Girly Man x Manly Woman S

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  1. [14:24:43] * Ash rushes around excitedly, trying to find Haldis
  2. [14:25:14] <Haldis> (What time of day are we rolling with?)
  3. [14:25:40] <Ash> (Probably middle of the day, a sane time, afternoon-ish)
  4. [14:26:34] <Haldis> Surprise, she's out having f- no, she's in the armory sharpening blades and polishing armor.
  5. [14:27:11] <Ash> "Haldis!" cries out Ash, rushing around, "Haldis!"
  6. [14:28:03] * Ash runs into the armory, his face all smiles.
  7. [14:28:47] <Haldis> She is surprised to the point of destroying her wonderful sharpening job. Way to go! "What is it?"
  8. [14:29:36] <Ash> "Look!" He says pointing at his face, around his chin, "Look! Look! I just noticed it! Isn't it wonderful?"
  9. [14:30:18] <Haldis> She looks.
  10. [14:30:47] <Ash> Wow it's fucking nothing... oh wait, as you squint and focus on the place where he's pointing...
  11. [14:30:54] <Ash> You can almost, just barely make out...
  12. [14:31:09] <Ash> A single delicate blonde hair on his chin.
  13. [14:31:20] <Ash> :D
  14. [14:31:24] <Haldis> "You have...dust on your chin?"
  15. [14:31:39] <Ash> "No! It's my beard! I've got a beard coming."
  16. [14:32:13] * Ash throws his arms around Haldis in a hug, "Isn't it just grand? I've been waiting for this my whole life!"
  17. [14:33:07] <Haldis> "!" She ducks under him and flips him over her shoulder. "Sorry it"
  18. [14:33:21] <Ash> :I "Bluh."
  19. [14:33:58] * Ash is flat on his back, "Sorry, I should have known better." Ain't nothing gonna break his stride :D "But isn't it great? Doesn't it make me look manly?"
  20. [14:36:08] * Ash scrambles up to his feet.
  21. [14:36:24] <Haldis> "Why would hair make you look manly?"
  22. [14:37:00] <Ash> "Well... if it's facial hair, it would, like the big beards the men have back home."
  23. [14:37:15] <Haldis> "But that' hair."
  24. [14:37:26] <Ash> "Well, it's just a start."
  25. [14:37:44] <Ash> "My brothers always made fun of me because I'm so smooth-faced. I hated it." :(
  26. [14:37:52] <Haldis> "And how long will it take for the rest to fill in?"
  27. [14:38:01] <Ash> "Well, Uh... I dunno."
  28. [14:39:09] <Ash> "But I wanted you to be the first to know, Haldis, since... well..."
  29. [14:39:32] <Ash> "This is kind of like when you wanted to ride Thor. This is my big challenge. My mountaintop."
  30. [14:41:34] <Haldis> " did not happen through sheer force of will. It was chance." She does not look impressed. Well, to be fair, she looks as apathetic as usual.
  31. [14:42:44] <Ash> "But I've worked hard for it, with the tonics and the potions and all that. It's been very expensive."
  32. [14:43:08] <Haldis> "More than likely, you've been duped."
  33. [14:44:10] <Ash> :(
  34. [14:46:00] <Haldis> :( Indeed. "Is that all you had to report?"
  35. [14:46:19] <Ash> "Well, still, I thought you might be proud of me."
  36. [14:46:58] <Haldis> She is quite confused. "For...growing hair?"
  37. [14:47:13] <Ash> "For finally becoming the big nordic man that I always wanted to be!" :3 he bats his eyelashes sweetly
  38. [14:47:20] <Ash> "And... well... I care about what you think, Haldis. You're probably the best friend I've got."
  39. [14:47:39] <Haldis> " feeling alright, Ashley?"
  40. [14:48:41] <Ash> "Well, I WAS feeling great. Now I'm... well..."
  41. [14:49:47] <Haldis> (Faaaaabulous?)
  42. [14:50:14] * Ash breathes in, as if he's gaining courage to say something
  43. [14:51:48] <Ash> "Haldis."
  44. [14:52:21] <Haldis> "I do not think that you are Haldis." That might be a joke.
  45. [14:53:04] * Ash laughs lightly
  46. [14:53:19] <Ash> (Sorry I'm slow, my friend insisted I play Boardgames online with him)
  47. [14:56:22] <Ash> "The point is that you're my best friend Haldis. I've never really had a friend before, except for Thor."
  48. [14:56:36] <Ash> "My brothers never liked me, my father was always ashamed of me..."
