dqIII is back

cleartonic Aug 18th, 2018 (edited) 336 Never
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  1. Hey - playing some DRAGON QUEST III again. For a long time, wasn't sure I was gonna play again. Mostly because wasn't sure I was gonna have fun. But I made up my mind over time - I tried a bunch of other RPGs for speedruns and nothing else really came close. I hit that first major goal of sub-3 almost 2.5 years ago, and now I just want to push the game and not worry about hitting specific goals that show I can play the game. It's such a good tough game based on how willing you are to push it, and I'm much less concerned about even finishing runs and moreso about playing well and rolling the dice.
  3. Playing on English patch for quite awhile. More fun for me and the way I see it, I would only care about having blistering fast times on J if I were to ever get there (like, sub 2:45), and though I'm absolutely down to make that switch, that's awhile away. So why not enjoy the game more and make it viewable for others. Hitting sub 3 on the patch would be like a ~2:50 on J (rough estimation), and that'd be awesome to get. If me playing on English upsets you, too bad for you
  5. I've got two goals - execute well and wrangle with what the game throws at me and try to PB, and to make this wonderful game (and series) more accessible to other people.
  7. My overall speedrunning goal is to take DQIII and SMO competitively into the sunset, keeping other speed projects to a minimum. Still wanna route a RPG or two, but nothing very competitive. Then some Mega Man retirement revisits (not soon). See you in the sunset ;]
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