Midnight Visitation (Flurry Heart x Cozy Glow)

Jun 9th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >Something is terribly wrong about tonight
  2. >You are Flurry Heart, thirteen-years-old, and today you had probably the worst fight of your life with your mom
  3. >You hate her, you’ve decided, you genuinely do, and that hatred still smolders in your belly and keeps you from falling asleep
  4. >So now you’re tangled among your blankets, a thin sheen of sweat forming along your skin
  5. >Shadows creep across the walls, cast by antique furniture that no longer fits you, all of it stacked with stuffed toys
  6. >Moonlight streams in through the window, an ugly yellow color
  7. >You can feel the moonlight crawling across your back, almost a physical presence
  8. >The heat of anger turns quickly to a deathly chill, and the sweat forming on your skin beads up into cold little droplets
  10. >There’s something outside
  12. >You don’t know how you know; you don’t hear anything but the wind sighing through the castle parapets
  13. >But there’s something watching you
  14. >You can feel hot eyes on the back of your neck
  15. >The window creaks open, a breeze like dead breath wafts over you
  16. >Slowly, dreadfully, you turn over onto your back
  17. >For a moment, you see nothing, and you’re ready to believe that this is all just night-terrors, like the kind you had when you were a little girl
  18. >Then you see *her*
  19. >Atop the child-size desk you inherited from your aunt sits a girl just a year or two younger than you
  20. >She’s dressed in a frilly school-girl dress, and her powder-blue hair is done up into perfect curls that frame a doll-like, sinister face
  21. >She grins when she notices you watching her
  22. “A-ah…”
  23. >You try to scream, but your voice dies in your throat
  24. >The girl rises up into the air, floating a few inches above the desk, and begins to drift towards you
  25. >”I was wonderin’ if you were awake…” she says
  26. >Her voice is mellow and cold, sounding far more ancient than the girl herself looks, and your body trembles at each syllable
  27. >”Good. It’s so much more fun when you’re awake.”
  28. >She reaches your bed and drifts down so that she’s sitting next to you
  29. >You try to crawl away from her, but one glance from her vivid red eyes freezes you in place
  30. >”Aww, c’mon. I don’t like it when you fight back. That’ll make things get real ugly.”
  31. >You try to swallow, but it feels like a rock is jammed into your throat
  32. “Who… what… what are you?”
  33. >The girl giggles
  34. >”Can’t figure that out? Here’s a hint.”
  35. >She opens her mouth, baring gleaming white teeth that come to deadly, razor-sharp points
  36. >Two prominent fangs extend past the rest of them, and even just looking at them, you can already feel your skin burning where they’ll touch you
  37. “No. Please, no…”
  38. >”Sorry. I promise you, it won’t hurt. Not for long…”
  39. >She bends towards you
  40. >Your whole body clenches, trying to fight off this strange, invisible pressure that holds you in place
  41. >You lift up your chin, unwillingly exposing your neck…
  42. “Please, no… no… dad… m-mommy, help…”
  43. >The vampire stops
  44. >She snickers
  45. >”Calling for mommy? Maybe I should visit them next…”
  46. “No. No, please. Don’t hurt them.”
  47. >”Oh yeah?”
  48. >She gently runs a finger over your skin
  49. >Her skin is frigid, but everywhere she touches you flushes and burns
  50. >”Maybe I could visit them instead. Would you like that? You can be nice and safe, and I’ll take mommy instead~”
  51. “…”
  52. >You squeeze your eyes shut, and hot childish tears begin to spill down your cheeks
  53. “No. Not her, please. Just me. Don’t hurt my mom and dad, please. Please…”
  54. >”Awww.”
  55. >She wipes away the tears
  56. >”You’re a good kid, Flurry. A real good kid.”
  57. “How do you know my name?”
  58. >”I’ve been watching you. I wanna hurt your mommy and daddy, Flurry. I wanna hurt ‘em *real* bad.”
  59. “No!”
  60. >You manage a half-shout
  61. >She holds up a finger to her lips, and your throat closes, silencing you
  62. >”Your family hurt me real bad, a long time ago. But you’re a good kid.”
