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  1. Airlia had found herself between a rock and a hard place at the moment with no means of escaping, but as the seconds passed while within this position of hers, did she honestly want to leave?  With the light of the moon shining down upon them, he would see the blush upon her cheeks darken.  This was so embarrassing!  And with the King no less!  However did she find herself in such a predicament?  Was it fate that brought her here?  The Gods, or Spirits in her case, did work in mysterious ways.  It wasn’t every day she was almost trampled by a horse ridden by the king himself while walking through the kingdom.  Draped in her traveler’s cloak with the hood pulled over her head, she was not really paying much attention while admiring the beauty of the kingdom until the rearing whinny of a horse having magically appeared in front of her made her lose her balance and land on the road. The hood fell back to expose hair the color of snow and the surprised visage of an enchanting creature of beauty.  And that was one of several fated appearances she has had with the king, and how it lead to now, that was a story for another time.
  3.  Her body reacted to his touch as if he was burning her with those wandering fingers which wished to map out her body like uncharted territory…to explore and conqueror.  She could even feel the intensity of his stare as he took her all in.  While knowing she was blessed, or cursed, with allure and beauty, she did her best to waver off unwanted attention.  But she had managed to catch this male’s attention.  Biting on her bottom lip to stifle a moan from releasing as his fingers continued their explorations, his touch upon her body burned like the fire burning within her body…of desire.  It was like he knew every intimate detail of her body.  He had already found one of several erogenous zones upon her body, and he had just found a second at her inner thigh.   It wasn’t until he kissed at her shoulder did the smallest of sounds leave her lips as a whimper, and she shivered violently underneath him.  Had he been watching her when she decided to go out for a nightly stroll? Each encounter they had seemed more intimate than the last.  The brushing of their bodies as they walked passed one another, the stealing of glances, and the smirking on his part.  Damn his smile! Whether he knew it or not, his lips were a dangerous weapon…from his smirking to the kisses he trailed on her body.  
  5. “Nnngh…” came a louder whimper as his tongue trailed upon her flesh, earning more shivers in its wake as he tasted her. A gentle night breeze brushed against her exposed body and caused her to tremble as it caressed over the wetness his tongue left, and as he tugged her body more into him, she moaned also when his tongue explored her breasts.  The piercings adorned on her nipples kept them erect, and as his tongue brushed against one of them, she made the most delicious of sounds.  And her reactions to such were just as delicious with her head tilting back, body arching off of the carriage, and a moan escaping her.  By the Gods…she should not want this, but she craved more. It could have been with any other man…but it was with a member of royalty…the king himself. He tasted her in ways she had not experienced in quite some time, and she found herself desiring more.  Kitsune she may be, a healer and spiritual shaman, but she was also a woman with needs.  Neglect of the Pleasure of the Flesh had taken its toll, and she would willingly give herself to him.
  7. She seemed intoxicated in the sensations he was giving her, and she craved more…she needed more.  She would never, however, voice this aloud…not yet at least as she still tried to play hard to get, but failed miserably. His words and actions…he was losing control as much as she was, but he was too far long gone to even stop even if she begged him to.  His words returned her attention to him, her eyes looking at him while he took hold of both breasts with his hands. His touch…his licks and kisses…his everything…it burned. Feeling his lips and tongue descend down her body, her silver eyes widened by the new sensations while looking towards him. Not only did she have a piercing at her navel but it was accompanied by a silver chain which wrapped about her slender waist. Silver met crimson in the heat of the moment before her head tossed back as a true moan left her.  Yet another erogenous zone was discovered as he continued to chart her body in his explorations. He was a man who knew what he was doing and one who knew what he wanted. Closing her eyes out of shyness, she lay helpless to him and his teasing. Did she think that closing her eyes would make everything she experienced go away?  It only served to intensify as his tongue dipped further south, and a violent shudder erupted from deep within her body as a moan escaped her lips. Her eyes snapping wide open, her body jerked forward.  Such a responsive little creature, and he would soon find she was also a very vocal one.
  9. She had little time to react to much else before a sharp cry left her lips, and she squirmed about on the carriage floor. What if a night guard happened upon them?  What a sight to behold?  Their King between the legs of the Palace Healer!  Would her cries of pleasure catch the attention of anyone?  And heaven help them if they dare to interrupt. His tongue flicked along her folds which had become drenched with her desire, and as he tasted her completely and claimed her, her head tilted back so it rested on the carriage floor, and she moaned.  A hand moved down to settle at the top of his head, fingers intertwining in his hair as if she wished to push him away from her, but it only served to keep him in place. As his tongue flicked repeatedly over her pierced clit, she jerked again and tried to conceal her whine with a hand.  
  11. He sounded so animalistic as he delved into her most sacred of places, and the pleasure he was giving her was perhaps the best she’s ever had.  His tongue traced over the shape of her succulent petals wet from the sweet ambrosia she happened to possess, and her scent of arousal and desire became stronger.  “Nnngh!...” came the whine of ecstasy as his tongue delved between her folds, and he would find she was deliciously tight, but she was no innocent as he was soon to discover by the end of the night. Such lewd sounds he made while time well spent between her legs, and she would catch his gaze again while glancing down at him. There was a look in her eyes he may desire to see more of on her.  It first frayed shyness, innocence at best with embarrassment.  But as he looked on while his mouth was upon her, he would see the first hints of the lust she tried so hard to fight away.
  13. It may be a sight he would crave from then on out, and as he made such lucrative ministrations with his tongue and more of those naughty sounds with his lips, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she moaned, writhing with pleasure in the back of that abandoned carriage found in an alley of his kingdom. Her head dipped back again as his tongue tasted at her flesh, perhaps giving her the best pleasure she hasn’t had in a very long time. She did not spread her legs for just anyone, but the sexual tension between the two grew into a crescendo with each encounter they had.
  15. And perhaps the change occurred when she had found herself alone with him after he was severely wounded, and she wouldn’t leave his side as she tended to him.  Not anyone saw a King’s vulnerable side like a healer would, and watching him in his time of need had perhaps made her grow fond of him. Her first impression of him was one of admiration.  While he may have seemed stern, he did have a good heart, and that was something she respected him for.  He was firm but fair. Compassionate at best, and in the week she stayed in his chambers with him and brought him back to full health, she saw he was just a man…a human like anyone else, unlike she. Did a crush develop on him after that moment?  Perhaps, but she knew her boundaries and would not pursue or even hint that she had any sort of feelings for him outside of professional.  He was betrothed to another, wasn’t he?  
  17. Her thoughts did not venture to times of the past but settled on the current. The way his tongue danced along her moist and sweet folds.  The way he took in her scent through his nose.  The way his mouth claimed her nether lips over and over again with kisses and licks.  This was the moment she lived in. The world seemed to disappear around them, leaving just the two of them together.  He was a man who knew what he was doing, having practically memorized her body with good reason.  He was a leader…a conqueror.  He was the king. And she was his little victim, his conquest, and now, a secret. From this moment on, their lives would never be the same.  While she may be his personal healer, she would be something else to him.  Others would learn to turn heads while seeing the two together, and if they should stumble upon them in an intimate embrace, they would be obliged to take a solemn vow of silence and walk away. From this moment on, she would become a courtesan.  She would become…his.
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