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  1. 34233 <+lakitu> i was just starting to say, i just realized we should probably have software labeling, like USDA organic labels for food
  2. 234244 <+lakitu> good
  3. 234253 <+lakitu> e.g Privacy Hawk label
  4. 234303 <+lakitu> alike Fair Trade, etc etc etc
  5. 234517 <Fixion> why aren't pesticides natural?
  6. 234524 <+lakitu> there's already indie software
  7. 234557 <+lakitu> altho that's just ordinary speech, not what i'm talking about
  8. 234618 <+lakitu> are you asking me Fixion?
  9. 234742 <Fixion> yes well if the supernatural doesn't exist it would suggest everything else is natural..
  10. 235441 <+lakitu> we already have security certificates, but that's sort of like an ID card to prove you're you. i can think of several ethical issues that would be nice to be standardized for software, such as different privacy certifications, security certifications, ethical work standards
  11. 235510 <+lakitu> there's also free open source software, i won't pass over either
  12. 235550 <+lakitu> & the different forms of licensing
  13. 235815 <+lakitu> it would be nice to see warranties for support. Ubuntu does this
  14. 235900 <+lakitu> e.g if you invest your document corpus in our software we promise to be workable for at least 5/10 years, etc
  15. 235916 <+lakitu> thru different OS updates.
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