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  1. ☆ knock
  3. username: monicamochi
  4. full name: Monica Sykes
  5. nicknames: mochi, moon and madam
  6. age: 22 years-old
  7. birthday: march 24th, 1994
  8. POB: Jakarta, Indonesia
  9. hometown: Metropolitan City, Seoul
  10. nationality: Korean
  11. ethnicity: Indonesian-Korean
  13. face claim: Black Pink's Jisoo
  14. backup: jung minhee
  16. slot: i have a boyfriend
  17. backup: night owl foreigner
  19. ☆ love me right
  21. personality:
  22. She is really responsible as she the one who took care of others and the one who pulled them from troubles. She really hate to get on arguments with other so she just stay quiet, but when she thought it was really important she will speak honestly and sometime sharply as what you called blunt. She likes to stay away from problem as that the main reason she keep the others on tracks and she hate to wasting time on useless things. Though she loves to buy various cute things and keep it in her room, and that makes her room full with either dolls and frills. No one should went inside her room since if they went in she will be mad and it means nightmare.
  24. Other find her as an introvert person and quiet person since she wouldn't talk to stranger and not a really sociable person. But when you known her you will know that actually she is a fun and cheerful person and even though she sometimes bipolar when making decisions. She actually really like to spend her time lazying in the couch, watching movies and making dolls but due to their need on money she sacrificed it so she could earn money for others. She really strict on punctuality and she would be nagging on anyone if they being late.
  26. She speaks her opinion very honestly and she hate liars. She never had skip work even though she was sick. Though she hate to lie, the most common lie that she said that she is fine.
  27. She actually cares her family but she decides to make it hidden as she don't want to get close with them. When she is stressed she drinks liquors to make her feel good.
  29. All in her thoughts is her friend happiness as its her priority and sometimes she didn't care about her health at all. She is very fashionable and love to style try new style, though she prefer goth loli styles since its really cute. She is forgetful and easily forgets where she puts her earphone, phone charger and other things. Despite of that she really good on making handcraft as she had channel on youtube where she puts how to make various handcrafts and her singing cover which she done on her past time.
  31. She is really bold on taking decision and like to take the risks as dangerous challenges her. Though on relationships she likes to take it slow and no matter how many times her boyfriend cheats and make mistakes she forgives him. She is a forgiving person to the point that sometimes use her beacause of that though she never realized about it.
  33. background:
  34. She was born in Indonesia, and her father is Indonesian while her mother is Korean they met when her mother spend vacation in Indonesia, though because of her father chronic disease he died when she was 4 years-old so her mother went back to Indonesia taking her and her older sister while her older brother stayed in Indonesia.
  36. She rarely met her family since her mother turned abusive to her since she was teens and that turn her into alcoholic beverages to let iut her stress since she jusg bottled up her stress instead of venting it. The only place she felt save is her friends and Inseong who is her childhood friends though it's  because of him that she suffered her first heartbreak because he played her feeling when they were still in high school. Even though she forgive him and they became friends she hide her heartbreak and ever since then she never really believe in love.
  38. Which turned her to played other boys and spend one stand night with random boys secretly since she doesn't want others girl to called her bitch. Even though she enjoyed her little games she stops it as she had new boyfriend which somehow resembles to Inseong so she sticks to him even though she knew he just using her.
  40. trivia:
  41. 1. She love to listen kpop musics and also instrumental
  42. 2. She went to a music school and choose Classical music as her major
  43. 3. She works as a barista in the day and late night sometimes she helps her friend bar as a bartender
  44. 4. She rarely sleep more than 3 hours since she had to went college in the morning and in the day she had to work in cafe and she had a late night shift in the bar
  45. 5. Her favorite is pure Vodka
  46. 6. She met her boyfriend thrice every 2 weeks due to her and his busy schedules
  47. 7. She loves to make cute dolls especially fluffy cat or dogs plush with dress that she make by her ownself
  48. 8. She love eating ice cream while watching movies it make her feel relaxed
  49. 9. Suprised she is an atheist, she didn't acknowledge the fact that God exist since she prayed and he didn't hear any of her prays so she stops believing on Him.
  50. 10. She can cook but her cooking skill is average not bad but her baking skills is beyond average as she love to eat sweets.
