Blue Oni's Birthday WWYD response

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  5. By Camran1005 (my user account name on the wiki) on 21 August 2015, Friday
  7. WWYD OP: You are at a bar when you are lifted up by a red oni. she drops you infront of a sober blue oni saying "happy -hic- birsh-day -hic- shishter" (drunkspeek) "I got yer that -hic- guy yer shed yer-hic- wanted." As she stumbles off to whatch you from a corner the blue oni blushing profusely stamers "I-I-I said what... Oh my god... I'm so sorry!" Despite her words she is griping your wrist very tightly and her shy glances show a poorly hidden look of longing in her eyes.
  9. What do you do?
  13. I slap the Red Oni's behind as she leaves for monster-handling me. She whips around and scowls at me, but I'm already in the Blue Oni's lap, smirking at her. She makes lewd gestures at me until I blush and hide my face in the Blue Oni's cleavage and then leaves.
  15. I look up at the blushing Blue Oni and delicately kiss her cheek. ‘Is it really your birthday? Because I've got plenty of hot birthday presents for you.’
  17. The Blue Oni smiles happily at me and grabs my waist, Frenching me hard and slipping her tongue into my mouth. I break the kiss and start moving my mouth down her body, kissing on her areolas. I lick down her midriff, slip my tongue into her belly button and look up at her face ... gently pulling down her pelt and kneeling in front of her. ‘Make sure you give that all to me,’ I whisper, extending my tongue to lick up and down her slit softly. She leans back her head and moans, running her long,delicate fingers through my hair and pulling me deeper between her thighs. I kiss up and down her pussy, smiling to myself when I feel her thighs pressing around my ears and louder gasps escaping her lips. She lifts her legs up in the air, crying and moaning wantonly and begging for more licks deep inside her.
  19. I change the flow and start stroking her clit with a finger while driving my tongue inside her tight pussy. She squirms around for a while and squirts all over me with a scream, her legs around my neck and my nose squashed against her mound. She wriggles around and lies on the bar table, gasping as I get up and pull her up by her hand. I kiss her hard. ‘Was that a good birthday present?’ I ask, smiling at her.
  21. ‘Yes, honey, it was,’ she says, blushing furiously. ‘I ... if you don't mind, I really loved those ... and ...’
  23. ‘Don't worry,’ I say, putting my arm around her. ‘I'm staying with you to give you many more birthday presents, even when it's not your birthday.’
  25. ‘Whoopie!’ she squeals! ‘I can't wait! I want to give you presents everyday, too!’
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