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  1. >Got unreasonably upset at someone asking if Goku could kill his overpowered demigod WoW OC's
  2. >Following up on that he reveals that said OC's glassed earth because america tried to destroy their city for having one-world government and communism
  3. >Numerous skype logs between Brittany and Tara got leaked. In response Jerry tried downplay the possibility of tara being fake as "embarrassing at worst" and then tried to dox her but ended up linking to the youtube of an unrelated jewish girl with autism. Leave the doxing to the pros next time.
  4. >Made up a pitifully fake story about him owning his boss when he was working at Tim Hortons
  5. >Gets into a twitter fight about Trump winning the election and tries to make excuses as to why he should've lost (muh popular vote, muh russia, etc). He fails.
  6. >Stopped playing overwatch because first person shooting was affecting his mental health.
  7. >Started hating Gamerghazi because they criticised his world views.
  8. >Jerry also became a satanist, saying that he would kill God if he could, that he's smarter than God, and that Satan was against Fascism whilst God enables it.
  10. ...And then the ToonKritic scandal happened:
  11. >Literally who brony youtuber known as ToonKriticY2K got exposed as a pedophile having ERP's with at least two underaged girls, cheating on his boyfriend in the process. Rumors are he might've raped someone too and that FNGR was helping to cover this up for a long time.
  12. >Attacked Josh because he wasn't screeching at toon like britishninja was in the leaked skype call where Toon confesses his crimes
  13. >Started befriending an autistic tranny pagan who claims to have been victimised by Toon for... making helicopter gender jokes and mocking her paganism. Clearly as bad as being groomed by a pedo, amirite.
  14. >Jerry gives this pagan a chance to have the story told on youtube
  15. >Josh then hints that Jerry actually knew about Toons history as a sexual predator for longer than he'd like to admit but didn't want to do anything about it because there wasn't a scandal that could benefit his career until that very point.
  16. >In response, both Jerry and pagantranny start a smear campaign on Josh claiming that he was trying to hide Toons pedophillia by uploading unfinished D&D videos that had him in for historical reasons (and to try and see if there were any warning signs of his true nature.) Oh, and also because Josh told Toon to turn himself in. Yes, really. Jerry got mad at that.
  17. >When Josh went "Jerry you're a hypocrite and a pedophile too" by bringing up Stockholm on twitter, Jerry denied ever writing it and started the "stockholm was a forgery" theory just so he could say that Josh was a pedophile for sharing child pornography trying to call out Jerry for writing it.
  18. >Also we found out that Jerry's fans are bigger pedophile apologists than Toonkritics. Weird world we live in, huh?
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