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Feb 17th, 2020
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  1. Guest_siabitch1: How do you suffer in silence?
  2. Elisenal: By not talking about it. Quite simple really.
  3. Guest_siabitch1: I mean isn’t it hard tho
  4. Guest_siabitch1: Not so easy to do
  5. Elisenal: No it's simple.
  6. Guest_siabitch1: Well you’re brave enough to do that tbh
  7. Guest_siabitch1: It’s not easy for me
  8. Guest_siabitch1: Anyway how you doing? All well with you?
  9. Elisenal: Yup./
  10. Guest_siabitch1: What you been doing
  11. Guest_siabitch1: Just wanna get to know you
  12. Elisenal: Ellie will be honest.
  13. Elisenal: Not even slightly interested in you, darling.
  14. Elisenal: With that said, I'll take my leave.
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