148. 2: smh Oomf always tlkn bout respect but dnt have no fukn respect fa me #smh
  1149. 2: smobilersday モバイラーズカフェ無事終了しました!お越しいただいた皆さんありがとうございました。#smobilersday
  1150. 2: snow in April? really South Dakota?!
  1151. 2: so annoYED. IT WONT LET ME TWEET! urghh stupid USTREAM
  1152. 2: socialproofexperiment I'm doing a #socialproofexperiment - if you're from Sacramento, can you retweet this message please? Thanky you!
  1153. 2: So close to 2k followers! 18 more to go!
  1154. 2: So deadmau5 was sick as shit friday night!
  1155. 2: so haven't  been on here since i made it like a year  just decide to try it out. so let's do this!!!!
  1156. 2: so i just ate another thanksgiving dinner for breakfast...hmmm it was good though lol
  1157. 2: So, I made 1600 euro in the afternoon session, since I am playing at the 200 euro heads up sitngos. PARTY TONIGHT! ;D
  1158. 2: So late nd im not tired
  1160. 2: Some people are real. Some people are good. Some people are fake, and some people are real good at being fake.
  1161. 2: Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
  1162. 2: Sonic Generations chegando no canal daqui alguns dias, aguardem...
  1163. 2: sono sono sono sono..
  1164. 2: Soo many fallen soldiers but I stamp I'ma rock for y'all nd hold y'all down
  1165. 2: Sooner or later you want to get a sense of your life purpose.
  1166. 2: So pure and light and calming, yet refreshing! Thx for telling me about her!
  1167. 2: So tired. Good night everyone :)
  1168. 2: So today my best friend said that on twitter that we got mad at her. I hope she has a great day tomorrow!(:
  1169. 2: South African Merlot Syrah a very good choice. Congrats
  1170. 2: ((South DALLAS Swag 1 time 4 ME))
  1171. 2: SouthernPlug FullTimeGrinderz TeamGPi #SouthernPlug #FullTimeGrinderz #TeamGPi act like u know!!!
  1172. 2: Spending time with my baby cousins >
  1173. 2: Sportsday Live - breaking sports news
  1174. 2: Stanislaw Just beat the #Stanislaw Google doodle. Brilliant.
  1175. 2: Starring Lee Chung Ah, Jin Tae Hyun&Bae Jong Ok, Pure Pumpkin Flower Premieres 21Nov every Mon-Fri at 9:20pm only on ONE (Centrin TV Ch413)!
  1176. 2: starting streetly tomorrow
  1177. 2: startup lmfao Everyday I'm iter(at)ing #startup #lmfao
  1178. 2: steamingcity Christmas tree lights the night then :D #steamingcity is on the cards;)
  1179. 2: Steelers whooping the bengals
  1180. 2: Stomachs too big to fail?
  1181. 2: STORAGEWARS OMG another safe thats even bigger #STORAGEWARS  yesss you go Jerrod and Brandi
  1182. 2: .....Storie di ingiusta giustizia?????????
  1183. 2: Stor stemning på forlagskontoret nå! komPOST #1 blir en kraftpakke av en (e)bok. Smakebit: Anerkjent britisk poet nettopp antatt.
  1184. 2: Stuck at  school.!
  1185. 2: stupid woke
  1186. 2: summer time :B
  1187. 2: Sun Chips and Malta <3
  1188. 2: sweetbieberdreams Shawty I'm out! Follow I'll follow back! #sweetbieberdreams
  1189. 2: Talking to this boy... He is too cute :-D
  1190. 2: TALKthatTALK #TALKthatTALK tomorrow.
  1191. 2: talk with me ??
  1192. 2: Tchau ¬¬'
  1193. 2: tchau pra vocês! boa noite s2
  1194. 2: Teacher asks you why you haven't got any books. You say, "I left them in school and the school was set on fire by people." (this really h...
  1195. 2: Te adoro :*
  1196. 2: team
  1197. 2: teamfollowback instantfollowback TFB RT only if you want new followers #teamfollowback ◘ #instantfollowback ◘ #TFB ◘
  1198. 2: teamfollowback just started my twitter yesterday #teamfollowback
  1199. 2: teamfollowback Sometimes all I need is shoulder to cry on. #teamfollowback
  1201. 2: teamfollowback wefollowback followback who's gonna help us get 500 followrs by monday morning #teamfollowback #wefollowback #followback
  1202. 2: teamfollowback You know what would bring an end to knife crime overnight? Guns. #teamfollowback
  1203. 2: TeamGemini IDGAF #TeamGemini #IDGAF
  1204. 2: TeamImpact Yo, #TeamImpact is AMAZING! There's about 75 children who have just been born again. God is GOOD!
  1205. 2: TebowTime San Diego is messing up, keeping it's almost #TebowTime
  1206. 2: TEHERAN - De door Groot-Brittannië uitgezette Iraanse diplomaten zijn zaterdag in de Iraanse hoofdstad Teheran aangekomen.
  1207. 2: teletonchile TODAS LAS BELIEBERS AYUDAN A LA #teletonchile  vamos que este año llegaremos a la meta !!!
