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  1. C3978
  2. However, compared to the shock of the All Heavens Sect s,
  3. The people outside had long gotten used to Chu Feng's actions.
  4. However, they were frightened by the cultivation of a eighth stage Honored Warrior like Chu Feng.
  5. From the moment Chu Feng had displayed his strength until now, to when he reached this stage step by step, he had continuously challenged everyone's understanding of the Junior's strength.
  6. At this time, many people looked towards the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  8. Especially the older generation, his eyes were filled with envy.
  9. They all knew that the Wind Thunder Sword Sect would be different from now on.
  10. It was very likely that the Wind Thunder Sword Sect would be ranked above the other five great forces.
  11. It was for no other reason but because an extraordinary disciple had appeared within the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  12. This disciple is called Wang Chen.
  13. No one had heard of him before.
  14. However, today, he was able to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, and made everyone remember him.
  15. "Well said, who is your ally?"
  16. "It looks like in Wang Chen's eyes, we five forces are not worthy of being Wind Thunder Sword Sect's allies."
  17. "Wind Thunder Sword Sect, you really taught me an outstanding and good disciple."
  18. The Nine Stars Heaven Mountain opened his mouth and spoke in a weird tone.
  20. However, didn't pay any attention to his words this time.
  21. At this moment, he had an undisguised smile on his face.
  23. He was overjoyed.
  24. If we are talking about Wang Chen, today, we gave everyone an unexpected surprise.
  25. To him, this was an even greater surprise.
  27. In his eyes, Ouyang Pingzhi was the strongest genius in the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  29. He had also always trained Ouyang Pingzhi as a future pillar.
  31. It was just that he could do nothing about it. Even though Ouyang Pingzhi had extraordinary talent, he was still unable to stand out amongst the strongest disciple of the six great forces.
  32. Especially just now, when Nangong Yifan was fighting against Tushen Haoli.
  33. Only his gaze was fixated on the battle between Ouyang Pingzhi and his opponent.
  35. But when he saw Ouyang Pingzhi getting suppressed bit by bit by Song Jinglun, until the victor was decided, his heart truly bled profusely.
  37. After all, Ouyang Pingzhi represented his Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  39. If Ouyang Pingzhi lost, it would also mean that all the disciple s in the Wind Thunder Sword Sect had lost.
  40. At that moment, not only was his leader disgraced, he was also extremely disappointed in his heart.
  41. But who would have thought, that at the moment he felt that he had lost all face, Wang Chen would appear.
  42. No matter what methods he used, the aura of a Grade Eight Supreme Realm cultivator was enough to make him look down on all the disciple in the six great forces.
  43. "Elder Wang."
  45. Suddenly, the Wind Thunder Sword Sect looked at a old man.
  47. That old man was named Wang Shang Kun. Not only was he a Elder of the Wind Thunder Sword Sect, he was also Wang Chen's grandfather.
  48. "Your subordinate is here."
  49. Under the call of their leader, Wang Shang Kun quickly stood up.
  51. Although his face was filled with respect, he was extremely happy in his heart.
  53. After all, that stunning genius was his own grandson.
  56. "You have done a great service to my Wind Thunder Sword Sect by raising my grandson. I want to reward you."
  57. "From today onwards, you shall be the Pavilion Master of the Compendium Pavilion."
  59. The Wind Thunder Sword Sect said.
  60. "Thank you, thank you Lord Headmaster."
  61. Wang Shang Kun was so excited that he was on the verge of tears.
  62. Before this, he was originally one of the eight Manager Elders s of the Compendium Pavilion.
  63. Although he held a certain position within the Wind Thunder Sword Sect, he was still far from being the owner of the Compendium Pavilion. It would be no exaggeration to say that within the Wind Thunder Sword Sect, other than the Lord Headmaster, the library pavilion master could be said to be one of the few most powerful identities he had.
  65. Initially, that was a position that he would never dare to dream of in his entire life.
  66. But now, he had actually stepped onto the same stage. Previously, he didn't even dare to think of this position. Naturally, he would be extremely happy.
  67. "Wang Chen, ah Wang Chen, I had originally thought that you would rely entirely on me, your grandfather, to forcefully pull you up by force, and bring your cultivation up."
  68. "I never thought that you would hide yourself this deeply. What kind of opportunity did you get in the dark? You actually obtained such a cultivation."
  70. "Unexpectedly, I didn't expect you to surpass me, your father. I didn't think that you would be the one to bring honor to my Wang family."
  72. In the midst of his happiness, Wang Shang Kun inwardly praised his grandson, whose reputation was not very high in the day, over and over again.
  73. As far as he was concerned, this was no longer his grandson. He could simply be his grandfather and his ancestor.
  74. In the future, he would have to rely on this grandson of his.
  76. "Grandfather!"
  77. However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.
  79. When the voice rang out, Wang Shang Kun was immediately startled.
  80. He realized that the voice was so familiar, as if it was his own grandson Wang Chen.
  82. But, even though Wang Chen was clearly inside the world of barrier, his voice came from outside the arena.
  84. Someone is actually impersonating my grandson, Wang Chen?
  85. With that thought, he looked in the direction of the voice with anger.
  87. However, when he saw it, he was stunned.
  89. Because he discovered that the disciple was standing in the direction of the voice.
  90. At this moment, they were in a very sorry state, and their bodies were filled with words.
  93. The contents of that word were unbearable to look at.
  95. The words' the same sect shall destroy each other ',' the same kind of beast and scum ',' worse than pigs and dogs', were all carved on their bodies.
  96. But even so, Wang Shang Kun could tell with a single glance, that one of them was his grandson, Wang Chen.
  97. "Chen'er?"
  98. "This, this... "What's going on?"
  99. Wang Shang Kun's face was full of astonishment, his gaze was shifting between Wang Chen and the figure inside the barrier.
  100. But the more he looked, the more nervous he became.
  102. This was because from the many expressions, facial expressions, and tone of voice, it could be seen.
  104. It was as though, at this moment, that fellow in such a sorry state, was more like his grandson.
  105. "This... "What's going on?"
  106. At this moment, Wang Shang Kun was not the only shocked one.
  108. Wind Thunder Sword Sect, as well as everyone present, had wonderful expressions on their faces as they did not know what to do for a moment.
  109. "Grandfather, I've been captured by the wicked."
  110. Wang Chen said with a sobbing tone of voice.
  111. After saying that, he pointed towards the image in the sky, and then pointed at Chu Feng who was inside the image.
  113. "That person … he captured us and then disguised himself as me."
  115. "He is an evil person, he is a great evil person that has come to seize the treasures of our six great powers!"
  116. At the moment, the whole place was silent, and Wang Chen's voice was loud and clear.
  117. Thus, what he said was heard clearly by everyone present.
  118. Counterfeit, snatching, these two simple words allowed people to understand what had happened.
  120. "Hahaha!"
  122. Suddenly, a burst of wild laughter rang out.
  123. It was the leader.
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