  51. 11. She always forgives other because she believes karma is real
  52. 12. Her favorite band is Infinite
  53. 13. Her current boyfriend is sweet but she felt guilty since she loves him because he resemble to Inseong
  54. 14. She likes to sing and upload her cover in youtube
  55. 15. She also love to swim since she was little
  56. 16. Her favorite color is rainbow
  57. 17. She love sailor uniform
  58. 18. Her current boyfriend is Chen of Exo they met in the Han river
  59. 19. She could play piano and violin
  61. habits:
  62. 1. Sometimes late night dnear Han river she likes to jogging and playing bicycle
  63. 2. She eats sweets if she is stressed and will keep smiling because she doesn't want to make other sad
  64. 3. She often hide her true feeling since she doesn't want to become troublesome to others because she is older
  65. 4. She is a good listener but sometimes she zones out to her own imagination if she felt bored
  66. 5. Losing things frequently
  68. hobbies:
  69. -listening music
  70. -buying new dolls
  71. -playing piano
  72. -singing
  75. -Vacation
  76. -Liquors
  77. -Flowers
  78. -Music
  79. -Fanfiction
  80. -Coffee
  81. -Books
  83. dislikes:
  84. -Problems
  85. -Dishonesty
  86. -Fake people
  87. -Backstabber
  88. -Thunder
  89. -Psychopath
  90. -Gossip
  92. talents:
  93. 1. She could make her own handcraft doll
  94. 2. She could speak Korean, English and Indonesian
  95. 3. She could play piano, violin and guitar also composing songs since its her major
  96. 4. She can mix drink really well
  98. ☆ happiness
  100. scene suggestions:
  101. 1. She played piano in the cafe where she works and then she saw couples kissing which make her feel jealousy since its Inseong and a random girk
  102. 2. She broke up with Chen because he talks bad about her friend and she slaps him in front of many people (sorry Chen ><)
  103. 3. Though they cool and still become friends after Chen swore to change his personality
  105. love interest scene suggestions:
  106. 1. She saw Chen cheats on her for the umpteenth time and she felt its time to stop forgiving him but then when she runs away she saw in the park Inseong kissing random girl and that make her heart aches more
  107. 2. She finally felt enough with all of him and she ask him that did he want to played with her feelings, since she can't take it no more she decided to ignore him and they didn't talk for 2 weeks. Their relationship break to pieces, finally he made a plan to confess her in a park but he saw her walking with other man which is her older brother. He felt jealous and regret  played her so he kissed her and tell to him that she is his.
  109. how'd you meet?:
  110. We are childhood friends, we first met when i was moving to the new house and his family greet us since we were neighbours.
  112. first impressions:
  113. Her;
  114. He is a nice and kind boy but his mischievous smile make me questioned my self. Will he be a good friend on me or would he betray me?
  115. his;
  116. She is a innocent girl so i would like to make her mine since her smile is very cute. Though maybe we should become friends first?
  118. how you act around each other:
  119. We did act like normal friends but sometimes we do skinship like a couple as he often cuddle with me but not as often as we do before.
  121. how to the frats annoy you?:
  122. They tease and prank me about my relationship to Inseong and sometimes tell that my boyfriend Chen would leave me. They also sometimes doing pranks in the cafe.
  123. how do you annoy the frats?:
  124. I had buy various firecracker and then after lit it ithrow it to their backyard.
  126. ☆ blood, sweat, and tears
  128. who are you closest with:
  129. None since she love them all with the same amount.
  130. who's your roommate?:
  131. The maknae
  132. how do you dress?:
  133. She is very fashionable and love to style try new style, though she prefer goth loli styles since its really cute, but sometimes she also wear swag style clothes.
  135. what's the girls pov toward you:
  136. A nice eonnie who would pull them from trouble, really sweet but cold to strangers and also a doll maniac
  137. what's the frats pov towards you:
  138. Inseong childhood friend who is really scary when she is mad.
  140. anything you wanna add?:
  141. She has trouble with thunders as she really scared with thunder and would felt scared when there are blackout so she always bring a mini flashlight
  143. message to frats:
  144. You better stop pranking us, or you would taste hell.
  145. message to girls:
  146. We better get them out from the house gurl! And stop calling me a doll maniac.
  147. message to author:
  148. Hi thank you for reading my form, I'm really sorry for the typo and grammar error. Also i have a great day/night since i really enjoyed  writing this form.
  150. password: chanyeol
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