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  1. At Life and Death
  2. The daily taste of regret
  3. keeps me knowing you
  4. bitter and upset
  5. drowning in the blue.
  7. Missing in a frame
  8. someone I thought I knew
  9. searching for a name
  10. if only it were you.
  12. Witness to the command
  13. touching call of death
  14. cradling grandpa’s hand
  15. for fear of final breath.
  17. Wishing for a dream
  18. that was the Sabbath day
  19. gentle hands prepared a meal,
  20. I’ll never eat today.
  22. Invincible, iron soldier
  23. the epitome of youth
  24. disease ending composure
  25. have to see it through.
  27. The dawn has come today
  28. careful vision clear
  29. buried in the pain
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