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Touka swimsuit story

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Feb 25th, 2021
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  1. Touka: ...
  2. Nemu: ...It seems like we've worked out everything we need.
  3. Touka: Hmmm...
  4. Nemu: What's the matter, Touka? Something on your mind?
  5. Touka: You know how we're going on a trip together, right?
  6. Touka: To my family's private beach.
  7. Touka: I'm trying to come up with a program for that.
  8. Nemu: Program?
  9. Nemu: Ahh, you mean planning the trip.
  10. Nemu: Are we going to hold some kind of event?
  11. Touka: Yeah! Since we're finally going on a trip, I want us to have as much fun as we can!
  12. Touka: We need something to keep the fun going so we won't get bored...maybe some kind of game...
  13. Touka: There's so much to think about, and SO much to look forward to!
  14. Nemu: ...Touka, could it be that you're up to something devious?
  15. Touka: Huuuh? I have no clue what you're talking about.
  16. Nemu: You're definitely plotting something.
  17. Nemu: ...All right, I'll make the plans with you.
  18. Nemu: I don't care what you do to others, but this would put me at risk as well.
  19. Nemu: It's a bit of a hassle, but I'll take care of my share of the planning.
  20. Touka: ...*Giggle*
  21. Touka: I knew you'd say that.
  22. Nemu: I suppose that's all.
  23. Touka: *Giggle*! I'm really looking forward to it.
  24. Nemu: ...But, I wonder if this is really okay...
  25. Touka: What do you mean?
  26. Nemu: In our program, there's a swimming competition and sailing, yes?
  27. Nemu: I agreed to it because it sounds like it will be fun, but...
  28. Touka: It'll be fine!
  29. Touka: It's a private beach.
  30. Touka: No matter how noisy we are, nobody will get mad at us.
  31. Nemu: That's not what I'm concerned about...
  32. Nemu: Touka, we just got out of the hospital, didn't we?
  33. Nemu: In other words, you have no experience swimming. Will that really be alright?
  34. Touka: ...
  35. Touka: *Giggle*
  36. Touka: Whaaat, is that all?
  37. Touka: Do you think I would suggest going to the beach without considering that?
  38. Touka: I have the perfect solution to that!
  39. Nemu: I see, then it's fine in that case.
  40. Nemu: But I'd like to hear what your solution is, for the record.
  41. Nemu: Perhaps you don't intend to participate, but merely watch from afar as everyone else struggles...
  42. Nemu: If that's the case, it's rather despicable, but I would be able to enjoy that as well.
  43. Touka: I wouldn't do that!
  44. Nemu: Is that so? That's unexpected. But then, what could it possibly be...
  45. Touka: *Giggle*! Just think about it, Nemu.
  46. Touka: We still have plenty of time before the trip, right?
  47. Nemu: That's correct— wait, you couldn't mean...
  48. Touka: Before the trip, I'll just train at the gym my family owns!
  49. Touka: I even have my own personal trainer!
  50. Nemu: That's quite a gamble you're taking.
  51. Touka: It's not a gamble at all!
  52. Touka: By my calculations...
  53. Touka: I'll be able to swim like an ordinary person after 10 training sessions!
  54. Nemu: It seems like you're also quite adept at sports science.
  55. Touka: As long as I learn how to float and breathe, it'll be easy!
  56. Nemu: ...Let's hope your calculations aren't off.
  57. Nemu: Touka...all this equipment...are you going to play with this today?
  58. Nemu: Which means, you couldn't learn how to swim after all that practice.
  59. Touka: Wrong! My calculations weren't off!
  60. Touka: It's just that my interests have changed...
  61. Nemu: Interests...?
  62. Touka: I did practice swimming properly.
  63. Touka: But then, I realized...
  64. Touka: Water feels nice, but it's also painful and scary...
  65. Nemu: Well, that's part of the joy of it...
  66. Touka: Yeah, so that's why...
  67. Touka: I decided to play with the Amane sisters instead!
  68. *Splaaash*...!
  69. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: Ahhhhh...!
  70. Touka: *Giggle*
  71. Nemu: I see.
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