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Mar 25th, 2017
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  1. ChangeLog Mountint Update II 1.6.2
  3. SnapShot 12/7/20
  5. Fixed Issues
  6. -Clearing eggs resaulting in only having one egg no matter what
  7. -Anvil Cost Issues with Combining Eggs
  8. -Many combing egg issues due to only supporting certian stack sizes
  9. -Clearing eggs could use only one gold ingot for a stack of forge eggs
  11. Features
  12. +Combining Eggs Are More Like Recipes Now Rather Then Combining all function that function will be in the egg editor durning the 2d part of the mounting update
  13. +Seperated hardcoded functions to methods in preperation for part II of the mounting update
  15. SnapShot 12/11/16
  17. Fixed Issues
  18. -Not supporting custom spawner reallignment causing mod incompatibility with mob spawners. For example an arrow spawner wouldn't fire it's arrows again after being re picked up to another location.
  19. -Crashes with buildcraft
  21. Snapshot 2/4/17
  23. Features
  24. -Caged Egg Blank Recipe No Longer Used/Needed as forge eggs do your work for you (may add them back for non living entities specific only...)
  26. Fixed Issues
  27. -Crashes when auto generating files (Updated tofileCharacters method)
  28. -Crashes when combining eggs
  29. -Forge eggs not removing EntityNBT tag based on level being <= 1
  30. -Not supporting HEE Entity names(now for people that misuese entity translation names)
  31. -Inability to have non living entity spawners
  32. -To File Character Method being whitelisted to txt rather then using blacklist for unsupported file names (fixes issues with mods from different contries)
  33. -Infinite glitch with leveling up blank forge eggs
  34. -Dupes in file writing system due to idiots making spaces in their entity's String names
  35. -Not Supporting HEE for ItemBlock Helper
  37. SnapShot 2/5/17
  39. Fixed Issues
  40. -Not Supporting HEE Names Spawners Via Creative Tab<Spawners && Eggs>
  41. -Egg Issues with .entity + .name
  42. -Spawner Issues with .entity + .name
  43. -Choco Spawner popping out of vanilla spawners when mined when NEI isn't loaded
  44. -Improper namming/display tags at the right time
  46. SnapShot 2/6/17
  48. Fixed Issues:
  49. -When NEI is Loaded: Vanilla,Auto Detected, Modded Spawners Not Dropping When has invalid EntityId tag (For future Modded Spawner Compatability)
  50. -Improper if statement for detecting modded, vanilla, and auto detected spawners with invalid EntityId Tag (For future Modded Spawner Compatability)
  51. -When NEI is Loaded: Improperly deciding whether to remove which tags (currently removes standard tags with config)
  52. -Organizational Bugs from inproperly getting names
  53. -Trying to crash upon load with just vanilla and SilkSpawners
  54. -NEI Cross Compatability not fully setting choco spawners back to vanilla spawners
  55. -Ender Dragon Spawner not working when NEI is loaded and not showing up on the creative tab
  56. -ToolTip Conflict with waila mine now overrides waila's still fails with NEI
  57. -Not Writing Modded Spawner's to NBT
  58. -Not Dropping Spawners When Write To NBT Was off (regardless if NEI is loaded)
  59. -Crashing When Deleting The Silk Spawners file and reloading the world (fixed so you can config edit and delete dungeon tweeks in game)
  60. -spammed text due to HEE having naming system of random strings
  61. -Jocky names being after egg names
  63. SnapShot 2/19/17
  65. Features
  66. +Text is now colored based on attributes for eggs/spawners translaters
  68. Fixed Issues
  69. -Forge eggs having wrong formatting in names again
  70. -All instances of my eggs having wrong names for jockey eggs as Spider + Skeleton is != Spider Jockey instead it's now Skeleton Jockey :)
  71. -Having My egg/spawner names not cutting off when the length of the string is too large (35+ characters)
  72. -Stupid Issues with not writing spawners to nbt the proper way again EventArrayBlockDrop
  73. -Config colored text to false not disabling it
  74. -If instanceof TileEntityMobSpawner read the code even if it didn't have nbt in the regular non cross nei compatability support creating blank spawners when they are suppose to be defaults
  75. -Not Coloring Vanilla Mob Spawners when NEI is loaded
  76. -Not Returning from method if player is in adventure mode
  78. Snapshot 2/22/17
  80. Features:
  81. +decrease monster spawner block names to cutoff to 30 characters
  83. Fixed Issues:
  84. -Many issues with Event Array Block Drop from logical errored methods
  85. -Crash due to improper enchanting ids/levels
  86. -Not Having Colored Entity Text Via Creative Tab When NEI isn't Loaded
  87. -Failed italized text no enumchatfomatting white
  88. -boolean logical issues with naming and nbt formatting
  89. -name issues not colorizing event array block dropped spawners
  90. -weird snapshot issues with eggs from any block
