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  1. owltiem>    i JUST clicked as to what the whole chinscritch chin-lift thing is
  2.     <owltiem>   it's fucking
  3.     <owltiem>   it's what a cat does
  4.     <owltiem>   it's exactly a cat
  5.     <Neev>  Yes, it totally is
  6.     <Neev>  Bang is pretty cat-like actually
  7.     <Neev>  Aloof and independent...or likes to pretend he is. :D
  8.     <owltiem>   willing to curl up in a cardboard box
  9.     <owltiem>   somehow takes up entire bed
  10.     <owltiem>   whiskers
  11.     <owltiem>   impossible to housetrain
  12.     <Neev>  Suddenly it all makes so much sense!
  13.     <Neev>  Goes mad for catnip....wait...no...not that last one
  14.     <owltiem>   we don't know that for a fact
  15.     <owltiem>   just sayin there is no empirical evidence
  16.     <Neev>  That's TRUE
  17.     <owltiem>   totally thinks you're an asshole and doesn't like you at all, still curls up in your lap demandingly
  18.     <Neev>  Cue Terro looking suspiciously at Bang
  19.     <Neev>  Yes, yes, it's all so true
  20.     <owltiem>   no purring though
  21.     <owltiem>   that's just eb weird
  22.     <Neev>  Terro would like to put a collar on him. Possibly with a bell on.
  23.     <owltiem>   ha
  24.     <owltiem>   the accusations of fleas make more sense now too
  25.     <Neev>  Yes, yes. See, Terro knew all along!
  26.     <owltiem>   Way to go Terro you just admitted you're a furry and those haven't even been /invented/ yet
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