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  1. male face claim: JBJ - Kenta
  2. female face claim: Momoland - Nayun
  3. back up for female: Lovelyz - Kei
  4. back up for male: Seventeen - Woozi
  5. slot: Mansae
  6. back up: -
  8. full name: Lee Ji Roo
  9. female name: Joo KeyRa
  10. other name: n/a
  12. birthdate: 22 November 1999
  14. nationality: Korean
  15. ethnicity: Korean
  16. birthplace: Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
  17. hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  18. languages:
  19. - Korean
  20. - English
  21. - Basic Japanese
  23. facts/trivia:
  24. - he's a Prankster
  25. - he sleeps everywhere
  26. - he loves playing videogames
  27. - he loves Bullying his hyungs
  28. - he loves scaring his hyungs
  29. - he sometimes sings in cafes
  31. - Bullying people
  32. - Videogames
  33. - Scaring people
  34. - Teasing people
  35. - Pranking people
  36. - Waking up early even though he sleeps really late
  37. dislikes:
  38. - wearing skirts
  39. - wearing too much makeup
  40. - loud noises
  41. - weird people
  42. - lame jokes
  43. - messy rooms
  44. habits:
  45. - skipping class to play with the others
  47. personality: Jiroo is that evil type of friend. He would spam your messages, hack your phone, and more evil things.
  49. He's a real prankter, he would prank anyone even if they're older than him.
  51. Despite his other personality, he's a mature guy. He won't do stupid things. He won't make a mess. He's sometimes the one that helps call me baby to stand up when he trips. But still, he's an evil guy.
  53. background: He was born in Gyeongsangnam-do.
  55. He doesn't have any siblings. He was very close with his parents though. Her mother is an athlete and an actor while his father is a baker. He sometimes do sports with his mother and bake cookies with his father after that.
  57. When he was 7, his father had to move to Japanese because he's going to work at a restaurant there. At the same time, he and his mother had to move to Seoul because of his mother was going to film a drama there. He then meet the others, they live in the same street as him, that's when he started getting more friends.
  59. love interest: Wanna One - Park Woojin
  60. future scenes with love interest:
  61. - him just playing with her hair when he- I mean, she was reading.
  62. how they fell in love/how they will:
  63. They bumped into each other and stare into each other's eyes for like 10 minutes.
  65. first thoughts on one another:
  66. - he thought she was an normal girl
  67. - he thought he was a normal boy that he would never like.
  69. future scene suggestions:
  70. - all of them doing yoga but almost all of them messed up except him.
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