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Stop this Dumb Gun Debate

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  1. I am so tired of defending gun rights. I have heard so many denials of the benefits of gun ownership, most of which are an attempt to pass off a lack of positives as the presence of negatives. I could write an essay debating each argument, but even if you assume they are correct, none logically suggest a gun ban. “Why do you need a gun?” “Why do you need a bigger gun to protect yourself?” “Why would you risk violence in our society for a stupid gun?” I could ask why you hate guns, but to be completely honest I really don’t care. I could ask why some people think that the utterance of a 3 letter word is higher on the list of evils than murder; but similarly, I don’t care. That belief seems wrong to me, but they can believe whatever they want as long as no one puts me in jail for yelling “God damn” after a murderer is acquitted. I don't care why you only eat organic food, and I don’t care why you think evolution never happened, and I don't care why a homeless man on the bus wears a pink frilly hat and constantly sings the ABC’s, but I would never consider punishing someone for being a moron, and thinking otherwise is by definition intolerant.
  2. Just like religious choices and personal preferences, your opinion has no influence on my choice of defensive methods. You choose to rely on public defenders, and with good reason, but how I choose to ensure my personal safety, is neither your, nor anyone's concern. That really is the core of the argument. You believe that you can decide what I should want, what I need, and what I can get. My point is that if my actions don't affect you, you have no right to tell me I am wrong. But somehow, you now demand that I obey your decrees in addition to your unsolicited advice? No mother listens to the child’s assertions of her overprotectiveness: he can deal with a bully problem himself, or that he is old enough to use a steak knife without cutting himself. Why do you expect any less when it comes to using guns to protect the other things I value? All I want is to feel safe like the mother with her son in her arms. Once I go beyond that, once I become violent, you have every right to regulate, ban, prevent, or punish me all you like, but not a second sooner. Imagine a world where you have to justify every action you make to the all the passing strangers on the sidewalk when you have not even greeted him.
  3. Your desire for a gun-free world is irrelevant because I don’t need your permission. In fact, the only reason I own a gun is to protect my rights from those that would forcefully impose their will upon me such as murderers, thieves, and the men trying to take what keeps me safe. Ironically, the only way you can enforce your laws is by breaking them. It’s funny how it now seems as though you are the one inciting violence and hate. Trying to stop a war is counterproductive if you stop it by winning. Instead of blinding the beast, we need to kill it. The real problem is violence and taking away a method of exacting it does nothing about the true cause. It is idiotic to think that the problem is good people wanting to protect their rights, and the only thing separating them from our beloved police, soldiers, and lawmen is a uniform and a badge.
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