  1208. 2: Tengo hambre... Como cosa rara ps...
  1209. 2: tenho que arrumar minhas malas e to aqui na net, não arrumei NADA ainda
  1210. 2: Tenso aquii , hoje nada pra faze :\
  1211. 2: tenso Olha que interessante: se jornalista entrevista advogado é notícia; se advogado entrevista advogado é lei... #tenso
  1212. 2: Terminar com o namoro de quase 5 meses , qebra os truck do skate , e ainda acordar cedu pra fase dever ,    PQ EU  ????
  1213. 2: ternyata Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Barack Obama PAKE FREE FOLLOWERS :D
  1214. 2: teste
  1215. 2: “Textaphrenia: thinking you've heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message.”
  1216. 2: Texting you all night is the happiest insomnia I could ever get.
  1217. 2: Thanking God for another day! :)
  1218. 2: Thanksgiving 618 Million mentions of #Thanksgiving on twitter today!
  1219. 2: Thanksgiving Fun Fact: The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds.
  1220. 2: Thanks guys!
  1221. 2: Thanks so much for the support XO XO
  1222. 2: Thank you ALL who are supporting my page thus far! <3 So greatly appreciated!!
  1223. 2: Thank you everyone for all your tweets during this election.  Vote to reduce the Colwood Crawl.  Vote Troy DeSouza!
  1224. 2: ThankYouGodAlways NiiiighT #ThankYouGodAlways
  1225. 2: That awkward moment when you see 9 year olds in a relationship, while you're still single.
  1226. 2: That littlewoods advert is Bad!!!!!!!  My LOVELY LOVELY MUVAAAA
  1227. 2: That one shampoo bottle thats always empty in your shower yet nobody throws it away
  1228. 2: thatsjustannoying girls that are black but wear blonde or light color weave , #thatsjustannoying !
  1229. 2: That's video teach us to "don't give up". OMG, she always make a amazing video. I'm realize :'(
  1230. 2: that tweet enter me sha
  1231. 2: That was good ass fuck tho now in walmart
  1232. 2: "@The_Analyst: just got a copy of @Neilbarofsky' book. Buy it, he's smart & knows what actually happened" @myen
  1233. 2: The awkward moment when you accidentally type a wink instead of a smiley and make whatever you just said sound seductive.
  1234. 2: The best part about the subway system out here is you always maintain 3G coverage
  1235. 2: The Bitch Speechlesss
  1236. 2: The Bourne Supremacy #treadstone
  1237. 2: The cute guy sitting in front of me >>>
  1238. 2: The darkest bane, consuming me...
  1239. 2: The dermatologist is the only doctor who can give surface diagnostics.
  1240. 2: The expert in battle seeks his victory from strategic advantage and does not demand it from his men ~Sun Tzu
  1241. 2: "The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; The wise grows it under his feet." James Oppenheim
  1242. 2: The greatest journey you could ever be on is the one where you are walking with Jesus. He alone can bring the fulfillment we need daily.
  1243. 2: The longer u wait 4 something,the more u appreciate it when u get it, cuz anything worth having is definitely worth waiting 4
  1244. 2: The more I study social media - everybody is talking, no one is listening!
  1245. 2: Then again if it is sum bullshit imma jus be like fuk it...ain't no point in gettin mad
  1246. 2: @TheNewDeal Removing the spin now... 40 months above 8% unemployment and ZERO net job growth... we are not "doing fine." #Nobama #Romney2012
  1247. 2: "The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." ~Chinese Proverb
  1248. 2: There are also cases when it is performed by adoptive parents, foster parents as well as institutions and even godparents
  1249. 2: These girls b faking!!
  1250. 2: “The sleeping fox catches no poultry.” Benjamin Franklin
  1251. 2: thesnccway Have an admin in the event you lose access to your page.               #thesnccway
  1252. 2: The strength of one's character shapes his destiny road. You cannot change the lives of others if you won't change your own first.
  1253. 2: TheUltimateArtist Skull Boi #TheUltimateArtist just came out! man that whole cd jammin from start to finish!
  1254. 2: thewalkingdead Just getting into #thewalkingdead and wow is it intense. Hello nightmares.
  1255. 2: The way my uncle goes what fucking relegious shit do they teach you then at the shit'ole what a cracker
  1256. 2: The wind seems to speak something's clearly wrong here
  1257. 2: The worst pain is when you love someone but they don't love you.
  1258. 2: They battling
  1259. 2: TheyNeed2BringBack #TheyNeed2BringBack Smart Guy, The Latest Buzz and Zoey 101
  1260. 2: ThingsImThankfulFor #ThingsImThankfulFor My mother! RT if you love your momma!
  1261. 2: Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out. ~John Wooden
  1262. 2: Thinking of YOU!!! <3
  1263. 2: thirstythursdays #thirstythursdays
  1264. 2: This dry bowl of oatmeal I just made>>
  1265. 2: This girl better leave me alone before i have too get rude
  1266. 2: This is a really good book....but i don't feel like reading it anymore lol
  1267. 2: This is Random... But I jus say Everett's Twitter photo..... AND.... Damn!! That niggas ugly.