  63. “…”
  64. >More tears slide down your cheeks
  65. >You try to stop them, but they just keep coming
  66. >You don’t want her to hurt your mom, or your dad… or you
  67. >The vampire floats back up into the air and comes to hover directly above you
  68. >”Did they ever tell you about me? Do they talk about what they did to poor Cozy Glow?”
  69. >You shake your head
  70. >”Hmph. Figures.”
  71. >Cozy floats to the edge of your bed
  72. >”It was way back before you were born. I was trying to be better, you know. I really was. Only feeding when I *really* needed to. And your mom and her sister, they stuffed me in a box and buried me, way out by the old castle. I thought I’d never get out. I was so, so scared, Flurry. Like you are now.”
  73. >She turns that terror-grin on you again
  74. >”And now I’m here. And I can take their little girl.”
  75. “I’m… sorry.”
  76. >”Oh?”
  77. “I’m sorry. For what they did, I’m sorry.”
  78. >You’re crying like a baby now
  79. “But I l-love them. Please don’t hurt them.”
  80. >Cozy shrugs
  81. >”You really love ‘em?”
  82. “I do.”
  83. >”Good. You’re a lucky kid, Flurry. If you love ‘em that much, they must not be too bad.”
  84. “They’re not. They’re really not. The last thing I said to my mom was ‘I hate you.’ I don’t wanna lose her. Please. I’m so sorry.”
  85. >You’re just blubbering, but Cozy smiles nonetheless
  86. >She reaches out and touches your cheek
  87. >You try to pull away, but your body doesn’t obey your commands
  88. >Instead, you lean into her touch
  89. >Something inside you craves the feeling of her hands on you
  90. >And when she smiles, some confused animal part of you *wants* to feel her fangs inside your flesh
  91. >”I like you, Flurry. You’re not like your mom. I’m not gonna kill you.”
  92. >You go limp with relief
  93. “Thank you. Thank you, thank you…”
  94. >”But I wanna show you something.”
  95. “…what?”
  96. >”Just hold still.”
  97. >Cozy drifts downwards, her mouth approaching her face
  98. >But she doesn’t go for your neck
  99. >Instead, she cradles your face and gently turns your mouth up to meet hers in a soft, cold kiss…
  101. ***
  103. >You’re so lonely
  104. >A cold, dark void yawns in the pit of your chest, and in your stomach too
  105. >The streets are filthy, and you flit from alleyway to alleyway, trying to find scraps of food, or someone who’ll feed you without wanting to do *that* to you in return
  106. >You sleep huddled in the driest corners you can find, hugging your knees against your skinny chest
  107. >And then you meet *her*
  108. >A local priestess, living alone, she takes you in, feeds you, bathes you, lets you sleep in a bed that she never seems to use
  109. >You trust her immediately—more than that, you love her
  110. >It’s like having a mom again, and until that night, you’re the happiest you’ve ever been
  111. >The happiest you’ll ever be, for those few brief, wonderful nights
  112. >And then she reveals what she really is
  113. >Her warm smile becomes gleaming fangs, kind eyes turn a terrifying, glowing green
  114. >The guise she wore falls away, and the monster takes you, devours you
  115. >Even in the end, though, you trust her
  116. >You let her take everything she wants, and in return she leaves you *changed*
  117. >No longer a child, no longer helpless, you wander the same streets, now feeding off those who refused you
  118. >No longer weak, no longer scared, no longer naive
  119. >But just as lonely as ever
  121. ***
  123. >The vision fades as Cozy breaks the kiss
  124. >Your face is a mess of tears now, though when you speak, your voice is strangely calm
  125. “I’m sorry.”
  126. >”There’s nothing to apologize for. Nobody can fix this, you get it?”
  127. “Still…”
  128. >You raise an arm to your eyes, wiping them
  129. “It’s not fair.”
  130. >Cozy’s eyes burn ruby-red
  131. >”No. No, it’s not.”
  132. >Her hand touches your cheek again, then trails down to your neck
  133. >You suppress a shudder
  134. >This one is not out of fear
  135. >Her kiss still lingers on your lips, and everything around you: the night breeze, the blankets against your skin, and the feeling of a cold palm on your delicate neck—it all feels hazy and darkly sensuous
  136. >”I could make you feel like that, Flurry. I could do *all* of that to you.”
