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CIA.VC down for the count. :(

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  1. From #CIA on FreeNode:
  3. 19:43  <Cryo> I'm getting bounces: 554 5.7.1 <cia@cia.vc>:
  4. 19:43  <Cryo>    Relay access denied
  5. 19:43  --- You are no longer marked as being away
  6. 19:43  --- You are no longer marked as being away
  7. 19:43  <Cryo> from sourceforge to cia
  8. 19:44  <Cryo> oh, did it splode? webpage is default apache
  9. 19:47  <jack> hi Cryo
  10. 19:48  <jack> missing the macports ciabot?
  11. 19:49  <Cryo> nope, the netbsd pkgsrc-wip one
  12. 19:49  <jack> oh ok :)
  13. 19:49  <Cryo> but doesn't matter if the updates aren't reaching it
  14. 19:50  <jack> something broke the pipe :/
  15. 19:52  <Cryo> :(
  16. 19:54  <shadowm> The site was deleted by the hosting provider and it's apparently been reset now to a blank slate.
  17. 19:54  <jack> eek
  18. 19:54  <shadowm> I suppose it's now just awaiting someone willing to restore a backup.
  19. 19:54  <jack> nenolod: ping?
  20. 19:55  <shadowm> Unless it's just that someone else got the same IP now.
  21. 19:55  <nenolod> CIA is dead forever
  22. 19:55  <nenolod> do not ask me about it
  23. 19:56  <jack> wtf?
  24. 19:56  <nenolod> the data was destroyed, there is no backup
  25. 19:56  <Cryo> :( I'm sorry to hear that.
  26. 19:56  <nenolod> so, here's what happened
  27. 19:56  <jack> me too
  28. 19:56  <Cryo> thank you for providing an incredible service to the community
  29. 19:56  <nenolod> atheme.org had a contract with a company called SIP, to provide infrastructure
  30. 19:56  <nenolod> SIP was bought by another company called Enzu
  31. 19:56  <nenolod> they then found reasons to lay off the entire SIP team
  32. 19:57  <nenolod> at this point, service quality went to shit
  33. 19:57  <nenolod> we were planning to move atheme infrastructure to a different provider
  34. 19:57  <jack> but?
  35. 19:57  <nenolod> at this point, enzu realized that our contract with SIP was no longer valid, so they wanted to renegotiate
  36. 19:58  <nenolod> so they provided us a list of instances we had running
  37. 19:58  <nenolod> and asked "what instances are you still using"
  38. 19:58  <nenolod> atheme.org webserver and cia.vc were not on this list
  39. 19:58  <nenolod> we had communicated to them that those instances were critical to our operations
  40. 19:59  <nenolod> so we assumed they already knew those instances were active
  41. 19:59  <nenolod> so we assumed they already knew those instances were active
  42. 19:59  <nenolod> but they went instead and deleted all instances except for the ones out of the list we explicitly mentioned we needed
  43. 20:00  <nenolod> this happened 25 hours ago, the conversation happened 48 hours ago.
  44. 20:00  <jack> :/
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