  1268. 2: This is some shit ppv,it would want to have a great ending like the last few did
  1269. 2: This lady on Maury look like Raspusha lol
  1270. 2: - this love song ,
  1271. 2: This morning on the beach a 3 year old pointed to her goggles, "Look at my new gobbles!" SO adorable and so appropriate! Happy Thanksgiving!
  1272. 2: Thiss Boy confusing mee
  1273. 2: thissucks Can't sleep #thissucks
  1274. 2: This would have been impossible had I had no money but luckily, I do, so we're going ahead with it!!
  1275. 2: ThoseThreeWords because of #ThoseThreeWords, smoke dat shit.... i stay happy!
  1276. 2: throwback..
  1277. 2: tiired Napakasakit ng ulo ko! :(( #tiired
  1278. 2: Time flies when you don't know what you're doing.
  1279. 2: tinggal kenagan . inget masa lalu gue >.<
  1280. 2: Tipico: estas botando la basura y llega lady gaga y se la roba para hacerse un vestido
  1281. 2: tips Always prepare thoroughly before any engagement #tips
  1282. 2: Tired!
  1283. 2: Titus bonai masih sodaraan sama pohon pinus dan bonsai
  1284. 2: tlg infonya komplek cipaganti graha ciwastra bandung termasuk wilayah kelurahan dan kecamatan mana ya?
  1285. 2: T-Mobile to Get HTC's 4G-ish Sensation but AT&T Merger May Chill Demand.
  1286. 2: tô com fome.. e tô com preguiça de cozinhar
  1287. 2: to com saudade do meu gabriel e da pirada da jessikinha
  1288. 2: to com sono ¬¬' toma no cu velho
  1289. 2: Todas las ma\u00f1anas me levanto pensando en ella.
  1290. 2: today is a day where I just want to be left alone so I can do some thinking. its just one of those days. bless fb!!!
  1291. 2: todays been a beautiful day :')
  1292. 2: Todo por parte!
  1293. 2: Todos amadurecemos. Alguns apenas não percebem.
  1294. 2: To know your ruling passion, examine your castles in the air.
  1295. 2: Tonight,party with JN <3
  1296. 2: Took me a year to finally see "The Social Network" lol, but I would say it was worth waiting to see! What are your thoughts on the movie?
  1297. 2: Too much poker. Tried to win with a 7-card non-matching straight in rummy. Almost sold it too.
  1298. 2: top100lies #top100lies that's what she said
  1299. 2: tp:// via @StrayDoggEnt
  1300. 2: Tracfone sales support are the dumbest people in the world They don't know what a URL is
  1301. 2: “Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” – Ram Dass
  1302. 2: True love leaves a memory no one can steal, and a heartache no one can heal
  1303. 2: Truth Truth #Truth Theirs always 3 sides to every story  1.wat the first person said 2.wat the second person said 3.The fuken #Truth!
  1304. 2: Try and sell me on an old dream. A new version of the old scene.
  1305. 2: Trying to decide between a colorful banner or B&W... choices choices
  1306. 2: Tulog-Tulog muna.. out'
  1307. 2: Tünaydın :)) Tünaydın tüm öğretmenlerimiz :))
  1308. 2: turkey was amazing
  1309. 2: TV Hundreds of channels, and nothing good on sky. Typical!! #TV
  1310. 2: Tweet..
  1311. 2: tweet dreams twitter land
  1312. 2: Tweet geniali che ti dimentichi e più tenti di ricordarli più si allontanano DD:
  1313. 2: Tweet me you favourite shop I need a dress for a wedding quick
  1314. 2: Twenty years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have no jobs, no cash, and no hope.
  1315. 2: twitter facebook oOoO #twitter m olvidado d ti sorry ..!!! mejor no hablemos mucho que #facebook se encabrona y me putea ..:3!!
  1316. 2: TWITTER How does a #TWITTER relationship work.. Like really?
  1319. 2: TwitterNation #TwitterNation
  1320. 2: twoff so diplomarbeit wartet bis dann ihr #twoff
  1321. 2: Typos<<<
  1322. 2: U don't have 2 b as good as your own teachers to teach.Your students aren"t ready 4 your teachers..that's why they come to YOU. KGreenstreet
  1323. 2: ufaa mais uma tarde de corrida na br,muito bom ! tentando entrar em forma...kkkkkk
  1324. 2: ughhhhh people follllllloooowwwww me i follow bac ;)
  1325. 2: Ughh stupid ACNEE!! This is not cool, maaanneee. :(
  1326. 2: ugh i gotta write this 500 word essay on why its important to come to class on time. FML
  1327. 2: Uhhhh unn thss laaa grl forevrr tlknn to me && I dnnt like kidssss !
  1328. 2: ultimamente os programas da globo estão muito criativos
  1329. 2: um beijo pra quem fica, porq eu to saindo :* até depois
  1330. 2: Una buena para Colombia. Ganaron las niñas de Formas Íntimas 3-2 a las de Boca Juniors.