  137. “I know…”
  138. >”But I won’t, I suppose.”
  139. “Then… what?”
  140. >Cozy grins
  141. >The sight of her fangs melts whatever resistance remains in you
  142. >”I’ll take you. As mine.”
  143. >She raises her hand from your cheek to her own mouth, then sinks a fang into her own finger
  144. >Dark, ichor-like blood flows from the wound, and Cozy lets it coat her tongue
  145. >She floats down to the bed, landing atop you
  146. >Her body is much heavier than it looks, and she pins you under her scrawny, cold weight
  147. >Her hands grab yours and pin you to the bed, and she bends down, her blood-dripping tongue approaching your mouth
  148. >Though she doesn’t speak, you hear her voice ringing in your head
  149. >*drink*
  150. >You shut your eyes, open your mouth, and let slip her tongue between your lips
  151. >It meets yours, and drops of Cozy’s blood trickle down your throat
  152. >The taste is acidic, burning the entire way down
  153. >But there’s a dark, subtle sweetness too it
  154. >You suck greedily at her tongue, desperate for more
  155. >Cozy lets you indulge yourself, gently kissing you as you drink all you can get from her
  156. >And then she pulls away
  157. >Your heart is hammering now, and your face is on fire
  158. “More, please…”
  159. >”Soon, but not yet.”
  160. >She sits up and raises your right hand to her mouth
  161. >”You’re bound to me now, Flurry. You’ll dream of me. You’ll *want* me. And I’ll be coming to see you soon.”
  162. “Yes. Yes…”
  163. >Cozy kisses your fingers, your palm, then your wrist
  164. >”Now, I’ll take mine. Just a little~”
  165. >Her fang sink into your flesh, and then you know nothing but hot, hazy bliss
  167. >Cozy takes only a little to slake her thirst
  168. >And when she’s finishes, she licks the wound closed, dropping your arm back to your side
  169. >You’re sleeping soundly now, cradled in comfort and enjoying dark dreams
  170. >Cozy rises up from the bed, hovering a few inches above you
  171. >She gently pulls the covers over your body, then bends to whisper in your ear
  172. >”Tell your mom you love her, Flurry. You don’t know how lucky you are.”
  173. >She rises up from the bed, shadows falling over her child-body, and disappears through the window
  174. >She’s no longer smiling
  175. >Instead a serene, sad look crosses her dead features
  176. >Cozy closes her eyes, and drifts out the open window, returning into the wild, lonely night
  178. ***
  180. >You wake up the next morning feel wonderfully rested, if a little cold and groggy
  181. >The remnants of some strange dream linger in your mind; cold hands on your tender flesh, a terrifying yet alluring grin, and the impossibly delicious taste of blood…
  182. >You feel almost giddy as you jump to your feet and head down to the common room that attaches your room to your parents’
  183. >Your mom is already up, standing by the table and sipping from a cup of coffee as she pours over a stack of royal reports
  184. >She glances over at you, and a worried look crosses her face
  185. >”Flurry. Good morning. Listen, about yesterday—“
  186. >You don’t even give her a chance to finish before you sprint over to her and throw yourself in her arms
  187. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. About what I said. About everything. I’m so sorry.”
  188. >You’re crying again, but it feels great to cry
  189. >It feels great to hold her
  190. >And when she gingerly raises her arms up to embrace you back, it feels even better
  191. >”What’s gotten into you? This is… different, not that I’m complaining.”
  192. >You nuzzle your face against her chest, relishing the warmth and the familiar smell of her
  193. “I had a really bad dream. That something was going to happen to you.”
  194. >”Oh. Are you okay?”
  195. “Mhm. I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you…”
  196. >You go up on your tiptoes and kiss her cheek
  197. >She lets out a surprised “oh!” and you continue, planting kisses all over her face
  198. >Then you rest you head on her shoulder, your mouth just inches from her neck
  199. >You can’t resist the temptation to plant a single kiss right there, and as you do, some strange, wonderful longing stirs in you
  200. “I love you, mom. I really, really do…”
  202. End
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