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Jul 8th, 2013
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  1. Idea village recourses (simplified)
  2. By: Burrowfield
  3. For: NMR
  5. NOTE: I'm writing this on my phone, sorry for any screwups.
  7. So first things first I would like every village to start out with military resource and Intelligence ratings ranging from 1 to 7
  9. For example:
  11. Konoha:
  13. M: 4
  14. R: 3
  15. I: 1
  17. These ratings stand for the following:
  20. military strength stands for the amount of available ninja ready to wage war this is simplified rating. so the ranks of the ninja and their equipment are not included. simply the amount of Ninja and their current strength.
  22. Resources stand for the amount of available equipment and basic resources such as food clothing and building materials. Along with the available amount of money.
  24. Intelligent stands for The strength of intelligence gathering groups such as scouts, extraction groups interrogation teams and elite ninja such as ANBU.
  26. Each of these numbers in the rankings stands for a single six Eyed dice.
  28. Carry out certain actions such as occupying a Territory. Supplying your own territories. Waging war. Gathering intelligence. Will require a dice roll.
  30. For example if Konoha wants to expand the land of fire it will need to roll a dice against the military strength of the territory to see if they succeed or fail in occupying said territory and how they did it.
  32. If the territory is for example owned by the land of water and thus protected by kiri. Konoha would need to roll four six eyed dice against the amount of six Eye dice owned by the other village.
  34. If the role is higher than the oter role supervised by staff then Konoha succeeds in occupying the territory if the role is a lower they will fail if the role is equal than that it is a draw
  36. These rolls can be supplemented by the resource dice. one resource dice can be permanently diverted to military strength however it cannot go back and will be used up after a single roll. An example being 'additional war machines' or 'hiring mercs'
  38. The same goes for intelligence dice.
  40. Resources need to be on a certain level to supply current occupied and assimilated territories the larger country the more resources it will require but also the more resources it will produce. excess resources can be sold in return for military or intelligence strength that permanently gets added until the trade agreement is over
  42. Trade agreements can be made with other PC villages any resource can be traded
  43. for any other resource
  45. These can also be traded with Npc villages however this will always be at a 2 to 1 ratio and the village Standing has to be neutral or better towards the trading village
  47. Long-standing trade relationships will improve affiliation of villages until the point of allies this means that villages can be allied together even though one is an NPC Village.
  49. Allies can also be made with other means such as political marriage. Efforts by players. Missions in these territories or PC ambassadors.
  51. Having an ally means a permanent plus one bonus to The military rating. having a PC village ally means a plus two bonus to military rating
  53. Territories not owned by PC villages can also be occupied they always have the military resource and intelligence strength of 3 3 and 3. the distribution of these will be decided by staff when necessary
  55. In order for the system to work the countries and the map needs to be added in Photoshop and someone needs to constantly update the country colors as well as cut them up into pieces so we have territories.
  57. Each village has a production capacity. Every territory owned at 0.1 to the production capacity. Pc actions can in increase production capacity temporarily these actions will be judged by Clary only and only if Clary deems it necessary in discussion with Gms and plot staff. actions that are logged on the wiki can only Then in a temporary way improve production capacity
  59. The Kage or village elders can decide each month what the production capacity will produce: resources military strength or intelligence if the village has no kage it will be decided by staff.
  61. These three ratings cannot exceed seven enrolls so you can never never roll with more than seven dice. But if they do exceed seven it is a trading commodity.
  63. Intelligence rating has its own function. The higher the intelligence rating the more knowledge the country has of what's going on internally. When intelligence rating is high. nothing is a secret.
  65. This can also be used to find out things that go on and other countries. The rank of this mission will decide how difficult the role will be. S rank means you'll face is seven dice roll D rank means you will face a one Die roll. Strank with main finding out things that the Kage. would know D rank would mean finding out pointless fluff things. These intelligence missions must be ordered by the Kage. Else the village is clueless about what's going on externally.
  67. If the Role is lower than the mission is a fail, if 5 lower, then the nps's got caught and captured. If 3 lower, then they got caught but most escaped. if the roll is equal then the mission is a success however the enemy will know that something has occurred if the role is two higher or lower than the initial roll then it will be a success but the enemy village will know who did it if it's two lower or know something happened if it's two higher. If the role is higher than two higher then the enemy village is clueless of what happened.
  69. Intelligence rating also counts as repression along with the military rating if there is an uprising caused my PC or NPC actions then military and intelligence rating will be used to suppress.
  71. Next to this system PC involvement will have a huge roll. Even if the role is a fail PC involvements can make it a success a scene in a location where the role is currently going on such as unoccupied territory can result in a successful ending. Regardless of rolls. Same can be said for defender npc's who can ruin a good roll. Gm's rp'ing the 'rolling' side if need be could make for very interesting scenes! If pc's are available on both sides, a potential PVP could start!
  73. A lack of resources or intelligence rating can be compensated by players possibly compensating for these lacks by doing it themselves with their characters.
  75. In this way player involvement always carries far more weight than these roles decided by the Kage's.
  77. Jim's Walsa be able to design random events around these ratings. Which could improve diminish or keep them the same depending on the outcome of these events.
  79. Carrying out many missions also will have a positive effect on these ratings.
  81. The exact formula for calculating these ratings will be available to staff only.
  83. The rules need to be carried out with at least one staffer who will log the roles. Preferably Rp staff.
  85. To add some diversity I would recommend not giving each village to same ratings but giving them the exact amount of total points.
  87. Like:
  89. 3 3 4
  90. 4 3 3
  91. 5 2 3
  93. Ect.
  95. Additionally player organizations can request being added to the system. An example could be Shuuren's organisation who would obviously have this customly tailored to them. For example, he could have a very high recourse and intell rating, and get 'influence' instead of military. And then get a standard income of 0,5 + 0,1 per logged mission by his group.
  97. All this can be logged in news files or even just on the wiki. I'm even willing to do it. Yea its work, but its also awesome! And maybe in the future we can automate it by code! It certainly is possible, but would require a lot of time and effort from the coders!
  99. Last but not Least the time to contest these rolls is 24 hours if someone tries to occupy territory it takes 24 hours in that time it can be stopped by PC actions or other villages rolling against them. Of course the intelligence that something is happening also needs to be carried out intelligence rolls cannot be contested by players and thus have no wait time.
  101. Resources can also buy allies so it's a very versatile rating!
  103. People of the rank councilmember and up can issue these actions.
  105. An advantage this system has over Naru her system is that this system only requires backtracking PC actions that are on the wiki if any at all instead of constant monitoring.
  107. It also works with much simpler numbers and simplifies conflict.
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