  1331. 2: *Underground Kings* >>>>>>
  1332. 2: "Un hombre que no se alimenta de sus sueños, envejece pronto"   W. Shakespeare
  1333. 2: UniãoDoTwitterSegueEuSigoDeVolta on gente sigo todos que me seguirem.. #UniãoDoTwitterSegueEuSigoDeVolta to #on
  1334. 2: uniaodotwittersegueeusigodevolta #uniaodotwittersegueeusigodevolta sigo
  1335. 2: u only go far when u know where yur going...
  1336. 2: - - Updates
  1337. 2: up for no reason...about to hit the road in a little bit..
  1338. 2: UrangManeh ┒('o'┒) MANEH deket (┌','┐) URANG bungah ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ , (┎'o')┎ MANEH indit (˘̩̩̩ε˘̩̩̩ƪ) URANG kangeen #UrangManeh
  1339. 2: US Consumers racked up an estimated $51 billion worth of fast food on their personal credit and debit cards!  Wow, that's a lot of fast food
  1340. 2: valeew timee. mais uma vitOriaa :D
  1341. 2: vamo galera mandem vlogs pra divulgar aqui
  1342. 2: Vamping Up and I haven't been sleep yet #Vamping
  1344. 2: Vera Bradley C'est La Vie Crossbody Bag -
  1345. 2: ในที่สุดวันนี้ "กลรักลวงใจ" ก็เปิดเพลง ver. เต็ม+เปิดตัวเพลง ซะที หลังจากปล่อยให้คนดูตามหากันมานาน ♫สิ่งเดียวที่ฉันขอ - มาเรียม & เค้ก B5 ♫
  1346. 2: Vidasemjogo #Vidasemjogo falando da cena da Regina e clebe
  1347. 2: Virginity is like balloon... 1 prick & its gone 4ever
  1348. 2: vivanlosviernes vale subir fotos mal al twitter.. jajajajajjaa #vivanmisestupideces #vivanlosviernes!
  1349. 2: VMA Mais um que desconheço, mas é interessante.#VMA
  1350. 2: vocal da banda cody fazendo cia. pra sara(sem sono)...
  1351. 2: Você percebe que está ficando velho quando uma criança te chama de tio
  1352. 2: voolteei *--*
  1353. 2: Vooo alii toma um sorvetee *---*
  1354. 2: Vote sebanyak2nya yaa teman :)
  1355. 2: Vou indo toma banho '-', e pensar mais KKKK fui
  1356. 2: Vou lá ganhar Twitter Followers ;)
  1357. 2: VSFashionShow fitnessclass That #VSFashionShow was insanely GOOD... Inspiration to get my sexy back. lmao more #fitnessclass
  1358. 2: wait ... I love you !
  1359. 2: Wale > Ambitious Girl
  1360. 2: Walking it home now, too awkward at the bus stop, people don't know where to look lol
  1361. 2: Want a follow back? just tweet me
  1362. 2: wants coffee.
  1363. 2: Wants everything to be okay:(
  1364. 2: Warst du früher on line, wurdest du Hure genannt. Oder Kokser.
  1365. 2: Was at my aunt house yesterday, had fun with the cousins.
  1366. 2: Was having nightmares about the new Marlins logo.
  1367. 2: Watching8Mile OMG I'm Rolling On The Floor Right Now #Watching8Mile
  1368. 2: Watching a cutE diaper commercial:)
  1369. 2: Watching Pan AM
  1370. 2: Watchinq 9'11 On Lifetime, Its Soo Sad Too See The Twin Towers Go Down Like That With All ThemPeople In It, RIP 2 THE PEOPLE WHO DIE ON 9'11
  1371. 2: Wat do i need to do for 4 freacking followers OMG jus follow me already got dog!!!
  1372. 2: wat te fack,ahiam not layk. Asi no me llebo ingles :D
  1373. 2: We at Virginia Triumphant College & Seminary hope that you will come with us and begin your journey toward the highest learning
  1374. 2: WeCantBeFriendsIf #WeCantBeFriendsIf you don't adore EVERYTHING about Michael Jackson!
  1375. 2: .we found love in hopeless places
  1376. 2: wehatetrashfood Não sei o que é pior, achar um rato no baconzitos ou comer baconzitos. #wehatetrashfood
  1377. 2: Welcome | Chelsea Redfern Homepage | Britains Got Talent Star | Chelsea Redfern via @ChelseaReddfern
  1378. 2: Welcome | Chelsea Redfern Homepage | Britains Got Talent Star | Chelsea Redfern via @ChelseaReddfern
  1379. 2: Welcome Home is our baby :)) but The Misterious Case is very different. I love it soooo much! :')
  1380. 2: Well thats one more reason not to watch x factor.
  1382. 2: w.e man, kmt
  1383. 2: Went to the dentist this morning for some easy work and I walked out down a wisdom tooth!
  1384. 2: WeOn #WeOn
  1385. 2: We've arrived in Saskatoon!
  1386. 2: What a BEAUTIFUL CATCH Nicks
  1387. 2: What are words ??
  1388. 2: What a wonderful country.  Murder is only a misdemeanor now.
  1389. 2: What do you call an ant who likes to be alone ?   An independant !