  49. [14:57:21] <Haldis> She stops and staaaaaaaares. "We are...friends?"
  50. [14:57:40] <Ash> "Well, of course we are, aren't we?"
  51. [14:57:58] <Ash> "All that time we spent getting you ready to ride Thor and all that."
  52. [14:58:08] <Haldis> "I suppose I never thought about it..."
  53. [14:59:32] <Haldis> " friends do?"
  54. [15:00:33] <Ash> "Well, Friends have fun... We laugh and talk and... And do eachother's hair and buy shoes and pick out weapons and comb our beards and drink ale."
  55. [15:00:47] <Ash> "And sing sea shanties."
  56. [15:02:25] <Haldis> "I'm...afraid I don't know how to have what most people consider "fun." And I rarely laugh. And I do not understand how to correctly "do one's hair." And the only shoes I own are for combat. And I do not have a beard. And I have never had ale. And I do not know any sea shanties."
  57. [15:02:51] <Ash> "Well... to tell the truth, I've never done any of those either...
  58. [15:02:53] <Ash> "
  59. [15:02:56] <Ash> "Except for the shoes."
  60. [15:03:08] * Ash shows off his boots. Fabulous :D
  61. [15:03:19] <Haldis> Yes, this does mean she would have worn the same boots she fights in with her formal dress.
  62. [15:03:53] <Haldis> "Then...we must make terrible friends."
  63. [15:04:10] <Ash> "Of course not! We can both learn how to have fun."
  64. [15:05:37] <Haldis> "" She smiles! "Then I am happy to have you as a friend."
  65. [15:06:24] <Ash> "And well... I won't move too fast or anything but..."
  66. [15:06:31] <Ash> "You are a woman, and I'm a man."
  67. [15:06:37] <Ash> "If it comes to that... maybe..."
  68. [15:07:26] <Haldis> "If it comes to what?"
  69. [15:07:39] <Ash> "If... If we happen to fall in love."
  70. [15:08:30] <Ash> "It's one of those other things I'm told men do, and, well..."
  71. [15:09:03] <Haldis> " don't..." You've never seen her so flustered or red. "What...what is it like being in love?"
  72. [15:09:07] <Ash> "I might be halfway there already." :3 "But we can be friends first, because I don't want to lose you to me being stupid."
  73. [15:09:23] <Ash> "Being... in love?"
  74. [15:09:29] <Ash> "Well..."
  75. [15:11:20] <Ash> "It's like... a warm feeling, like you look at someone and..."
  76. [15:11:37] <Ash> "And it makes you happy to see them. And you blush, and your heart beats."
  77. [15:11:53] <Ash> "And it feels like you're a little sick, but... in a good way."
  78. [15:12:35] <Haldis> "I experiencing that right now..."
  79. [15:12:38] <Ash> :o
  80. [15:13:17] <Ash> "R-really?"
  81. [15:14:15] <Haldis> She nods, looking down at her feet.
  82. [15:15:14] <Ash> "Well... I think that I am too."
  83. [15:15:32] <Ash> "Haldis... would... would you...?"
  84. [15:16:31] * Ash hesitates, as if he isn't sure if he should ask.
  85. [15:18:37] <Ash> "..."
  86. [15:19:06] <Ash> "Would you go into town with me to go shoe shopping? I saw these fierce pumps that would look amazing on you!"
  87. [15:19:30] <Ash> "And then we can go to an alehouse and try to learn our first sea-shanty."
  88. [15:20:07] <Haldis> "Um...a-are you sure? Okay..." From a woman who would probably wrestle a bear, she sure is 1,1timid.
  89. [15:21:08] <Ash> "I am sure. I... I love you Haldis."
  90. [15:22:01] <Ash> "And wether you're covered in blood and mud or wearing designer clothes I'll always feel the same." :D
  91. [15:23:32] <Haldis> " you too!" She has the weirdest combination of a smile and a look of terror.
  92. [15:24:36] * Ash sighs, "Whew! Another mountain crossed." Ash suddenly lets go of his excitement and reveals that he was also terrified underneath.
  93. [15:27:07] * Ash crooks an arm for her to take. <:3
  94. [15:27:47] <Haldis> She takes it...though its hould probably be the other way around with how firm her grip is...
  95. [15:29:55] * Ash winces when she grips a little harder than necessary but grins and bears it as he leads her off to the most fabulous night of viking revelry anyone has ever seen.
  96. [15:33:17] <Ash> (Is that /S?)
  97. [15:34:36] <Haldis> (Most likely)
  98. [15:34:55] <Ash> :3
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