  91. -eventile not reseting every block
  92. -not having a swapnei stack for custom nei data
  93. -spawners drop removing tags rather then setting them to their default causing some reading tile entity errors
  94. -if can't detect entity putting a space then the blockname
  96. Snapshot 3/4/17
  97. Features
  98. +Dynamic naming method that can properly translate any spawner/egg
  99. +Semi Dynamic Support for ender enum chat formatting (checks spawn entries of the end)
  100. +Config override option to name all spawners in the same formatting with a configed string note enable all spawners same formatting before editing the string
  101. +Harvest Drops Event Re-Written Fully Working
  103. Fixed Issues
  104. -Dupe names if name was in the block spawner and equaled it
  105. -Not generating hashmaps till after you got your items in the creative tabs
  106. -Spammed text due to HEE get random name due to above bug
  107. -caged eggs not having it's list even if its not on the creative tab
  108. -if Entityname.equals("") not setting translation to blockname
  109. -if block had the entity name in front of it entity not == "";
  110. -Caged Eggs not getting proper methods
  111. -Not Casting to Entity Instead of EntityLiving for command sender name
  112. -if !colored text NEI tooltips were not removed from having mob names
  113. -Egg Many Issues with harvest drops event not giving you your proper egg back from the spawner
  114. -Dupe naming issues
  115. -Entities having "" displayed via spawners and eggs and comand blocks
  117. Snapshot 3/6/17
  119. Features:
  120. +Ability to have no enchantements for global or block override specific blocks
  121. Note:Override will override global and may require enchantments still, to disable all enchantments use the main config
  122. +New Egg Tier System
  123. *Teir I = EntityId
  124. *Teir II = Sub Mobs/Babies
  125. *Teir III = Custom Data in any form without UUIDS
  126. *Teir IV = Has Every tag except Pos and Riding Used for troubleshooting uuid dependant mobs or map makers?
  127. +minecart spawners supported
  128. +crafting recipes of a specified minecart + spawner even modded = minecart spawner. Only works with spawners that are instanceof TileEntityMobSpawner aka whatever spawners you can change via egg
  129. +minecart spawner entity drop spawner and minecart without proper silk touch tool per spawner block else drops minecart spawner
  131. Fixed Issues
  132. -Right Click on forge egg adds id tag causing items to not stack
  133. -NBT not reading tile entity due to spawner reading placement event not returning if item is egg
  134. -Fixed non living entities couldn't spawn caged eggs / forge eggs in water
  135. -Not translating proper display render name when clicked with NBT Soul Capture Book
  136. -Fixed anvil recipe applying higher tier if had entity data (Blank Forge Eggs)
  137. -Tooltips not getting jockey's names
  138. -Eggs being overpriced
  139. -Names not properly translating making them improper indexes
  140. -blank monster spawner = blank boxed tooltip?
  141. -Waila ToolTips Being Dupes or in the way of my own made seperate internal mod removal system for waila
  142. -Printing out null entities for getCurrentTranslatedEntity()
  143. -Teir One Eggs adding spawn potentials which are causing problems since vanilla can't support vanilla I can't support vanilla till next update with overrides. Quickfix
  144. -Dropping Eggs when enderIO spawners have the ability to drop
  145. -Fixed EnderIO bug with EnderIO not checking instanceof TileEntityMobSpawner to get the broken spawner
  146. -Fixed Broken enchantments enchantment.10+
  147. -Water mobs not always being detected
  148. -Spawners/Eggs not Stacking From lack of sophisticated egg tier system
  149. -Having quickfixes to get spawners semi working from egg to spawner method
  150. -If blank forge egg having no colored text if entity had too many characters
  151. -Colored Text Not Having Reset
  152. -Non Tile Entity Mob Spawners Being able to be crafted via minecart spawner
  153. -minecart spawners not stacking upon re entering from minecart
  154. -minecart spawner I recipe handler not returning false for other items detected and also dupes of minecart/spawner in old slots
  155. -minecart spawner crafting not removing display
  156. -minecart spanwer not display minecart spawner for chocos
  157. -minecart spawner formatting issues
  158. -minecart spawner entity not dropping proper vanilla mob spawners
  159. -minecart spawner/forge eggs having glitched out tooltips without nei
  160. -minecart spawner not being supported via tooltips
  161. -choco spawners not being defined as a spawner causing crafting issues with minecart spawners
  162. -playing sounds before the entity is actually spawned in
  164. Pending:
  165. +Crashes from opening inventory opening with picky wacky mods :<{}>
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