  1390. 2: Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. (Philippians 4:13 MSG)
  1391. 2: WhatIFindAttractive #WhatIFindAttractive: Someone With A Good Sence Of Humor
  1392. 2: What is keeping you stuck today? Ask this question, then wait with openness for a response, noticing what comes up for you without judgment.
  1393. 2: What is the #1 problem you want to solve when creating a 6-figure business?
  1394. 2: What Is Your Mind..?
  1395. 2: What's good twitters!!! I've kno it been awhile since i been on here, tell me wasup...?
  1396. 2: What's the difference between STD's and rumors? There is no difference, they're both spread by whores
  1397. 2: What's the one dish you can't wait to eat tomorrow? For me it's a tossup between candied sweet potatoes and stuffing.
  1398. 2: whats the word, check out my photo shoot on devil mag and spread shots.
  1399. 2: What's up tweeps! (8
  1400. 2: What - Twitter's "Activity" tab has disappeared? Back to "old" style with a tab for retweets?
  1401. 2: "when boys say 'pussy, money, weed' and they are virgins, broke and never touched a zoot... please refrain from that quote"
  1402. 2: When did summer become fall Ugh, I don't like it chilly
  1403. 2: “When I thought I couldn't go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.” Estee Lauder
  1404. 2: When she needs her medicine I, give her Vitamin D!
  1405. 2: When you are young and healthy, it never occurs to you that in a single second your whole life could change
  1406. 2: When you give a gift with no strings attached, you set love into motion, increase your abundance, allow God to bless you.
  1407. 2: "When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven't." Thomas A. Edison
  1408. 2: When you set out to solve an old problem, you create new opportunities. ~ JKW BeOriginal2
  1409. 2: When you talk about a common issue in an uncommon way, you transcend the partisan debate and make inroads among all voters
  1410. 2: whichone #whichone cody simpson or justin bieber?
  1411. 2: Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.
  1412. 2: Who Gettin Me Somethin For Christmas ? o_O
  1413. 2: Who is your coach? Gedeon Richter!
  1414. 2: who know how to skate ? :)
  1415. 2: who knows where to buy a Cobb Barbeque in Malaysia
  1416. 2: WHOLESALE fine jewelry for the holidays! Check out Diamond Market Corp. on facebook
  1417. 2: Who's on the late night shows tonight? Just Rob in Fallon?
  1418. 2: Who Wants a discount on the #1 Male Enhancement product???? Get your discount by using this PROMO CODE: MALE 34...
  1419. 2: Who want to roast on Voxer ? Lol
  1420. 2: Why do guys like butt sex so much ...please answer fellas..
  1421. 2: Why is Drake gay?
  1422. 2: Why is it that everyone wants to be in the rap game?
  1423. 2: Why TF did akon do a hindi song... kill yourself -___-
  1424. 2: Why the FUCK are all these fucking spammers at replying me and shit. Nigga, I don't want the virus you spreadin'.
  1425. 2: Wikiwikiwak !!!!!!!! J'Suis de retour
  1426. 2: wildcats Let's go #wildcats. Step ya game up.
  1427. 2: Windows Phone hasn’t taken over yet, even though the company that developed it carries a lot of weight in the tech world.
  1428. 2: Winston Churchill.    "success is defined by the ability of going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." so never give up
  1429. 2: winterishere So cold today time to get the hat,scarf and gloves out #winterishere
  1430. 2: wisdom quote "Every new day is another chance to change your life." -Unknown #wisdom #quote
  1431. 2: Wish i could see youu <3 :(
  1432. 2: Wish Mike healing thoughts....class is cancelled tonight :( He's back next week though for some stretching before the big meal!
  1433. 2: with the help of God, today I will do well, and I was not going to notice the cold. Amen
  1434. 2: Woaahhh, 24 followers overnight! Holy shiiittt. Man. <3 That's awesome. Wish I knew exactly HOW I got them..Oh welll...^_^
  1435. 2: Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa wobble wobble I'm st-stacking my paper my wallet look like a bible I got girlies half naked......
  1436. 2: Wohh, males les gua sumpah -______________-
  1437. 2: woo hoo three day work week. eating breakfast then getting to work!!!
  1438. 2: WORKIN ON new album I'MSL4 "BAY VETERAN"
  1439. 2: "Worry not that no one knows of you; seek to be worth knowing."
  1440. 2: Wow.. catching up with an old friend and it took 5 minutes.. not worth it. Next time i'll save that talk
  1441. 2: Wow.. Just realized I haven't tweeted for twelve days...
  1442. 2: Wow, sorry about that! I was gone for about three days. I'll tweet tomorrow. :)
  1443. 2: wssmiami Use slugline or email subject to summarize the who what when where #wssmiami
  1444. 2: WTF Hmmm I'm so tired but so hungry what do I do ?! #WTF!!!!
  1445. 2: wtf???? Very confused!!
  1446. 2: WWCW
  1447. 2: xfactorau semifinal #xfactorau #semifinal can't wait for Reese and Andrew!!!!
  1448. 2: x-xi-xi ♥
  1449. 2: Ya allah cpe.a..
  1450. 2: ya'elachh,, pnjang umur trnyata pcar gua,, bru aja d blang namax lngsung nongol tuchh (ʃƪ´▽`)
  1451. 2: yeahhhhhbuddy big bowl of icecream #yeahhhhhbuddy
  1452. 2: Yes! Keujanan! Dan buku dkk5 gue basah! Yes! Semoga pas mau bbc udah berenti :D
  1453. 2: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”
  1454. 2: yk1 "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" #yk1
  1455. 2: yOHOUHOUUUUUUUUUUU Twittas =D
  1456. 2: yo mama so ugly that your father takes her to work with him so that he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye.
  1457. 2: Yo no busco un camino... Simplemente lo hago :)
  1458. 2: YoTambienGrite #YoTambienGrite riBer es de la B!
  1459. 2: You are only young once, but you can be immature forever
  1460. 2: you better werkkkk!
  1461. 2: You cant wear bright colors all ur life
  1462. 2: "You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."
  1463. 2: You Grow Up the day you have your first laugh--at yourself. -Ethel Barrymore
  1464. 2: you know i was dying when you told me "im not yours anymore,just playing and fooling around with me"
  1465. 2: You Made My Heart Sub-Zero, My Future Ex Girlfriend Will Hate You..
  1466. 2: you make me feel....555
  1467. 2: you never make me forget how beautiful i am to you. youre becoming more than what i asked for <3
  1468. 2: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough
  1469. 2: Your desire to become a great writer is half of what it takes to become a great writer.
  1470. 2: You reach the peak of ignorance when you think you know it all.
  1471. 2: You should be ashamed !
  1472. 2: you Should just get a life sucker
  1473. 2: YOU TUBE MUDOU DE FORMATO! se você ainda não viu corre lá e dá uma olhada, eu achei que está muito mais melhor de bão!
  1474. 2: Youtube's Changed.
  1475. 2: YouTube Super Secrets: Getting Views, Subscribers
  1476. 2: Yuo konw yuo aer smrat, fi yuo cna raed tihs whit no porlbem. rtewete fi yuo aer smrat eonugh...
  1477. 2: yyj Shining or shit service? How was your Monday #yyj?
  1478. 2: yyj tfb Discover the Warrior in You! #yyj #tfb
  1479. 2: yyj unthink Is anyone from #yyj using #unthink?
  1480. 2: yyjvote yyj I'm voting 2day in today's advance voting. Who's with me? #yyjvote #yyj
  1481. 2: Zé Dirceu esperneia em seu blog sobre a diferença entre"marco regulatório das comunicações"e censura. Em seus textos só reclama da Imprensa.
  1482. 2: Zé zuis...desentupiu tudo agora...Boa noite a todos
  1483. 2: А знаете ли вы какие собаки представляют опасность для заблудившихся путешественников?
  1484. 2: бебеббебебеб
  1485. 2: "Вот оно какое, ПОДмосковье!" - сказала блондинка, спустившись в московское метро.
  1486. 2: Всем доброе утро, и удачного рабочего дня))
  1487. 2: День SISLEY в Москве 6 декабря в магазине ИЛЬ ДЕ БОТЭ по адресу: Кутузовский пр-т,24. Сеансы макияжа по записи, скидка 25% на всю продукцию!
  1488. 2: … Есть вещи, которые хороши в качестве хобби, но становятся невыносимыми в качестве профессии…
  1489. 2: Истина, свобода и добродетель - вот единственное, ради чего нужно любить жизнь.
  1490. 2: Как там дела в Беларуси ?
  1491. 2: Наверное, Вы замечали, что ценители вина часто болтают его в стакане. Для чего? Когда вино размешивается, то кислород из воздуха попа...
  1492. 2: — Огo! A у тебя кpeпкое рyкопoжатие!.. Дaвно oдин живёшь?..
  1493. 2: отличний денек)))) познакомилась с мальчиком, и погуляла на улице)))0
  1494. 2: Поль Валери: У серьезного человека немного идей. Человек с множеством идей никогда не бывает серьезным.
  1495. 2: простуда, уходи, беспощадная тварь!
  1496. 2: спать?не
  1497. 2: Специалист по маркетингу и рекламе, маркетолог, менеджер по маркетингу и рекламе, специалист ...
  1498. 2: Хочешь мира — готовь его, готовь, не щадя своих сил, каждый день твоей жизни, каждый час твоих дней.
  1499. 2: 今日はたくさん遊んじまった!勉強してないよ!やばぁー
  1500. 2: 体操選手、すげ。忍者はもっとピョンピョン凄かったのかな。人間なのにすごいな。
  1501. 2: 健歩会か……よし、走るぞ竜魅。
  1502. 2: ボケ側にまわった上田が面白いw
  1503. 2: 地上に降りし神々も、肉を持てば人間と同じであったのだ。ただ、その時代の指導者として、その身を持ったという、その時代背景があったのである。今、思うと、とても懐かしい。相争ったこと、すべてが愛おしい。そのように思える今の状態を、私はとても喜びに満ち、感動している。
  1504. 2: 张靓颖说:“崇拜我的歌迷都说——偶的偶像叫颖” 何洁说:“崇拜我的歌迷都说——偶的偶像叫洁” 周笔畅说:“崇拜我的歌迷都说——偶的偶像叫畅” 李宇春说:“你们聊,我先走了!”
  1505. 2: パブロンまっず! 後味わるー(´Д`)
  1506. 2: 「恋人ごっこ」に飽いたので友達にまで逆戻りしたいと思ってみても、そんなことはできなくって。人の気持ちってさ、そういうもんだったんやね。
  1507. 2: ジャパンカップのブエナビスタ  よかったけれども、オルフェーヴルが断然!いいですよね  枠順も気になりますけど  どこからスタートしても オルフェーヴルに勝てる馬は現在いない 
  1508. 2: これから模擬運転(;´д`) なんか緊張してきたょぉ(  ;∀;)
  1509. 2: 気付けばタバコを卒業して1年以上経ったなぁ。あれから一本も吸ってません!しかし、「1本だけ吸っちゃったw」って夢は月に一度は見ます(笑)
  1510. 2: さて、シャワー浴びようかなぁ…
  1511. 2: 石巻市の炊き出しから戻ってきた人の話を聞きに行こうかな。
  1512. 2: 職場の子とご飯行く~♡♡
  1513. 2: 集合場所に貴志さん以外誰もいない笑 なにこれ笑
  1514. 3: ✿
  1515. 3: 1,6[69] followers. Woow heh
  1516. 3: 1hati #1hati
  1517. 3: 23 ноября 2011 - День дорожной полиции Казахстана: Еще в 1878 году в обязанности полицейских урядников входили функции нынешней дорож...
  1518. 3: 7.800! Gracias! Pedidnos y os hacemos followback! <3
  1519. 3: Acabei de almoçar , ja falei com meu amor e amanhã teem cinema >.<
  1520. 3: Acho q my sister ficou chateada comigo :'(
  1521. 3: Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't
  1522. 3: Aiai o sono ta vindo mais eu só vo dormir jaja wdw .
  1523. 3: aight, food time!!
  1524. 3: A lady took a leave of absence to cavort with her boyfriend. The supervisor looked the other way when she said she had to go to Arizona t...
  1525. 3: Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.
  1526. 3: And Lifee GOESS ONNN !
  1527. 3: And now, this is the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see. Donald Cargill
  1528. 3: android apple dtv duftevragen Ik ben op zoek naar een app builder, wie weet een goede? #android #apple #dtv #duftevragen
  1529. 3: anyone interested in a guest blog post ? Tweet at us now !
  1530. 3: Best growth stock in penny stocks RIGH penny stocks
  1531. 3: Brrrrrrrrr!! Winter is upon us! Do you have winter tires for your vehicle??
  1532. 3: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bate recorde da indústria do entretenimento e fatura 400 milhões de dólares em apenas 24 horas
  1533. 3: Did somebody forget to tell Mother Nature that its winter?
  1534. 3: DOCUMENTARY "enraged" airing Sunday 6pm.chronicles the plight of two families coping with loved ones who suffer from extreme bouts of anger
  1535. 3: Don`t be afraid of who you are, if it means wearing your heart on your sleeve then so be it X
  1536. 3: Don't be shy... Share Crave Life with someone you care about, it could change their life...
  1537. 3: DONTHOLDYOURBREATH what you did to me boy i cant forgett,if you think im coming back #DONTHOLDYOURBREATH
  1538. 3: dukebasketball 903K lol, my fault, got NBA on my mind... 5 minute mark in 2nd!! lets go #dukebasketball #903K
  1539. 3: - Earphones in , Volume up , Shut the world out . ' Cus i just don't give a FUCK at this moment . ♥
  1540. 3: elf yeahbuddy #elf is on already?! #yeahbuddy !
  1541. 3: "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." -Babe Ruth
  1542. 3: “Fans, Tweets & Likes are vanity. ROI is sanity. It’s up to you to decide how crazy you can afford to be.”   ~ Lori R Taylor
  1543. 3: fred me da a sua camisa quando vc joga comtra o liberta la na casa dele por vavor euso seu fã numero 9kkk
  1544. 3: gak sabar banget tinggal 2hri lgi CCC SEASON 2 mau mulain. hihihi :D
  1545. 3: G. M. Trevelyan~ Disinterested intellectual curiosity is the life blood of real civilization.
  1546. 3: Going to sleep...all I can do
  1547. 3: Got This interview poppin :) $$$$$
  1548. 3: Having one of those dreams where it feels so real ... then waking up.
  1549. 3: hello people of america
  1550. 3: Hello. This is the All-in-One-Feed app twittering.
  1551. 3: hi
  1552. 3: hmmmmm
  1553. 3: Hurt #Hurt! :(
  1554. 3: If you could bring in or manifest one thing that would help you live a better life, what would it be? First thing that comes to mind?
  1555. 3: I hate listening to you talk about how much you like this person or how cute that person Is & acting like I don't care.
  1556. 3: "I have not failed. I've just found 10, 000 ways that won't work." Edison
  1557. 3: I JUST WHAT TO KILL MYSELF ;(;(;(;(;(;(;(
  1558. 3: ♥ I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER♥ ░♥░░♥░░░▀█▀░▄██▄██▄░░▀█▀░█▀▀▄░░░♥░░░♥ ♥░░░░░♥░░█░░▀█████▀░░░█░░█▀▀▄░♥░░░♥░░ ░░♥░░♥░░▄█▄░░░▀█▀░░░█▄█░░█▄▄▀░░♥░░░░♥
  1559. 3: i make up a dream in my head before i go to sleep.
  1560. 3: in2011 Welcome #in2011, fresh year....fresh life....fresh spirit n fresh aaaaaall much betteeeeer  ^_^
  1562. 3: Lord, please send me a pleasant surprise.
  1563. 3: Love TWY <3  <3 <3
  1564. 3: Lululemon's Controversial Position
  1565. 3: marcus schossow in d mix on
  1566. 3: Miami, FL its goin down tonight party!!
  1567. 3: Ngantuk1
  1568. 3: Ok seriously i texted like 10 people right now & none replied. What is this.
  1569. 3: Our Wellness Doctors are highly experienced,trained by a specialist from Australia.Unique diagnostic methods are used for health evaluation.
  1570. 3: paint sky on everything.
  1571. 3: parti #parti
  1572. 3: Rap turkiyeicinrapvakti Gerçekten sokakların sesi olabilmeyi başarabilmiş tek müzik türü #Rap tır. . #turkiyeicinrapvakti
  1573. 3: Remember, you are what you eat.
  1574. 3: R #R.I.P Alex Vega.  Love and Prayers to his family!
  1575. 3: RT @JMHHACKER: Not a bad topic to be number 1 in #STATWARS #youtube #klout RT
  1576. 3: RT @MittRomney: Being president is not about telling stories. Being president is about leading, and President Obama has failed to lead.
  1577. 3: Spendin time with family.. :)
  1578. 3: TeamRob almost 300 followers on out first day is a big deal please keep spreading the word guys :) #TeamRob
  1579. 3: Technologies you can't afford to ignore: Cloud Computing tops Gartner's 2010 list of top 10 strategic technologies for 2010
  1580. 3: The Day Sucks !
  1581. 3: The key component in success with the Trump Network people are neglecting...
  1582. 3: The Residential starts in one week. Those that arrive will leave forever changed. Bring it.
  1583. 3: Think I'm going to go back to bed for a few hours
  1584. 3: time manage success Does more #time make life easier to #manage? Or is it that the more time you have, the more time you waste? #success
  1585. 3: twexit #twexit
  1586. 3: TwoYearsOneTimeVideo #TwoYearsOneTimeVideo
  1587. 3: vou saindo aqui pessoal :*
  1588. 3: Watching da Game with my family. Havin a great time!!!
  1589. 3: Weiss..... Safee Ali pemain bola Malaysia jadi dalang d OVJ hahaaha :D
  1590. 3: what are some of your favorite brands
  1591. 3: Which is your favorite show of the year so far?
  1592. 3: Working on images from the Xmas House shoot last night for the dynamic design duo: Maureen Crowder + Kathleen Hansen ;-)
  1593. 3: WZRD I'm pretty serious about becoming a rockstar #WZRD
  1594. 3: xfactor almost every TT is about #xfactor ?:| What happened to you ?
  1595. 3: You're my ninja because you sneaked in and stole my heart <3
  1596. 3: zwaand sportinglive Het vuurwerk voor de match is het enige vuurwerk dat ik heb gezien #zwaand #sportinglive
  1597. 3: кто чем занят в тихий вечерний час??
  1598. 3: 今日は、毎年の楽しみ?ボジョレーだ!帰って飲むぞー!
  1599. 3: 昼まったり中
  1600. 4: alicebucketlist #alicebucketlist
  1601. 4: Boa tarde, galera!! Tudo certo com vcs??
  1602. 4: EcoMonday Quote #EcoMonday #Quote What is the meaning of life?  To be happy and useful. - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
  1604. 4: get me more followers
  1605. 4: Good morning ^^
  1606. 4: grrr!!! andun na un eh!!
  1607. 4: Happy Thanksgiving, time to start making the stuffing and the salad.
  1608. 4: Hebben jullie nog tips voor ons? Laat het weten!
  1609. 4: I tell her for the right price
  1610. 4: kick your ass.....
  1611. 4: love makes people strong, but its love, too, that can make people weak..
  1612. 4: me paso de mala onda:c
  1613. 4: RT @HybridVigorFilm: UPDATED: Real Indie Film vs. Celebrity Pet Project #indiefilm #crowdfunding @bestkickstarter h ...
  1614. 4: segue ,, que eu sigo de volta :)
  1615. 4: TeamFollowBack #TeamFollowBack
  1616. 4: thaiz bomba bomba ex havaianos tonzão teve um casa com uma garota de atibaia interior de são paulo ... A garota >>> #thaiz bernardes
  1617. 5: :(
  1618. 5: :)
  1619. 5: ★I will be back real soon guys★
  1620. 5: test
  1621. 6: Happy Thanksgiving!
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